Chapter 333: The Hero of the Shield Commands

What a calming number. My school ends next week, so perhaps translation speed will pick up then… or not.

Chapter 333: The Hero of the Shield Commands

“I… haven’t lost yet!” (Tact)

Tact staggers to his feet as he directs his hostility towards us.
The black miasma begins to fill the area.
Is he going to use a Curse Series?
Well, I did kill his women out of revenge.
It’s not strange for him to awaken a curse or two.

“I’ll never forgive… you all! Eri, Nellisen, Shatte, Reldia, you killed them all! I, the strongest Hero… will definitely kill you!” (Tact)

Tact turns his eyes to Ren.
It appears that he believes that he will have a chance if he steals the Legendary Sword.
How nice.

For him to be able to stand after all of our beatings, is it the power of the Seven Stars?
No, it may be one of those main character powers like will-power or determination.
That’s splendid and all, but it would be nice if he were to give up soon.
I hope he realizes that he won’t be able to beat us no matter how hard he struggles.

“You’ll still fight? Self-proclaimed hero, who couldn’t even beat a civilian like me, your life is already at its end.” (Naofumi)
“Cut the crap! I am… still standing! As long as I have these legendary weapons… if I don’t have enough power, I simply have to steal it!” (Tact)
“Tact! Don’t lose!”

The women get lively as they start cheering for Tact.
If Tact truly had the power of Narrative Causality on his side, I bet we would be at a disadvantage.
Some miracle would happen, and he would awaken to some new power or something.

“I see, I see. So the fact that you’re a legendary hero is embedded this deep in your psyche.” (Naofumi)

This is also just as planned.
And that’s why I’ll… steal away his last hope.

“Unfortunately, the current you won’t be able to beat Ren.” (Naofumi)
“I won’t know if I don’t try!” (Tact)

Tact takes out the Claw and prepares to release a Vanzin Claw at him.

“Just understand it already. The Seven Stars can’t beat the Four Legendary. And Ren won’t… no, I won’t let you.” (Naofumi)

I put my hand on the area where my shield once hung, and concentrate.

「… I, who has understood the origin of power, a simple civilian and an average Hero, the Hero of the Shield commands.」

Just like how the body needs a soul to complete itself…
Just like how a Legendary Weapon needs a Hero…
We’re bound by a single thread. I search for the point that connects me.

To counter this separation, that was supposed to be impossible, I need to form a stronger bond.
The body was made for the soul, and the soul was forged for the body.

「Let the truth be unraveled once more. My Shield is…」

Tact’s weapon flashes, and a single light flies from his hand to mine.
A strong light fills the area and blinds everyone present.
And in my field of vision, the nostalgic Shield Icon manifests.

“Wha- Impossible!”

Before using Vanzin, Tact turns to me.
And I prepare to take his attack head-on.


Using my Shield, I repel and nullify his signature move.
Now that our lost bond has been strengthened, this attack is nothing to me.
My status has returned to that of when I had the Shield before… no, it’s risen several levels.
Though my attack power is the same as always.

“What’s wrong? Is your theft ability not working?” (Naofumi)
“Impossible! How absurd! How were you able to take back the Shield!?” (Tact)
“I said it, didn’t I? You have no way of beating me. You’re already in checkmate.” (Naofumi)

Having seen a scene he had never expected to see in his life, Tact opens and closes his mouth again and again.
But, even so… he still has the will to fight.

“I can’t help it. I just want so see your face colored by despair, time and time again.” (Naofumi)
“Aniki, you’re making the face of a complete villain again.” (Fohl)
“Naofumi sure seems used to this.” (Ren)
“But that’s where Naofumi-chan’s charm lies.” (Sadina)

On Sadina’s words, Ren and Fohl avert their gaze.
Yes, I can understand their feelings.
Though it seems that everyone has accepted that I look like a villain.

“Really? I think Aniki should be a bit more…” (Fohl)
“I think you’re wrong. I think it’s how he’s good at looking after others.” (Ren)
“Ara? Onee-san likes this Naofumi-chan too~♥” (Sadina)

The peanut gallery should shut up.
I don’t care what you find good about me.

“Now then, your final hope… let me steal it from you.” (Naofumi)

I put my hand on my Shield, and use the trump card Atlas and the Spirit of the Shield showed me.
In truth, if I had used this from the battle’s onset, the fight would already be over.
The events up until now have been but light entertainment.
Had I used it, we wouldn’t even have had to fight.

「The Hero of the Shield commands. My brethren, heed my words. Undo the foolish restraints that bind you, and awaken.」

The Claw in Tact’s hand gives off a soft light.
After confirming that, I continue.

「-Strip him of the Qualifications to command you」!

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.
It’s not just the Claw. All of the weapons in his body begin to glow.

“W-what!? What’s happening!? Gu… my power is flowing out!” (Tact)

Tact can’t hide his shock from the abnormality of the situation.
In the first place, it’s wrong for a single person to assert his control over a large number of legendary weapons.
The Four and the Seven weren’t made to work like that from the beginning.

「Find wielders worthy of thine own glory」!

The seven lights from Tact… flow out, rise high into the sky, and start falling to the earth.
It’s like those wish-granting balls in a popular manga.

Oh? There’s a light flying in this direction.
Oh right, Fohl was the Hero selected by the Gauntlet, so that’s natural.
… Wait? There’s two too many.

“Eh? Ah, kya!”
“Wah? What is it?”

Light rains down on Raphtalia and Firo.

“This is… a Hammer?” (Raphtalia)
“What’s this? Claws~?” (Firo)

Yes. It seems that Raphtalia and Firo were selected by those I called my brethren.
Their names vanish from the list of slaves and monsters under my control.

“W-what foolishness is this!? To steal a weapon from Tact!? Return it at once!” (Kitsune Woman)
“Who would return such a thing!?” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia lifts the large hammer up high and swings it downwards at the Kitsune Woman, who took up the form of a nine-tailed fox.

“Let’s see… 「Thor Hammer」!” (Raphtalia)

The second Raphtalia’s hammer hits the nine-tails, lightning strikes down.


Along with the Kitsune woman’s scream, I heard a splattering sound.


It appears that Raphtalia has smashed that woman’s head.


Raph-chan, who had been covering his ears from the monsterous sound, made a pose of victory.
I believe the other end happened at the same time.

“Die! Filo Rial Queen Candidate!”
“Whoah.” (Firo)

Firo suddenly… deployed something?
It only appeared for an instant, but isn’t that the Wall that Atlas and I use?
Why is she able to use it?
No, well, Firo did train with us quite often, so…

“Eh? Ah?”

The gryphon crashes head-first into the wall.
Firo doesn’t let the chance go. She puts her foot on the Gryphon’s neck and…

「Erste Claw」?

An ominous sound echoes through the air.
And just like that, the Gryphon crashes to the ground.
Firo flaps her wings a few times and lands.
Over her feet are the Seven Star Claws.

“These are really light! Firo accidentally overdid it!” (Firo)
“Turna! Ashiel! You… even took the Seven Stars from me!? What the hell is happening!?” (Tact)

Tact is trembling with fear, but I don’t feel any pity in myself for him.

“From the start, we were merely playing around with you. Did you think that you were all that, you small fry?” (Naofumi)
“Go to hell!” (Tact)

Even so, without accepting reality, Tact was already moving to punch me.
A loud sound rings out as his hand collides with my face.
But I don’t feel anything.

“Uu… ah… ah.” (Tact)
“With this, you aren’t a Hero, or anything more. Just try and turn around this situation.” (Naofumi)

Having lost his Hero Status, we can execute Tact without having any negative influence on the world.
Of course, quite a few problems will pop up because of the Heroes he’s killed himself…

“You get it? This it the difference between a real Hero, and a wannabe. You contented yourself with your transient power, but now your age is over. Your crime of playing with the world, make up for it with your body!” (Naofumi)
「Shield Prison! → Change Shield (Attack)」

A cage made of Shields surrounds Tact, and through my Change Shield, they all become Shields furnished with spikes.
I’m holding back to an extent where it won’t kill him, so there are no problems.

I really do want to kill him now, but there’s a reason I can’t.
At the very least, as long as the possibility exists that he’s a reincarnated individual, I can’t kill him so easily.
I need to know what god or demon is backing this bastard.

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  1. goblinrou says:

    ”The seven lights from Tact… flow out, rise high into the sky, and start falling to the earth.
    It’s like those wish-granting balls in a popular manga.”

    Cha-la! Head cha-la! We Dragon Ball now boys!

    Naofumi’s companions get even stronger and finish Tact already!

    Ah i miss Shining Force…

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  3. RKain says:

    Finally! Though I do think that the killing of his harem might be a bit excessive, I can see why it would end up being necessary, given that the harem *does* have murderous tendencies.

    My thanks to you, Yoraikun.


  4. cloudytama says:

    For Naofumi to give an order to other seven weapon like that, didn’t that mean he is a supreme commander for all heroes?? xD

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  5. helmcec says:

    It would be funnier if raphtalia were the heroine of the whip: imagine the possibilities with naofumi when he cheats on her with rafu-chan!

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    • Man, to be honest he even imagined something like when the Queen talked about the heroes of the seven stars, and how he did not know the identity of any of them, with exertion Trash, he even wondered what the Queen herself was one of them, it being the hero of the Whip …
      However, in his imagination, she was in her sadistic mode (erotic dominatrix) and giving whiplash in the Trash!


  6. Mario says:

    Wahaha, i know is really soon, but what can i do about it…this is my fourth Master piece Deduction…it´s not my fault it was just there waiting…
    Well, first the same of the third Master Deduction (chap 322), the second is important too.
    Now the thing i need to point here is before the theorie (just in case): Tact is Itsuki or more importantly Itsuki was Tact…now i need you to remember (or go and read that chapter) the chapter “hero conference (end)” in that part Itsuki say something about a god out of nowhere…meaning…itsuki have his memories of when he was Tact… Now remember about Motoyasu and his loop series…he remember all, but the other don´t…it´s seems like it´s the same right now, but with Itsuki…meaning…what we are reading is the “story of Itsuki”, but with the perspective of Naofumi who do not remember a thing…aparently Itsuki reflect in wrong places like “we need order so i am going to put some kind of goverment, so if someone like Witch appear i will not be deceived, so this is the pecking order” and “obviously i am right, but girls are not trustworthy so i am going to surround myself with guys”…i think Rishia was an exception, because he knew her, but that is only a guess…maybe she was the maid who Naofumi killed first, but only a guess.
    Whatever the important theory of all this and i need you to follow me in this is…Present story: Itsuki Story, The Loop Story = Motoyasu story, The Past Story = Naofumi Story (Demi-Humans/Lucia(Atlas)/ Genius Naofumi and all)…and last, but not for that less important…Light Novel/Manga = Ren Story (And i finally think Ren is the best of the three idiots…that manga is shonnen after all)…why i think this, for various reasons actually, but the important ones are Melty is not Melty, but Meru (i need to say she is smarter than Melty…i am guessing she is actually the Queen, but i do not know) and Atlas grew (if she really is Atlas)…i am only 70% sure of this one, because i only can read the manga, but i think i am right….
    Basically the author put the story of the 4 heroes, but we did not undertood, awesome right?, someday i am going to beat that guy.


    • Felipe says:

      nooope!, one tip of why: chapters: 343 and 344 titles: “execution” and “soul eater”


      • Felipe says:

        he can’t be past itsuki if his soul is gonna be eaten and thus lost forever


        • Mario says:

          Oh, thanks i almost forgot…Witch had the reborn Machine in Fabley, but the summoned hero thing is one Machine of those too and was in the reconstructed Melromarck…meaning…Genius Naofumi did his job…Witch knew he was going to appear again and made counter measures and this explain something really important…She even like god can´t see certain things (maybe her vision was only capable on Fabley)…meaning…remember the maid i was talking before (who maybe was Risha)? at that time Naofumi was targeting both Witch and the maid…meaning…Witch was scared to die and she activated her reborn ability, but she was not hit by that…meaning…Risha´s resurrection was an accident…meaning…God-Witch can cast before anything happens…
          Anyway this was not a rencarnation properly after all they were not born in the world, but summoned…that´s your mistake.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Mario says:

          I think i need to explain this more easily…how about cards: You cast a power card (life), but someone countered that card (murderer), your card (life) needs now to go to the graveyard (you are going to die), but just before that you cast copy with another card (after that we need “paste” but that´s only for computers, matrix reference is usufull here too), so you put the card in the game (even if it´s not actually the card)…now is the turn of Witch and she use the card resurrection on your card (that was on the graveyard) now his card is her card…
          It´s simple, right?
          Summon is like “Copy” or “Avatar”, but part of this can have bugs…
          Ressurrection is like “Reborn” and you are the same but with other body.


        • Mario says:

          So basically we had two cards…the card who is there in the game (avatar) and the other card who was on the graveyard just a second ago (independently of the other one) and now is in the game too, but on the other side.
          Now is clear, right?


    • AsianOtakuGuy says:

      SPEAK. ENGRISH. 70% of this is gibberish to me.


      • Mario says:

        Oh, stop that, i love you homo.


        • Yoraikun says:

          One comment thread deleted due to spoilers from someone who read ahead (not Mario)


        • Mario says:

          wait, that means i am wrong in that part?…how about dreaming like in Virtual Reality, but she disconect herself from time to time to tell Tact something.
          Tact is Itsuki the deductions is perfect…maybe i can´t see someting in particular.


        • Mario says:

          No, everything is right…so or i need more information or is just a technicism…i can only wait i guess. Damn it.


        • Mario says:

          “Witch’s legs had given out on her” chapter 328…Wahaha, is my win, she disconect herself there to cast reborn and that´s why Rishia was that maid.
          Now the theory is even more perfect, wahaha.


        • Mario says:

          That´s it…it´s a machine after all so someone else can use that besides her…the alchemist loli can do that too…or the disconect thing… I already write enoght, sorry, i am going to stop now.


        • nopeandnope says:

          @mario next time you make a theory, make in into poem maybe I’ll understand it that way


        • WHOOP WHOOP Like da sound of the chapters says:

          is there anyway to make maria disappear, like jump on him or something…. these theories are quite boring…(and hard to read)


      • 123 says:

        so basically mario is wrong?


    • gakusakuko says:

      nope, the witch god is sealed or rather “sleep” and i don’t know the reason but when witch is dead the witch god suddenly “wake up”


      • Mario says:

        Stop now. Witch acted as prophet, Witch do as TV or was using Virtual Reality and disconect herself just to tell something to Tact. Choose one, logically speaking there are not more options. If i am wrong is just a technicism.


        • Mario says:

          “Witch’s legs had given out on her” chapter 328…Wahaha, is my win, she disconect herself there to cast reborn and that´s why Rishia was that maid.
          Now the theory is even more perfect, wahaha.


        • to your own sanity i hope you are joking around with this theory


        • vermilianbio says:

          I dun mind your imagination and theories running wild, but lemme say in advance as a fellow who actually has a glimpse of how the story end.
          You r free to believe or ignore and i’m not sure is it much of a spoiler.

          nothing is about VR, make up world, gaming, and witch is a frickn die hard.
          Oh, and there won’t be anything about time traveling, at least not in this story.


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  13. Mark says:

    Also wish to say, Thank you good sir! Hope your tests went well.

    Now to celebrate that the drought is over and read the chapters to my heart’s content.


  14. Ninza says:

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    Hey guys….I just started posting chapters of the novel I’ve been workin on and I feel fellow shield hero loves would enjoy.
    It’s a darker themed fairy tail novel with multiple Gods from other religions coming into the mix. Rpg world/ dark troubled MC and the book gets very explicit on some things and you find that OP can mean a whole lot in this world.

    It’s called…>Those Who Aspired to Become God’s
    It’s gotten a lot of feedback and I’m even trying to get it published. I wrote the first few chapters on my phone so not great quality but if I had to say kind of a mix between Shield hero and Arifureta…..maybe a little dante’s inferno too.

    Well anyways hope you all enjoy and tell me what ya think!


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    Thor showed up, and finished her fight in an instant, Wolverine over did her fight by accident.
    Naofumi plays the bad guy but if you spend a day studying him you quickly realize how much of an act it is (he even fools himself).

    Of all the seven star weapons, only two have yet to connect with their partners. I won’t say which ones because I do not want to spoil anything but I will say this, if you thought Naofumi was OP before…


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      I can block people, but spoilers and Yaoi aside,this is an open board.


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        • Mario says:

          Whatever…it´s not like too many people can follow me now anyway…i am going to do something to help all of you, but i am doing this completely for me and if that is not enough i am going to do the same as now and i am going to make you (who i do not know at all) and those other people hate me even more.
          If i see something interesting i am going to start in the next chapter. of course i am not going to reply anymore here.


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    Note: This might be slightly biased as finals just got finished so I have a bit more stress to relieve than normal.


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