Chapter 327: Looking Aside

I thought the Sheep Rabbit had too many banners to DIO, but I just realized that my website theme supports randomized headers as well. Ah, I’m not touching Rin, and the Akiba Art Magazine girl’s reflection is a pain.

Chapter 327: Looking Aside

Raphtalia and the Kitsune woman are exchanging stares.
From what I see, the Kitsune is but a little girl.
However, her speech pattern reaks of old age.
Is she that Loli-baba thing that’s all the rage these days?
(TL: Loli = Loli, Baba = Baba, I.E. Shiroyasha)

“Raccoon Wench, do you think you stand a chance of victory with me as your opponent?”
“I don’t really know. From what I see, you’re a mix between a Fox Race, and a Zveal Race, but what sort of grudge do you hold against me?” (Raphtalia)
“Foolish Raccoon, who knows not your place, don’t get cocky because you tricked me once before!”
“… I think I’ve heard a story about that, but you’re looking too far back there,” (Raphtalia)

There is a Demi-Human legend about something like that.
I looked it up because I wanted to see what sort of Race Raphtalia’s was.

Apparently, the Raccoons used their magic to… seal a great Youkai of the Fox race through deception. There’s a legend like that.
They’re still stuck up on that?

The amount of Tails on the Kitsune woman began increasing.
Eh? So she’s a nine tailed fox. How grand.

“That humiliation… I definitely won’t forgive you!”
“That’s a false accusation, but you made an enemy of Naofumi-sama, and sided with that egotistic sunnavabitch. I won’t hold back.” (Raphtalia)

The Kitsune takes out a slender sword, and gets into position.
The air resounds with the sound of metal hitting metal. Raphtalia and the Kitsune Woman… Tulna, I think… they use illusions to make clones, and use a wide variety of magic as they exchange blows.
It would be accurate to call it a battle of deception.

The moment it looked like Raphtalia had pierced her, Tulna’s sword had gone through her heart.
Of course, in the end, it was but an illusion, and none of those events actually happened.
It will be difficult for her to force her way through this fight.

We managed to cover the level gap with extreme Support Magic, but this woman seems skillful.
With this, neither side can concentrate on anything but the enemy before them.


Now then… I wonder if that Kitsune Woman’s noticed that a single animal had snuck onto the battlefield.

Next is Fohl.

“If you surrender immediately, I don’t mind forgiving you, Aotatsu woman.” (Fohl)
“What do you think you’re saying to the strongest head of the Aotatsu Tribe? Hakuko… No, from your smell, are you a mix blood? How idiotic.”
“Like I care. I have no interest in my roots.” (Fohl)

Fohl changes to beast form, and holds his front paws out before him.
I’m worried about just how much of a gap exists between the Four and Seven, but from the look in Fohl’s eyes, it seems that he’ll be alright.

“Let me show you the true terror of the Aotatsu race.”

The woman opposing Fohl… Nellishen’s Silhouette gradually expands in size.


Eventually, Nallishen changed shape into a large oriental dragon.

“Throughout our long history, the ones who could take on this form were named chief! Can a Hakuko Mutt keep up with me?”
“Worthless. Even if I had a form like that, I wouldn’t use it against the likes of you.” (Fohl)

He hits his fists together, and provokes the dragon.

“Now, Hakuko Hero of the Gauntlet! Let’s put an end to this long cycle of fate! The Aotatsu are the strongest race in the world!”

Nellishen chants water magic, and smashes it at Fohl.
Fohl lightly dodges it, and instantly closes in on her. He lands a kick in the center of her face.

“Were you trying to do something?” (Fohl)

Thunder roars, as bolts of electricity begin raining down on Fohl.
A race that can use water and wind together… apparently.

「Erst Rush V」!

Fohl implants his fist into Nellishen’s abdomen.

“Ah, ga… gu…”

Fohl isn’t just some Hakuko kid. He’s the Hero of the Gauntlet.
I’m doubtful that the Aotatsu chief is a match for the current Fohl.

With a storming sky as the backdrop, Sadina and that Shatte person exchanged murderous looks.
From the magic that Nellishen used, the area was now covered in a layer of water.
Shatte had assumed her battle form, in which she looked like a shark Beastman.


Shatte rushed straight forward, and launched an attack. In response, Sadina…

“You see, this Oneesan is never around when the important things are happening. But I’m glad that this time is different…” (Sadina)

Sadina takes the tail thrust from Shatte head on, and bends backwards to absorb the impact.

“Because I couldn’t protect anyone. Because I found my hated enemy.” (Sadina)
“Just how long will you be able to stay on your high horse!?”

Sadina spits up some blood, and glares at Shatte.

“Even if it’s me, I’ll never forgive Atlas-chan’s enemy. So please step aside this instant. If you do… you’ll live a little longer.” (Sadina)

Sadina firmly grasped the harpoon in Shatte’s possession with one hand.

“So before you start regretting standing before me, Noid Kusha halfbreed…” (Sadina)

Even though her skin was that of a shark, I saw what looked like goosebumps appearing on Shatte. She took a large step back.

“What will you do?” (Sadina)
“D… don’t look down on me!”

Shatte snaps, and swings her harpoon high above her head. She releases a magic attack.

「Maelstrom Spear」!

The attack leaves behind swirling trails in the air as it heads towards Sadina.

“Ah, right. You seemed to be misunderstanding something.” (Sadina)

Sadina casts her favorite lightning magic, and absorbs it into her Harpoon.
Seeing sparks come from the weapon in Sadina’s hands, Shatte seems dumbfound.

“Wha… A Luka… used lightning!?”
“Oneesan never said she was a Luka, you know. I may be closely related, but… please don’t group me with those weaklings.” (Sadina)

Sadina’s lightning impaler, I think it was called, easily pierces through Shatte’s attack.

“You see, I’m a little angry right now. How long will you stand… as a target for me to take my anger out on? I’m going to fight seriously here.” (Sadina)

Sparks fly around her, and… Sadina does another level of transformation.
There are plenty of things I’d like to retort here. I was even pretty sure she hadn’t undergone a full recovery yet.

“Let’s see just how powerful the power Naofumi-sama gave me is.” (Sadina)

She looks like a sea lion. She’s changed into a brown colored monster.

Last is the mid-air battle.

That’s the front Ren’s on.
IT would be a bit dangerous for Gaelion alone, but now they don’t have a chance of failure.
That’s just how great the difference in power is… with Heroes.

“I’ll pound the terror of a Dragon Emperor into your body!”

The giant dragon Reldia spews out a fire breath much more powerful  than the one Adult Gaelion can cast.

「Mega Prominence Nova」!

Ren held his sword up high, and cast magic.

「Revelation Magic Enchant X」!

The sure-death flames start flowing into Ren’s sword.
I believe magic enchant was able to absorb magic attacks, and augment their abilities into the sword.
It appears that dragon breath is included in the attacks it works on.

「High Quick~」
「High Quick」!

Around that battle, zoomed a pair of shadows. It was Firo, and the Gryphon.
Firo seems to be having an easier time.

“A flying Filo Rial… They should have died out in the war! How did you survive!?”

The Gryphons caused the extinction of flying Filo Rials…?
That’s the first true revelation I’ve had upon coming here.
Though I think they should just start fighting already.

“Wrong~” (Firo)

As they exchange various questions, Firo and the Gryphon circle  around each other, and release various attacks.

「Dreifach Tornado」!
「Spiral Strike」! (Firo)
「Screw Strike」!

And in another area of the sky, Gaelion started inhaling air, as he prepared to release his breath.


It was white.
I think older Gaelion said something about that.
About practicing a special sort of breath attack.
What was it? Something about a difficult attack involving interference, or something.
Yep, that’s probably what it is.

“Gu… What!?”

Reldia seems short of breath as she cries out.

“Next’s my turn!” (Ren)

Ren declares as such, and points his sword.
The blades edge was basked in a red light.

「Flame Edge, Meteor Sword X」!

A dark crimson shockwave shot towards the giant Dragon Emperess.

Yeah, no one here seems to need my help.

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