Chapter 344: Soul Eater

Chapter 344: Soul Eater

Witch and her women leisurely walk forward.

Ah, she’s definitely under the impression that she won’t be executed.
I mean, she’s definitely looking towards me, trying to provoke me.
Should I kill her here and now?
Well, I know what’s in the program, so I stay silent.

“Malty!” (Tact)

The gag on Tact’s mouth is lifted.

“Oh, my. If it isn’t the fake. ‘Tis a pity your women were killed off.” (Witch)
“M-Malty!?” (Tact)
“Don’t call my name so easily!” (Witch)

Witch plants a kick in Tact’s face.

“Fugu- W-what are you-” (Tact)
“Because you deceived me, just how much grief do you think I suffered!?” (Malty)

The other woman follow suit, offering blows to his head, appendages, and nether regions while laughing.
It’s truly the worst sight of all.
The one who thought of this one must be completely insane.

“I-I see! As long as you beat me up, then you guys will be…” (Tact)
“I’m telling you to stay quiet, you foul man!” (Witch)

Watching Witch kick him so seriously, even Tact can’t seem to hide his doubt.
And Tact’s doubt isn’t wrong.
Maybe around half of it isn’t.

“Ma… lty?” (Tact)
“And didn’t I say it? Someone as low as you shouldn’t be speaking to me.  My papa is now the head of the world’s strongest army, you know. And what about you, you fake? The leader of a ruined country. Do you get the difference?” (Witch)
“T-this can’t be.” (Tact)

Witch glances over at Trash and speaks.

“How dare you trick me.” (Witch)
“When you’re just a fake, you acted so high and mighty…” (Woman)
“Everyone died because they believed in you!” (Another Woman)
“You pretended to care about the world, when you were only ever working for yourself! You heartless bastard!” (Woman)
“Pervert! Fiend!” (Another)
“Because of you, how many people died?” (Witch)

I don’t want to hear that from you, Witch!
A sudden urge to shout out wells up within me.
The woman continue to throw abusive words at Tact.
Since I know what comes next, even I feel some discomfort.

“We were merely tricked by you. So… we hold no crimes on our heads. As evidence, here we are rebuking you.” (Witch)

Witch laughs to herself as she and several of Tact’s other followers continue to torture him.
They order the executioner to break his fingers one by one and laugh like madmen.
You damn garbage.

“Gu… ii… you devil… when I… you…” (Tact)

Tact seems to understand Witch is coming at him for real. His eyes are dead in a different way than before.

“T-this must be…”

Ah… I think I know what he’s trying to say.
This must be a dream. And he glares at me having gotten caught up in that possibility.
And he cries out.

“This wasn’t how it was supposed to be! There’s no way this could ever happen. It has to be a dream! If it isn’t then… Oy! You’re listening, right!? I demand a redo! I’ll definitely be born anew and deliver revenge on these bastards!” (Tact)

All the heroes look upon the execution grounds. As Trash, Glass, and I expected, Tact proclaims this loudly.
… It’s about time.

“Unfortunately, even if you die, there will be nothing left for you.”

Glass stands up and speaks.

“What?” (Tact)
“I haven’t the slightest idea what sort of person your God is. But my side will be troubled if you and your companions were to be recycled by him.” (Glass)

The way Glass speaks seems to change by the situation.
But that doesn’t matter.

It’s time.
I gave instructions to those below the platform.
Carrying the chain of a certain monster in hand, an executioner from Glass’s world comes forth.

The monster’s name was Soul Eater. (TL: If you remember, it’s the second wave boss)

Just as the name implies, it’s a monster that feasts on souls.
In Glass’s world, where the concept of the transmigration of souls is believed in, it is used to prevent the process. It’s a vicious beast that eats souls, though this one has been domesticated.

If we fought it and lost, our souls would have been eaten.
That’s a bit of a scary thought.
I never fought it directly, but according to Ren, its face was blue.
This seems to be a different species than the Soul Eater they fought in the Wave.


By the way, there are several Soul Eaters within this area.
And their orders are to eat the souls of anyone killed within the execution grounds.

“If you die and get your soul eaten by this monster… will you be able to reincarnate?” (Glass)

Tact’s expression gets paler and paler.
I mean, it’s natural.
This must be a dream. If not, I can do it over again. Or perhaps I can meet God and get the power to deliver vengeance on those people. His thoughts were too naïve.
But what will happen if we use him as food for this monster that devours souls?
It destroys his hope that there’s a second chance.

“Now then.” (Glass)
“S-stop!” (Tact)

It’s finally Tact’s turn. For real this time.
U, what was it again? Sustain his life with healing magic, as he goes through the execution of all the women before him.
Just how much do these people want him to suffer?
But as I lynched him, I can’t really say anything.

It’s no longer my revenge alone.
There’s the Allied Army, who had its forces disappear against Houou without any reason.
There’s the Hero of Zeltburg and his honor that he killed.
There’s the many Heroes he killed, whose names I don’t even know, and the people who supported them. The countries he destroyed.


And Tact’s execution begins.
After he had been beaten to a pitiful state, the Soul Eater closes in on him. Like a fish, it floats and circles the air above him.

“Good bye. I am but a little thankful for having met you, but you treated people as property, and you were much too condescending. Because you gave such a fate to the women around you, it was all wasted.” (Witch)

For some reason, Witch is wrapping things up.
What a waste.
The little pity I had for him after seeing his end has all disappeared.


He can no longer form words, and his eyes are dilated. Finally, the priests of the Four Hero Church activate their ritual magic, and Tact departs from the world.

“Good Bye.”

It was the ritual magic 『Judgement』 and 『Baptism by Flames』. Tact disappears from the world without leaving a single trace behind.

“Now then, where is that Faker’s soul?” (Naofumi)

If I equipped the Soul Eater Shield, I think I could see it, but I ask Glass anyways.

“Over there.” (Glass)

Where Glass points, the Soul Eaters converge. They seem to be greedily devouring something.
Hmm… so that’s where it is.
But even his soul became monster food. This world is scary.

“And now I assisted in dealing with that fake. Hurry and release me!”

As soon as that was over, Witch and her women cry out.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. .. do it!” (Naofumi)

As I call out, Witch is singled out from the women, and surrounded by a rain of magic arrows.

“Wha, what are you doing?” (Witch)
“Oy, Bitch… did you seriously believe your existence would be forgiven before my eyes?” (Naofumi)

Right, as for why Witch betrayed Tact, we have to go a bit back.
A few hours before the Execution, we gathered all of Tact’s Harem in one place and asked:

“Were all of you really in good relations with the Fake who called himself a Hero, Tact?”

All of his loyal women nodded at once. Others gave vague responses.
It’s not like all of those beside Tact were blindly obedient to him.

“I wasn’t!”

The first one to break her allegiance was the bitch called Witch.

“My mama was… killed by that fake. And my papa was the one who was able to destroy all of his new weapons, the great King of Wisdom!” (Witch)
“You traitor!” (Woman)
“Know you no shame!?” (Woman)
“You repay his good will with scorn!” (Woman)

Witch was alienated from the group.
Of course, I was shown this scene later.
Her way of living truly is the lowest, this Witch.

“Hmm… then, you merely have to declare that when your time for execution comes about. If you’re not his comrade, then perhaps you’ll live.”

The executioner stated what was asked of him, word for word.
At first, the women spoke ill of Witch, but a few of them sided with her to protect themselves. They spoke ill of Tact to preserve their lives.
The ones who were executed before were the ones who never betrayed to the end.

“Papa! I’m not bad. I was merely being used! Just when I thought I had been freed from that accursed Pig King, that fiendish fake Hero apprehended me. That’s all!” (Witch)

Witch puts on an act and lets loose crocodile tears. She makes a play towards Trash.
Trash overlooks the scene with heartrending emotions. His hands begin to shake.

If we did something like sparing her here, nothing good will come of it.
None of those who have been involved with the battles surrounding her can forgive this wench.
And more importantly, I cannot forgive her.

This time, we won’t let her escape.
Unlike with the Pig King, we won’t be negligent.
In front of all of our eyes, we will promptly confirm Witch’s demise.

He seems to have mustered up his resolve. He stands.

“Kill that shameless woman at once! That one speaks praise of our late beloved Queen, yet sides with the man who killed her! She is but a traitor we cannot forgive!” (Trash)

Trash utters his last words of farewell.
Witch is held down by the executioners and is crucified on a large cross. Below her, a bonfire is built.


Gradually, the fire grows larger, and Witch bears the brunt of its force. She cries out.
Fu… this was quite an unsettling event, but Witch’s screams make me feel refreshed.
This must be the proof of my own madness.

Witch’s body is burned away, and her soul is offered to the Soul Eaters.

And like that, before my very eyes, Witch utters her true final breath.

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