I Kinda Came to Another World, But Where’s the Way Home 6

A Short one

Chapter 6: It’s Been One Thing After Another

“… Whew, time for a break…”

Walking along the riverbank, Kitsune spotted a cave. He searched inside, but there were no Magical Beasts, or any signs that this was something’s dwelling. As the sky had become completely black, a place like this would be quite reassuring against other beast attacks.

Kitsune propped himself against the wall, and sighed. He had spent the entire day walking or running, and having a place to rest was a considerable load off of his mental fatigue.

“… Another world, is it… It’s still quite a mystery as to why I ended up here, but I guess it’s not that rare of a tale.”

No matter how you look at it, it wasn’t that common, but Kitsune had concluded that thinking hard about it wouldn’t get anywhere, so he shifted his thought process.
He began pondering whether he had been granted any special powers. Normally, in developments where someone is reincarnated, or trips into another world, getting cheat-like powers is standard. He started to wonder whether or not he had something like that.

“The most common one is… being able to check my Status, right?”

He had thrown the words out quite casually. But a change came about the moment he finished his line. Within Kitsune’s head, an overly vivid computer-screen-like display surfaced.


On it, the following was written.


Name: Naginata Kitsune
Gender: Male Lv1
Strength: 10
Stamina: 30
Resilience: 100
Dexterity: 10
Magic: 20

Skill:『Pain Resistance Lv8』『Eerie Constitution』『World Language Translator』『Status Discernment』
Innate Skill: ???
PT Member: Finia(Fairy)

“… Quite standard, yet again.”

In the standard and wholesome Light Novels he had read in his previous world, those reincarnators were usually able to check their equipment and statuses. It appears that Kitsune was no exception, as he was bequeathed with that power as well.
Seeing that it wasn’t just the world, but him himself that had become a fantasy, Kitsune was filled with a slight feeling of excitement and dejection. For now, from his status discernment ability, Kitsune received a bit of happiness, and a bit of despair.

The happiness was that he had the 『World Language Translator』Skill. It was likely a Skill that would allow him to converse with the people that lived in this strange world. And as long as he had it, he should be able to talk with those of his own world just fine as well.
His despair came from the fact that there wasn’t a single thing he could use as a weapon in his entire Status. Like this, he was only able to see his personal specs. There was no meaning to it.
By the way, when he looked at the mask, and tried checking its status, Finia’s Stat Screen popped up.


Name: Finia
Gender: Female Lv1
Strength: 120
Stamina: 500
Resilience: 120
Dexterity: 150
Magic: 1500

Title:『Fairy of Unrequited Love』
Skill:『Light Magic Lv3』『Mana Recovery Lv2』『Healing Magic Lv3』
『Fire Magic Lv3』
Innate Skill: ???
PT Member: ◎Naginata Kitsune

Every Single one of Finia’s Stats exceeded his. But her Magic Stat definitely wasn’t normal. Even if she looked reliable, he experienced a feeling of loss, and some other complicated emotions. Looking at it, it seems Finia’s Strength was 12 times the amount of a normal high school boy, so Kitsune thought about conducting a few experiments to use as a standard of measurement later.

“Now then… I guess I’ll sleep… I am tired.”

After confirming the status display had disappeared from his mind, he surrendered himself to the rapidly approaching deep sleep, and leisurely let his consciousness fade.

(Ah… this feels like when I died. I see, so it really is something like sleep…)

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