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The Lazy King Chapter 5: Gula

Part 1: This World is… Hell

Within the whole world, I think that the hardest feeling to bear is『Hunger』.
The Demon World is absurdly vast, by I doubt there exists a longing that surpasses this thirst.

Thus, after being given life as a Demon, when I was selected under Gula, I thought it to be a natural matter of course.

The months and years passed by favorably, and as I lived thinking of nothing but how to sate my hunger, the class I was burdened with had changed to『Demon Lord』 when I wasn’t looking.
If you ask whether anything changed once I became a Demon Lord, nothing changed at all. The only thing I am capable of is eating, and I was more than satisfied with that alone.
Perhaps a change to speak of was that I became one of the strong, and therefore, the extent of what I could eat had increased.

It was survival of the fittest in the truest sense of the word. Because we were a bit stronger, we ate, and as a result, our classes advanced.

It didn’t take long for the target of that desire to shift from what the other Demons called ‘Food’, to inorganic matter, and finally those of the same race.
The fact that other Demons taste good is a sort of common sense among those that carry Gula. Eating them takes up too much effort, so there are few that actually do it is all… meaning as long as you take care of that single point, there is no need for hesitation.

I lived a long time.

I was born as a Demon, became a Demon Lord, became the Great Demon King’s subordinate, and ate all the opposing Demon Lords.
The stronger the targets were, the better they tasted on my tongue.

Within Demons, there are about five ranks.

Meaning, starting from『Rankless』, it goes to


These five.
Rankless have the least taste, and Lords are a delicacy.
Additionally, their taste changes based on the attribute they carry. If you asked me what the supreme food was, I would definitely say『Demons』.

To Gluttony, that is cursed with unlimited hunger, no matter how much food you have, it is never enough.
Born as pure predators, Gluttonies are never loved by their race. Because of their nature that rashly excels in attack power, if they act too indiscriminately, there’s always the fear that their surroundings will work to eliminate them.
Order was needed, so the quickest solution was to put them under the protections of someone of a high rank.
And that was the Great Demon Lord. That’s all.
Without any real difficult reasons, and without any particular circumstances. For such simple reasons, I became a Demon who followed the Great Demon Lord, and I got retainers, and land, and… the right to devour Demons that opposed us.

Even more time passed.
My power as a Demon continued to rise, and my hunger along with it.
My tongue matured, and normal food would no longer sate my hunger in the slightest.

The Great Demon Lord changed generations thrice, and one who hadn’t even existed when I was born, Kanon of Ruin, took over.
She was a deep crimson Demon, a beautiful personification of the flames of purgatory.
I still remember the audience I had with her when she took office.

The magic I felt from her body blazed up in a manner fitting of Ira, and the surrounding air seemed to burn with tremendous heat at the might that filled it. I felt that I was going to prostrate myself at any moment against that might.
I thought of how beautiful and strong a Devil she was.
And within her, was overflowing charisma.
If it’s with this Great Demon King, then I’ll be able to satisfy my hunger to levels I’ve never felt before.
I’ll be able to taste flavors I’ve never learned of.

And at the same time, I thought.
If I could ever get a taste of her… the sensation would be good enough to send me to heaven.

My parents, and my friends, and my retainers, I even ate other Gluttonies.
I ate Sloth, and Greed, and Lust, and Wrath, and Gluttony, and Pride, and Envy.
In tears, in anger, in laughter, in gratitude, they were eaten.

There is no ranking among food, and thus, everything in this world has equal value.
Whether disgusting, or delicious, even if I knew it would never fill my stomach, I ate.

This world is… hell.

It expands. It contracts. It changes. War starts. War Ends. Things fall. Things revive. Everything is perpetually in a state of change, and what prospers must decay. But within all of that, the only thing that didn’t change at all was my hunger.

Only hunger remained constant.

Along with the endless euphoria I experienced upon sating it.

So me raising a revolt against the Great Demon King, Kanon Iralaude was likely not a matter of food supplies or anything. It was probably just a matter of time.
Because I’m a Demon. A Demon of Gluttony.

Part 2: Let me Have a Taste

This level of Magic wasn’t able to satisfy my Soul Core at all.

It was so nice back in the day. The Demon World was simply overflowing with powerful demons who had spent long years satisfying their desires.
Perhaps I’ve just lived too long. Perhaps I’ve just eaten too many tasty things. And within our limited resources, in order to satisfy our matured tongues, we continued to struggle like children.

Fufufu, it was so nice back in the day… is it? I’m starting to sound like an old person.

About ten thousand years ago, most of the powerful Demons… in a large scale war with the invading army from heaven, most of them perished.
What remains of the demons now. The Demon Lords are all youngsters who haven’t ten thousand years under their belts.

“Zebul-zama, I’m hungry.”

A Demon with a Wolf’s head spoke.
He’s General Class, and another who governs Gluttony. For someone who has yet to reach Demon Lord status, I more than understand his pain.

“Fufufufufu, of course… I’m the same. Endure it. The meal eaten after enduring the utmost limits of starvation is the greatest of bliss. They say hunger is the best seasoning, right?”

“Food… I wants… food.”

The sweet scent of blood and flesh and souls tickles my nostrils.
While I may be called something like the Carrion Devourer, I’m a scholar on the journey for supreme tastes, and I don’t just devour anything out there. I don’t know where that name came about.
I cross my feet onto the pure white throne of marble. Muffled cries are coming from the mouth of the food carrying the throne.

For Demons of Pride… breaking their pride before eating them creates the greatest taste.
But whatever the case, I don’t feel very much power from him anyways. I guess the taste will be reasonable, at least.

Of course, my stomach is endless, so I won’t do something as foolish as wasting food. I never miss my prayers before and after a meal.
Blood spills out like a fountain, and stains my face. At the same time, the throne begins to sway.

“H-hey! Don’t just eat them as you please!”


When I frantically look underneath it, I saw the form of my subordinate gnawing on the head of another with his massive jaw.

Aaaaaah, right when I was in the middle of food preparations…
Even if the materials are bad, they don’t understand my sentiment of making them as tasty as possible.
But raising a crunching sound, the smile that bust out on that wolf face made me feel it didn’t matter anymore. It’s because I can understand how he feels.
Good grief, what helpless children.
I jump off of the Throne, take the right arm of the corpse that had lost its freshness, and put it in my mouth.
The ripe soul only gave off a sweet taste for an instant. With a few chews, it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Well, well, good grief. This doesn’t do anything to my hunger.
When I was ripping off the left arm, the wolf head spoke.

“Gu… Zebul-zama… yo fazt…”

“Yeah, I’m… one who can eat a bit.”

“Didn’t you juzt eats a Demon Lord…”

“Yep, that was tasty.”

As I thought, Demon Lords are different. The depth of flavor is different. The texture is different. I can clearly tell that my body is happy when I eat them.
Even if they’re newcomers, the magic they possess is completely incomparable to the General Class below them.
The Wolf finishes up the head, but when it looked through its spoils for something more, the libs were already gone.
He directs accusatory eyes at me.


Well, well.
The things kids say these days.
The endless longings he held in regards to food made me speak with admiration.

“Not unfair, not unfair. You have to take your own food… by yourself. The one who fought Claud Astal was me, right? It’s natural that I be the one to eat him. Did you perhaps do anything?”

“Zat demon juzt now… I killed him…”

“… Really? Was that how it was? Fufufu, well, the achievements of the vassals are those of the King’s correct? If you hate it… you’ve got to rise up in the world.”

If you do, you’ll someday come to learn the taste of a Demon Lord. Well, perhaps you’ll live happier if you never learn it.

I activate a Gluttony Skill.
I use my magic, and my stomach shakes even further with hunger.

『Million Dish』

The tentacles that grew from my back pierce the body of the former Pride Demon that had already lost its head and limbs.
The wolf head raises a cry.


“Fufufu, well, I’ll leave you a bit.”

Gluttony skills are used only during meals.
Each tentacle moves individually, and the Pride Demon’s body was eaten up in under a second.
The wolf head hurriedly tried to bite at it, but his teeth clicked together fruitlessly in the empty air.
Fufufu… to intrude on another’s meal, what bad eating manners, kid.

“Aaaaaaaah, you zaid you would… leave a bit…”

“Fufufu… thank you for the meal… it tasted decent.”

Even if he’s General-class, I guess that’s all he’s got. As I thought, back in the day…
No, that was only the Fifteenth Rank Demon Lord. The Demons he’s amassed are just that level.

“… Zebul-zama…”

“Fufu, see, I left it, did I not?”

The teary-eyed wolf… he’s a General Class Demon belonging to my army, Gar Luxeed. I pointed to the pure-white throne, and offered it to him.

“… The throne.”

“I don’t… needs a plate.”

Good grief, as a General Class, he lacks dignity… shouldn’t higher class Demons have a bit more elegance?
Ahaha, well, wolves are carnivorous, was it? That is… I’ve done something bad.
But you shouldn’t be so picky with food.

“I see… fufu, then I guess I’ll eat it…”

“… Edible thingz are edible.”

“When it comes down to it, sometimes you have to get down and eat the dirt and stones as well.”

The mouth on the hand I pointed with… the fangs shaved at the marble.
It’s not a bad taste. But even if it’s made with high quality materials, in the end, it’s just a plate. It’s fine for fooling my hunger, but as I thought, it can’t rival what’s supposed to be on the plate.

The war’s long since finished, and this is the victory banquet.

The army of Pride has fallen, and all the enemy soldiers became food.
They definitely weren’t a match for me at all. Despite having their Demon Lord with them, in just two hours, their defeat was already decided.
Our army only contains Gluttony Demons, but Gluttony excels in attack power, and the most basic of Gluttony Skills, 『Wave of Starvation』 is one with a large area of effect.
As long as I’m here, all Demons below a certain level of ability simply get caught up in the skill, and end up as nothing but food.
Of course, I did make sure to hold back, but they were an indecisive bunch from the start.

Fufufu, there’s no meaning in an indecisive Superbia Demon. In the end, he’s just a loser who submitted himself to Kanon Iralaude.
Pride is… stronger the more arrogance one has. And that also increases the flavor.
There’s also the fact that the difference in rank between us was too great, but the 『Overrule』 the Demon Lord used wasn’t anything special either.
His screams of despair weren’t bad as a seasoning, though.

Having finished eating the throne, I pat my stomach.
I’m quite slim. All the nutrition goes to feeding my Gluttony Skills.

“Zebul-zama… I’m hungry.”

“Hmm? Already? … I guess it’s because there was just quantity without quality…”

With this, I’ve barely broken even with what was used up by my skills.
I scan the surroundings, but everything I could gnaw on had disappeared into someone’s stomach or another, and all I saw were eyes sparkling with hunger.
Well, well, regular eating should give a better feeling of fullness, but… well, there’s no helping it if they can’t endure it.
Since I just ate a Demon Lord, I can still hold on for a while, but answering to the expectations of his men is also a King’s duty, is it not?
I hit the palms of my hands together, and addressed the faces of my men, who were seething in their basic desires.

“Now, let’s go search for some more food…”


My subordinates cry out. The ground shakes under their hunger, and the cries of beasts ring through the air.
They have more than enough motivation. A majority of my gluttonous followers have the forms of beast. For them, who have not the power to bite through everything, it’s a form they’ve taken on to at least be able to eat chew through some hard things.

And so, my army’s members… aren’t that good at using their heads. Well, to do nothing but eat, there really isn’t the need.
Among them, the one who’s actually known as quite a resourceful General, Gar, has drool dripping from his mouth as he unfurls a map.

The Great Demon King’s Castle, the Palace of Rending Flames is surrounded by other Demon Lords’ territories, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to reach it so easily.
So before eating Kanon-sama, having the other Demon Lords as appetizers as we continue towards the Palace is a wonderful plan if I do say so myself.
Fufufu, even I… taking on multiple Demon Lords at once will be difficult. Let’s just go around eating them in order.
As long as the Great Demon King goes into my stomach, my abilities should rise further. I could even be the King in her place.
It’s because the Demon Lords are all overflowing with ambition. No one will care about a King who was weak enough to get eaten.

On the route Gar pointed to, was a territory divided by a line.
A vast land along the path with the shortest distance to the Great Demon King. Its width was such that adding together the land of the Demon Lords I ate yesterday and today wasn’t nearly enough. An expanse that would take more than a day to cross, even on a Flying Dragon. If we wanted to avoid this land, we’ll have to take on quite a detour.
Upon seeing the name marked on it, I knit my brow.

“Oh my… what a navigation error. Why is it that with almost twenty Demon Lords out there, this guy’s name has to pop up?”

“Hmm? Iz there a problem?”

“A big one. BIG ONE. For god’s sake, what was Mizna and the others thinking when they thought up this route…”

“Zebul-zama… Mizna isn’t here anymore. Setter and Grad as well.”

“No, I know. They were tasty.”

I understand, but, you know, I want to offer a word of complaint or two.

I remember the three Kanon-sama dispatched to keep watch over me.
My own men are of no help in planning, so my invasion plans were skillfully drawn up by those three. Of course, I wasn’t honest enough to tell them it was all to eat Kanon-sama.
All they thought up was the route. Naturally, as they were under the direct control of Kanon-sama, they would only be in the way after that, so once they had drafted a plan, they became my dinner’s appetizer.
In the end, a General Class, taken by surprise at that, is no match for me.
Well, I did savor the taste. The fact that they were much tastier than the generals of that Pride army must be a difference in basic quality.

But still, for it to have come to this…
For once in a long time, an emotion other than hunger floated up. I touched the name on the map.
Honestly… I really don’t feel up for this one.

“Waz the problem?”

“… You, could it be you don’t know of the Demon Lord of Acedia, Leigie of the Slaughterdolls?”

Former Rank Four. After some recent achievements, he’s been promoted to Rank Three; a high ranking Demon Lord of Sloth.
It’s not like a Demon Lord’s strength can be determined solely by ranking, and it’s not like I’m that afraid of his strength. He isn’t some newcomer, like me, he’s an old age Demon Lord who survived the Heavenly War ten thousand years ago. But that isn’t very scary to me.
Of course, I’ve never fought him, but the fact that he’s clung to life for this long also means that he’s stored up just that much power. Thus, it’s completely true that he won’t be as easy as those Rank Fifteen and Rank Sixteen Lords, but the essence of the problem lies elsewhere entirely.
I let out a deep sigh.

And to my cute subordinates, who didn’t understand anything, I delivered the shocking truth.

“Demons of Sloth are… bitter, aren’t they?”


“Yeah, I always honor whoever I beat by eating them whatever they may be, however… even for me, I don’t want to eat a Demon of Sloth.”


Gar jumps up in a gesture of surprise.
You’re overreacting… I think as I survey the surroundings, only to find my subordinates, who never think of anything besides eating, and never display a fragment of intelligence staring as if they had just seen something unbelievable.

I tried to give a simple explanation. This is the knowledge of Gluttony.

“No, it’s not, well… the lower level Demons are fine, you see. But the more they carry their Sloth to the extremes, the ways through which they can carry it out increases… Within them, in order to prevent getting eaten, there’s this skill that drops the flavor of their meat and soul, so…”

That’s dangerous.

It’s an individual skill, and quite a High Ranking one, but it’s a terrifying expression of flavor.
That taste is, in itself bitter enough to give permanent mental trauma with just one bite. It’s not on a level where some people who like bitter foods can partake in it. It’s not a matter of like, or dislike. It’s just plain bad.
Even for someone called the Devourer, in eating, I only want to eat the best of foods, and from one who’s even eaten all sorts of poisons to try and fill my endless stomach… it’s bad. It’s terrible enough to kill. It was the first, and only thing in my life to ever give me a stomachache.
Then there’s always the option of swallowing whole, you may think, but that’s wrong. Their taste resounds in their very souls. Even if you send it directly to your stomach, it’s without a doubt terrible.

To change taste as not to be eaten, it’s like an attribute of a fruit.

“Lower level Sloth… has a nice affinity, and they don’t move, so they’re easy to hunt, and their flavor is unique, but not bad…but it has to be a Demon Lord of all things.”


In a beat, I put power into my words, and declare.

“The worst tasting thing in this world. There’s no question about it.”


I’m not sure what they’re misunderstanding, but they’ve started clapping.
… You guys, you don’t get it at all. I guess that’s true. Gluttony’s outlook on food is excessively open minded… so not being tasty is one thing, but I’ll bet they’ve never tasted the true meaning of Terrible.
I cannot help but bless them for their good fortune. Among my thousands of years of life, it’s a trauma that goes directly in my top three.

Well, you don’t often get a chance to eat a Sloth Demon, and once they go above General Class, they appear on the battlefield less and less, so I’ll bet we won’t meet any.
… Hmm?

“… I see… You anticipated that he wouldn’t come out. Mizna…”


I see. If you put it like that, then I understand.
Truly, a Demon Lord of Sloth personally participating is impossible.
If you ask why, unlike Gluttony, their cravings do not require them to harm others, and the Demon Lord of Sloth should be the laziest existence within the entire Demon World.
There’s no way he would join in something as troublesome as a war. Even if the Great Demon King ordered it, it’s impossible.

I tried looking through my memory for Leigie’s face, but I couldn’t bring it up.
Having served under the reigns of three different Great Demon Kings, I should be the oldest veteran within Kanon-sama’s army, but no matter how far I probe my memory, I cannot picture the image of Leigie of the Slaughterdolls.

I frowned, as I concentrated nutrients to my brain. And I was finally able to pull out a memory.
It’s definitely faint, but I remember.

He was definitely there during the festival in which Great Demon King Kanon-sama took office. Being pulled around by his inspector.
He had black hair, and an unreliable slim figure. How the hell is that guy a… I remember the other Demon Lords saying such things.

“Whatz wrong? Zebel-zama…”

“… Wait a second. Huh? I think he was there for the previous King Ferris Craun as well…”

My memory traces even further back.
The festival when the previous Demon Lord was instated.
My memory is hazy, and everything looks covered up by mist, but he was definitely there.
A black haired, and sloppy-looking man, carried on the back of his subordinate. How the hell is that guy a… I remember the other Demon Lords saying that. Just barely.

I tilt my head.

“… Huh? Hang on, just how long has he been there… Ferris Craun was in office for quite a while, wasn’t he…”

Ferris was inaugurated as the Great Demon King more than twenty thousand years ago.
Even I can’t remember the Great Demon King before that, but when I first became a Demon Lord, was that man there? Wasn’t he?
A Demon’s lifespan is exceedingly long, but for him to live this long, he must have considerable power.
I think he wasn’t there that long ago, but I don’t have too much confidence in it.
Probably because whether he was there or not wouldn’t change anything…

“Zebul-zama, what shoulds we do?”

“Hmm… Even if you ask me that. Since we’ve come all the way here, we have no choice but to go for it.”

We’ve already burned our bridges on the way here, so it all depends on how fast we can take down Kanon-sama.
Taking a roundabout way is… unfavorable. We’ll have to head forward with determination and resolve.

Luckily, Sloth is said to excel in durability. It has an exceedingly good affinity with Gluttony. As long as I can endure the taste.
No, for taste… it’s been a really long time since I last ate a higher rank Sloth. My memory is vague, and it could be that only the impact remained in it, and if I try eating one now, it won’t actually be so bad.

Yeah. That’s right. The past aside, there no way the current me can eat something and be repulsed by it.

What’s more, there’s no way that Sloth will actually come out. If they offer any resistance, it’ll be the Sloth’s army at most. Leigie’s army is definitely known to be powerful, but at most, they’re full of Generals. No match for me.
On the contrary, I can’t wait to taste them.

“Okay, then we’ll go on a direct path towards the Palace of Rending Flames!”


Kanon-sama… please wait for me.
I am, as the representative of all Gluttony Demons, going to get a taste of you.

Part 3: Let’s Dig in

My regrets came all too quickly.
The fact that I wasn’t going to be able to eat a Demon Lord, coupled with the swiftly-dwindling motivation of my Legion.

It’s not that I had let my guard down. Perhaps I should say, ‘as expected of a Demon of Old.’

Generally, Demons get stronger the longer they age. It’s because they have more time to proceed down their tree. Of course, power doesn’t rise if you spend the whole time doing nothing, but at the same time, the Demon World isn’t the type of environment where you can spend all your time doing nothing.
Even without Gluttony, the order of the Demon World is survival of the fittest. In a world like this, it’s a terrible move to underestimate a Demon who has perpetually carved out their existence.

Taking the shortest path, my arm has long-since entered the territory of the Lord of Sloth.
And there was something I noticed.
Gar has a rare, bewildered, expression as he turns his eyes towards me.

“… Zebul-zama… the Zone is…”

“Yeah, I know… damn, it isn’t breaking at all. What is this…”

It was frighteningly secure, and the air was stagnant.
That was the property of this field every Demon allied to a Demon Lord should know of.

『Abyss Zone』.

A battle for land between Demon Lords.

We were once allies, but now Leigie’s 『Abyss Zone』 is bearing its fangs at an opposing army. As the zone works with the Demon Lord at the center, I’m not affected, but even so, for my Zone not to reach Gar who’s running right alongside is more than abnormal.
I’ve eaten for long enough that numbers are of no importance, but I don’t remember anything like this.

My instincts tell me there’s only a little more to go… The Zone I’m competing with is stronger than any I’ve encountered before, but with him this far away, I have the advantage.
But I’m just a little lacking in power. It’s been two days since we marched forth after eating that Demon Lord, so hunger is one of my problems.
In this state, I can’t make full use of my power of Gluttony.

“It’s just a little further… damn, even if it took time, and we would have to take a detour, I should have eaten another Demon Lord before coming here…”

As expected of Rank Three. He’s really giving me trouble. From start to finish, he’s completely different than those other two.
Even if it doesn’t matter in fights between Demon Lords, when armies are involved, 『Abyss Zone』 makes a huge difference. Rather, if a friendly Zone is broken through, it’s best to retreat.
Well, the moment it breaks is usually the moment before defeat, so that’s quite impossible.

After proceeding a while, I sensed the scent of excitement and fighting spirit drifting around.
It’s no Glutton Demon. It’s much sweeter, a scent that whets my appetite.
Battle is just around the corner. I don’t know if their Demon Lord is there, but it feels that they won’t let us pass so easily.
That’s about right. If they did something like letting the Demon Lord who ate two others pass, their presiding Lord would get executed by Kanon-sama. That’s exactly why those past two lords launched attacks on me despite their fear.

Should I just eat these guys already?

I turn to my own army.
No, not yet. Even if I do, the power I’ll gain from it is limited. I’m not sure about General Class, but any Demons below that will go into my stomach without purpose.
In the first place, breaking through their Abyss Zone by eating the friendly soldiers it’s supposed to strengthen is pointless.

Will the Demon Lord come out?

That’s the main problem.
If he isn’t there, then in the worst case, I could use a skill to eat their entire army… with Gluttony Skills, it’s possible.
If the Demon Lord comes to attack personally, I’ll have to concentrate on that, so I’ll have to leave Leigie’s army to my own troops. To combat Leigie’s army without the bonuses of my Zone is a bit much, even for the Gula Army that specializes in attack.

From a strategic standpoint, the enemy should send their Demon Lord. Unless the army is considerably powerful, you have to send a Demon Lord to combat another if you want a chance of victory.
But the opponent is Sloth. With that in mind, there’s no way he’ll come out. What’s more, he should be a Demon of the same level as me. The pursuit of his cravings should have become his existence itself by now.
And in order to substantiate that, Leigie has never stepped on the battlefield alongside his army. At the very least, within all my memory, Leigie hasn’t fought a single time.

I feel my canines with my tongue, and start up a Skill.
Let’s show off my appetite to Leigie for a bit.

A support Skill, 『Fleeting Requiem』.

With me at the center, all area within a few meters is visited by 『Night』.
Those touched by it have their magic devoured, a Skill of Gluttony. It’s a variation on 『Wave of Starvation』, and one of the ones I obtained upon become a Demon Lord so long ago.
To those that touch it, it inflicts damage, and all magecraft and skills that try targeting it are disassembled, and used to supplement my own magic. It truly is a manifestation of my ceaseless appetite.

It even devours Leigie’s Abyss Zone, and while it may only be a small radius around me, I deploy my own Zone.
Like a slap on the face, I felt a strong bitter sensation. On the unexpected sensation, I grimaced.
Just eating his Zone tastes this bad… this is why Sloths are…

“Zebul-sama, something is coming.”

At that moment, my subordinate gave a report.
Across the desert, the shadow of a single person running entered my senses.
No, it’s wrong to say it was only one. It was one, but at the same time, many.
Those same shadows, of a Female Demon around the same size as me, split into numerous bodies, and came closer with considerable speed.

“… Hit her down!”

The entire army is late in following my orders.
The approaching party… was made of only one.
More importantly, about a few hundred meters behind her, an army more than twice our size was approaching…
They sure are underestimating an army led by a Demon Lord. I’m amazed that there’s a skill that can deceive my eyes, but even so, the power I sense from that girl isn’t great.
A slight bitter scent is mixed in with the smell coming from her. She isn’t a Demon Purely aiming to fulfill a single desire.

A sharp killing intent emanates from all the split bodies as one.
I look through my mind for what sort of skill it could be. Through the large number of Demons I’ve eaten, my battle experience sees through it.
It’s probable a Luxuria high ranking Skill. I believe there was a Demon Lord Class Skill that could birth multiple phantasms with physical substance.

Well, it doesn’t seem to be coming from her herself.

Fufu… do you not know of my Rank? Of my name?
Whether you be a 『Knight』 or a 『General』… if you think that’s enough to beat a Demon Lord, then I sure am being looked down upon.

… Well, you’ll have plenty of time to regret it. Within my stomach, that it.

One of our front line Demon’s 『Wave of Starvation』 eats up one of the illusions. Against the power that devoured her magic, I definitely witnessed the small girl knit her brow.
She’s inexperienced. She hasn’t been in battle long enough. No, she’s been sent to confirm our power, I see.

Fufu, so be it. How about I play with you?

Against the young girl’s fleeting beauty, the Demon’s hand stopped for a moment.
His appetite quickly returns, but he’s too late to launch an attack. The girl easily dodges, and gouges out his throat. What refreshing skill.
To be bewildered by beauty… Fufu, how nice it is to be young. Go youth. Go youth.

I reach my tentacles through the ground to eat the fallen Demon. My magic increases ever-so-slightly.
I don’t have the time to savor the taste, but your sacrifice will not be in vain… because this world is survival of the fittest.

Gar uses his fangs to pierce the girl from behind.
But that body immediately fades like a dream, and it dispersed as pure magic energy.
Without leaving anything behind, I suck it up. It’s sweet. It’s extremely sweet magic. I see. Lust. She’s at least experienced enough to know when to use and cancel a skill.
She may be tastier than I first thought.

Perhaps I have been blessed by the heavens. The moment I took in her magic, my power reached a level surpassing Leigie’s.
Along with the sensation of something shattering, Leigie’s Zone broke, and mine expanded. The second it came over her, the girl’s movements stopped.
What’s more, all of her bodies at the same time.

Fufufu, that’s how powerful his Zone was. She’s never experienced it breaking, I’ll bet.
But that’s no good. You can’t stop moving at a time like this…

I quietly snake my feelers through the ground, and skewer the ten closest bodies. The bodies that had been pierced from blind spots are all reduced to magic, as they fade like mist.
It seems the main body wasn’t among them. Well, she’s only scouting out the situation anyways.

But, even so, her magic is quite splendid. Even if I can’t eat up a Demon Lord, this flavor is plenty.
My stomach is growling. That girl has talent as an ingredient…

… Okay, a gourmet like me will give you the best possible preparations before eating you up.

Just when I had resolved myself, I had an exceedingly bad premonition.
I immediately deployed my own 『Wave of Starvation』.
That was my instinct, born from all the time I’ve lived as a Lord of Gluttony, and following it was the right choice.

From the distance, a power rivalling a Demon Lord came into being.
A dragon of fire that sucked up everything in its path collided with my wave.
Heat and light that didn’t fall short of the Demon World’s sun competed with my Wave of Starvation.

“Zebul-zama, thiz iz…”

“Ku… fu… could you not talk to me for a bit?”

It was a terrific barrage of light and flame.
It may even rival that weapon the heavenly soldiers used. Divine flames that might just rival Heavenly Judgement.
The hot wind that breaches my wave shakes my hair, but it stick to my forehead due to my sweat.

Just what is this power!? Even if my stomach may be empty, its magic is so vast that the Rank Five’s Wave of Starvation cannot devour it!?
Wrath? No, this is… not the fire of anger. The taste is different.

At that moment, I remembered the gossip the late Mizuna had brought up earlier.
Quite recently, a certain Demon Lord was awarded a legendary Demon Blade.

… I see, so this is… Demon Blade Celeste. The blade that bosts the name of the L Class Dragon that had surpassed Demon Lords!!
Fufufu, I had forgotten…

Listen properly! Isn’t he your Rival Demon Lord?
The troubled face of the leader of the inspectors sent to me, Mizna, passes through my brain.

I see, this truly is… a threat.
Mizna, it seems you were more proficient than you thought yourself.

“Iz it the enemy Demon Lord!?”

“Fufufu… if it was the Demon Lord using it, we would be ash by now.”

The heat, the light, they turn to a sublime flavoring, as they supplement me.
A feeling of satisfaction expands through my body. What a flavor… what dense umami, this impact that simply perks you up. Splendid, so this is the power of a Demon Blade!
One more, I have one more thing to look forward to…

My wave of Starvation’s power increases, and it barely starts to push back the  Demon Blade’s flames.
It feels that power is overflowing all over my body…

“How tasty…! If the sword’s power can give off this much flavor, then just how delicious is the blade itself…”

“Zebul-zama, unfair!! Having it all to yourself…”

“With people of your caliber, you’ll die if you try eating it, you know… Fufu, polish yourselves so we can sit at the same dining table one day.”

I look over my cute army, that’s still conscious of their hunger in a time like this.

They’ve really given us quite a welcoming present.
Fufu, they’ve brought a Demon Blade of this level. There’s no helping it if they’ve misunderstood that they can make it without a Demon Lord. It really can’t be helped.

As I thought, the Sloth isn’t here. If he had been participating, one blow would have ended it.
But that Great Demon Lord sure is awarding out some dangerous weapons… she could have just given it to me…

For Gluttony that preys on the rabble, a contest of powers is the greatest banquet.
I lick my lips as I continue to eat the flame’s power.

At that moment, the wave that was definitely gaining traction was suddenly pushed back.
So the output can rise even further… I put my power into controlling the wave.
But the more time passes, the greater advantage I’ll gain. This much isn’t enough to fill my stomach.

Gluttony has a good affinity with skills that release continuous power, and Demon Blades.
Whether it be fire or ice, of thunder or anything, I can eat it.
Demon Blades of this type depend heavily on the user.
And its output sure is… large. I’m not sure about an ordinary Demon Lord, but it lacks the power to take me down in a single strike.
Though it’s not at the level of a sword that can spew unlimited flames, 『Wave of Starvation』 is a basic skill. I can maintain it for hours on end.

“Fufu, how long will they keep this up? If they’re able to satisfy my hunger, I may just let them of, you know.”

The amazing amount of Magic, the pleasant feeling of my hunger being sated, athrobing feverish feelings spreads across my entire body, and a wave washes over my mind.
Ah, how wonderful. I’m glad we didn’t do something inelegant like taking a detour!

I was tasting the flames in a dreamy state, and my eyes were closing as I basked in it, when the Demon Blade’s power began to swell up greatly.

It happened in a split second.

The wave that had been fighting evenly was instantly washed away, and my vision was covered with flames that burned everything.



With a hint of resistance, of a chance to give a final scream, Gar who was standing beside me was burned away.
I instantly extended my tentacles, and ate up that magic right before it destroy my soul.

To me, it was completely unexpected. MY own advantage had made me negligent.
Despite the trance it put me in, the flame within my stomach raise a hunger that seems to devour my entire body. My instincts rage on.

This can’t be. This can’t be. This can’t be. This can’t be.

I brush off the flames surrounding me with countless tentacles. My army. The Gluttony Demons, without being given an opportunity to breathe, were absorbed by my tentacles before the flames could reach them.
That energy. That magic. Anyone besides me would definitely be obliterated. I don’t have the time to use a skill. In the first place, Gula Skills aren’t suited to defense.

I had already decided it. The moment my army was to be ruined… I would carry on their will.
That the army I trained, the army that shared my hunger would be eaten by me personally.
With each swing, my tentacles provided my perpetual energy. Instead of taking in the magic, I used it to strengthen my own power.

The 『Fleeting Requiem』 I was wrapped in faces the flames. The fire’s output rivals or exceeds what a Demon Lord of Wrath could release in might.
But unlike the Wave of Starvation, what I’m using right now is a Demon Lord level Skill. Well exceeding an ordinary Demon’s Skill level.
Its scope is small, but it cuts me off from Celeeste’s flame, and saves up its energy as it sends it all to me.
Tears are escaping me. That power, that meaning, that supreme taste.

It was likely the enemy Demons’ trump card.
The stream of flame ended in only a few seconds. The heat remaining causes the wind to act up, putting the desert in disarray.

Nothing… was left. My army that numbered close to a hundred were all converted to magic, and installed into my stomach.
Celeste’s flame was the same.

“Haa haa haa, I’m sorry… everyone…”

I lick my lips. The flood of emotions makes me look up to the sky.
The enemy army is still far. In this wade black desert, I’m all alone.
I put my hands together. I must offer my thanks.

“… Thank you for the meal.”

The power I devoured breaks down, and my own might rises.
My Zone, which had lost its own meaning completely surpasses Leigies, and it envelops the desert.
Power is overflowing. More than ever before.

Fufufufufufufu. I can see everything.

The Rank Three Army, and the location of the General Demon who used the Demon Blade.
Spanning several Kilometers, my Zone continued to break Leigie’s.
My perception tells me it has expanded explosively.
Just as I thought, the Demon Lord’s presence isn’t anywhere.

“I made light of you all… Fufufu, to think a normal General could push me back this far… but now I’ve had a taste of your trump card.”

I deactivate 『Fleeting Requiem』. The power that had been dissolved by the skill converges on me all at once.
From here on, it’s my… no, our turn to attack.

Along with the Enemy General’s voice, Demons with numbers that greatly exceed ous rush at us with bloodcurdling expressions.
Their stronger Demons than I had expected. For Demons below General Class, that is.

With you guys’ power, I will show my respect by fighting to the fullest.

I lick my lips.

It’s time to dig in.

I extend my tentacles from my back, and take a stab at the Demons coming at me.
I sensed it the moment I pierced the first one. Tasty…
Fufufu, as I thought. Good work, Leigie of the Slaughterdolls! As expected of an old generation Demon that survived the Heavenly war! You have a good army on your hands!

I lose myself in eating with the Tentacles. A spear impales my back, and I eat it.
Time passed like a dream. Against a Demon Lord, their fighting spirit doesn’t die. What dauntless courage. A powerful Legion that doesn’t fall behind my own!

A six armed muscular Demon that seems to be the leader brandishes a sword at me.
I draw my own 『Fang Sabre』 to hit it down.
My ivory white fang, and the large man’s crimson edge meets.
When the edges met, I understood.
Fufufu, I see. This Demon is the Wielder of Celeste. He’s giving off a tasty scent.
It’s not just the sword, but the Demon himself as well.
I stifle the smile bursting forth from my heart.

“Enemy Leader…”

The Demon raises a heroic laugh, as he slashes at me with the swords in his other hands. I sense that all of them Demon Blades with considerable power. I used my Tentacles to meet them.
This smell, and that fighting style.
A Demon who’s amassed this many Demon Blades. He must be a Greed Demon.
And he launches an attack with the flame from before.
He really knows how to use his own power.

“Good skills.”

“Ki ki ki, ‘tis an honor to be praised by you!!”

Fire flows up from his sword, but without paying heed to the flickering sword, I used my Fang Sabre to go for his neck. As expected of a Demon Blade even I’ve heard of. If I took an attack from it head on, it looks like it’ll be bad. But between a Demon Lord and a general, the basic specs are too different.
Of course, it’s not like he’s weak. It’s not like he’s weak, but no matter how much he trains… 『Superbia』 aside, for a 『Avaritia』, the gap between General and Demon Lord isn’t a small one.

My Tentacles go after the small Demon attacking me from behind, and I dodge her blow.
There, was the courageous girl who had tried to launch the first attack.
An ice Demon Blade, and a dagger. Fufu, for a lust to go hand-to-hand… how brave.
I’ve determined. These two are General Class.
The first is Greed-kun, the second is Lust-kun, and the others are all small fries. I see a difference in fighting ability between the two, but before me, it’s not like it matters.
They’re all equal food.

“Two of them… a little small, but they look quite tasty.”

The girl’s movements stop for a moment. It seems this child has a bad habit where she stops moving when she gets surprised on the battlefield. She’s much too inexperienced.
I didn’t let the chance go, and pierced her. I mean, it’s just an illusion, anyways. My eyes told me as such.
Just as I thought, the girl’s figure fades like mist. Without wasting a bit, I absorb it, and challenged the large sword swing coming at my back by opening my mouth wide.
The Demon’s expression of shock. Fufufu, as I thought, to truly know the taste, I have to use my own mouth…
The other ones scattered around don’t tell much of a difference between Gluttony or Greed.

“A Demon Blade… never eaten one before. It may be a delicacy.”


I stopped the blade he lowered with his strong arms with my teeth.
The hot metal I feel on my tongue, and the thick magic. The flames leaking out serve as a perfect accent.

I’ll eat it… your collection.

I mean, that’s how you cook up Greed.
I stop another sword he swung with another hand by holding up my Fang Sabre, while making an obvious gap in defense.

Fufufu, I know you’re there. Luxeria.
I know everything. Because right now… you’re on my territory.

Young. Young. Young. Young. Young Lust… Aaaaaaaah, how delicious it must be.
I may not be able to endure it any longer.

“Your main body… that magic looks quite delicious.”

I surprise her, and in that gap, I used the tongue from the mouth I opened on my back to grasp her sword.
It’s a cold and delicious blade. The Greed Demon’s expression warps for a second.

“Fufufu, the texture isn’t bad…”

I move the tongue gaudily, and pull the sword from the girl’s arms.
She sure is powerless. You need to train your physical strength too.. fufu.
The Greed Demon swung another sword in panic, and I stopped it with a mouth I manifested on my hand, before crunching it.

Everything was excellent.

High battle experience. Status as a Demon. None of it even reached my feet.

The moment I broke one of the Greed Demon’s collection, he was wide open.
This is why Demons these days are… have I started sounding old again?

I used my tongue to collect up the fragments of the sword I caught, and continued to chew it.
Greed raises a scream. Don’t worry, your prided sword is extremely tasty.

No, is it about time yet?

As expected, the Greed Demon stopped moving, but when I extended my tongue at him, it was blown away with amazing force.

What!? What is it, all of a sudden?

A boorish Bastard Sword crashes into the ground.
As if it had exploded, pebbles fly everywhere. Continuing on with strange movements, the blade came at my tongue and tentacles with tremendous momentum, and blew them away altogether.

“… What are you?”

It was a lead-colored skeleton. Its height was around two meters. Without any sign of emotions, or any presence, it simply boorishly continued to swing its arms.
But its physical strength far surpassed that Greed Demon.
It was just too incomprehensible. It’s no Demon. It doesn’t give off a Demon’s scent.
I take a last lick of Celeste, and let go. No matter how weak the opponent, I’ve resolved never to be careless.

“… What could that be… it’s not a Demon, it has no presence.”

“Ki ki ki, it’s just a candlestick holder, you know! Boss’s just put a little spell on it!”

The skeleton kicks off the ground, and rushes at me like a beast.
It swings the giant sword taller than my body.
It’s definitely fast, and it has power, but still, its attacks aren’t that significant to me. I can see through them, and if I just challenge its sword head on, I’m pretty sure I can overpower it.
I was surprised because the scent it gave off wasn’t that of a lifeform, but that’s about it.

Still, this one… doesn’t look tasty at all, does it.
Candlestand? That thing that holds up candles? Why can something like that move?

“… Doesn’t look very tasty. Though I look like this, I’m quite a gourmet.”

I parry the blade, and sever one of its arms.
There’s no change in its expression. Does it not feel pain? And wait, in the first place, is it even alive?

Well, I guess none of that really matters.
In the previous exchange, I understood. Greed-kun and Lust-kun are definitely strong, and Candlestand-kun isn’t bad, but they’re no match for me.
Celeste is their only means of dealing Damage to me, and I doubt they have a trump card greater than that. For a mere General to aim to annihilate a High Class Demon Lord, it’s an outrageous weapon. It’s plenty.

I took some distance. It’s about time to get down to cooking.

I activate one of my Demon Lord skills, 『Evil Eye』.
It’s a set of Demon Eyes that can bind the movements of Demons lesser than me. There’s the restriction that I can’t move either, but as a skill, it has plenty of uses.
And like that, I started up a Gluttony Skill.

『Over Table』

I eat the magic floating around in the air.
From all over my body, even my face and feet, an amount of tentacles incomparable to those before sprouted out.
Countless feelers dripping in purple liquid.
They’re fresh arms that have plenty of appetite in them. Fufu, can you guys withstand them?

As a parting gift, I’ll explain the cooking method, as I extend my tentacles to their targets.
It’ll be troublesome if they think of them the same as those before.
Fufufu, this is… not Demon class. It’s a Demon Lord class Skill.

Lust and Greed dodge, and skeleton tries to take it with his sword, falling to pieces as a result.
In order to get a greater certainty of the taste, I pull it in with the tentacles, and chewed it with my normal mouth, but as I thought, it’s just an inanimate 『item』. Without any careful construction, just an object. It isn’t really tasty.
But it seems it was one of Greed-kun’s collection, so he raises quite a nice scream.
Fufu, it looks like I’ve finished one step in the cooking process.

“Dammit, in order to get that, do you know just how much trouble I went through? How many Demons I killed…!?”

“Fufufu, it looks like I did something inexcusable. Don’t worry, you’ll meet up in my stomach soon enough.”

I extend my tentacles.
Of course, I don’t do anything as boorish as hit the main dish directly.
I snack on the other demons, while aiming for Greed-kun’s weapons, and Lust-kun’s equipment bit by bit.
The young tentacles are much faster than normal ones. Greed-kun is dodging them in a fine manner, but the hurdle’s too high for our precious Lust-kun, and the skin she covered up so well is showing more and more, and there was quite a bit of fun in that.
Her eyes filled with killing intent are beautiful. Even as a fellow woman, I may develop some passion for her.

“What are you planning…”

“Fufufu, do you go as far as to crunch the shell when eating?”

I swing the tentacles.
Fufufu, sorry, sorry, I had made a misunderstanding.
As a gourmet, let me acknowledge you. You definitely are a Luxelia. And a first-rate one at that.
The finest dessert. I’ll teach you true pleasure.

Celeste is hard. But even if it may be a Demon Blade, if it keeps clashing with my power, it’ll be reduced to shambles.
He probably ran out of stock a while ago. Greed-kun is now just swinging around Celeste alone.
From here on out, it becomes monotonous work.
But that’s fine. It’s a crucial process.
I incessantly pester Greed-kun. I strip Lust-kun bit by bit.
Things like this increase one’s appetite. There’s nothing tastier than the food I make for myself.

By the time Lust-kun had achieved her birthday suit, the two of them started discussing something.
I stop my hands for a bit, and watch them. Do they still have some hand they can play?
My army’s been crushed too. If I don’t make you tasty enough for their share as well, I’ll be troubled.
If they’re going at it, you might as well show me everything you’ve got. I’ll bet that will increase the flavor.

After coming this far, you’re still embarrassed? As she hides her breasts and crotch with her hands, Lust-kun and Greed-kun have somewhat grim faces as they speak.

Still… to think something like that is fine in the presence of an enemy, they sure are young. How long ago was it that I did something like that…
As I was probing through a few thousand years of distant memory, I noticed is.

My own wind was blown away by another’s.
The few kilometers of territory I took were immediately reverted, and taken by another Demon Lord.
It was merely a quiet, tasteless, and dreadfully peaceful magic, as if it was just there to exist, and nothing else.
At the same time, something equivalent replaced my power that had been seeping into the earth.

How can this be… why, at this point in time…

“… Oy, oy, what did you guys do? Is this part of your plan?”

There’s no way that’s the case. At this point, the revival of their Zone wouldn’t overturn their certain defeat.
The difference between us isn’t one of that low level.

But in an instant, none of that mattered anymore.

What was in front of my eyes, wasn’t Lust-kun or Greed-kun.
As if I had been hit by lightning, I felt it in my soul.
The presence of a being great enough to rival mine self. An existence of darkness.
A sense of exaltation that made it feel like just by him standing, something amazing would happen. The feeling of an absolute existence, where even if you added together Lust-kun and Greed-kun, it wouldn’t reach anywhere near it.

I see… I’m really lucky. It seems even the Big Boss will come out to meet me.
Right now, I’m in exceedingly good condition. If I eat Lust-kun and Greed-kun, I’ll probably rise even higher, but I don’t have the time to be worrying about those two.

I’m not sure by what intent, but the black-haired slim youth, with a sluggish expression on his face, threw himself onto the ground.
His absurd movements have earned my admiration.

This one is…
One of those in service to the Greatest Demon King.
A Lord of Demons, who rules over Indolence, and Depravity.

“… You. Who are you?”

On my question, the Demon Lord spoke with a lazy look on his face.

“… I see.”

Part 4: Thanks for the Meal

“Fufufufufu, I see… so this was you guys’ secret plan. You’re not bad. I didn’t notice it at all.”

“… Eh? Ah, no…”

Lust-kun has a confused expression as she looks at the horizontal King of Sloth.

Her facial expression is no lie. Eh? A Coincidence? Nono, that can’t be…
It’s impossible that the Lord of Laziness was just randomly passing by of all things.

But both Lust-kun and Greed-kun’s eyes were lost at sea.

“Why am I…”

“… Eh? You’re still saying that at this point in time!?”

The existence that had materialized at roughly the same time as Laigie, a girl with crimson hair, scowled with all her might.
Her uniform, with black as the base, was the same as what Mizna and the others wore. She’s from the Order of Black.
She pulls at Leigie, and is somehow trying to get him to stand. This situation perfectly matches the image I have of him being pulled around at one of the Great Demon King’s inauguration ceremonies or another.

… I see, so she dragged the Lord of Sloth onto the battlefield. What a skilled Ira.
It seems I really have been wasteful. Mizna… I should have cooked you up properly before I ate you. Sorry.

But even while being pulled at, Leigie shows no signs of getting up. He’s shaking his head from side to side with an extremely reluctant attitude. This deed is Sloth, without a doubt. It’s as if there’s no spirit in his eyes.
I can only think that he’s waiting for me to eat him. At the same time, that is the nature of Sloth Demons.
Those guys are extremely hard, but at the same time, they don’t really move.

Fufufu, how interesting. It really is interesting. To try to fight me like that…
In the wake of a battle between powerful Demon Lords, my fighting spirit blazes up, along with my hunger.

I guess I should give a proper greeting to start things off.

“Lord of Sloth. It’s a pleasure to meet you… No, it’s been a while. My name is Zebul Glaucus… a Demon Lord that governs Gluttony.”

“I see.”

On my self-introduction, Leigie answered with just as little interest as before. What’s more, just two words.
But I can’t be fooled by his appearance or actions.
Leigie’s Zone is definitely stronger than mine.
He’s just lazy, and by no means is he weak. Even after he’s clearly showing a ridiculous amount of magic, for some reason, my appetite isn’t welling up. In a sense, I think Gluttony has a bad affinity with him.

“Leigie-sama! You finally came all the way here, so go fight already!”

“… But that one’s…. strong…”

On Wrath-kun’s words, Leigie directed a reluctant face that stemmed from the very depths of his heart.
Wrath-kun’s expression is dyed with anger, and despair. Her burning hot magic is like a perfume that tickles my nostrils. It’s a really tasty scent.

Fufufufufufu, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, could it be that even when he’s taking me on, he thinks he can easily destroy me?

“I think you’re underestimating me too much, Leigie.”

“Yeah… Curry isn’t enough for this…”

Along with some incomprehensibly idiotic lines, the battle started without warning.

As a test, I sent my young arms to attack him from all direction. I saved a single one of them and sent it at Wrath-kun.
Even though he’s complaining, Leigie probably hasn’t let his guard down. Wrath-kun back steps to avoid the tentacle, before emitting flame from the palm of her hand.

The Tentacle drinks up the flame, but it’s unable to contain it all. The tip is slightly burned. That’s quite a powerful bearer of Ira.
But that was quite a splendid taste… I vomited.


I kneel, call back my tentacles, and press both of my arms to the ground.
It felt as if, dreadful vigor, my stomach was dumping all of its contents left and right.
My head is shaken up greatly, as it’s filled with an acrid stench. The convulsions of my body won’t stop. While it felt like that, nothing actually left my mouth, though.
Having felt strong agony for once in a long time, tears filled my eyes.

W-what is this!?

With vision made hazy be tears, I look over.
What sort of disgrace am I showing in battle? But on the enemy side, none of them seem to know what’s going on either. After I had suddenly tried spitting something up, they merely looked at me with suspicious eyes. They’re not even launching any attacks.
In a blurring world, I looked at the one who, contrary to the swift Wrath-kun, hadn’t moved a muscle. He also had tears oozing out as he spoke.

“… It hurts.”

Looking closely, in all the places the tentacles should have impaled, his clothing was torn. From the skin I can see in the gaps, a small amount of blood drips.

So this is the extremes of 『Acedia』, said to excel in endurance.
The King of Sloth… how hard…

An overwhelming VIT incomparable to the General Class Sloth I defeated long ago. Even for the arms that could easily devour Demon Blades, they aren’t nearly strong enough.

Gufu… fufufu, i-interesting, isn’t it…!!
I wipe away my tears, and use the Evil Eyes. Excluding Leigie, the rest of the Demons are bound. As I might add, Leigie isn’t moving either, but that’s of his own free will.

I somehow contain the nauseous feeling, but the instant I tried to use a skill, I noticed a terrifyingly bitter scent piercing my nose. Of the Sloth Demons I fought in the past, the impact far surpassed all. It was a heinous scent that I couldn’t believe originated in this world.

I had been so concentrated on the violent nausea, and I hadn’t noticed it at all…

When I check my Magic, I see a small portion of it has restored.
It’s too much to have just been from eating Wrath-kun’s flames back there.

I’m in despair. Is there no god in this world!?

My trauma was overwritten here and now.
I glare at Leigie. I wiped my mouth with my sleeve, and offered a complaint.

“… You, you taste atrocious… I can’t even believe this taste comes from this world.”

“… It hurts.”

With sluggish motions, Leigie rubbed the torn spots. The blood has already vanished. And wait, even if he was bleeding, that wasn’t a level where he actually took any damage from it!!
Wrath-kun is looking at Leigie with despair in her eyes, but I should be the one despairing.

This is bad. Just what is that flavor…
The General Class Sloth doesn’t reach his footholds, it’s a flavor that blasphamizes against, and desecrates the very concept of food.
It really is out of this world. Just what divine providence gave birth to something like that? Up until now, I thought that any and every item in this vast world was edible, but I must take that back with all due haste. It’s a taste that even changes my outlook on life.
It’s far surpassed what can be endured. I don’t ever want to taste it again

… Which means I’ll be unable to absorb power from Leigie.
If I tried to bear it, and suck it up, I would probably curl up and die before I could do anything to him.
Hahaha, what meaning is there in a Gula that cannot eat!!

All in all, what an annoying attribute.

With eyes blurred by tears, Leigie spoke up all of a sudden.

“I give up.”

“Hah? Why?”

“I hate pain.”


J-just how did this one become a Demon Lord… no, how did he survive for this long?

In a sense, his words were more impactful than the taste, and my mind went blank for a moment.

The moment I came to it, I noticed Leigie had fired off a strange power, a Skill. It was nullified by one of my passives, my Mental Pollution Resistance. Leigie’s expression hopelessly screams out, ‘this is a pain’ as he clicks his tongue.

My hunger becomes bloodlust, and stirs up wind as it sweeps over the desert.
… Fu. Fu. Fu. You sure are looking down on me. To launch a surprise attack when I was negligent, that’s a disgrace to all Demons…
So be it. Kanon can go to hell for all I care. I’ll put my best effort into killing you. In this world, there shouldn’t exist anything that can’t be eaten.

A majority of Gula Skills focus on eating the enemy.
If you exclude them, my usable skills are quite limited.

I clench my hand with plenty of power, and wish for fang. Fangs to gnaw and reduce everything to its base.

Leigie, with movements slower than the laziest of people, with an expression harder to read than the slothiest of sloths, searched through his pocket, before his arm lost power, and his hand fell to the ground.

“… I forgot my piece… do you happen to have one? It can be Chess or anything…”

“Hah? Chess? T-there’s no way I have something like that!”

Wrath-kun has an irritated expression as she rebukes him.
Any and everything they’re doing. I can only see it as them making light of me.

Ah, it’s no good.
Fine, I’ll destroy you.

I’ll show you the limits of Gluttony.
Don’t think Gula is nothing but eating.

I consume an amount of magic much greater than when I summoned the young arms, and my hunger has become almost unbearable.
So much that it feels like my stomach will gain its own will, and start to eat me.
And I used that skill for the first time in ten thousand years.

『Fang of Origin』

Completely ignoring the enemy’s attribute to eat any and everything, a Gula Skill that manifests the fangs of a Demon God.
It’s not like it changes my flesh, and it’s not like it summons something for me to manipulate. Pure equipment, it calls forth a sword. One of the skills known as Phantasm Armaments.

The blade of darkness, born of the origin of Gluttony came into being with my fingers wrapped wround it.

A longsword with the hilt and blade and all else colored black. Its height a meter and a half.
But the reach doesn’t matter. This is my fang, and at the same time, an existence representing the insatiable hunger of the world.
I discard the blade I had used when fighting that Greed-kun. With both hands, I take a stance with the long sword. I absorb back all the tentacles.

Foolish Sloth that fails to make a single move, I glare at the Sloth who fails to feed my appetite.

“… Fu… fufu… then let’s start the battle between Demon Lords.”

“… Haa…”

Leigie lets out a sigh.

Damn you… making fun of me!
I take a step forward. Using the physical strength of a Demon Lord, I explosively propel myself, and instantly closed the distance…

My body stiffens all at once. Within my head, a Mental Pollution Recovery Spell activates automatically, and the stiffness is dispelled, but in that time, everything became so slow.
I feel heavy. Unable to bear the large burden that had suddenly been placed on top of me, I fell to my knees.
Pressure? No, this is definitely something different. My weight has physically increased.
I can’t continue while gripping the sword.

From the time he had appeared, Leigie had barely moved half a step, but he directed dispirited eyes at me as I fell to the ground.

“You… what did you do…”

“… Haa…”

Leigie sighs once more.
No, I get it. I’ve been hit with a Sloth Skill before.
Sloth should have some skills that obstruct an enemy’s movements.

But… a skill great enough to bind me? That can’t be!

“Gu… wai, Leigie-sama…”

“Fu… ya…”

“Gugu… B-boss!?”

The other three raise their own cries.
I somehow turn my unmoving head, and see that, for some reason, Leigie’s army was on the ground as well.

This one… he calmly drags in his own army.

No, that’s wrong.
In a moment’ judgement, I extend my tentacles, and use them to support up my body.
And finally up, I looked down at the Lord of Sloth. In his eyes, forget bloodlust, there isn’t even any fighting spirit.

This is… not just any obstruction skill. He’s raising gravity.
I comprehend. I’m experiencing it first-hand. Leigie of Sloth. There’s probably a matter of affinity, but this one’s power… he’s surpassed mine.
With my shaking hand, I lift the sword, and point it at him.

Just how many kilos, how many tons has it been increased by? Why is it that when there’s a weight where even I cannot move, his own army isn’t crushed to death?
I’m going to lose to a Lord that doesn’t even have the will to fight?

“… Fu fu fu. It’s been a while… since someone last got me to kneel.”

“I see.”

Leigie offers his fifty cents.
At the same time, I experienced a sudden impact from the side.

What? What’s happening now?

Since he didn’t have any fighting or killing intent, my reaction was delayed.
A power great enough to rattle my entire body. My form, which was barely being supported by the tentacles, was easily blown off.
My field of vision shakes. But the dizziness soon disappears from a Demon Lord Level status abnormality resistance.
There wasn’t the slightest sign of a presence by me. Leigie didn’t move a single step either.
I dug the sword into the ground, which was moving by me at an incredible speed. I extend more than a hundred tentacles, and dig them in as well.
I feel myself scraping at the ground. The friction heats up the tips of the tentacles, and smoke begins to rise from the earth.

It was a physical attack. I didn’t receive much damage. But I cannot understand what had happened.
A failure to comprehend is one of the scariest things that can befall you on a battlefield.
Perhaps because we were now separated by a few hundred meters, the weight on my body disappeared.

I have a chance!

Demons are by no means omnipotent.
Sloth is a Skill Tree that excels in endurance. If you look at it from the other side, they don’t boast particularly high offensive power.
Even when taking me by surprise, he didn’t manage to give me any significant damage.

It’s not sating my hunger, but other emotions start coming up.
Interesting. How many millennia has it been since I fought an opponent of equal level to me?

My hundred tentacles dig into the ground behind me.
I hold the sword in a low stance, and concentrate magic on my feet to enhance them.
Gravity too great to stand? Then I’ll take you out in a single stroke before it affects me.
Leigie is definitely hard, but if I split him in two, he won’t be able to use a Skill.

When I took a step forwards, alarms went off in my head.
The foreboding signal affected the entirety of my trained instincts as a warrior. I hurriedly jumped to the side, before a thunderous sound came from the place I had been, and a large dent appeared in the ground.
I can’t see. I can’t see it, but… something’s there.
Frightening speed, and weight.

I comprehend. This is what sent me flying before.
I detect it coming at me from the side with the flow of the air, and jump to avoid it. The weakness that you can’t move in the air doesn’t exist for me, when I have countless tentacles to propel myself. I suddenly changed course, and extended the tentacles to hit down whatever it was.

The tentacles dig into something invisible, and I started vomiting in midair.

My movements stop completely. In my direction, it comes down.

“Guoee… gu… wai… unfai…”

Not a small blow like before, as if the sky itself was coming down, an impact mercilessly crushed my body.
My skull makes some creaking sounds, and the hand I had reached upwards by instinct is making ominous cracking sounds as it bends in the wrong direction.
It’s not at a level where I can ignore the impact like before, I’m pressed into the ground so hard it feels my soul will go out.

But right now, the pain doesn’t matter. This bitterness is terrifying. While crawling on the ground, I let out tears as I vomit, but that thing continues to come down on me relentlessly.
Its scope is even wider than before.

Wave of Starvation?
Fleeting Requiem?

Don’t be stupid… if I used something like that, I would end up eating it. I’d be forced to absorb it.

That taste that comes from something beyond this world.
Past the Demon World, a place even lower. The greatest depths of hell, a place where nothing can escape, in hades where all unthinkable things gather, where the tainted mud of despair builds up, this taste is that of a being a Demon cannot fathom as another Demon…

The impact comes down a second and third time without rest, beating down on my body, and hitting me into the ground. My consciousness leaves me for a moment. My vision shakes, and my Status Abnormality Resistances are working on overtime. If I didn’t have them, I would have been immobilized by the dizzy feeling long ago.

Damn, with that absent-minded expression, he shows no mercy.

Each one of the skills he’s using falls short of the one-hit-kill ones Demon Lords usually boast, but that just makes it all the more annoying. As if he’s playing with me, the impact that’s identity I have yet to know continues to assail my body, and the taste is the same as Leigie, making It my greatest enemy of all time. That much is true.

The Leigie in question hasn’t changed his location at all.
He’s making fun of me.

I anticipate the moment it’s going to strike next, pierce my tentacles into the ground, and forcefully throw myself sideways. It’s not strong. Its damage definitely isn’t that high, but taking that on again and again is bad.
I forcefully set my broken arm. Using up my stored up nutrients, I’m able to fully recover it.
But without relishing in that, I kicked the ground.
The impact hit the place I was just before.

Let’s think.
What is… this Skill?
A homing attack Skill? Wind? Unattributed Energy?
Each and every one of a Demon’s Skills have meaning. Naturally, they change based on a Demon’s cravings.
Just as Gluttony is specialized in eating others, Sloth should have some specializations.
What is it?

Making other people fellow Sloths? Wrong. No, maybe it’s not too far off, but that isn’t its basic nature.

Far in that direction, I see Leigie lazily lowering his hand onto the ground.

That’s it!

A Skill to… transmit attacks across distance.
Meaning an 『Acedia』 skill to repel foreign enemies without moving.

I dodge the wide-range attack that came on me from above. In the ground, was a large hand print, five meters from one end to the next.
What a stupid skill. But it’s a fact that I was made a sport of by that worthless skill.

I keep my eyes concentrated on Leigie’s hand movements, and I rush forward. The second it starts to come down, I take a large leap to the side.
I try to capture the lowered fist with my sword. The invisible hand is easily ripped through, but it doesn’t seem that Leigie took any damage from it. Even if I damage these hands, he doesn’t get any feedback… It doesn’t have the power to finish me off, but it doesn’t have any obvious demerits either. Just the fact that he can’t use his arms for other things, I guess. What a useful Skill.

I handle the attack aimed at me horizontally with the sword. Invisible fingers… With just that, magic surpassing that of a General’s disperses and floats through the air. It truly is a pity I cannot eat it.

… No, is this the time to think about whether it’s edible or not?
I have to attain victory against Kanon-sama no matter what. I have a need to triumph, and confirm her taste. For the sake of my departed men as well.
For that sake, the explosive magic Leigie has will be a great weapon.
I’m sure of it. If you only compare magic, he’s far above me.
Damn, how long has this bastard been alive?

But if I keep eating him, I’ll definitely die. I’ll break down from the terrible flavor, and die. As a Demon Lord of Gluttony, that is quite regrettable.
But… but if it’s just once more…!

Right. Resolve myself. That is the way to victory.

Terrible? So what?
The remnants of the violent acridity in my nose is still trampling over my sanity.
Good or bad, that doesn’t matter.

Make my resolve, and look at the enemy.
For my sake and mine alone. For my power and mine alone. Leigie, I’ll…

“… Eat you.”

“… Please give me a break already.”

There are no breaks on the…
The moment I got irritated by his mocking voice, my body was sent flying sideways.
His attacks really lack any form of motivation.

Just as I eat, as Wrath rages, and Greed seeks, Leigie simply lazes around without meaning.
That really doesn’t excite my appetite at all, but what admirable consistency.

The Lord of Sloth… I see, I have a slight grasp of it.
Diverse skills that can toss around even a Demon Lord like me.
This is one who dived into the abyss of Acedia, and learned it to its origins?

… So be it. In return I’ll show you. The result of my supreme pursuit of Gula, the power I’ve obtained.
I use the Evil Eyes. I direct it at Leigie’s attack, and easily stop it.

I use my Wave of Starvation to absorb the flames of Wrath that came from the one trying to ambush me from behind. I’m not so weak as to fall from a surprise attack of one who isn’t even a Demon Lord.
The first edible magic in a while wipes away the remains of the bitterness within my body.

I don’t care about the damage. Wrath-kun and Lust-kun and Greed-kun don’t matter to me at the moment.

I concentrate my mind.
I bring up my left arm, and pray. To the god of hungry souls.
Wind pressure assails me from left and right. With a groaning sound, my ribs break. My brain understands that I’m being crushed between that man’s hands.
I don’t let go of the sword gripped in my right hand. That’s my trump card. My arm breaks. I don’t let go. My innate healing works. My body returns to normal. Every time it recovers, it’s broken once more.
Leigie closes his hand. From all around my body, I feel an immense weight. My bones are being broken as if they were toothpicks. My body raises a scream at the sense of pain I haven’t felt in a long time.
I can’t use any defensive skills. They’ll end up eating Leigie.
In the heat encroaching my body, and the surges of pain, I took a deep breath, and prepared myself.
I fill my fangs with killing intent. I use all my might to activate that skill.

『Eater’s Plate』

With a roaring sound, the ground tears, the desert rends. Against the immense magic, of which a normal person of the human race wouldn’t hold up just be being in its presence, the heavens rumble, and space distorts.
In hot haste, Lust-kun and Greed-kun flee. The Demon Lord sat through the maelstrom peacefully. No, he’s lying down.

What I called forth was Eaters Plate.
A large space a few hundred meters across. Without fangs, or tongue, endless hunger. A space specialized to do nothing but sate an unbearable starvation. If you looked from the sky, you would probably see a large semi-circular fissure in the earth.

And I was taken aback.

Into the hole that suddenly opened in the ground, the one I set as the target, Leigie, calmly fell. He yawned with a sleepy expression.
Sloth has a bad affinity with Wrath, Gluttony and Pride. Demons with a high attack power. The reason for this being they generally don’t move around. There’s no way an immobile Demon is a good enemy. You can leisurely prepare your skills, and as long as they don’t get to be considerably strong, they’re fated to be hunted down.
But even so, this conclusion is outside of my expectations.

Eh? What? Is that how it is?
For what reason did I fight so hard up until this point?

I was planning to rip him to shreds with the sword once he jumped out of the way to dodge, but…
I turn my eyes to the black longsword in my hand. Phantom Armaments don’t have a set reach. By my will, I can freely extend it up to a point. When I got a chance, it was to be my supreme trump card.

The giant mouth closes.
I relax the power wrapped around my body, and release myself.
With my right hand, I scratch my face.

“… That was a bit anti-climactic.”

“… I see.”

I heard something I shouldn’t have from behind me.
I hurriedly turn around, and point my sword. An uninjured Leigie was sloppily sprawled out.
Even after taking my back, he shows no signs of trying to accomplish anything.


I instinctively swing the blade. I don’t even have to extent it, he’s quite close. With a posture like that, this isn’t something that he can dodge. But the moment before he was split in two, Leigie’s image disappeared.

Shivers run down my spine.
So this is how he escaped the Eater’s Plate!?
… Teleportation!? IS that even possible? No, the moment he had suddenly appeared like that, I should have theorized it.

It’s my complete mistake.

Evasion and Sloth were too far apart for me to ever think they would go together.
And wait, this is too unfair.

This can’t be. This can’t be. This can’t be. This can’t be!

Between Rank Three and Five, there’s this much of a difference!?
Did Kanon-sama put this much thought into it when she sent Leigie against me!?

I position the sword behind me to shake off the attack he threw at me.
Behind, the transferred Leigie’s arm grazed the blade. Blood poured forth like a water fountain. Due to the smell that came from it, I retreated several steps.
Leigie is crying. Probably from the pain. But by that time, the blood had already stopped, and he had regenerated as if nothing had happened. What amazing regenerative powers. He’s devoted himself to a stubborn nature. And on top of that, he’s ridiculously weak to pain.

When I tried to go at him again, my body froze once more.

I was seized by his gravity again. I notice. The moment my body freezes beforehand… it’s his Evil Eyes.
Leigie is binding me with his Demon Eyes. The Skill that’s supposed to only work on lesser beings.
That made the gap in power all too clear.

“Ah, haha, hahaha… Lei… gie. Just how many years… have you lived?”

“… Probably about a hundred.”

Like hell!
I have, with you, memories that spam over ten thousand years!!

He’s… definitely forgotten it.
Hahahahaha, just fighting him is starting to feel stupid.

Even my hunger that I know will never fully be sated no matter how much I eat is starting to not matter.

Without saying anything, Leigie closed his eyes half-way.

I tried to think of a reason this Demon Lord had obtained such peerless power.
Unlike Kanon-sama, who had advanced to being a Demon Lord in under ten thousand years with skill and determination, Leigie the Sloth merely amassed power naturally after living an eternal amount of time, and eventually grew to be a Demon Lord.

Without anything that could be called ambition, and no goal in sight. The king of idleness.
The desires of others are of no importance, and he’ll probably forget his fight with me soon enough. How envious I am of him.

Before I noticed it, Leigie’s hand was clenched so tightly that his knuckles were turning white.
My body was being squeezed from all directions. I feel something snapping inside of me, but there’s no pain anymore. I don’t even have the motivation to resist. There’s no means. I have no appetite.

The result of me living close to a hundred thousand years, my 『Fang of Origin』 turns to sand in my hand, and disappears.

In front of my eyes, there was Sloth. He opens his eyes lightly. His eyes that did nothing but scream that it was all a pain.

“…Fu… fufu. Bye… bye, Acedia. It was fun.”

“… I see.”

If possible, I would ask him to go beat Kanon-sama in my place, but I doubt he would ever do something so troublesome.
In the opening on the top of his clenched hand, he painstakingly applied pressure with his other index finger.
As my head was forcefully crushed under the power, I thought to myself…

Thanks for the meal.

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216 Responses to Of How Leigie Actually Does Stuff

  1. Palifa says:

    the question….who protected him when he was weak? I mean no way he can survive thousands of year lazing around unnoticed. Afterall sloth demon is an easy target, meaning that usually they got killed before they can become OP. So..who’s the one that protected/nurtured him through all that years? Is that someone still alive?
    ….or maybe he’s really just unnoticed…

    Liked by 5 people

    • LAZY GOD says:

      Probably his sister Kanon that or he slept so long that dust gathered on him and everyone thought he was a statue.

      Liked by 34 people

      • Greenfox says:

        Probably that xD.

        Liked by 1 person

      • The demon lord of Gula said that she lived nearly hunder thousands of year and yet her powers is unable to even reach Liege and according to the story a demon’s power grows depending on how much they lived meaning Liege lived far more than hundred thousands of years , added to the fact that she even saw Liege on the festival of Kanon’s predecessor so he already lived even before Kanon was born so i doubt she could protect him when he was weak… but that aside most likely when he was still a weak demon he was active ( most likely he already forgotten that part) and reduced only to a lazy sleeping bum once he became a demon lord

        Liked by 3 people

        • thatguy572 says:

          Probably he was just so lazy, no one ever gave him any thought until he became OP. He likely just wandered through his new demon life, raising his skill tree by increasingly exponential amounts at his godly laziness, doing the absolute least amount necessary to live and never entered anyone’s sight as a threat or worth the time. Demon world is a big place and can have plenty of restive locations to grow peacefully. He probably became a demon lord the fastest out of all others ever by just how much he indulged in his sin.

          Liked by 1 person

        • I agree, even Serge didn’t paid him attention at first till she only attacked him when she sensed his dread aura and there’s also the thing that Pride Kaiser mentioned some Sloth demons might have been hiding underground conserving their strength

          Liked by 1 person

    • Fishy says:

      As far as gluttony kun’s memories can tell, he had already became a demonlord way before she even become one and had remained as so for a long time.
      So here’s the thing, is he so lazy that he become a demonlord really fast on that series and maintained it for twenty thousand or more years?

      Liked by 3 people

    • I Know You Are Wrong says:

      well if you know douluo dalu 2, the ice caterpillar slept for millions of years peacefully

      Liked by 1 person

    • Truthspeaker says:

      No, he probably just lazed around. Back I’m the old days all the demons were much scarier and at least on Zebuls level. Why would anyone of them care about a guy that just slept all day and never did anything.

      So while all the stronger demons fought he just slept and slowly accumulated power. Then one day the angels attacked and killed all the demons stronger than him. Leige continued to sleep. After this he was the strongest of all demons. His power continued to increase and no demon after that ever came close to his power because he is such an old demon. Most likely he is at least one million years old… Which would explain why he never remembers anything. If you have lived for that long a time then nothing that happens around you really leaves much of am impact on you.


  2. Vermillion says:

    Um I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but assuming Leigie is over 20 thousand years old, what the heck has happened to Earth? He was a salary man at a company, so its probably pretty recent, like within the past 200-300 years, so either time on Earth has also passed that length, or the parallel worlds idea exists and passage of time is different….but imagine what Earth looks like at this current point in the story….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yoraikun says:

      According to Leigie, people still get reincarnated into this world, so it hasn’t become a desolate wasteland yet, at least. If he asked one of the human reincarnators, he would probably know, but that sounds like a pain.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Orange Light Saber says:

        Sounds like what we call spacetime continuum


        • Vermillion says:

          I don’t think time should be treated as the 4th dimension though. Time only moves forward so technically it wouldn’t be a 4th dimension. To clarify what I’m trying to say, the other three dimensions move in both directions, but even if you could time travel, time would still progress forward….at least, that was what my teachers implied…


        • crazyman5353 says:

          If their souls are brought to another dimension completely separate from our own who’s to say that both worlds will be going at the same rate. In another dimension time could flow in different rates the same for those who experience it but different in terms of the universes

          Liked by 1 person

      • nshnslpau002 says:

        Even though he said that people are still reincarnated into this world, that could have been 10000 years ago, since he already lost his sense of time. lol

        Liked by 1 person

    • Strike says:

      I don’t think reincarnating adheres to linear time.

      Liked by 1 person

    • huh says:

      Time in many mythological Hells and Earth does not advance at the same rate. The about a hundred estimate could easily be true.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Truthspeaker says:

      You do know that time in theory is just distance and space right? I.E even if one million years have passed in hell, it is possible that no time at all passed on earth.


  3. shadyxlr says:

    just realized there is a demon lord questioning the existence of god here lol…

    Liked by 6 people

  4. Tolack says:

    This lazy SOB. His lazy TKO completely destroyed my fears of this hungry SOB.


  5. DarkD says:

    It’s so awesome how Leiggie’s very existence and the way he does everything works like a massive unintentional insult to everyone around him.

    Liked by 1 person

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  7. Fishy says:

    Is it me, or somehow Leigie’s attacks reminds me of palm attacks from sitting buddas? He is also like those mediating gods that fights without even moving much!


  8. Pingback: Capítulo 5 – Gula | Thyros Traduções

  9. oliverwashere says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching that trainride.
    He directs accusatory yes at me.

    Just how many kilos, haw many tons has it been increased by?

    That made the gap in power all to clear.


  10. Poor gluttony. I cannot fathom how it feel to be eternally hungry


  11. axcel101 says:

    thanks for the hard-work!!


  12. Pingback: Chapter 5: Gula’s Gluttony – Just a reader

  13. if Leigie has lived even before Kanon was born, why does Kanon call him niisan?


    • Because ‘aniki’ the thug slang for older brother never caught on in demon world? He is more then a hundred thousand years older & completely invulnerable to her attacks. Get impression last demon king assigned Kanon as his observer previously


  14. bushidozero1 says:

    The fact he’s a reincarnated person makes for a likely point, in terms of why Kanon calls him ‘niisan’. Possibilities automatically include his previous life’s actual sister was also reincarnated, or even just a random well known acquaintance was reincarnated. Amongst other things…

    Liked by 1 person

  15. berserknexus says:

    It’s a bit disappointing if zebul dies. What was the point of all that backstory then


  16. ladykattz says:

    Since Gluttony is dead, I wonder if this makes him the last of the ancient demons


  17. AshSlanabrezgov says:

    This POV, especially the beginning, was a POV of monster – no more, no less.


  18. altair545 says:

    I never thought a guy just Fucking around while almost falling asleep in a fight could ‘ve so badass god Damn.

    It’s so cool seeing everyone react to him being such a lazy Fuck.

    Wonder if that wrath chick is gonna piss her pants even more after learning how powerful he is.


  19. Kaida Tong says:

    Seems my comment failed to post… whatever. I though sloth lords would taste plain, rather than bitter. That seems sorta OP. Compared to army of gluttony, that could starve during protracted siege or marching with Napoleon through scorched earth, seems cheaper to clone and raise a bunch of comatose vegetable sloths that don’t even need to be hooked onto life support. Manufacture them like landmines. Takes longer to age than wine, so should sell for just as much. Just sprinkle them throughout crowds to make enemy gluttonies hesitant to cast AoE.


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