Now then…

I’ve finally finished reading through all the works suggested to me, and let me say a few things.

1. I will not translate the New Gate. The chapters for the other Gate are too long for me to enjoy translating…

2. I will not hop onto a project that already has an active translator because you think the translations are slow. That’s not my problem, and I seriously think it will annoy the translators.

3. Why the hell did they integrate the Mognet system as an essential function of FFIII DS if they were going to discontinue its wifi service? How am I supposed to get Onion Knight Now? Give me back my 12 hours. Scratch that, problem solved with R4 and ‘Borrowed’ DS.

4. Does anyone know if there’s currently a translator doing, ‘I kinda came to another world, but where’s the way home?’ (異世界来ちゃったけど帰り道何処?) If not, I will proceed to pick it up.

5. I’m sorry Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee XXXV, I haven’t started working on the Bathroom Goddess

6. I might also take up the Redo of the Spear Hero if someone can suggest an appropriate translation to -desuzo.


About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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282 Responses to Now then…

  1. Fendy Winata says:

    Umm…. How about `The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor` ? Can you do it?


  2. mike says:

    Yoraikun, are you interested in web novels with more of a dark taste? A recommendation would be Jaakunishite Akuratsunaru Chika Teikoku Monogatari.
    Just suggesting it for a future project :D


  3. Kinji says:

    I would say Hidan no Aria unless there is another translator for it but it been on volume 11 for like years now so im pretty sure others have abandoned it


  4. Endkun says:

    hurrah for no. 7 in blood red text! A little too small for anyone to read it though.


  5. how about tokage no ou, i saw the manga and it seems interesting enough


  6. Bomragon says:

    I recommend seiju no kuni no kinju tsukai already 2 month since last update


  7. Hiane says:

    Has anyone suggested that one thats kinda like Re:monster but instead of a gobblin it’s a slime
    kinda looks interesting to me but i dunno if theres a novel on it or not or if it’s translated

    honestly no matter what you choose i’ll prolly read but i’m gonna try to wait till you get atleaste 30 Chapters translated that way i can dive right in and stuff


  8. Lino says:

    What about Rain?


  9. You could join , for the moment is a single person releasing daily, the chapter are short and are never enough.


  10. Nobody says:

    Isekai Mahou is a pretty interesting read that also has a slight Shield Hero vibe since the MC doesn’t want to help at all with the new worlds troubles.


  11. THAT TNY FAN says:

    Yoraikun… your mean! you get my hopes up for nothing! -Desuzo were placed at the end of senetence just like -Desu, it DON’T HAVE ANY OTHER MEANING!


  12. Ayamaru says:

    How about Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken or Overlord


  13. Disguy says:

    Personally, I couldn’t give two shits about Motoyasu as a character.
    Please just do you and don’t waste ur time.


  14. Ayamaru says:

    Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Kinki Kyouten

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  15. EonSonny says:

    Yo Yoraidude, about the “Desu zo” phrase.
    There’s this old guy in Disgaea 3 which uses desu zo whenever he quotes various rules.
    As if he’s referring to common sense or already well established facts.

    In that regard replacing that phrase to english would make it rather common sounding, something like “…As you/we/I know” or “…naturally”
    I know it’s not a great help but I can’t help giving off the slightest piece of info i can get in hope you decide to translate Spear’s sidestory.

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  16. alam says:

    I really want to read redo of spear hero.

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  17. lozlo says:

    Cool beans. Number 7 made me laugh a little on the inside.
    I’ll have to take a look at these once there are more chapters. I like to wait for a few chapters to be out so I can get a good feel for the series.

    Not a translating suggestion, just a question, since someone is working on it already-
    Have you read any of Ubau Mono Ubawareru Mono?


  18. Ceimur says:

    Yoraikun-sama! May your loyal follower ask you a simple question? Did you decide on which novel be your main project? Is it IKCTAWBWTWH? Is it Lazy King? I know that it is not KWM and Yari Yuusha so can you tell us?

    I also don’t mind if you won’t tell me. Just curious… Thank you for your rime yoraikun sama

    PS: I haven’t read any of your previous post and replies. I actually just came here today for an absence of 1 month

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  19. Would you be interested to take Yomigaeri no Maou?


  20. goshinj says:



  21. Zeroweapon says:

    I’m sorry to ask and I’m sure it’s been asked and answered but what is the new gate about? Is it a sequel to gate jdf?


  22. Velocity says:

    I think “desu zo” translates to “my fellow Americans”


  23. mongo says:

    what about Knight’s & Magic


  24. Rei says:

    Hi yorai,
    I personally think ‘desuzo’ is pretty much equivalent to ‘you know’.
    It’s those kinda annoying way to end a sentence with and the more you hear it the more annoying it gets. I don’t think this can fit in all his desuzo but this is the closest i can think of. Some eg below:

    Eg: ‘ this is how you should play this game you know’, ‘that’s not good you know’ , ‘firo tan is my angel you know’ and ‘ there are so many pigs here you know’.


  25. Anton Evan says:

    Please translate ‘Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Kinki Kyouten’


  26. Azure Tears says:

    Please take Isekai Mahou, the translator disappeared for more than a month now (without any note or anything). Many of the readers concluded that he dropped the series.


  27. Lurkkun says:

    Welp, Haven’t been on the page in a while, and see that my recommendation got added. I translated the first few chapters, but it seems I’m a little late in telling you this. Maybe we can collaborate or something if you need some help translating? If you wanna lone wolf it too, then that’s cool.


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