Sevens: Monster


I was severely tired, but after waking up, I endured the sleepy feeling and ate breakfast.

The food served by the inn was something I wouldn’t call tasty even if I was trying to flatter, but perhaps because it was warm and my body was craving something to eat, I felt it was delicious.

Looking at my figure, Novem seemed relieved.

“You looked terribly tired yesterday, but it looks like you’re fine today. Your complexion isn’t bad anymore.”

After waking up, I was completely in Novem’s care.

She washed my face, brushed my teeth, and even set my hair. I get the feeling I heard the First Generation crying out multiple times, but most of them were shouts for me to stop relying on her.

(TL: Brushing teeth… why does that sound lewd to me…)

For some reason, he was quite conscious of Novem.

It wasn’t just the First.

All those prior to the Fourth Generation… First, Second, Third, and Fourth, were all somewhat soft on her.

Fifth and onwards recognized her family as a vassal one, and didn’t say anything as she took care of me.

“It seems I can’t shake off this fatigue, but I’m better than yesterday. We’ll be moving all throughout today, so let’s finish with shopping and wait for the wagon at the gates.”

“That’s right. We have a flask already, so we’ll have to buy preserved foods and other expendable items.”

Novem had some preparations, but I barely had any luggage. The peddler told me even if I was trying to travel, I was way too lightly equipped.

“Let’s buy our consumables here and choose some weaponry in the next town.”

I was completely unarmed.

There were machetes in Zell’s place, but no knives. Walking around with one of those was a bit off, so I planned to buy a weapon somewhere.

“Do you think they’ll have a Sabre?”

Novem makes a bit of a complicated expression. She was probably remembering the Sabre I used to use.

“As long as it’s a sharp blade, they’ll probably stock it. It’s just that, concerning weapon quality, I’m not really all that…”

She gave an apologetic look, but in the past, she used to study Holy Attribute Magic. Unlike me, she earnestly pursued just the path of a mage, so she could use complicated Holy spells.

Naturally, she could use other magics as well.

“You didn’t bring a staff? The one you used to carry around was a magic tool, right?”

Magic Tools were weapons with Skills sealed into them. As people were only able to hold a single skill individually, they were needed in order to use multiple ones.

Right now, rather than Gems, these were the popular trend.

“I deeply apologize. I left that one with the Forxuz House. It was something that could be called an heirloom, and it would be uncouth for me to make off with it for my personal matters. But even like this, I may not be up to Lyle-sama’s level, but I have studied magic. I’ll show you how useful I am.”

“I-I see.”

The five elements, and two divine.

Those were the basis of Magic.

On top of the five great elements of nature, 【Fire】, 【Water】, 【Earth】, 【Wind】, and 【Lightning】, the two attributes called the two divine, 【Holy】 and 【Dark】, also existed.

As long as one was a noble, it was’nt rare for one to be a magician capable of using those elements. Those who broke off from the upper echelon of society were often magicians as well, and apart from that… especially among houses of knight status, there were nobles who were unable to use magic.

Favored elements differed by the person, but even so, it was standard for any magician to be able to manipulate them all to some extent.

It was just that Novem advanced her studies through specialization on a single point.

『How diligent… what a nice girl.』

I heard the First Generation’s voice. After learning that Novem was of the Forxuz House that looked after him, he blatantly started favoring her.

Based on the conversations of my ancestors, the Walt House was in a debt of gratitude to the Forxuz House that was well over repayable, it seems.

But perhaps because of the flow of time, the Walts started treating the Forxuzes as vassals. Apparently, the first few generations were unable to excuse that fact.

Perhaps the Second and Fourth generations were especially looked after, as they both kept telling me to treat Novem with care. They were quite loud.

『Lyle, try a little harder on your own, why don’t you? You’re relying on Novem-chan too much.』

The Second Generation said as such, but I have no idea what I’m supposed to do about that.

(And wait, since they took good care of my ancestors, I’m not the only one who relied on them, right…)

I couldn’t break into an argument with them in front of Novem’s eyes, so I ignored them and continued my own conversation.

“Today, we’ll stop by a nearby village, and after that, we’ll arrive at our destination city. Henceforth, we’ll exit the territory’s border on foot, I guess.”

On my opinion, Novem voiced some disapproval.

“That sounds fine, but I think it would be best if we departed alongside the main body of merchants. If it was us alone, we’ll stand out too much, and we’ll make for an easy target.”

It seems my opinion was really that bad, as the First Generation stuck his voice in.

『Why don’t you understand something so basic!? This boy’s been raised much too sheltered. The Walt House’s selling point is the wildness of its men!』

The Second Generation countered him.

『Quit your nagging! You’re not wild, or anything; you’re just an idiot!』
『You bastard! What sort of things ya’ sayin’ to yer old man! Let’s take this outside!』
『We can’t leave this place, dumbass!』
(T-they’re loud…)

Before we departed, I went around the rest town to buy the supplies we would need to travel.

We stopped by another town on the way, stayed a night, and finally reached our destination point the next day.

It was the town on the edge of the Walt House’s territory’s border, as well as an important relay point with other territories. For that sake, considering defense, it was built in close proximity to a fortress.

The number of soldiers in it was also greater than in the other towns.

Evening had fallen when we reached it, and the peddler offered his thanks to us.

It was because in the town we stopped at on the way, we assisted with his work. It was mainly Novem who skillfully assisted him.

I, just a little… and wait, I was mostly just watching the whole time.

“Thank you for helping me back in town. We didn’t meet any monsters, but please think of this as your wages.”

Saying that, he handed over some copper coins.

“Thank you.”

I was the one who received it, but the one who reciprocated his thanks was Novem.

“You’ve sure nabbed yourself a tasteful lady there, young man. I’m envious of you.”


As I let out a vague response, the Fourth Generation raised his voice

『Yo man, that’s where you say something to raise Novem-chan’s affection level! At least say, she’s too good of a woman for me, or something!』

But there, the Fifth whispered.

『You had quite a time getting mom, so it’s just that you won’t be able to calm down if he doesn’t have to say something like that, right? Good grief…』
(What’s with this people. And wait, are these guys really supposed to be my ancestors?)

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to admit it, but still, I wanted to voice a complaint or two.

“If you’re setting Dalien as your end destination, then you guys should hitch a ride from a large city to the Imperial Capital. If you get that far, you’ll have some peace of mind, but please be careful. The Walt House does a reliable job on subjugating monsters, but other provinces have numerous dangerous spots.”

We expressed our gratitude at the peddler’s explanation and parted. Afterwards, Novem and I went out to search for an inn.

There wasn’t any leisure to do any shopping today, so I planned to spend two or three nights at the inn to get our preparations together.

It seems that, through the addition of my own skill, the space in the gem was overflowing. According to the Third Generation, after taking in eight skills, the gem evolved into a 【Jewel】.

(TL: Jewel is written as treasure gem)

Until now, it was only a device that allowed one to use skills, but like this, the ability to talk to the gem’s users of the past–my ancestors–emerged, apparently.

(From my point of view, that part’s just a pain, though…)

But the Jewel wasn’t complete. My conversations with the ancestors and the use of skills naturally needed some sort of fuel.

For that, it began to use my magic.

(The reason my fatigue won’t wear away lately is because I’m on a journey I’m not used to, and because of the Jewel.)

Meaning the reason I get tired so easily is because the ancestors keep flapping their mouths and draining my energy. If you pile up garbage, it may become a mountain.

(TL: A proverb meaning the little things add up)

“Lyle-sama, how does this place look? Both the price and facilities are relatively good.”

Novem had picked out an inn, so I decided to obey her choice. And wait, I have no idea how to compare them in the first place. All of them look the same to me.

“It would be nice if there was a bath.”

“I’m sorry. This one is also the type where you borrow water in a bucket.”

As Novem gave an apologetic face, the Fourth Generation snapped.

『There you go again with your heedless luxuries!』
(Please stop. When you shout that loud, I can practically feel my magic draining out.)

The feeling of having your Mana drained out arbitrarily by others was truly a detestable one. It’s tough on both my body and mind.

When I fell asleep at the inn, I found myself in the same room as before.

The room I saw when I was called into the Jewel was something like an artificially manufactured image.

It was the room I used to talk with my predecessors, but at the same time, it felt like I was watching a dream.

They were usually carrying out noisy debates, but today, it seemed they have something important to say.

『I did some thinking on my own, and the truth is, there’s something that came to mind, but…』

As the first was saying something along those lines, the second cut him off.

Having his opinion being blatantly denied, the savage styled First Generation was pissed off.

『More importantly, shouldn’t we decide some rules about our conversations? At this rate, Lyle looks like he’s going to drop dead, you know.』

Perhaps because he was worried about my Mana, the Second’s opinion was welcomed by my grandfather.

『You all are too lively! What do you plan on doing if my grandson collapses!?』

Apparently, the ancestors were memories recorded within the Jewel, and the very representation of the skills in it. It wasn’t that a part of their souls were left behind or anything.

They were already long dead.

But as recordings, and as skills, they remained in the Jewel. They maintained the form they had in their primes during life, and their personalities were also reflected, so they were pretty much no different from when they were alive, or something like that.

There, the Third Generation spoke.

『We should decide a facilitator. Max, you do it.』

As no one else wanted to do it, the remaining members voiced their approval.

『No objections. Have at it.』
『I think that sounds fine.』
『W-why are you guys pushing everything onto me!?』

The Fourth Generation flew into a rage, but without being able to do anything to alter the flow of the room, and perhaps because he had a pessimistic personality from the start, he took it on.

After that, the rule making continued.

『Saying personal names, or pops, or grandfather will probably make Lyle confused, so how about we just make it uniform by saying which generation?』

As the Third Generation said that, there wasn’t any particular opposition.

『Well then, to take Lyle’s minimalistic Mana reserve into consideration, how do we keep conversations to a minimum?』

“… Was I just casually dissed?”

The Fifth Generation voiced that clearly. I get the feeling he was the one with the least amount of mercy here.

『I mean, it’s miniscule, isn’t it? Just how do you go about running out of fuel after just a few shots of magic? It’s at a level where it can’t be used in real combat. 』

As the ancestors continued to complain about my low Mana, the rule making ended. And wait, I’m pretty sure I’ve trained quite a bit, so being told it was small was actually quite unexpected.

『Oy, don’t ignore me, people! Aren’t I supposed to be the First Generation of the Walt House!? I’m a super VIP!』

Even after coming this far, none present had tried listening to anything the First Generation was saying.

Hearing that, the Second Generation gave a scornful laugh. It appeared that there was some discord between the First and Second.

The Facilitator, the Fourth Generation, adjusted the positioning of his glasses as he approved the First’s proposal.

『We’re being conscious of conserving Mana here, so please keep it short, First Generation.』

『… At least throw in a –sama somewhere in there… Oh, my business was with Lyle’s sister. She was a perfect girly with a certain atmosphere, was it? Lyle, there’s something I’d like to ask.』


He was giving off a much more serious air than usual, as he stared at me in earnest.

『That sister of yours prettier than her age might suggest, or just a beauty, right? What’s more enough that you would call it unnatural? Men must come by for her hand, right?』

After being told that, I thought for a bit. Despite her being only thirteen, she was a little sister where the word voluptuous was most fitting.

Naturally, while my parents didn’t approve of it, there were numerous marriage proposals. Even so, there were even men from Houses with names known across the land.

“Let’s see. For her age… I won’t say her entire body was favored, but she was pretty. Rather than childishly cute, she was truly a beautiful person, appearance-wise.”

『I see. Let me add on another, but you said the atmosphere in the manor became strange, right? Until you became ten, it was completely normal, right? And that it suddenly changed…』

As it was a painful memory, I silently nodded. I continued to struggle to be looked at, but that was never rewarded.

『There’s no doubt about it!』

The First Generation slammed his fist on the table, and grandly declared the truth he reached about my sister.

『Your sister… Celes is a monster!』

“… What?”
『『『… uwah…』』』

The air instantly became doubtful. While the air around him was much more diligent than usual, and the surroundings were earnestly listening to him, this was the result.

The Fourth generation signaled the end of today’s meeting.

『Okay. We’ve decided the rules today, so let’s wrap this up here. It’s best if we avoid having a meeting every day, but if there’s ever a need for one, we’ll contact you from this side, Lyle.』

“Yeah, please do.”

As I was feeling happy that my Mana problem would be contained, surrounding members stood up to disperse. Since there were doors, I assumed they were exits, but it appears each ancestor had a private room.

『That’s all folks, good work everyone.』
『Much appreciated.』
『Yeah, good work~.』
『Hah, just when I thought he would be serious for once, this is what happens…』

As they all returned to their own rooms, First shouted out.

『Listen to me, ya’ bastards! I’m serious here! She’s seriously a monster!』

By thinking that I wanted to return, it seems I was able to disappear from the room. I say some parting words and vanished.

“Ah, well then, until next time.”


Within the meeting room-like space, the Founder of the Walt House’s voice resounded.

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