Chapter 325: Provocation

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Chapter 325: Provocation

Now then, if you’re wondering how we got here so fast, we left the matter of the wave completely to Motoyasu and Itsuki. The other Heroes went and registered at Zeltburg’s hourglass.
Their dragon hourglass is managed by the country, but with Itsuki’s membership in the Dark Guild, and the Slave Dealer’s connections, we managed to get through.
And Heroes get a free pass to things like this.

The Hero in Zeltburg was killed a while ago, and the upper echelon of their government had their pride, so they happily cooperated.
The country’s mercenary guild was also happy to help, and talking them over was too easy.
Apparently the murder of their hero was like smearing dirt on the name of mercenaries everywhere.
I guess that’s what you get from the Hero of the land of Hired Swords.
I must offer my thanks to the late Hero of Zeltburg.

If you have money, you can make any sort of contract. That’s where Tact’s world domination plot falls short.
My side had the Slave Dealer from the start, and even the influential Accessory Merchant.
I also met the Swindler after a long time, and he seems to be raking in quite a bit.

Also, the noble Elena Haven-sama (lol) was led by her father to help Trash in the battlefield.
The individual herself seemed really reluctant, but if she does well, she’ll get promoted, and she’ll get more money. (TL: The lol is in the original text)

『If I get promoted, you’re just going to push more troublesome matters onto me, so I refuse.』

Is what she said.
I’m not doing troublesome things like being a Hero or a Lord because I like it.
But as a merchant, Elena is supporting the country, so if the country comes out on top, the amount of troublesome work for her will increase.

Not that I care about her…

Anyways, this is the limit of suppression by force… Tact never had the resolve to set forth alongside death.
Right now, I have my doubts, but that’s what I was doing.

My villagers are participating in this war, and those from Silt Welt as well.
But it seems they have their own matters to settle, and some bad blood with Shield Freiden.
They’re applying numerous tactics.

The Gramps who was commanding Silt Welt’s army had a strange smile on his face as he saw Trash at work.

『I never even dreamed that my sworn enemy, the King of Wisdom, would become my ally. We truly were fighting quite a monster.』

He muttered to himself.
By the way, their forces are great at close quarters.
Due to the danger of an information leak, Trash didn’t reveal much of his planning.
He said something about using a special system of communications to command the battle.

All we have to do is focus on taking down the enemy general.
If you beat Tact earlier than expected, go off and reinforce the Anti-Wave force, or so I was told.
I’m not sure if he’s looking down on his enemy, or he knows something I don’t.
For all further questions, go ask Trash’s brain.

Is he supposed to be some sort of literary genius tactician?
When things go this well, I’m wondering if he’s some sort of Esper.

“Then all I have to do is step on the battlefield, and slaughter everyone.” (Tact)
“Oh, I can’t have you forgetting about us.” (Naofumi)

Tact pulls out the Claw. It seems he’ll rush off at any moment
I’ll stop him. I’m here to defeat him in the first place.
And an army without orders is nothing more than a useless gathering.
For Trash to be able to do this much… Well, I haven’t actually looked at the war situation, so I don’t know about that.

“Do you think that people of your caliber will be able to do anything against me?” (Tact)
“Isn’t it obvious? This is the Bad End Event that your life’s led you to. All that’s left is for you to contemplate which selection you made wrong as you wait for your Game Over.” (Naofumi)

He appears to be acting calm, but it’s become interesting seeing just how warped his expression is.
It’s not like we came here with no plan at all.
We’re here because we have an ample chance of victory.

“What are you saying? How splendid. You all came here in order to give your powers to me, right? I’ll at least play with you.” (Tact)

A clicking sound rings out as Tact’s harems point and load their guns at us.

“And? You’re going to do something as unfair as weakening us with a firing brigade before you go in for the kill?” (Naofumi)

That line was Trash’s proposal.
Tact seems offended as he furrows his brow.

“It may sound nice if you label it as something like resourcefulness, but it’s cowardliness in its essence.” (Naofumi)

It’s not like I don’t have countermeasures for it, though.

“… Very well. I’m more than enough for people of your level. The level 350 me.” (Tact)

Fumu. The provocation worked.
It seems he has a sense of fairness like an average person.
Or perhaps he’s just an idiot with a large amount of pride.

This is my enemy, so I’ll be the one to slay them! It seems he would say something like that.
Being the Hero of the Shield, it’s a line that I’d usually never be able to say.
But today is different.

Anyways, Trash’s Anti-Tact plan went into phase 2.
This part is up to me. Trash won’t have any input.
It would be laughable if I were to fall here of all places.

“Hmm? That should be my line. Why do you think it was that we didn’t initiate a cowardly sneak attack like you? Do you understand?” (Naofumi)
“Because such things won’t work on me.” (Tact)
“I wonder. I’m merely fighting you head on, so I can destroy every last thing you’ve built up for yourself.” (Naofumi)

The reason I didn’t end this from the start was because of Granny’s will. The will of Hengen Musou, and my personal grudge.
I wanted verification of those.

“There was an old woman who fought to let us escape, right?” (Naofumi)
“Ah, her? Though she was just a weakling, she went on a rampage like an idiot. It took an unexpectedly long time to kill her.” (Tact)
“… Then that person will be the one to drag you into your grave.” (Naofumi)

Now then, enough with this nonsense.

“Fake Hero, I’m more than enough for someone of your level.” (Naofumi)
“Aniki!?” (Fohl)
“I’m sorry, Fohl. Bear with it.” (Naofumi)
“But…!” (Fohl)

I ignore Fohl, take a step forward, and put my cane over my shoulder to show it off to Tact.

“My… that cane is…” (Tact)
“Yeah, it’s one of the Seven Star Weapons you desire. Right now, I’m its wielder.” (Naofumi)
“Then luck is upon me. I’ll just have to take another weapon from you, like I did with your Shield.” (Tact)
“If you can, then try it.” (Naofumi)

Tact and I glare at each other.
While that was happening, a few women step forward, and offer proposals to Tact.

“There is an opponent here I would like to engage.”

We’ve encountered these ones before. It’s the Kitsune-like one that fought Raphtalia, and the Aotatsu Woman that fought Fohl Also the fish-like onewoman who opposed Sadina
The other two… There’s the lizard woman, and a woman with wings on her back like Firo.
They each lock eyes with Firo and Gaelion

“Tulna, Nellisen, Shatte, Lurdia, and Ashiel. I got it. It would be more effective than if you just watched. Let’s show them the difference in our power. The real Hero will be the one to come out on top.” (Tact)
“What do you mean by real!? You perpetrated a farce like this, and only listen to that Witch’s words. There’s no way that you’re a Hero!” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia shouts out and the Kitsune woman responds. Her name seems to be Tulna.

“It seems that this even this Raccoon wench’s heart is covered in mud. I’ve lived hundreds of years, and you say that the one I chose to follow isn’t a Hero? Are your eyes rotten?” (Tulna)
“You’re Atlas’s murderer!” (Fohl)
“Wait right there, Hakuko Brat! I’ll show you just how amazing a person you’re making an enemy of. It’s because they followed the Hero of the Shield that the Hakuko, and the whole of Silt Welt is declining!”
“Move, mob character!” (Fohl)
“Fohl.” (Naofumi)
“What?” (Fohl)
“Once you beat her, you can participate in my fight with Tact. That is if I haven’t beaten him up yet.” (Naofumi)
“… Got it. I’ll be over in a jiffy, Aniki! I’ll leave him to you for now!” (Fohl)

Fohl and the Aotatsu… Nellisen lock eyes.
It’s not time for Fohl to jump into my battle yet.

“Then are you the one this Onee-san will fight?” (Sadina)
“Luka woman… you’re still alive. I won’t forgive you!”

The mermaid-like woman transformed.
She’s now a fish-like Beastman.

“Are you a mix blood of the Noid and Kusha race? What grudge do you have with me?” (Sadina)
“How shameless! You Luka are always looking down at the lot of us!”
“Um, I don’t really know what you’re talking about, but if you want to fight, then I’ll accept.” (Sadina)

So there are people that carr grudges within races.
It’s of no concern to me.
But it seems Sadina is troubled with having a grudge she has no knowledge about stuck on her.
And wait, I’m pretty sure Sadina isn’t even a Luka.

“You’re one who possesses a fragment of the dragon emperor, I see. To personally come out to see me, are you just asking to be stolen away?”
“Fu… I’ll teach a brittle fragment the true power of a Dragon Emperor.”

A snapping sound echoes as the lizard woman changes chape to that of a Dragon.
She’s really big. Even bigger than Adult Gaelion.
The pressure she releases is overwhelming.
I wonder what it is. I feel something from that dragon reminiscent of the Spirit Turtle and Houou.

Honestly, to defeat Tact, I don’t understand why I had to take Ren along as well.
But Trash said he had a bad premonition, so he grouped me and Ren together just in case.
This may have been the reason.

The next woman, the one with wings, also changes.
She becomes a Gryphon.

“Miniscule fragment. Tact said to spare the women, so you’re a different matter.”
“Oh, I can’t have you forgetting about me.” (Ren)

Ren stands next to Gaelion with his sword drawn.

“Naofumi, who should I be fighting?” (Ren)
“The Dragon seems to be the stronger of the two. Work with Gaelion to beat her.” (Naofumi)
“Got it.” (Ren)

Ren nods, and jumps aboard Gaelion, who had grown to full size.
How ironic is it… for him to be fighting atop the Dragon, whose life he cut short himself?
But that’s a line for Adult Gaelion to say.

“Did you think that the Four Heroes were enough to take us on!?”
“Reldia, do you think you can beat a Hero?” (Tact)
“Who do you think I am, Tact. If you leave it to me, I won’t let a single soul past.” (Reldia)

And Firo ends up dealing with the Gryphon.

“Filo Rial. My old enemy, cursed to grawl atop the earth. I will be the one to choke the life out of that accursed Queen’s descendents.”
“Wah, are you a bird? A cat? Whichever, Firo will beat you.” (Firo)

And, as always, she seems relaxed.
For argument’s sake, she should be much higher than Firo in level, but… Firo keeps her composure.

“Now then, let’s start this bad play. The battle to bring an end to this farce.” (Naofumi)

When I say as such, Tact completely falls for my provocations.

“Of course! Let’s start the battle we were certain to win from the start!” (Tact)

And everyone started their own battles.

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