(This is not a Chapter) Information About Konjiki no Wordmaster

I am closing my hosting of translations of Konjiki no Wordmaster by Tomoto Sui. This, by no means, means that I am no longer translating the series, just that it will be hosted elsewhere. Namely Blazing Translations. Pic unrelated.

This site will continue to host pretty much everything else I’ve done and will be doing. That is all, good night.

Delay in the current translation of The Lazy King are due to

a. Me going off to finish a chapter of Wordmaster

b. Me beating up Kefka a few times to relieve stress from not getting a ToS beta key.

PS: Forgot wordpress was a blogging site didncha?

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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102 Responses to (This is not a Chapter) Information About Konjiki no Wordmaster

  1. papabear1503 says:

    so from now on everything wordmaster will be centralized with blazing huh?

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  2. Nu Gundam says:

    aww… oh well, do whatever you want Yocchi XD
    btw… my fave now is that lazy king !

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Leigie says:

    Whew. For a moment I thought “there goes another one”.


  4. plusikplus says:

    if you could get a million chocolate bars for translating 100 chapters in a day, would you do it?


  5. AsianOtakuGuy says:

    Okie dokie~


  6. shadyxlr says:

    Hoping to see the finale of the fight soon…


  7. poop says:



  8. shortykilz says:

    Me beating up Kefka a few times to relieve stress from not getting a ToS beta key.

    Is the Kefka you’re talking about the same clown god that I’m thinking of? And what’s ToS? -curious-

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yoraikun says:

      Yes Kefka is the very same God of Magic whose sole purpose in life is to give the player a huge F you.
      ToS is Tree of Savior, a new MMORPG by the developers of Ragnarok Online. It’s in the middle of closed beta. With the amount of people in the possible tester pool and the amount of Beta Keys given out, there was about a 20-40% chance of getting one.


  9. zjji says:

    ITS alright, as long as you keep posting the lazy king, hahaha

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  10. a2dragon says:

    only 5000 key so don’t expect so much


  11. rincornetto. says:

    T_T same here.. the unfortunate ones who didn’t get a single ToS beta key.


  12. pinecone says:


    I just gave away an extra key 2 days ago. Didn’t know you were interested.

    Beta was great, although I never did figure out what build I was gonna do for my archer.


  13. Derp says:

    So will lazy king come out later or tomorrow?


  14. alchestry says:

    ToS? Tree of savior? Hey if you’re going to play that add me in game when its released :3 ign is alchestry.
    My goal, like in every other game, is to become an alchemist ^_^


  15. muelproject says:

    Forgot wordpress was a blogging site

    >aren’t it became t-ling house??

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  16. WindBlade13 says:

    Yoraikun next time need to post what closed betas you want so you can get fans to sign up and get keys then if you dont get 1 just nab one from a fan.


  17. pinecone says:

    What class were you planning on playing?

    I like playing archer but it is quite infuriating having almost no AoE based attacks.


  18. Miri-Bell says:

    I didn’t know this was a blogging site to begin with. Only thing I’ve ever done on it is read novels.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. vermilianbio says:

    Lol at Yorai beating Kefka. I too didnt get the beta for ToS, but i released my dissatisfaction with AP shells to tanks hull instad.
    When ToS is open, mind if i party with u sir? It’s a party based game anyway, and i planned to play cleric class. :)


  20. seihaikun says:

    Ahhhh… Yorai-san are you alright?


  21. Marvolo says:

    Hahaha RIP Yoraikun, I signed up with 4 fb accounts and got one key :p
    they are giving out more tho, hope you’re getting one. GL :D


  22. Redmongrel says:

    I started reading this series today and planned to binge read till dawn. Guess that’s not happening T-T. Just my remarkable timing again. Regardless, thanks for all your hard work Yoraikun.


  23. Danny says:

    This is (not) a Chapter


  24. Shroom says:

    Me too, i started reading today and im stuck at chapter 19-24.. maaaan, bad luck!


  25. Danny says:

    Same here! I just started reading this and planned to binge read tonight. What horrible timing :( Stuck at Ch 19 as well


  26. All Night says:

    There will beeoe who don’t read the “still translating” part.


  27. RennasS says:

    Thank you for your hard work.


  28. cellsoul says:

    FUCK DONT TELL ME ABOUT ANOTHER GAME… Welp it’s time to go wait for its release to get addicted to it, League, Dragon Nest, and still some side Competitive Pokemon.


  29. Palifa says:

    ToS!! ToS! I envy all that beta player >_<
    After a very loooong wait ~…ahhh when will we be able to get our hands on it OTL


  30. vilkritz says:

    um will you continue with translations of IKCTAWBWTWH but like focus on lazy king mostly or are you gonna abandon translating IKCTAWBWTWH


    • IamMe says:

      Lazy King is a total of 8 chapters, 5 of which have been completed, and it sounds like 6 will be released in a day or 2. 2 chapters after that it will be complete and other stuff will probably be worked on.

      Lazy is so short, might as well finish it first.


  31. So I went to Blazing Translations, and they are not hosting the previous translated chapters. Older chapters (example 48) link back here, and they have been taken down.


  32. I don’t mind that at all but i was just starting recently and got to chapter 22 and now its gone, I hope it will go on blazing but as of this comment it is not.


  33. Nonononono…. what you should do is leave KnW for later and finish TLK first. Yup. That’s a great idea.


  34. hapPENlS says:

    yoraikun please give blazing a beating for us. You hosting of KnW, i never had the problems of adspace placements, now that blazing is hosting KnW, ads are poping up left rightand center and i cant read shit in my mobile device :(


  35. Zworden says:

    Now I feel bad cause I got a ToS Beta Key…


  36. All Night says:

    I would like to join you in beating up Kefka, as I also did not receive a ToS beta key. How much?


  37. inspindawetrust says:

    Needs more Dio, but otherwise a good press release.


  38. Orange Light Saber says:

    Thats good to know thanks for the heads up Yoraikun!


  39. Dummy says:

    For those of you that want to look for the old chapters, netblazer’s old url still works
    Here: https://netblazer.wordpress.com/


  40. rylak says:

    too bad there are now alot of missing chapters now I just found the site for this yesterday . . . will you guys refill the missing chapters because alot of them link back to this site’s hosting area


  41. Thundersnake says:

    “b. Me beating up Kefka a few times to relieve stress from not getting a ToS beta key.”
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  42. Creos says:

    Hello Yoraikun,
    thanks for the hardwork, just one question.
    at the first page you have the link for the chapters page, i tried to enter the page and its not there
    did you delete all the chapters already?


  43. rakuraks says:

    yorai shi are you gonna drop Isekai Kichattakedo Kaerimichi doko?
    i hope you wont drop it


  44. Rat says:

    Mr Raindrop, falling away from me now (8)


  45. King Kazma says:

    Do you still want Beta Key of previous iCBT on steam? You know, if ever in the future that needs it.
    I still have 1 unused key. I received 4, only used 3 because I have no friends. :|
    Note: will not give to others, only to Y-san.


    • Yoraikun says:

      Nah, I’m fine. Me complaining about a beta key doesn’t mean I want you to give me one. I just wanted to complain.


      • King Kazma says:

        But, having a copy of iCBT client in steam is much better than none. There is some speculations that next beta of iCBT includes those who have beta of 1st iCBT. So that in the next beta, they will only patch the client and open the server for iCBT2. Though those are only speculations in ToS Forums, its much better than having no copy at all.
        Just think of it as my thanks for reading Shield hero since early stage of the translation. :D And since I still have 1 more unused key, its much better to give it to you than rot in my email.


  46. Lurkkun says:

    I would’ve given my key if I knew you wanted one. Game was just as beautiful as I imagined, btw.


  47. Leach says:



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