Chapter 328: Fenrir Force

50 Chapters remaining.

And I don’t get why everyone is so creeped out by DIO.

Chapter 328: Fenrir Force

“Where the hell do you think you’re looking!?” (Tact)
“Ah, sorry, sorry. My bad.” (Naofumi)

Now then, I should stop showing off.
Raphtalia and the others are alright.
It’s about time I take this battle seriously.

“Everyone, cast support! If we combine our power, we should easily be able to crush this guy!” (Tact)

Oy… the rules have changed, dude.
Didn’t you say you would be enough alone?

「Zveit Boost」!
「Zveit Magic」!

… etc.
And like that, various support magics were cast, but it doesn’t feel like anything’s changed that much.

In comparison, Revelation Aura X’s effects are amazing.
It was able to raise our basic abilities enough for me to stand on even ground with one thrice my level.
But it’s not like this guy’s a Hero, and if I didn’t distribute points into the skill, it wouldn’t have been this effective.

“Good, we can win with this!” (Tact)
“Hey, are you sure you’re alright?” (Naofumi)
“Just because you got a bit stronger, don’t be so conceited!” (Tact)
“That’s something I don’t want to hear from you.” (Naofumi)
“This is that last time you’ll be able to laugh. Now feel the power of my magic, after I’ve been given strength by everyone!” (Tact)

No, I’m not laughing. I’m just fed up…
As I was thinking that, Tact begins a magic chant.
For argument’s sake… he’s casting quite fast.

『I, the True Hero who has understood the origin of power command. Let the truth once more be read forth. Let tempests of flame burn all that he owns』!
「Dreifach Firestorm」!
“Dreifach!?” (Naofumi)

Wait a second.
He was supposed to have mastered magic, yet it’s only Dreifach.
What a joke.

But if you think about it, Revelation is a magic specific to Heroes.
Looking at it from the rest of the world’s standard, I guess Dreifach is the strongest level.
In truth, this is the fastest casting that I’ve ever seen.

“Take this!” (Tact)

Tact has a smile on his face as he activates his magic.
A tornado of flames starts up and begins flying in my direction.

『I, an ordinary Hero who has understood the origin of power command. Let the truth once more be read forth. Clear the tempests of flame that burns all before him』!
「Anti Dreifach Firestorm」

I analyze the magic Tact chanted, and activate one to nullify it.
And as if it had never existed in the first place, the twister of flames dispersed.
Even with the time lag in my cast, I was able to completely nullify it, you know.

“I can’t say I’m impressed. You… did you really master magic? Just how many years did you live in this world again?” (Naofumi)
“Wha-” (Tact)

Upon having his special magic easily nullified, the man is speechless.
It appeared to be an AoE spell, so is that what he used to level grind?

“So this is the power of the Cane… I’ll definitely make it mine!” (Tact)
“Wrong, fool…” (Naofumi)

What a misunderstanding. This isn’t anything from the Cane.
I remember the old Ren… It’s been a while since I’ve heard bullshit like this.
Well, I was able to analyze it quite quickly, but reading magic was the result of my own research.

“And wait, you have a Dragon Emperor following you, right? Shouldn’t you know the Dragon Pulse Law? The one that lets you easily interfere with others!?” (Naofumi)

I’m really fed up.
Where’s his mastery of magic?

It’s true that his casting was quick.
It took him less than five seconds to cast Dreifach.
But I’m able to chant even faster than that with ease.
Though, that power is the result of Trash’s Cane.
From my conjecture, this one… No, I can think about that later.

I turn to the presence of magic.
I see Bitch chanting magic in my direction. She hasn’t learned a thing.
She’s probably trying to create an opening for Tact to attack or something of the sort.

Like I’d let you.
I’ll blow all of you away at the same time.

「Zveit Wing Blo-」
「Fenrir Force X」!

I weave in my chi, and get Tact and Witch in a line before releasing a skill.
I’ll have my connection with you come to an end here, Bitch!
The Cane shines, and the clamped wolf head ornament opened its mouth. A beam of light fires out of the Jewel portion.


A thick, lazer-esque beam shoots out and flies at Witch.
Or it should have, but my timing was off.
Even Tact, who was at point blank range, was able to dodge it.
His reflexes are just naturally good.

I guess it took 3 seconds to cast.
Since it missed, I cancelled it out. But the SP expenditure was high.

Ah… After I shot it, I realized it.
I kinda have to make them go through more pain before killing them.
Or my rage will never clear.
In that aspect, perhaps this was for the best.

“Damn! I missed.” (Naofumi)

A few meters from the beam’s impact point, Witch’s legs had given out on her.
Since I completely missed my mark, I hit someone I wasn’t aiming for.
From what I remember, it was a human woman wearing maid clothing.
There was nothing left where she stood.
But she was pointing a rifle at me, so I don’t care what happened to her.

Does this count as murder?
I don’t have a sense of guilt welling up in me.
These people would have shot me to death if a chance ever came.
It’s legitimate self-defense.
She was doing the same thing as Witch.

“Ah…” (Tact)

Tact is in a daze, as he stared at the scarf that belonged to the woman fluttering in the wind.

“The next one won’t miss.” (Naofumi)

But the cooldown time is quite long.
I grip the cane and start charging it.


In a rage like the old Trash, Tact begins swinging around his weapons randomly.
Claws. Whip. Axe. Hammer. Projectiles.
But I dodge them all.

“You! You killed Eri! I definitely won’t forgive you! I’ll brutally murder you!” (Tact)

Tact’s Harem squad raises a scream after they realize the situation.
But because of the rage, Tact’s movements are monotonous.
You often see anger changing to strength in anime, but I guess this is how reality works.

This brings to mind the scene of Female Knight fighting the cursed Ren.
I bet it felt like this when she was dodging his attacks.

I may be contradicting myself, but he needs to get angry in a calm manner.
Get angry while thinking about what to do to your enemy.
Like I am right now.

“Do you understand what you’ve done!? Eri was… my childhood friend who’s followed me around since I was young. My first partner, and the one who accepted me. And you… you don’t even have the qualifications to kill someone as precious as her!” (Tact)
“Like I care! If you step onto the battlefield, you have to be prepared to die. Did you ever think of the ones you killed yourself!? Did you ever listen to them if they said the same!?” (Naofumi)

What naivety.
Sending his precious onto the battlefield and hoping they won’t die as he kills the enemy.
If you don’t want them to die, then you have to be prepared to sacrifice yourself to protect them.

Atlas was… always telling me that.
That I might die in a place, even without war.
That since I was precious, she always had to be there to protect me.

When I held up my staff, what did he do?
He didn’t even try to move to protect someone.
No, it’s because he dodged that the attack went off course.
If she’s that special, then at least stand in front of her, if you think the attack is that powerful. He even has my Shield.

“Though I killed her, let me say as such: It’s your fault for not protecting her.” (Naofumi)

No, I don’t care about logic.
This war was a battle between murderers.
If he didn’t want to bring about any casualties, then he should have bet his own life.
There were plenty of methods.
He truly lacks the resolve to jump into the flames.

Ah… this is irritating.

「First Float Mirror, Second Float Mirror」

I deploy the Cane’s version of the Float Shields, and have them circle around Tact.

“Kunu! Damn! Don’t run away!” (Tact)
“And why do I have to stand and take your attacks? The Shield has its own way of fighting.” (Naofumi)

It’s not like my reflexes are bad.
I can’t keep up with people who have amazing reflexes, but with this much support magic cast on me, dodging these is a simple matter.
This wouldn’t change even if I had the Shield.

It’s just that I usually opt not to dodge.
If the Shield dodges, what will happen?
My job is to stop the enemy’s movement.

“I’m going to shoot some magic, so try taking it.” (Naofumi)
“As if I would!” (Tact)

I’ll use one with a fast chant.

「Zveit Fire」!
「Zveit Water」!

By the way, these are the only attribute magics I’ve learned so far.
I couldn’t use them from the beginning.
Since I borrowed the Cane, I can cast them, but there isn’t really a need for me to learn them.

“An attack like that-” (Tact)

My magic flew slowly in a straight line, so Tact easily dodges it.
But that wasn’t my goal.

The dodged magic hits Tact from behind.

“Gu!? What did you do!?” (Tact)
“You can at least understand that much, right?” (Naofumi)

It’s Float Mirror’s ability. If you angle them right, you can reflect some skills and magics.

“Then let me show it so you can understand.” (Naofumi)
「Erst Blast」!

I grip the Cane in my hand and release a skill.
My magic shoots out like a beam.
Tact merely dodges it again, but the mirrors that moved by my will reflect it, and let the beam circle around Tact.

I’m not trying to hit him. I’m really just playing around.
But this is surprisingly easy.
I move the mirrors continuously to create a cage out of the blast.

Ah, it seems I unlocked a combo.
So it can do things like this as well.
The mirrors are now moving by themselves.
How convenient.

Can Trash control them like this?
… He probably can.
I get the feeling that will be troubling later.

It appears that each and every weapon requires a different aptitude.
Trash should be able to use it better than me.
He said he could use quite a few high ranking skills.

Apparently, he can make angled structures out of the mirrors to split reflections and hit simultaneously from all sides or hit in a wide scope.
Its strong point is that it can hit behind defenses.
There’s the chance that it may hit an ally, but he said it works out if you calculate it right. It’s impossible for me.

The best I can do it move these flat mirrors to my will.
And that’s because of my experience using the Float Shields.
Ah… I truly am the Hero of the Shield.

「Blast Prison」!

When I shout the skill name, the prison made of my blast skill explodes.

“Guhah!” (Tact)

The explosion sends Tact flying.
His followers raise various screams.
A few of them get over the shock and point their rifles at me.

“Not yet! I’m… not hurt at all. T-this is… but a scratch.” (Tact)
“Ah, I see.” (Naofumi)

He’s being Stoic… as he says that, the surrounding women begin casting recovery magic.
Some even begin casting support magic.
Does his pride allow that? Did his anger override it?

“Do you hate having your women die that much? Then if I target them, will you focus on protecting them?” (Naofumi)

Tact’s face turns pale. He turns his eyes to the women around him.
Those women were looking at me and shaking.

What is it… I really do feel like a villain right now.
It feels quite nice.
For revenge to feel this refreshing… this is the first I learned of it.
Because my weapon’s been the Shield up until now, I could only hurt enemies indirectly.

Who was it that said that Revenge doesn’t bring anything?
If the target of your revenge doesn’t plan on repenting at all, isn’t it better to kill them?
Isn’t that right, Witch?

But these thoughts are dangerous.
If I go too far, I’ll get devoured by a curse, so I should stop.

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    For revenge to feel this refreshing… this is the first I learned of it.
    Because my weapon’s been the Shield up until now, I could only hurt enemies indirectly.

    Who was it that said that Revenge doesn’t bring anything?
    If the target of your revenge doesn’t plan on repenting at all, isn’t it better to kill them?
    Isn’t that right, Witch?”

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