Chapter 335: United Front:

Now time for a survey. It’s been a while, but I’m still getting flooded with angry comments about Witch’s punishment (being sent to Faubley for a torturous death). Some think it wasn’t enough, some say it was too much, others say that its concept was a mistake in its entirety. People are calling each other ‘monsters’ and ‘naive ideologists,’ and there are political matters being ignored as well. So, let’s set it straight here. Now, when answering this, please remember that the characters are not in our own world governed by ‘just’ law, and that the other responders to this survey come from all over our own world. They have been raised under different beliefs and ideologies than you (people from 149 countries to be specific, 148 if you ignore Taiwan, and are reading this webnovel as of today, May 18th, 2015).

Chapter 335: United Front

“Just what the hell is happening!?” (Naofumi)

I ask Itsuki once more.

“Report the situation!” (Naofumi)
“Understood!” (Itsuki)

In the face of a raging wave monsters, I deploy Meteor Shield X and protect the villagers.
Then, Itsuki raises his voice and begins his report.

Next to him, Rishia throws her weapon to take out the monsters outside the barrier.
Her weapon has changed from transparent to solid.
Well, just as the Spirit of the Shield and Atlas said, because the Seven Star Weapons were released, Rishia’s been formally recognized as the Hero of the Projectile.

I don’t know the situation about the wave itself, but the battlefield is quite wide and is enlarging as we speak.
What’s happening at the center of this wave?
It seems that Motoyasu and his three Filo Rials are fighting there, but it’s quite far, and the sheer amount of monsters in our way make it difficult to make them out.

“We participated in the wave from the start, but the monsters that appeared had very high levels, so it is a close battle. That is the situation.” (Itsuki)

I confirm the levels of the monsters exiting the void.

Interdimensional Bird of Ruin Level 220

“220!? It seems their levels suddenly spiked.” (Naofumi)

With numbers this high, I can see it being quite a struggle.
No, with 100 as the limit, they’re treading in dangerous waters!
Well, with support magic, I guess it’s not too bad.
Right now, everyone’s relying on Itsuki’s support magic to narrowly avoid defeat.

“That isn’t all, right?” (Naofumi)

The air whistles, and behind us, Trash appears, Cane in hand.
It seems he’s brought some Melromark and Allied soldiers with him.

“T-this is…” (Trash)
“Good timing! Trash, I leave the command to you. Make sure we don’t run out of support magic.” (Naofumi)
“Understood!” (Trash)

Trash is the Hero of the Cane, so he can use most forms of magic.
That includes the Magic of Heroes.
I went to the Magic Store and learned how to transcribe spells before teaching them to Trash.
Well, I only taught him the fundamentals, so I don’t suppose he can use Revelation, but he should be able to manage a Dreifach.

“How does the other battlefield look?” (Naofumi)
“It was Melromark’s complete victory, and the Faublian Army has surrendered. It seems something happened here, so I took your people who were fighting with us, and all those of the allied army who could still fight and came here.” (Trash)

With him are Kiel and Taniko. Also, Rat and Miikun.

“Niichan! I worked hard!” (Kiel)
“I see. Good job.” (Naofumi)

I offer thankful words to Kiel.
The fact that she’s this energetic means that she must have contributed a lot to the war.

Hmm? Looking closely, Taniko’s carrying a whip I’ve never seen before.
C-could it be… she…
No, she does love monsters, so perhaps she has the proper affinity.

“It seems that this child has been selected as the next Hero of the Whip.” (Trash)
“KYUAAAAA!” (Gaelion)

Gaelion leaps in Taniko’s direction.
You do realize we’re in the middle of a battlefield, right!?

“I see. Then I’ll leave it to you!” (Naofumi)
“No… It’s not me…” (Taniko)

Taniko shakes as she answers me.

“That old woman! When the light came flying over, she used me as a shield!” (Taniko)
“What are you talking about? The legendary Whip chose you.” (Rat)
“You’re definitely wrong!” (Taniko)
“Rafu~” (Mii-kun)

Tank-model Mii-kun calls out to calm both sides.
At the same time, Gaelion stands between them.
What the hell are these people doing…

“I definitely don’t want to be a Hero! I’m just a researcher!” (Rat)
“It’s not that I don’t want to fight, but I don’t want a Hero’s power!” (Taniko)

(TL: Whip-kun is sad. Noone wants him.)

The whip lets off a faint light, as it bounces back and forth between the two.
It still hasn’t made a decision?
As long as it adds to our forces, I don’t really care who gets it.
The Spirit seems troubled as well.

“You people… Just go fight already! The Whip chose someone right!?” (Naofumi)

Well, both of them are skilled at support, and from what I’ve seen, the Whip has high support capabilities.
Is it that they don’t want to stand out?
Neither of them have particularly good perceptions of Heroes either.

The Hero of the Whip chased Rat out of the country, and Taniko’s surrogate father was killed off by a Hero.
I bet it’s something like that.
And, the Whip holds an affinity with those that use monsters.
Both of them have the qualifications.

“KYUA!” (Gaelion)

Gaelion puts Taniko on his back, and starts flying towards the center of the wave.
Don’t worry. The Gaelion you’re riding isn’t the Gaelion of the past.
After stealing the fragment of Faubley’s Dragon Emperess, he’s now the Dragon Emperor with the highest amount of Fragments in the world.

“Go! Gaelion!” (Naofumi)
“KYUAAAAA!” (Gaelion)

Following my order, Gaelion changes to his giant dragon form and bathes the battleground in flames.
Oh my. This is quite a powerup.
It seems that Taniko’s using the Whip’s power to cast support skills on him too.
I’ll have to teach her about her weapon later.
Raphtalia and Firo as well.

“And? Itsuki, what’s happening?” (Naofumi)

We move our mouths as we fight.
That’s just how pressed for time we are.

“Yes. The monster’s have become stronger as a start… and the enemy Naofumi-san encountered at the last red hourglass, Glass, appeared.” (Itsuki)
“As I thought… and?” (Naofumi)
“After that, the monsters went out of control, and we’re currently dividing and conquering. Next… you’ll have to hear it from Motoyasu-san and his Filo Rials, who’re fighting at the source!” (Itsuki)
“Got it!” (Naofumi)

So Itsuki and Rishia don’t know the whole situation themselves.
The remaining time on the Hourglass has dwindled quite a bit.
Then, like a warning alarm, the hourglass begins flashing, alerting us of the danger.

“Raphtalia! Fohl! We’re going to rush right through to the source of the wave! Follow me!” (Naofumi)
“Got it!” (Fohl)
“Yes!” (Raphtalia)
“Rafu~!” (Raphchan)

As if she understood my order, the Filo Rial drawing the tank-like carriage begins clearing the way for us.
That’s… probably Fitoria.
That Tank is… no, it doesn’t matter. I’ll save that for later.
I shrug off the high leveled monsters with my Shield as we rush to the center.

“Ku… That Shield… you’re Naofumi! Finally, a real one has arrived.”

There, for some reason, Motoyasu and Glass were combining their powers to shoot skills towards the crack in the sky.
Protecting the two, Midori was at the front slaughtering the monsters headed in their direction. He was toting an unfamiliar axe.

“Why are… you fighting with Motoyasu’s group?” (Naofumi)
“At the start, I came to oppose him… but now’s not the time for such things! If we don’t contain the wave quickly, calamity will come!” (Glass)
“Yes… I know. But I don’t have any means of attack. So.. I came here to protect everyone.” (Naofumi)

The Shield told me just what sort of phenomenon the Wave was.
If it was telling the truth… then I guess I can understand why Glass would ally with us here.

This time, they’re directly attacking the crack itself.
This was something outside of Itsuki’s knowledge.

I concentrate my attention on the Shield, put in my Chi… and release.

「Meteor Wall X」!

This was a skill from the Shield of Compassion Atlas bestowed upon me.
It’s ability is… deploying a Meteor Shield around all those I recognize as an ally. A high-class skill.
What’s more, when the group enters a close formation, its area of effect grows.
Right now, all of those at the Wave’s origin point, starting with Motoyasu, Glass, and Midori, all get covered in a large barrier.

Of course, it also has its flaws.
I have to shoulder a portion of the damage dealt to the Meteor Wall.
But only if they’re able to overcome my defense.

“This is…” (Glass)

Glass seems surprised at the barrier I deployed.

“If this is up, then… 「Rinbu Mu: Musou」!” (Glass)

(TL: Glass has been shown so far to use two styles, Rinbu Mu (Circle Dance of Nothingness) 輪舞無, and Rinbu Ha (Circle Dance of Rupture) 輪舞破)
(TL again: The Kanji used for Musou, the skill name, is 無想(Blank Mind). It a different kanji from the one in Musou Kassei and Hengen Musou, which is 無双(Peerless). I’m not sure if I should translate these, or leave them as is)

In an instant, Glass’s body vanishes, and in the next moment, a large impact sound rings out from the crack.
I only witnessed it for a split-second, but she appeared in front of the crevice, as if teleporting, and proceeded to unleash a consecutive stream of blows on it.
I was only able to follow that speed with my senses heightened by Revelation Aura.

As expected of one who protects the world?
I don’t know what’s to come, but for now, she’s an ally.

And while I was thinking that, the Meteor Wall surrounding Glass shatters.
It was probably the effect of her skill.
In truth, I did take a small amount of damage.
From Glass’s attitude, it must have been some double-edged sword skill.

I recast the Meteor wall and re-erect our defensive wall.

“Now! As fast as possible! Suppress the wave!” (Naofumi)
“Understood, Father-in-Law! 「Brionac X」!” (Motoyasu)
“Got it! 「Rinbu Sen: Samidare」!” (Glass)
(TL: Rinbe Sen (Flashing Circle Dance) Samidare (Early Summer Rain))
「Thor Hammer」!
「Dragon of Ruin Inferno Fist X」!
(TL: 滅竜烈火拳Ⅹ)
「Accel Smash」!
「Lightning Whip」!

All of my comrades who had reached the center release their ultimate attacks.
Large shockwaves collide with the crevice, and some explosion-like attacks hit it as well.
But without any change, the fissure continues to expand.


The Meteor Wall is protecting everyone from the normal monsters’ attacks, but it’s becoming a bit difficult.
Even if they’re like this, they’re still monsters over level 200.
They have powers equal to or greater than Tact’s Harem.

If it was one on one, I think we could handle it, but these numbers are a pain.
It’s good that the wall has yet to fall.
Because of the influence of the Shield of Compassion, I can’t use my Wrath Shield or Blutopfer.
I feel like I could do something about it if I was in the condition I had when I was beating up Tact, but it’s currently impossible for me.

I also order around my first and second Float Shields to blow away the approaching enemies and cover the allies they’re focusing their attacks on.

「Heaven’s Judgement X」!

Support fire flies from the rear as well.
All of the Heroes are working together.
Because of that, the wave’s expansion… slows down, and stops.

“Good!” (Naofumi)

With this, it shoud end.
A snapping sound resounds through the world.
A white light begins flooding out of the source of the wave, forcing us to close our eyes.

“It seems we’ve barely managed to prevent the worst from happening, but…” (Glass)

Glass’s words enter my ears.
And after the light abates… I was able to confirm what the wave had done. I was able to confirm that the voices from the Spirit of the Shield had been telling the truth.

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