Chapter 358: Returning Home

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Chapter 358: Returning Home

Now then, let me offer a bit of explanation about my house.
To put it bluntly, it’s a detached house that lies in a relatively quiet neighborhood near the city.
It has a yard, attached, and my parents bought it on a loan.
I slide the key into the door, and timidly look around as I enter.

“N-Naofumi-sa… n. What’s wrong?” (Raphtalia)

It seems there’s some resistance to her calling me –san as she asks me a question out of pure curiosity.

“Ah, no, if we ran into my parents here, it would pave the way to a mountain of misunderstandings.” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-sa… n’s Father and Mother?” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia puts her hand over her heart, and takes a deep breath.

“Ah, it seems you don’t have to worry. My mom’s out at the moment.” (Naofumi)

After confirming no one was home, I opened the house door, and invited Raphtalia in.

“So this is Naofumi-sa, n’s House?” (Raphtalia)
“Yeah.” (Naofumi)

I thought I would bring her here once the world was at peace, but I never thought we would end up here like this.
I guess that just goes to show you never know what’s going to happen in life.

“Make sure to take off your shoes before coming in.” (Naofumi)
“Understood.” (Raphtalia)

As told, Raphtalia takes her shoes off before entering the house.
Now then, my room is on the second floor. To organize the information on hand, it’s best we go there, but… Here, I noticed something.
I’m an Otaku. An Otaku who invited a girl into his home, and is ready to show her his room.
The stereotypical development that comes with this situation is…
… Isn’t this bad? I have quite a few embarrassing things displayed there.

“Raphtalia, please wait here.” (Naofumi)

I stop Raphtalia, and lead her to the living room.

“Is something the matter?” (Raphtalia)

… Right now, I’m stuck between two big life choices.
I could take Raphtalia to my room now, without care for my hobbies.
But the Galge posters, the figures and the various character goods are out in the open.

It’s not like I plan to hide the fact that I’m an Otaku at this point. I’m actually curious to see what Raphtalia will think of it.
But in that world, I continued to proclaim that love was useless and unnecessary.
If a guy like that’s room was filled with books of women, and figures, just what would she think?

Is it not right to stop her for now?
Okay! First of all, let’s clean the room!

“Please wait a second.” (Naofumi)
“Ah, sure.” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia sat down on the living room sofa as I quickly ran up the steps to my room.
And what I found was my nostalgic castle.
Just how many times have I dreamed of returning here?
But that isn’t important right now.

Right now, Raphtalia’s going to come here.
How about I just openly display this embarrassing side of me?
I’ll stop that with all my might!

I stuff all the figures and Galge packages into the closet, and peel off the posters.
Oh? I had left my PC on the whole time, and Net Game Item I’ve put on the market has been sold.
… I’ll close it for now.
Next is—

“I’m home~.”

Geh! My brother has returned.
That goddam Riajuu, why must he return at a time like this?
(TL: Riajuu can be translated to something like Realer, the people of the world beyond, 3DPD… etc, but I’ll stick with Riajuu here)
If that little brother of mine comes into contact with Raphtalia, it’s going to get complicated!
I quickly leave the room, and run down the stairs.

“What’s up, Nii-san?”

He had taken off his shoes in the entrance, and put his hand on the living room door when I called out to him.

“Wait, wait. Why don’t we have a little chat?” (Naofumi)
“Did something happen? The look in your eyes are a bit strange…?”

Is my face really that weird?

“More importantly, Niisan. Can’t you make some food?”
“What do you mean? Mom doesn’t seem to be home, so I thought I would ask you. I mean, I’m busy with my studies.”
“Just go to the convenience store. I’ll give you some money.” (Naofumi)
“Eh…. Nii-san’s food is much better than the ones at the store.”

This is strange. Did my brother really like my home-made food that much?
No, well, I’ve always helped my parents out with the house chores, and I did it willingly to give off a good impression to them.
I’ve cooked for him whenever our parents weren’t home.
But even so, did he ever say anything so Kiel-like?
Is this déjà vu?

“Didn’t I ask you this morning? You totally said yes back then.”

Come to think of it… I get the feeling I made some sort of promise like that.
I mean, to me, it’s been more than half a year, so there’s no way I really remember it.

“And Nii-san, you know, if you ever have trouble getting a job when ya graduate, you should try cooking school. Don’t go off wasting your talent like that, dude.”

Mu… this one, I do have a recollection of.
I remember. Whenever something happens, my brother is someone who asks me to go cook.
Unlike me, he doesn’t really enjoy eating out.
Something about nutrition, and sodium, it’s like he’s a girl going through puberty.

“Anyways, today I have something to do. So go buy it at the convenience store.” (Naofumi)
“Is it a promise with your Net Game friends again? How about you just stop playing around with those guys, and start taking stuff seriously, man?”

And as he said that, he opened and walked through the living room door.

“W-wait.” (Naofumi)
“—I mean, you have someone like Raphtalia-san with ya, right?”

My mind can’t keep up with what my brother’s saying.

“Ah, Raphtalia-san. I’m home.”

Raphtalia’s gaze shifts between my face, and my brother’s. A worried expression comes on her face as she inclines her head to one side.
I mean, it’s true, isn’t it? Raphtalia’s never met this guy before.
I mean, we never went back far enough for the two to have had a chance to meet.

“What’s wrong?”
“No, I was just wondering why you knew about Raphtalia.” (Naofumi)

I mean, he greeted her quite naturally, just now.

“What do you mean by why?”

As if he thought I was mocking him, my brother makes a sullen expression.

“For argument’s sake, you see.” (Naofumi)
“Hah? Nii-san, are you going senile? Are you having premature dementia?”
“Shut up. Just tell me.” (Naofumi)
“When you’re just Nii-chan, you’re trying to give me orders?”

This is the hierarchy of the Iwatani Household.
It may be a bit late, but that’s quite a line he threw out there.
Since I went to that world, I get the feeling I’ve been harrassed by a lot of strange people, but it was like that from the start?
But that’s not the problem.

“Like I care.” (Naofumi)
“Seriously, what’s wrong, Nii-san? Your usual loose eloquence and bullshittery is gone, man.”

Who has loose eloquence!?
I always kinda wanted to return, but I shed tears upon receiving this treatment upon my return.
Why must my own younger brother wring me out like this?

“Don’t worry about it, just speak.” (Naofumi)
“Have you finally awoken to your role as the eldest son? How out of character of you.”
“Why are your eyes sparkling at that? You’ve always just had to add on that one extra sentence, haven’t you.” (Naofumi)
“If it’s against Nii-san, then I won’t lose!”

My younger brother suddenly takes up a fighting pose.
Despite how he looks, this guy practices Kendo, I think.
He also did Karate.

Oy, there’s a world out there in need of a Hero.
Ah, don’t make a mistake and get hit by a truck, or anything.
I have a personal grudge against reincarnations at the moment.

“I didn’t intend to get into fisticuffs with you!” (Naofumi)
“Now, be more and more willful! I’ll take on your challenge anytime!”

What’s with him?
Did he have this sort of personality?

“Just answer the question already!” (Naofumi)
“I-I got it…”

With a bit of sadness, but a lot more joy, my younger brother begins to speak.
Was he merely joking around?

“When Nii-san entered college, Raphtalia-san came to our house to homestay as a foreign exchange student.”
“… Foreign exchange student. Homestay, is it?” (Naofumi)
“Wasn’t she your friend on the net, Nii-san? You spoke to mom and dad, and she came over to our house, and just like that, she became your girlfriend, didn’t she, Nii-san?”

Okay, let’s organize this information.
It seems that here, Raphtalia is treated as a foreign exchange student staying in this house, under the same roof as me?
And she’s my girlfriend. What’s more, with parental recognition?
Just what sort of romcom is this?

“What country did Raphtalia come from again?” (Naofumi)
“I don’t know that. I think you told me before, though. What was it again?”

Brother makes a tantalizing expression as he tries to recall the country name.
No, I don’t think even Raphtalia knows the country she’s supposed to be from.
It’s that. Should I just say Melromark in another world?
Her nationality is otherworlder. That phrase pops up in my head.
No, I really can’t laugh at that.

“Ah, Nii-san sure has it nice. Having someone like Raphtalia-san as your girlfriend.”
“G-girlfriend…” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia embarrassingly touches her hands to her reddening face.
Her reaction is top notch.

“But you have one too, don’t you?” (Naofumi)

In the past, he said something like『Unlike me, the girlfriend-less Nii-san is pitiful. Do you plan on becoming a wizard or something?』 to provoke me.
Though I just laughed it off back then.
Thinking back now, it really pisses me off.

“Yeah, but compared to Raphtalia-san… I’m jealous of Nii-san! Raphtalia-san, can you forget Nii-san, and transfer to someone with better future prospects like me?”
“Not happening.” (Raphtalia)

That was fast.
Raphtalia’s quick and natural answer frightened me a bit.
It’s a mixture of happiness and embarrassment. A strange feeling.

… Let’s continue the conversation.
Lil’ brother continues to speak fluidly while nodding.
Aren’t you the one with the loose eloquence?

“As I thought.”
“I’m definitely tattling to your girlfriend later.” (Naofumi)
“S-stop! If strange rumors get around, I’ll be troubled.”

Well, he’s a girlfriend-holding Riajuu in his third year of high school.
But if his girlfriend heard that line, I think he would be smacked the hell out of.
Just what sort of Galge heroine is he supposed to be?

“Anyways, don’t going around saying strange things.”
“That depends on your attitude.” (Naofumi)
“Nii-san, what’s wrong? You’re much colder than before.”
“I thought I would have to be stricter from here on.” (Naofumi)

Is what I’ll answer for now.
I see my long time spent in another world has changed me enough for people to notice.

“I see, yep. It looks like Nii-san has gotten just a bit cooler. In the past, you were kind, or how should I put it, too soft, so I like the atmosphere you’re giving off right now. Good luck with that, Nii-san.”

Is what I thought, but my brother takes the change positively.

“More importantly, you.” (Naofumi)

I’ll take this chance to gather some information.
I point to Raphtalia’s ears.

“What do you think of these?” (Naofumi)
“No, I mean…” (Naofumi)

… I lightly poke the ears.
Raphtalia reluctantly twitches them back and forth.

“I mean these.” (Naofumi)
“And again, what?”

… Can he not see them?
I gently lift up the tail.


Raphtalia lets out an embarrassed moan.
It is quite a sensitive spot, it seems. I’m a bit sorry, but there’s no helping it.

“Next is this.” (Naofumi)
“I have no idea what you’ve been trying to show me for a while. Are you bragging?”

Fumu… Raphtalia’s ears and tail aren’t being recognized by his senses.
Then what people were looking at when we walked down the street was simply her beauty.

“Now then, Nii-san. Food, please.”

… Why does he want my food so much?
Is he supposed to be some loin-clothed dog?

“Can’t you just wait until mom comes home?” (Naofumi)
“You promised!”

Ah, for the love of god! Even when I’m supposed to be busy!

“Naofumi-sa, n, how about you make it for him?” (Raphtalia)
“Ah, see? Raphtalia-san gets it~!”

Little brother’s tension rises.
In the end… I ended up making dinner.
Why is the first thing I do upon returning from another world making dinner for my brother?

What’s more, while I was in the kitchen, mom came home. She walked to the living room, and started chatting with Raphtalia as if it were natural while munching on senbei.
(TL: Senbei are Japanese rice crackers)
She seems unnaturally close to Raphtalia, contrarily making my discomfort grow to massive proportions.
Well, the individual herself seems to be uncomfortable as well.

“Raphtalia-san, in the end, what did Naofumi-san do all day?”
“Umm…” (Raphtalia)

He went to another world, and ended up getting killed by a goddess.
Is something we can’t say.

“He was playing games again, right? You need to get him to pull himself together.”

From my experience over there, I’d like to offer a complaint or two.
But here… it seems my day = gaming.
In truth, it really was like that before I went to that world, but it grates my nerves when they actually say it.

“Y-yes.” (Raphtalia)

Being troubled with an answer, Raphtalia gives a response as not to cause any trouble.
After that, for some reason, I ended up making enough food for the whole family, and finally, I headed for my room with Raphtalia.
Well, it’s not like I didn’t do chores whenever I felt like it, but…
And for some reason, Raphtalia’s room was on the second floor as well.
If memories serves right, that should have been a storage room, or something of the sort.

“What do you think has happened?” (Raphtalia)
“A place for you in this world has been made… the Spirit of the Shield did say he could tamper with cause and effect to some extent so that I could bring someone along.” (Naofumi)

It’s likely that this is the tampered world.
Just how thorough was he?

Anyways, after finishing the menial labor, I led Raphtalia, and returned to my room.
I didn’t notice it because I was depressed over being forced to cook, but I had casually brought Raphtalia into the room.

“It’s a bit narrow, isn’t it?” (Raphtalia)

Well, compared to the house in the village, of course my room is narrow.
I thought my room would make her draw back, but it seems that’s not the case.
If I had to decide I would assume she just didn’t know what anything there was.

“T-that’s right.” (Naofumi)
“So this is Naofumi-sa, n’s room?” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia restlessly surveys the inside.
The posters and figures are in the closet.
There’s only Manga left around.

“Are these books?” (Raphtalia)
“Yeah.” (Naofumi)
“Is it alright if I read them?” (Raphtalia)
Can you read them?” (Naofumi)

She doesn’t know the lettering system.
But if you think about it, you can understand some manga just by the art.
Raphtalia pulls a volume of Manga out of the bookshelf, and opens it.
Its contents were of a normal highs school boy and girl’s club activities. It was a typical romcom.

“/is this about the place nobles go to study?” (Raphtalia)
“Well, it’s a characteristic of or culture, per say, if I were to put it simply…” (Naofumi)
“This resembles the art from the Hero of the Spear, and the Tailor.” (Raphtalia)

Yep… those two did it.
It was actually quite popular in the village.
The Tailor did look like someone who would draw Doujinshi. And yes, she did end up drawing them.
Motoyasu’s were ero-doujins. They were mainly of steamy love with Firo.
But those were just him venting out his emotions.
In that sense, Manga existed in that world.
Though the genre was a bit biased.
I truly had absolutely no interest, so I didn’t really remember it.

“Ah, right. Raphtalia, please remember this.” (Naofumi)
“What could it be?” (Raphtalia)
“In this world, in the country I live in, almost all of the people around our age attends school. You’re probably going to be treated as if you’re attending as well.” (Naofumi)
“M-me too? To study for nobility?” (Raphtalia)

The place for nobles to study… It seems I’ll have to offer a bit of explanation.
Well, I’ll put that matter aside for now. As long as she understands that.

“Yeah, so until we figure something out, we’ll have to live our lives here. And so, let’s try hard to get you to fit in here.” (Naofumi)
“Y-yes..” (Raphtalia)

First, I’ll have to teach her how to read and write.
By the way, I checked the Four Holy Weapons’ Manual after that, and it showed absolutely no change.

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