Chapter 370: Barbarian Armor EX

Chapter 370: Barbarian Armor EX

The next morning.
We finished preparations for our strategy, and were waiting for their attack to come.

Trash was able to take a nap, and because of that, he was able to get a better look at his tactics.
Well, that Bitch Goddess’s actions aren’t something that easy to predict.
I gave Trash all the info I put together by talking with Ren and the others, and he ended up finalizing his strategy, which was good news.

Starting with the goddess, the reincarnators and all their forces were going to attack Melromark and the area surrounding it.
The strategy was apparently something Trash made while taking the controlled Queen into consideration.
Apparently, he could tell what formation their forces would take excluding the reincarnators.
This will be a difficult battle.

And, in order to surprise the enemy, Gaelion, Fitoria and Sadina were going to infiltrate enemy land, and prepare to ambush, but due to my participation, we’re changing it to a frontal assault.
If we had more time, we could have prepared more, but if we use too many petty tricks, that Bitch Goddess may get pissed. It’s really troublesome.

Just how far does she go to have things go exactly her way?
She’s just a coward that takes delight in victory.
And when it gets too easy, she says it’s no fun.
Even so, she can’t forgive it when the tides turn against her…

I think I’ve experienced that before.
In a network war cellphone game, when I was at a disadvantage, I would cut the connection.
Even so, when I won, I thought it was no fun anymore.
Even when I used underhanded tactics.

Fu… it’s that rotten way of thought.
Now go make up for it with your death!

“Now then, let us depart.”
“Please wait, Hero of the Shield-sama!”

When I was about to head off to war, a soldier called out to me.

“What?” (Naofumi)
“A renowned craftsman famous among the entire allied army says he wants to present a protector unto the Hero of the Shield-sama.”
“… Do you mean the weapon shop I frequent?” (Naofumi)

The soldier nodded in silence.
With the time they had last night, just what did they make?

“Got it.” (Naofumi)
“Then please take this.”

And what he handed over was a set of armor.

Its name was Barbarian Armor EX.
It seems like a different piece than the one I always wore before.
Well, with that attack that Bitch Goddess Used, it was completely destroyed, so he probably worked hard to repair it.
This armor sure likes to reappear.

And right now, I judge the materials of the armor presented before me. The materials used are… Spirit Turtle, Houou, and Kirin.
Also, the concepts those people picked up yesterday are also included. On the material list, is the material Carbon.

Thinking back, it’s been a while since I asked Dragon Emperor Gaelion to reknew the core of the armor.
I remove the corestone that was inserted to take the place of the core.

“Gaelion.” (Naofumi)
『Well, well, well… you’re the same as always. After attaining that much power, you still ask of me to share mine own?』

When I call him, Gaelion takes a step forward.

『You can never be too safe.』

As I used telepathy to answer him, he snorted back at me through telepathy.

“Yeah! Firo won’t lose to Gaelion!”

Fitoria steps forward to rival him.
Firo is with her.
And they both rip out one of their Ahoges, and hand them to me.

『Gu… then I cannot back down here.』

The Dragon Emperor who had his fill of the core stones of others, threw up a large one.
Its color is a clear red, the likes of which I’ve never seen in his cores before. Its coloring was as if it were imbued with flames; a glowing gem.
It’s like a crystallization of the Dragon Emperor.


Raph-chan also steps forward, and and casts magic on the armor.
Oh, his is also amazing.

How am I supposed to use these feathers?
For now, I’ll just keep them in the armor. When I tried to do that, the feathers glowed, and were absorbed into it.
And on its back, something appeared. Holes just right for wings, or something similar to fit through.
And when I put Gaelion’s core in, the armor shined even further, and started to change.

Barbarian Armor EX
Destruction Impossible, Defense Up, Impact Resist (Large), Beheading Resist (Large), Flame Resist (Extra Large), Electric Resist (Extra Large), Absorb Resist (Very Large), HP Recovery (Strong), Magic Recovery (Strong), SP Recovery (Strong)
Magic Elevation (Large), Blessing of the Dragon Emperor, Magic to Defense Conversion, Autonomous Repair, Blessing of the Earth’s Pulse, Blessing of Life, Dragon Attribute, Dragon Territory
Growing Power, Blessing of the Divine Bird, Familiar Abilities Doubled, Blessing of the Divine Beast, One who Controls Monsters, Magic Cruising
Blessing of the Four Spirits, Blessing of the Spirits, Prayers of the people, A Link to the Spirits.

It had a wide succession of abilities.
I don’t have the time to check all of them, but what is Magic Cruising?

What’s more, it isn’t even Barbarian Armor anymore.
Why must that name stick no matter what?
Does that Old Man think of me as some sort of savage?
No, I think it was truly named out of good will, but…


Ren looked at the armor, and said as such.

“There’s also equipment for everyone else as well. Please confirm them.”
“Ah, with this, I’ll be able to fight more!”

I put on the armor, and test out its feel.
It’s the first time I’m wearing it, but it feels really familiar.
I feel like I’ve been wearing it for many years.

And I felt magic passing through the holes in the back.
Let’s try directing some more there..
Fwish. From the holes on my back, wings of magic started to take form.
Their colors were sky blue, and the color of Sakura Petals.
(TL: If you don’t remember, that’s Fitoria’s color, and Firo’s original coloring)


Everyone around me falls silent.
That was to be expected.

And just how did they go about making this.
Flying through the sky isn’t impossible for me, but with this, it becomes a lot easier.
I stop sending magic through it, and land.

“Fumu… it’s not that I can’t wear it, but with something this high in quality, there’s the option of equipping it on someone else.”

I mean, I don’t have that great of a need for it.
Its ability is much greater than the previous version, and with this much functionality, someone else can…

『You. Don’t you think that’s a bit much? I can’t approve of it.』

… The monsters voice their objections.
I want to ignore them, but it was an armor made for me out of good will, so I guess there’s no helping it.

“Yes, yes. I got it.”

It was something the Old Man and Co. put their best efforts into making, so I wanted it to be used to its maximum potential, but I guess that was a misplaced worry.
I mean, it was also exactly to my size.

And wait… I noticed it after putting it on, but this armor… perhaps It’s linked to my Shield, but my defense was amplified by quite a large amount.
The Defense listed in my Status Magic became something quite amazing.
Of course, the parts that make me a god are separate from what I have as Status Magic in this world.

Amazing. I get the feeling that this piece of equipment could even handle the power of a god.
This is… I feel it would be a waste to give to someone else.
An armor made out of the world’s hope… Perhaps a new spirit will come to inhabit it someday.
My own exclusive armor, what a nice sound. Unlike a certain Shield.

“Then I’ll use it gratefully.”

“I turn to everyone present in the area, and make a declaration.

“I’ve kept you waiting. Now then, today, we’ll bring an end to this idiotic battle!” (Naofumi)

Everyone lifts their weapons high up, and answers.
Today, we’ll release this world from its vile divine invader!

When we made it to the battlefield, the enemy forces were already there waiting for us.
We maintain the formation Trash formed, and I lead at the front.
We’ll keep ourselves vigilant for side blows from the Goddess, crush the enemy forces as we proceed forwards, and have them retreat. After that, we’ll make our way the Bitch Goddess in the rear, and defeat her.
Truly a simple plan.

But our army has personally received specific instructions from Trash.
The Heroes are each to take on one of the enemy’s aces. Well, as long as I’m here, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
This time, Fitoria is also fighting on the front line with her full sized form. Can she even fight like that?

I haven’t spoken to them about it yet, but Rat and Mii-kun, as well as Taniko and Gaelion are going to spur up chaos in the enemy’s lines.
I think that Raphtalia will surely come sometime today, but if Motoyasu doesn’t accompany her, I’ll conclude he’s impossible to deal with.
It’s no joke if he plans to run away.

The problem is the clash of Trash and the Queen’s opposing army.

“Iwatani-dono, about my wife, can you leave her to me?” (Trash)
“I planned to do that from the start. Just go and put an end to it.” (Naofumi)
“Father… I’ll also assist you.” (Melty)

Melty declared that she would be supporting Trash.
I’m counting on them.

“What about Firo~?” (Firo)
“Go work with Trash and Melty. Even if they plan on issuing orders, they’re crossing quite a dangerous bridge here.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah! Got it~!” (Firo)

Now, let’s start the battle.

And now, a related image of a Saber ripping out an Ahoge.

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