Chapter 353: Cheat


Chapter 353: Cheat

“What?” (Naofumi)

There are other bitches like Witch?
That’s no joke. As if I’d let multiple versions of that woman exist.
No, in my world, I’ve also heard of countries falling due to the work of evil vixens.
Meaning it isn’t all that rare.

“In my world… there are three whose stories resemble yours. She was accepted by the Sacred Weapon wielders, but those heroes fell into her traps, and faced the consequences. Right now, I guess you can say she act as sort mistresses to some of the other Vassal Weapon possessors…” (Glass)
“A-and you’re alright with that?” (Naofumi)
“Well, they’re members of enemy countries… and since the reincarnators continues to neglect the wave anyways…” (Glass)
“I have the feeling you’re going to be opposing them in the near future.” (Naofumi)
“That women isn’t directly taking any action to corrupt their hearts or interfere, so as long as we keep tabs on her, it should be fine.” (Glass)
“Well, I guess that’s best for a woman like that. Even so, just what is the situation in your world? At least tell me about those you think to be reincarnators.” (Naofumi)

I’m really starting to lose my grasp of her situation.
What the hell are they doing when there isn’t a wave going on?

“There are two countries led by Reincarnators at war, and it’s merely a scuffle of a large number of people who do nothing but aim to be the strongest every day.” (Glass)

Uwah… and Glass was acquainted with three who fell for the wiles of a Witch-like woman.
I have nothing but my utmost sympathy.
Well, thinking about the past heroes of this world, and Tact, I can’t say it isn’t my problem.

“Right now, my world is moving to locate our last Sacred Weapon Wielder. During the wave… I’m sorry, but if he’s killed… then that will be the end. I really wanted to save that world, though.” (Glass)
“I see.” (Naofumi)

They exist in every world.
Even if I can’t stand her very being, I learned there are plenty of women like that bitch.
It may be people like that who ruined the world.

But something’s bugging me about these women.
It would be easy to conclude that there are corrupt women with power no matter what world you’re in, but it would be too hasty to bring the topic to a conclusion like that.
In this world, could it be… were the heartless ones among Tact’s followers like that?

This can only fall into the category of supposition.
There’s no way an answer will come.

And like that, in our battle to stop the wave, since this one was over, the next one was set to be in Melromark, in a week’s time.


“Once this wave is over, will it get a little more peaceful?” (Glass)

We have a tad more than a week until the next wave.
In that time, we’ll do whatever we can to strengthen our forces.

“That’s right…” (Naofumi)

My level rose alongside Sadina’s so I was able to rise to 150.
40 through 100 was surprisingly easy when I tagged along with her, but as we crossed 100, the amount of EXP required suddenly jumped.
It’s good to overwhelm enemies with a gap in level, but with our Growth Elevation, we’re able to handle it as we are.
We’ll have to fight stronger monsters, and level higher. I’ll bet the waves will only get harder from here.

I learned that the Ocean is full of monsters, making grinding easy.
Raphtalia is 146, and Firo 155.
Firo occasionally makes mistakes in the enhancement methods, so it’s quite a trial to teach her.
The others are in a similar position.

Just how many years would it take to get to 350?
Since he reincarnated, he had much more time to battle and strengthen himself. I’m honestly jealous.
Well, I can only say this after he’s gone.
Anyways, thinking about Tact’s level leaves me a bit anxious.
It’s only been about two weeks and a bit since we fought and beat him, and wishing for more time is just my form of selfishness.

In these two weeks, we’ve challenged the wave again, and again.
There were even days where we had to fight twice.
Goodness… it only worked out because the Heroes were all gathered…
The sea battle was troublesome because we barely had anyone who could fight there.


Raph-chan’s the same level as Raphtalia.
It would be nice if his strength was around the same as well.
By the way, his specialty is versatility.
Illusion Magic, and Transformation, right? He can also control the Bioplant to a certain extent.

My research with Rat gave birth to an ability raising accessory in the form of a leaf on his head.
We were able to give the Bioplant the power to raise some abilities.
We used Raph-chan’s DNA, and the concept of Firo’s Ahoge.

But half of it was only possible because of Rat.
With this, Raph-chan’s abilities will increase even further… it seems.
The layer of foliage that bobs up and down on Raph-chan’s head is somehow quite cute.

And Raph-chan generally fights in a combination with Raphtalia.
Like a mirror image, he usually performs pincer attacks with her.
I guess his weakness is that he’s can’t go as far as to reproduce skills. But he can copy most things besides that.

“After today, our free time will increase. And we’ll be able to make more preparations.” (Naofumi)
“Finally. I was getting tired of the consecutive battles.” (Raphtalia)
“Firo only had time to sleep, talk to Mel-chan, and fight.” (Firo)
“That’s right… we’ll have to put in more effort.” (Raphtalia)

The equipment made by Imya, and her uncle, as well as the Weapon Shop’s Old Man isn’t arriving in fast enough.
Should I allot more manpower to that field?
But time is of the essence.
Anyways… once this finishes, we’ll be able to do something about it.
Now, we can only wait.

“Let’s go!” (Naofumi)

On my cry, the heroes nod.


The Hourglass runs dry, and we were all summoned to the place the wave would take place.
And right after that, the counter appeared in our fields of vision.



No matter how you look at it, it’s too short.
In the waves up until now, we never encountered a situation like this.
No, the one that happened while we were fighting Tact eventually devolved down to this, but in waves besides that this is the first. What’s more, the time limit is already flashing when the wave’s only started.

“Let’s hurry!” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia’s voice brings me to my senses, and we rush forward.
In the the sky, a wine-red crevice is… spread out wide.
We must end this as soon as possible.

“Everyone, hurry!”

Ren, Motoyasu, Itsuki, and Raphtalia… the villagers, and the allied armies, and the Filo Rial Brigade with Gaelion follow.


Eh? Wait a goddamn second! 5 minutes haven’t passed yet!
As I watch, the Wave’s crevice gets filled with the shadows of humans.


Glass runs out in front of all of us.
And shills showing us her back… she begins talking to those that appeared.

“You people! Why are you on this side?” (Glass)
“The Vassal Holders and reincarnators have… overcome the wave…”

Looking at them, they were quite beat up.

“What?” (Naofumi)

I look at the enemy the Wave had manifested.
Who are they? There are plenty of humans,but there are also Demi-Humans and People of Soul mixed in.

“So this is the world the update added.”
“Let’s start it already.”
“I know.”

As if performing menial labor, their vanguard forces prepare for battle. Those in the rear place their hands on the crack in the sky, and… manually start wrenching it open.


“This new power the goddess gave me is so totally a cheat.”
(TL: Lit. Megami-sama)

A really annoying voice rang out.
What’s this with cheats? Don’t screw with me.
Even so, is what they’re doing shortening the remaining time?

“Stop them as quickly as possible!”
“I know!”

I concentrate, and cast Revelation Aura X.
At the same time, Itsuki begins chanting Revelation Down X.
The rest of us prepare our attack skills, and magic.

“Oh, my.”

The reincarnated(?) man standing at the front held his hand out front.
And a Meteor Shield-esque barrier manifested.

“Hurry up. Even if it’s an absolute defense, I can’t keep it up for long.”

What the hell is up with that!

“Damn! That is… the reincarnator’s special power.” (Glass)
“A time-limited absolute defensive wall!? There was a power like that in my world too.” (Itsuki)

Glass supplements some information, leaving Itsuki speechless.
There are many worlds, and many possible possibilities, or perhaps it’s a gift from that goddess he mentioned.

“What sort of power is it!?”
“You couldn’t catch it? It’s the creation of a wall that cannot be destroyed no matter what. As long as that exists, our attacks will not get through.” (Itsuki)
“Ku… so it’s come to that.” (Naofumi)

They sure have quite a convenient ability on their hands.
Is he someone from Itsuki’s world?
No, he may be a case like Tact’s.
It may be a power he received by the one proclaiming to be God.
And they did say Goddess-sama~ just earlier.

“Its fault lies in the fact that they cannot attack either, I guess. In my world, it was one of the higher class skills. The highest level form allows for perpetual deployment.” (Itsuki)
“Ku…” (Naofumi)

One by one, the wave’s monsters start appearing.
But in order to get to them, do we have no choice but to fight Glass’s world’s reincarnators!?
Is it our saving grace that that guy’s ability isn’t of the highest class?
No, anyways, if we don’t bypass that wall, the remaining wave time will keep being chipped away.
If that happens, this world is done for.

“Now, Ciel-sama! It’s time for us to seek new powers in this brand new world. Let’s work together!”

And behind that reincarnator, the voice of a woman sounded out. For some reason, that voice pissed me off.
The figure of the one approaching the apparent reincarnator… it overlapped with the one who betrayed me for Motoyasu, the Witch of that time.

“Glass, is that the woman you spoke of before?” (Naofumi)
“Yes!” (Glass)

Her face isn’t anywhere near the same. Her voice is also different.
Her stature, physique, and pretty much everything else was different. In fact, I think it’s a completely different person.
And yet… my instincts scream out.
That woman gives off a similar feeling to Witch.
Basking in luxury, moving the world to her pleasure, thinking of men as nothing more than tools to be used, an aura conveying these feelings emanated from her.


Ku… every second, more and more is shaved off.

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