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I Kinda Came to Another World, But Where’s the Way Home 4

Translating the Lazy King has… dun dun DUN… made Yoraikun lazy. By the way, I won’t translate part 2 of that until part 2 finishes. It’s at chapter 6. The 14 you may be thinking of includes the previous 8. … Continue reading

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Of How Leigie is… ah, what a pain, Iyo

The Lazy King Chapter 8: Melancholia Part 1: I Met a Single Hero This is perhaps the oldest memory I have. Of when I hadn’t even become a Demon Lord, and was just a bit of a Lazy Demon. I … Continue reading

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Of How Leigie has some Father-Son Bonding

The Lazy King Chapter 7: Superbia Part 1: To the Supreme Demon Lord When compared to the human race, a Demon’s life is horribly long. Their lifespans equate to eternity, and aging from the passage of time is a concept … Continue reading

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Of How Leigie Doesn’t give any Fs, but Gets Plenty

TL: Heard’s Hmms and hms are implied grunts of affirmation. TL: Also, this chapter provides some readings for previous skills (In English no less), so preceding names will be changed in accordance. Usurping will be changed to ‘Skill Ruler’ and … Continue reading

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(This is not a Chapter) Information About Konjiki no Wordmaster

I am closing my hosting of translations of Konjiki no Wordmaster by Tomoto Sui. This, by no means, means that I am no longer translating the series, just that it will be hosted elsewhere. Namely Blazing Translations. Pic unrelated. This … Continue reading

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Of How Leigie Actually Does Stuff

The Lazy King Chapter 5: Gula Part 1: This World is… Hell Within the whole world, I think that the hardest feeling to bear is『Hunger』. The Demon World is absurdly vast, by I doubt there exists a longing that surpasses … Continue reading

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