(This is not a Chapter) The Redo of the Spear Hero

I would just like to comment that the Redo of the Spear Hero has reached its conclusion at chapter 835 (Its chapter count continues after the end of the Shield Hero, so it has 426 chapters, which is about the same as the Shield Hero Plus its Side Stories). Its ending was………………. Anyways, it mainly served to broaden the world, and describe places Naofumi never visited and people he never met. You get to see what people were doing before they met Naofumi, and see Naofumi’s natural harem tendency. You also get to see Raphtalia go Yandere with a hammer once. Motoyasu doesn’t really develop that much as a character, but ah well…

I do not currently have plans to translate it.

Ah, and beeteedubs, Kookie is on 359.

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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233 Responses to (This is not a Chapter) The Redo of the Spear Hero

  1. generic75684 says:

    Well then, any chance you can make a TL;DR for the story of the spear hero if you already read it? If not, can you tell us if the ending was as horrible as the first shield hero ending?


  2. hentai says:

    how about “Sekai no Owari no Encore”? it’s better than KNJ

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  3. Hiane says:


    I kinda hoped you would but i respect how you feel about it
    if someone else Decides to translate it can you tell us where at I’m extremely interested in it after reading the first few chapters (thankfully there wasn’t too many spoilers)

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  4. jarmile says:

    Good ol Elizabeth is possessing Yoraikun it seems, reading the old comments


  5. azwald says:

    yoraisama, please translate it! or Firo will eat ya


  6. but yoraikun are you gonna translate those white day side stories it’s not very much and the narration is still by naofumi?


  7. Zhajn says:

    There’s knights and magic. You might be interested in translating that and no one is translating it at the moment


  8. idontknowwhattoname says:

    guys let yorai choose what he wants to translate, its hard to do something that you don’t like so let yorai find the novel he himself would enjoy to translate.


  9. AKA says:

    I feel like i want to tell you this.

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  10. Phantom says:

    i think there is someone traslatin it alredy so no worries (sorry for the poor english not my native language)


  11. zkx321 says:

    since you dont plan to translated it…spoiler the ending :P ?????


  12. seihaikun says:

    Thanks for everything Yorai-sama.
    (Eh..Did you just read spoiler for spear?Yorai-sama?)


  13. roy1258 says:

    i respect you for doing more than the half of the webnovel and if is your decision to no continue the side story, i have to accept it and looking forward to your next translation i hope is someting interesting like tate no yuusha nariagari.


  14. Mark remedios says:

    If you decide to pick up other projects I recommend gate thus the jsdf fought there and world war blue it’s supposed to have a web comic


  15. naruchan21 says:

    after finishing TNY, Do you plan on translating other LN besides KNW?

    thanks again for the chapters!


  16. XClair says:

    If anything, you could help with translating the Word master LN after this one is finished


  17. Haha says:

    Is time for yoraikun to graduate from Ln translations!?
    Only time will tell…


  18. Robert says:

    C’mon gang you’re acting like yoraikun already finished TNY. He did say he had 18-20 more chapters left. Let him complete his run on translating this project before ya grill him on the next. However the fact that you are keenly interested in his next project speaks to his popularity.


  19. Vanzans says:

    Any chance we can get a spoiler to the side story ending?


  20. LeaD36 says:

    Btw Yoraisama, have you considered translating Demon Lord Girl and Villager A? (Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A) I know it’s a LN instead of WN, but going by the currently translated manga chapters it’s awesomeness incarnate,


  21. Special says:

    Yoraikun the series below would be a fun project it about a guy that got send to another and gain the ability to auto turn back time and resurrect himself when he dies, unfortunately he is weak though lol
    Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu


  22. freebeer says:

    . my love … Can you make a pool with the project’s you have mind?

    Or you are thinking in leave me =(


  23. EonSonny says:

    Are you sure you aren’t reading the chapter released in this year’s April’s fool?
    It was a big joke event in which many of his fans did an uproar because of the absurdity of the chapter.

    Hint: The story doesn’t really ends with Motoyasu running to Firo thru a path of light.


  24. otakujin100 says:

    How could naofumi survive against new game + motoyasu since his strengthening and level are intact (I’m talking about the duel)?


  25. Hydrogen says:

    So your gonna retire in translating after this project and the “a world without life”? Or you’ll pick another WN after you finish those two?

    Note: sorry if you’re bothered with the tone hhahaha


  26. kuro says:

    do you have any plans for the future i mean new light or web novels that you want to translate ?? :D


  27. LuizHLisboa says:

    yorai i am being selfish but, i would love if you translate re:monster


  28. Seltas Drone says:

    Yoraikun I have just one question. Does Spear-bro get a happy ending? No need for detail, a flat yes or no would work. Thanks!


  29. Solrac says:

    Thanks for your hard work.


  30. ebweissy says:

    Sometimes I wonder if anybody bothers to read Yoraikun’s “About Me” section. He’s had a list of what he’s wanted to translate on there for at least a couple of months now.


  31. Zack says:

    Hay yoraikin thx for translating so far, well if you don’t have any planning on translating the spear hero loop can you at least tell me this one important thing does naofumi really get ntr-ed regardless motoyasu now see other women like pigs but you know he’s the main hero now, so who know right?


  32. Malty says:

    Actually, I don’t mind if you just translate until the end of Melromark loop. AFAIK, Silt Welt loop is Eclair route and Melromark is Melty route.


  33. Jay says:

    Am i the only one excited with yandere Raphtalia~? Hahaha~


  34. teppy says:

    thanks !


  35. MiyaKen says:

    I think you have done enough, Rest a little and think if you really want to keep translating. We don’t want to force you if you don’t like it.


  36. well i realy dont like motoyasu anyway , he can have changed the outside but its stil the same so i still hate hin +)


    • Yoraikun says:

      He was never that bad of a person.


      • SamS347 says:

        He was still the douchebag, skirtchaser, harem maker (lol), idiot ( he still is), phalus hero (still is and will stay it in every world and loop possible) that most of us hated for the first 163 chapters !


        • Yoraikun says:

          He was just an idiot. He still is an idiot, in fact, he’s gotten more heartless. He used to actually be a good person, but within the loop where things repeat after a Hero is Killed:

          “Snap, I messed up. Let’s kill Ren.”

          He honestly thought he was doing good in the beginning.

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  37. Mike steele says:

    I have constantly seen this spear hero spinoff/arc and I don’t have any plans on reading it but I was wondering as I might consider reading it in the future. A. is it canon? B. does it affect the already in tact story of Shield hero for example Spear prick ends up getting firo (havent read it dont know if it actually happens) so it means naofumi never ends up getting her, you get what I mean… jw as it will probably decide if I read it as if things like this do happen I will most likely not read it. Thanks


    • Yoraikun says:

      It is cannon, as in the Spear Hero did in fact go through all of that, but it doesn’t really have any impact on the main story, as he can’t bring anything out of the loop. It does make Motoyasu ridiculously overpowered by the end, but he doesn’t have much of a fighting role after that.

      The entire lengthy Story was, in itself, Motoyasu monologue the whole thing over dinnertime every night at Naofumi’s place. The entire story is pretty much him trying to orchestrate his meeting with Firo, because a lot of special conditions have to be met for Firo to be born. He goes all over the world, and you see side/back stories about the other important characters as well, while he’s at it. As the world loops, there’s also a few hypothetical situations that are tested out. And it all ends with a Yandere, and a magic Hammer.


  38. LUCKY says:

    all the heros have a redo is like a spin off filler chapter?


  39. DNAnime says:

    Understandable that you wouldn’t want to do it tbh… Really doesn’t sound like anything major is added and Motoyasu as a character never really had any depth imo. So a series based around him doesn’t seem that interesting. Unless I missed something….


  40. nzpieface says:

    So, anyone know if a translator is translating this? Link it if there is. Thanks


  41. Mac says:

    I just want to know how it ends if Spear ends up undoing all the development naofumi went through and basically erase the shield hero story.

    Can you tell me please? Its really bugging me.


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