Chapter 373: A Couple’s Strength

A kind service of our beloved Kookie


How many people want Kookie to work on the side stories?
A Couple’s Strength
 “This is….” (Ren)
“Merciless.” (Itsuki)
Believing in their God.… only to be betrayed, and then terminated. Ren and Itsuki watched those Reincarnates and muttered.
I strongly agreed.
Me, Ren, Itsuki and Motoyasu― we’ve all had the cruel experience of being tricked by Witch, so we understand all the more.
That this guy is someone we can never forgive.
“You did well to come this far. I honestly give you my praise.” (Goddess)
The Damn Goddess declared, floating softly.
There was not a single enemy remaining nearby, with the exception of the Damn Goddess.
Excessive cold-bloodedness…. It was a place where only sorrow and hatred swirled about.
There was only one person there, the extremely cheerfully smiling Damn Goddess.
“But playtime is over. To tell you the truth, no matter what happened in this game, my victory…

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18 Responses to Chapter 373: A Couple’s Strength

  1. babbo3d says:

    Why can#t we mention the new gate.


    • cuz you’re goin to be cursed by shieldfumi


    • junior says:

      What about new gate?


    • Passerby 1 says:

      I am also curious. I know Yoraikun did not find it interesting and that he received a TON of requests when the manga was translated but not to the point where he abhorred it…maybe too many people didn’t get the memo and is still bugging him?


      • Fohl the destroyer! says:

        I think it is primarily BECAUSE he was hounded by requests for “the new gate” that he decided not to do it. At least, that would be my reason. I personally like that novel and can’t wait for it, but I am not going to try forcing others to translate it just for me. Since there is someone who is already translating it of his/her own volition, I don’t see the need to press Yoraikun for translation anyway.


        • Alort says:

          Yeah, I do feel the same. I really like The New Gate, even more so than Zhan Long, but as you guys said, most likely he was pestered by ppl about doing TNG, which is a shame since as a free translator he does what he seems fit to his own liking. And i’m kinda glad that shieldbro history’s to his liking hahaha


  2. AsianOtakuGuy says:



  3. VanZans says:

    hey yoraikun….You’ll probably take a break once your done with this story. But what are some other projects you’ve been thinking of picking up in the future if ya do?


  4. NATlov3r says:



  5. Lairud says:



  6. eizaan says:

    Thanks for the notice… :D


  7. Chael Fong says:

    Please do, Cookie!


  8. yuedari says:

    Infinty 100% thanks to ohanashimi and to Yoraikun.


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