Chapter 330: An Ordinary Person

nexxxxt chapter thanks to Kookie!


T/N: Not fully edited yet, so some sentences may be weird.
Ed.Rebel: semi edited while on work break.
An Ordinary Person
“Damn you! You made everyone’s attacks hit me!” (Tact)
“You devil!” (Follower)
 The women hopped on board and started insulting me.
Devil, huh…. It’s been a while since I’ve been called that.
“Then I will be a devil. I am the Devil of the Shield, after all. Anyway, is making use of the enemy’s attacks a bad thing? Rather than that, it’s bad to be butting into someone else’s one-on-one fight. Well, it’s no fun if you collapse at this level. I’ll heal you.” (Naofumi)
 I cast recovery magic on Tact again.
Soon my magic and SP will have been depleted.
I took out the recovery item that was the Luquor Fruit from my pocket and― [T/N: I know it was Lukor, but liquor -> luquor :D]
“As if…

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  1. yuedari says:

    Thank you Irnem ❤


  2. uhhuhbud says:

    Yoraikun sama!!! Come back! !!!! T-T you can blame it all on me! !!!!


  3. yuedari says:

    Naufumi w/out shield is too op


    • Vivec says:

      He’s still OP with the shield though. He just wasn’t able to fully utilize the potential of what he already had. The weapons decided to help him out with that so that he could properly punish Tact, and this time around he had Trash in his full wise king capacity teaching him the full capabilities of his weaponry and skills anyways. Naofumi was OP already, but now that he can utilize his different yet probably equal OPness he seems to be even more OP than he really is.


    • Truth says:

      Now Imagine if Naofumi could hold even a normal weapon and use normal attack magic while holding his shieled lol


  4. Azure says:



  5. Fadiel says:

    I….I was right…

    Naofumi did go “you removed my limiter” and proceed to curbstomp since he can attack now…

    All that suffering, all for this moment of “fuck legendary weapon, bitch imma put you in the ground”


  6. WHOOP WHOOP Like da sound of the chapters says:

    Aah, everyday without lord yorai is so painful

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    • DragonEmperorCore says:

      we miss our lord yorai-sama


      • BasedGod's Prophet says:

        Through our lord and savior Based God, we will get through these tough times as we have been gifted with Based KookieDreamer and her right hand (wo)man Based RebelGoRound , may we all pray for the day Based Yoraikun returns to his place next to the Based Gods.
        Can I get PRAISE?!


  7. AKA says:

    Are everyone still alive??


  8. Azure says:

    still waiting for yoraikun “THE RETURN”


  9. pipo says:

    This is the end. Tate has been licensed!


    • ebweissy says:

      It’s been discussed before. This is the web novel, not the light novel.


    • irnem says:

      Like Yoraikun mentioned many times before – he has nothing to do with bakatsukis regulations. He translates Tate, ’cause he likes it. And he will continue to do so, till HE decides to stop. So let him finish his exams and he will start to post new chapters again.
      End of discussion


  10. Panji Ap says:

    hello admin and anyone who very handsome here, can i ask a question, is there a translator who translate this in WN?.

    if if no one picks it up here the wn raw link if anyone want to take this
    and sorry for my shitty english ,, just want to share and read if anyone take it.

    thanks for the chapter


  11. Alex says:

    Those headers though. I never get used to them LOL.
    Hope you do well on your exams (I believe) Yorai-sama


  12. VanZans says:


    Hey Yoraikun and other Shield Hero Fans. I know this may seem random but I’ve been working on a darker rpg/fantasy literature fora while now and have been getting a lot of feedback from in over the last couple weeks and since a lot of people have been seeming to enjoy it I would love everyone here to let me know what you think>

    It has multiple Gods from multiple religions many norse like Loki, its a fantasy world, rpg element,…..and it will get very dark with a hopefully dark and op mc……It’s a big world and I show through each enemy that OP in this world means something very different as each enemy gets monstrously different…..hope you enjoy!!

    Its a mix between shield hero and arifureta and have been getting some interesting feedback I’d love to see what you think of my story.


  13. Rage_ender says:

    I still have yet to get the hang of the way the commenta are displayed


  14. lazypioneer says:

    331 is out by kookie


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