Chapter 338: One who Claimed to be God

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Chapter 338: One who Claimed to be God

“There’s a troublesome guy like that? Who could it be?” (Fohl)

Fohl bears a repulsed expression on his face that seems to stem from the depths of his heart.
Troublesome… is it?
Otherworlders in themselves are quite a troublesome existence too.
They’re arbitrarily summoned, so they can’t complain, and they end up in situations like ours.
Before coming to this world, I did look up to epic otherworldly fight sequences, so it’s a strange feeling.
(TL: Because this world reveres otherworldly heroes)

Reincarnation, the existence you meet before you’re born anew- that is…

“It’s God.” (Naofumi)
“God… I see, so there are stories like that in Naofumi-san’s world. There was an NPC like that in a few games, but I was unable to connect the dots.” (Itsuki)
“Well, you probably get it already, but I’ll talk. To be more specific, it’s usually something that claims to be a god, I guess. Something like that.” (Naofumi)

If someone were to die in a tragic accident… like Ren, Itsuki, or Motoyasu, he would call out to them.
To those who faced such misfortune, he would say, 『Here, you died an unfortunate death, so shall I give you life once more in another world?』 He would whisper in their ears and tempt them.
Since they’re dead, there’s no way they can refuse.
If they decline, it’s 『Oh, I’ve developed a liking for you! How about I throw in a Cheat ability as well?』 forcing them to agree either way.
There’s also the possibility of forceful reincarnation without any interaction.
I’ve read novels like that time and time again.

If the one God chose was… someone like Tact, then what would happen?
He was probably a man from some world somewhere out there who played a game that resembled this world.
Or perhaps the game itself was his own creation.
Perhaps Ren, Itsuki, and Motoyasu were merely following his lead.

Then this leads to a single answer.
All God had to do was reincarnate a playing piece he could move to his will, to put those fighting the wave in an unfavorable position.
The Queen and the Granny said it.

Geniuses control the prosperity and decay of society.

Hengen Musou… What would happen if this style were to be spread around the world?
It would definitely become a threat to the operation of the Wave.
So he sent a reincarnated and cut off its lineage.
There’s no way we can confirm or deny whether someone perpetuating these events exists.
The fact that the various information about the wave spread around the world has all vanished is more proof than anything.

“God… Thinking back, I’ve heard that a religion worshipping something like that existed in the past. I see.” (Trash)

Trash seems to have some sort of idea.
This is a world that has handed down tales of the heroes for generations.
But, other religions must also exist.

They didn’t gain traction due to the Four Heroes and the Seven Stars.
… But, there must have been one who started it. Perhaps the Hero who became the base for the brainwashing daggers.
The God that the Hero publicized… may be our enemy.
Trash proposed the idea of it being an autonomous system, but I think it’s something else.
I spoke my mind.

“It appears my theory conflicts with Iwatani-dono’s. But judging by the situation, Iwatani-dono’s seems more accurate.” (Trash)

With my proposal, Trash immediately topples his own System idea.
Well, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but… there are way too many things that theory fails to explain.
I mean, what system would make a world where they would have to outsource to destroy it?

I’m a bit concerned about the Holy Weapons.
What? The Sacred weapons preserve the world, and God destroys it. Does that make it a malign deity?
No, no… perhaps it’s just too much work.
In the first place, what’s going to happen to him after the world falls to ruin?

“Glass, do you happen to know anything… about the worlds that have fallen?” (Naofumi)
“… We have witnessed the fall of two worlds. The first had looked as if it had the life of every lifeform sucked out of it, and it was transformed to a deserted wasteland. In the second one, the whole world vanished, as if it were never there before.” (Glass)

In order to prolong her own world, Glass has experienced having to destroy others. Her words carry much weight.
Both situations seem hopeless.
Will we destroy Glass’s world, or use Ouryuu… Gaelion to stop it. We have two options.

“So you’ve never experienced complete world assimilation?” (Naofumi)
“That’s right. But I’ve heard of it in legend.” (Glass)

Before it became so serious… I guess she took some measures.
When I first came to this world, we had too little information on the wave.
Even so, we knew it was strong.

However, we didn’t think we would be unable to overcome it.
But with internal discord… with a reincarnated’s intervention, Glass’s world was turned inside out.

“If your world were to end, how much time would you have left?” (Naofumi)
“At the moment, I would say we have a month at most. Though, if we had the Sacred Heroes and their vassals all gathered, it wouldn’t be limited to that.” (Glass)
“How many holy heroes and vassals do you have that can still fight?” (Naofumi)

Glass raises three fingers.
Three… I guess that’s rough.

(TL: Gender neutral pronouns here, so don’t quote me on it)

“What about the holy weapon holder?” (Naofumi)
“He was captured by the reincarnated, and my instincts tell me he’s being held somewhere. When a wave hits, it may be possible to rescue him, but that’s just wishful thinking.” (Glass)

Yep, this is serious. I can see why Glass came to a conclusion so quickly.
But, does that reincarnated have absolutely no intentions of fighting for the sake of the world?
Is he relying only on his own greed and ignoring all of the other heroes’ words?
… So people like that can get selected for reincarnation.

It depends on a god’s abilities, but regardless of the time, place, or world, there are always one or two people with a few screws loose.
I won’t say I’m a moral, upstanding human being, but I’ve seen too many people with something messed up in their heads.
If you gather up people like that and reincarnate them all, the world will definitely go into chaos.
There’s also the idea that there’s a form of brainwashing at work.

It may just be that God thought that the wave wasn’t enough to destroy the world.
And, that this was but a trivial thing.

… No, I’ve experienced it.
I’m not sure when, but when Ren and the others didn’t die when they lost, they ranted on about it being some sort of Event Battle.
I’m not planning to pin all of that on the enemy, but they may have ingrained an idea like that.

“Of course, he isn’t someone who won’t listen to reason if you talk to him… but for some reason, that reincarnated is hostile towards everyone, and he doesn’t find satisfaction unless he’s the leader.” (Glass)

Ahh… what a pain.
A man like that is moving the world at his will… In order not to stand out, did Glass leave the world with her vassal weapon? This isn’t something to laugh at.
But… is the wave truly a battle without end?

“He stains others in blood, and himself with their blood. He even turned his madness towards his own child… Perhaps even if we were to triumph here, our world would simply fall by that man’s hand…” (Glass)

She’s given up.
I can feel such emotion from Glass.
From what I see, Glass isn’t a human brought from a world like ours. She was born in her world.
What sort of feeling is it, to give up on the world you were born in?
I won’t swing a flag back and forth saying my world was a wonderful one, but…

“I beg of you. Your Guardian Beast still lives, and while our worlds have been connected, yours isn’t on the verge of collapse. Please grant permission for those of my world to take up residence in this one. For that, I’ll gladly cooperate, even in bringing an end to my own world.” (Glass)

She speaks as she lowers her head to the ground.
I understand where she’s coming from, but her idea is madness in itself.
Of course, it’s an answer she’s reached after a lifetime of hardships.
In my eyes, I see Glass acting out of madness. She isn’t acting out of any desire for self-preservation.
But anyways, I should ask.

“Are you sane?” (Naofumi)
“Of course. We’ve all lost it. We’ve gone mad over there. But there are still some things we’ve built up; some things we’d like to save.” (Glass)

Now that she’s accepted her madness, there’s something she has to do.
I’ve done something similar.
No, my rage is but foolishness compared to Glass’s insanity derived from failing to save others.
Even so, I can more or less understand her.

And, even if it’s for the world’s longevity, someone who can ask for the sacrifice of two thirds of the world with a straight face can’t be sane.
But among the Heroes, there was never a decent person to begin with.
Among our world, and her’s.

“I believe it is overly hasty for us to make that decision here and now. Until the next wave, we should clean up. Will your group lend a hand in our efforts?” (Trash)
“I thank you for your swift judgement. I swear that I won’t let this reach a bad conclusion.” (Glass)

On Trash’s words, Glass declares as such. Everyone present nods.
With the Allied forces at the lead, we first spread the information of Faubley facing an absolute crushing defeat against Melromark.
Of course, the matter of the guardian beasts was put to absolute secrecy.
As if we could spread information like that.

And so, because we have plenty of Legendary Heroes and Vassals at work here, it seems we’ve been given a bit of an extension on the time until the next wave, based on the time recorded on Melromark’s hourglass.

We’ll have to set out to deal with other countries’ waves, but there are plenty of things we’ll have to do first.
We learn that some even more troublesome things are lying around less than half a day after we transfer back to the castle.

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