Chapter 331: The Strongest Seven Star Hero

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And welcome back, Yoraikun ^^


Kookie has not forsaken you guys, not yet! (It’s only been a week >w<)
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The Strongest Seven Star Hero
I draw my sword from its scabbard. I have no experience with sword fighting. However, I have taken Ren, Raphtalia and the Female Knight’s sword techniques countless times. That’s why I can use them somewhat.
This sword is something the Old Man from the Weapon Shop and Imia’s Uncle whipped up for me, and it uses materials from Houou as its base. Apparently the materials have some of the characteristics of the Spirit Turtle’s materials but the two experienced men easily dealt with them and made it. Its name was also Phoenix Sword. There were various effects but being unable to identify them with a half-hearted judgement was similar to the Spirit Turtle Sword.
The ‘Phoenix Gale Sword’ that Ren…

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  1. gohanish says:

    thanks a lot for the chapter


  2. WHOOP WHOOP Like da sound of the chapters says:

    I am crying tears of joy right now….


  3. Andore says:

    Okaeri/Welcome back Yoraikun and otsukare (don’t know a good translation for it).
    Hope you get high scores in your tests so you can take the translations at your leisure. :D


  4. nekuyshiki says:

    Thanks for the chapter. With this chapter you really made my day, I can’t stop grinning!!


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