Chapter 329: Gleipnir Rope


Kookie was lazy and promoted the first person to volunteer the last time Kookie complained about finding an editor. Please welcome RebelGoRound~~
I haven’t actually given him a test so I’ll let you readers decide on his fate (but please no being mean >w<)
P.S. Good luck Yoraikun for his Exams
ED: Thanks for the shoutout. I hope you all treat me well. Yoroshiku! Ganbatte, Yoraikun!
Gleipnir Rope
“Well, I don’t hate that kind of rotten behaviour, but it’ll lessen the entertainment so I’ll stop with the hostages. Be grateful.” (Naofumi)
I feel a little refreshed but I’ll enjoy that later.
Otherwise it just stinks of villainy.
“Besides, I also feel like I should get serious soon.” (Naofumi)
As expected, it’s quite useful.
Although I wasn’t able to use it seriously when Ren and the others were my opponents.
I invoke the Fenrir Rod’s special ability, Gleipnir Rope.
Chains manifest…

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26 Responses to Chapter 329: Gleipnir Rope

  1. RoflCat says:

    Oh, no wonder I thought I’ve read it before :v


  2. Gamer guy says:



  3. Berserker says:

    Looks like someone just got the chains of enkidu + gates of babylon treatment


  4. yuedari says:

    NaoBully hahaha.. Thank you for this awesome chpater Translating team


  5. yuedari says:

    Thank you Irnem


  6. WHOOP WHOOP Like da sound of the chapters says:

    Umm, thanks for reminding us that our lord ain´t gonna translate in this life time… 1week without chapter=R.I.P


  7. marcos says:

    link the original text?


  8. sinnoh says:

    Just a question

    Does anybody know where to finda full body image of Naofumi?

    Everything I google are just the covers, which don’t show the whole body, or full body, but at an awkward angle or pose that prevents me from seeing what his outfit is. Thank you


  9. BlauzahnXIII says:

    try the manga if it is just for the looks


  10. i finally caught up with the story…… OH GAWD NOW I HAVE TO WAIT T^T


    • MATTN73 says:

      Hi..Naruto congrat you finally become hokage..keep it up lol


    • Caim says:

      Get back to work you lazy slacker. You’re supposed to be running a major city, and yet here you are slacking off and reading web novels. No wonder it took you so long to become Hokage…………………………..XD


  11. freebeer says:

    Yoraikun where are you?

    Please come back… I miss you !!!


  12. jhonar says:

    i’m missing yorai-sans update a lot…


  13. teppy says:

    has it been two weeks ?


  14. Special says:

    yorai is studying


  15. Caranaga says:

    Another Chapter during yorai’s study break thanks to Kookie


  16. lol i chose the right time to start reading LMS xD i didn’t notice that yorai didn’t have updated this two weeks but now that i finished read all the Tl vol of LMS i gonna suffer a lot U_U
    now i understand why weed is the incarnation of greed xD

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