This is Not a Chapter: My First Status Update

APs are imminent. I’m going on break for 2 weeks. I have 6 spread out over the next 2 weeks. No Tate or KnW from me.

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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201 Responses to This is Not a Chapter: My First Status Update

  1. Raiden says:

    well guess it’s time to do a Tate no yuusha marathon from b3ggining to end no sleep. Sigh I need a life

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  2. Jinotad says:

    Get some rest and do the best you can!


  3. Mark says:

    Good luck on your tests and studies Yoraikun!
    As I’ll go ahead and take my happy pills and go into a deep sleep hahaha!


  4. Sen says:

    Good luck on your APs!!


  5. Demintika says:

    This post reminds me WordPress is a Blog site.

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  6. MAKO says:

    Thanks for the hard work


  7. k says:

    Good luck on your test


  8. Henry says:

    Try to have fun and relax.


  9. Uregano says:

    Good luck, study hard!


  10. 7761311pro says:

    Good Luck Getting 4s and 5s~


  11. bobo? says:

    Hey good luck and hopefully it won’t be too stressfull


  12. Seven Inch Hazard says:

    My employer will thank Yoraikun I will be focusing on work while TnY cant b updated.

    More power Yoraikun.


  13. Fyuria says:

    Have a good time on your 2 weeks break ^^
    after all rest is important in our lives ^^


  14. Nashinote says:

    Good luck with exams, and thank you.
    Learn well and rest well.


  15. Heavenjudge says:

    Good luck with your exam!!


  16. You can do it, youngster. I believe in you and that noggin of yours. Best of luck!


  17. metable says:

    Good luck yoraikun!


  18. wizard172 says:

    good luck and success youraikun


  19. Hiane says:

    well do your best and stay safe
    I’ll prolly check back everyday still in search of bedtime stories so if you ever find yourself with extra time ^.-
    also thank you for all you’ve done so far


  20. ridotukushi says:

    Good luck on the exams. As long as you come back alive to provide more translations to us that are too lazy to learn japanese, I’ll be able to relax.
    Again, i wish you good luck, as a comerade in exam rushes. Mine starts in three weeks though.


  21. saceria says:

    GL Yorai-sama


  22. Astreon says:

    Good luck on the exams. Have you booked the next chapters of those 2 WN, or will someone else (like Kookie for TnY) take over during your break ?


  23. lozlo says:

    Good luck on your AP’s. If you survive, maybe we’ll see you in a couple weeks, lol.


  24. Death says:

    I like what you have done with ya banners~ (whatever it is called)


  25. A man named fish says:

    Good luck! I’ve got the same situation so I know the struggle ;3


  26. Nano says:

    Do your best yoraikun and good luck!


  27. beaches says:

    love dio


  28. Cloudnight says:

    All the best Yoraikun!!!!


  29. Fafa says:

    Bonne chance Yoraikun !!!


  30. jzar says:

    I have a rough done for the next chapter…it isn’t great…I could post it to baka-tsuki if folk think they want to read my f’d up version….it isn’t that bad but I’m a craptastic tl’er


  31. Framee says:

    day two, already feeling uncomfortable


  32. Yao says:

    OMg! the Hero of translation is fighting the wave known as the test! Fighto!! yoraikun.


  33. Rage_ender says:

    It feels nice when people who went on break says thay they went on break. It keeps me from the feeling of insecurit, fearing thay one translator ia dead.


  34. wen2jia1wei3 says:

    Good luck Yorai! APs are important so do your best :)


  35. caranaga says:

    Kookie posted Next chapter and wishes GL to Yoraikun with exams


  36. jose4039 says:

    Good luck with exams


  37. stefano says:

    Ganbatte Yoraikun!!!!! d_(^J^)_b


  38. tasear says:

    Buena suerte


  39. seihaikun says:

    Goodluck! Yorai-sama! You can do it!


  40. Dipta says:

    Good Luck for your exam Yorai-dono !!!


  41. Kaze Ura says:

    First, Good luck on your Exam Yorai..
    Second, i wonder how is Bakahou doing? remembered him when you said ‘break’.. it seems like i miss him… >.<


  42. moesin says:

    Ty 4 ur work


  43. zazo100 says:

    Good luck, give them hell


  44. Tee says:

    Good luck Yoraikun, give it your best!


  45. Eric says:

    Good luck on those.

    Weird thing is that it’s better to ace the ones in classes you don’t care about, as those are worth more overall in the long run (if you’re planning on being a chem major you’re still going to need to take Chem 101 even if you ace the APs, but 5ing an English exam is pure gold).


  46. maicena says:

    Thank you for your good hard work Yoraikun Good luck!
    by the way I made some thing to cheer your guys! Here!

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Astreon says:

    Glad that you’re back. Will you share with us how you think it fared ?


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