Sevens: An Adventurer Shouldn’t be Adventurous

An Adventurer Shouldn’t be Adventurous

An adventurer shouldn’t be adventurous.

While those words may sound contradictory, they’re often held as correct.

In all truth, in jobs where your life was at stake, it was important to take measures to reduce the danger.

All or nothing gambles were taboo to those in life-threatening occupations.

My start as an adventurer was truly steady.

It was so steady that I had started to hate it.

“I-I’ve finished.”

One week. Since I became an adventurer, it has been a week since I came under Zelphy-san’s guidance.

And yet even now, I was still doing odd jobs within the city limits of Dalien.

Novem would get worried and try to help with my jobs, so I asked Zelphy-san to leave other requests to her.

Things anyone could do. Safe jobs like desk work.

Novem hails from a patriarchal family. Perhaps because she was disciplined quite strictly, she excelled in reading and writing without issue.

She could do calculations, and she was quite used to documents.

When I was out doing a job, she was taking on amanuensis requests. (ED: Wow this word… basically, a secretary.)

As such, I was currently in the middle of repairing the wall that surrounded the city.

Without using magic, I was carrying blocks of stone.

Using magic would probably make this all easier, but just the fact that I was holding the Jewel gave me a restriction on how much I could expend.

(What’s more, they even told me hastening my workload with magic was no good… well, it’s not like I don’t understand their reasoning.)

The ancestors forbade me from optimizing my work with magic. Besides building up my body, there was also a reason for this.

Of course, it was also a reason unrelated to me.

“Yep, I guess it’s passable? With this, your job evaluation is certain to be a B or higher.”

“Hah, hah, is that so?”

Through physical labor, I practiced the art of training my body as I worked.

Even now, with that drainage cleaning incident from before, Zelphy-san’s evaluation of me is low.

But in this one week, I get the feeling I’ve gained an understanding of what it means to accept work in the city.

“It may be a little soon, but take a break tomorrow. I’ll be having you out and slaying monsters afterwards.”

“A-at last?”

I was quite worn out, but hearing that gave me some relief. If I spent too much time doing jobs like this, I can’t tell what the First Generation would say to me.

And there was also the dissatisfaction that had been building up in the Sixth and Seventh.

“Make preparations just as I told you, okay? If you’re not ready yet, then use tomorrow to get yourself together and rest your body. Also, make sure to get some light exercise.


“Obedient kids sure are easy to handle. You guys’ weapon choice was a Sabre for yourself, and a Staff for Novem, right?”

Zelphy-san confirmed, and I nodded.

She put her hand to her chin and thought for a bit. After that, she nodded to herself a few times.

“Lyle, you should be carryin’ a reserve weapon. It can be a Sabre like the other one, but a dagger works all the same. If possible, I’d like you to change your weapon preferences, but I won’t force you to do anythin’.”

The weapon I favored called a Sable was capable of both thrusting and slashing.

On the other hand, its blade was thin, so it had the demerit of being easy to bend and snap the metal.

If it was a normal sword, then even if the blade broke, it was a competent blunt weapon. More so, it would often be used as a blunt weapon regardless.

Its reach was also short, so if you looked at it from an objective standpoint, something like a spear would be superior.

“Do you mean something like a lance? I can use one to some extent.”

“More than that, I’d like you to carry a shield on you. If I determine that it’s dangerous, I’ll lend a hand, but I’ll generally be havin’ you two take out the small fries.”

The area around the city, due to the presence of adventurers, was relatively safe. There were also soldiers, and if possible, they would subjugate any particularly dangerous monsters themselves.

They even send out night brigades on occasion.

For that, the city’s circumference was characterized by its abundance of small fries, and powerful monsters were a rare find. I won’t say there were none, though.

“A Shield, is it… I can use one, but I don’t have one on me. Should I buy a cheap one?”

“Are you the type that’s got no particular weapon preferences? It’s fine to go buy reserve arms, but think hard about what weapon you want. There’s no need for you to push yourself to buy somethin’ expensive, and based on the situation, there are times when such things may prove absolutely useless.”

There were many adventurers who learn to use a variety of weapons, and changed their equipment based on the fight ahead.

More so, even with changing times, that sort of trend was preferred.

But, it has also been said that using a single weapon, and honing your skills with it, is the shortcut to becoming first class.

It all depended on the person.

“… How about I keep a sabre for now, and keep a dagger and buckler on me?”

As I said that, I heard a voice from the Jewel.

It was the Second Generation.

『Lyle, I think you ought to pick out your arms based on the quest.』

But the Third offered a rebuttal.

『I think you should set your Sabre as your reserve weapon. That way, you have a usable alternative on hand if your unaccustomed weapon’s crushed.』

Finally, the first…

『Does it really matter that much, if it’s just the small fries lying around, your bare hands are more than enough, right?』

(At least consolidate your opinions before speaking up…)

Even though I thought that, I definitely wasn’t at fault here.

“I’ll leave your equipment matters to you. It’s just around the city, so there’s not that much of a need to worry about it. At the start, it’s best to go forth with weapons you’re used to.”

After that, the work-site supervisor confirmed my work, and we received documents pertaining to my evaluation before Zelphy-san and I headed to the guild.

In the end, I was covered in sweat, but since I wasn’t bloody, Zelphy-san told me there was no need for me to use the baths.

“Get over to your girl quickly.”

“Uu… yes.”

We headed to the guild’s second floor and handed over the documents to Hawkins-san.

As always, the man’s counter wasn’t crowded, so we were smoothly able to deliver them.

In comparison, the beauty had formed quite a line.

“She’s as popular as ever. And wait, are you sure that ain’t a problem in itself, boss?”

On Zelphy-san’s question, Hawkins-san answered as he looked over the documentation.

“In the past, we once tried to take her off the receptions counter. However, the amount of adventurers who requested for her was just too great, so we returned her.”

As I thought, Dalien’s adventurer’s guild was quite popular.

“Wasn’t she put up front because she wasn’t competent at the more complicated work? I heard that kid’s parents were high up in the Guild’s management, though.”

“I can’t answer that one.”

While exchanging dialogue with Zelphy-san, Hawkins-san handed over my reward.

The report he handed back had the evaluation of my work during this job.

The site foreman said my work ethic was 『Good』, and gave me an overall of 『B』. It was just as Zelphy-san said.

Of course, in cases where an 『A』 was awarded, the client had to add on an additional reward. Because of that, A Rank evaluations were rarely given out.

With miscellaneous ordinary jobs like this, the highest to expect was a 『B』.

“With this, the amount of requests you’ve completed is twelve. They were all evaluated either 『C』 or 『B』, so please keep at it with that spirit.”

Hawkins-san smiled as he said that. I accepted the reward.

Eight large copper coins.

If you looked at it as a whole day’s earnings, it was quite low. After working from dawn to dusk, a normal civilian would have made more than ten.

“Thank you very much.”

I put the money in my wallet.

Zelphy-san was an adviser. Because of that, she wasn’t paid a reward from these. Of course, she had accepted four gold coins prior.

After she completed her service, she would receive four more, and based on how we turned out, she would possibly earn another one. The final gold coin was probably something like the guild’s referral fee.

“It’s about time we let them get out of the city. They’ve learned what they have to on odd jobs, and no matter what happens, they should be able to manage. In truth, it seems that even Lyle here doesn’t have a problem with the three Rs.”

(TL: You know, the ones where only one of them starts with an R.)

Zelphy-san said that to Hawkins-san.

Hearing that, he looked a little regretful.

“That’s surprisingly fast.”

“They’ve already paid my fee. If we don’t sent them out soon, they’re not going to get their money’s worth in results. Is there a problem?”

“No, Novem-san is diligent in her work. She’s quite quick and polite. She’s even getting some amanuensis work from the higher ups, and her evaluation remains favorable.”

It looks like Novem had quite a high work evaluation.

From the start, her handwriting was clean, and it looked like Hawkins-san remembered that. That was why he referred her to scribal work.

In a partitioned room where she wouldn’t have to face people, she wrote letters and the such based on their requests.

Even if others couldn’t see her face, she earned herself quite a reputation based on her voice and conduct.

“If it’s by your referral boss, even if it’s not as an adventurer, she could get hired onto the guild’s staff. If she gets injured, then you could just get her a job here.”

“Ahaha, while I’d be more than happy to take her on, having her injured wouldn’t be for the best. Lyle-kun, you must be sure to be careful.”

“Ah, yes.”

After the paperwork was finished, Hawkins-san went around back and called out Novem. After a while, she appeared from the employee-only exit.


She waved at me with a smile, and I lightly raised my hand to answer her.

『Well then~ today’s Novem-chan’s as cute as ever… Why don’t you at least learn to be able to give a compliment or two, Lyle?』

(Fourth Generation, please shut up.)

To Novem, who had wandered up, Zelpy-san explained tomorrow’s plans.

“Novem, tomorrow, you should rest your body. The day after, I’m going to have you go out of the city and experience battlin’ monsters. You’re prepared for it, right? Well, if you’re not, then you’re gettin’ a lecture an’ some more odd jobs.”

“Yes, Zelphy-san.”

After confirming our plans, we separated from Zelphy-san.

As an adviser, she apparently had to regularly submit a journal to the guild. An adviser’s job seems to be a pain in itself, in various ways.

“I guess we should return.”

“Right. Let’s do some shopping, and go back.”

“Yeah, if you plan on shopping, I have today’s earnings, so I’ll pay.”

“Really? How much did you make today?”

“Eight large copper coins! How about you?”

“… Six large coppers.”

We left the reception room and had a little conversation as we descended the stairs.

I didn’t think anything of it. However, the ancestors seemed to have figured something out…

『She sure is a good girl… purposely saying it was less to prop up her man. Even so, Lyle won’t say a single compliment.』

Getting fed up with the Fourth Generation’s cut-ins, I tried complimenting her.

“Hawkins-san spoke highly of you. He said you were fast and polite with your work… well, I’m happy for you.”

I had put all my effort into saying that, but the ancestors were quite harsh.

Starting with the First Generation…

『Zero points.』
『Ten points.』
『Well~ you were tactless about it, so thirty points.』
『Eh? Me too? … Then fifteen points.』
『You’re all quite harsh, aren’t you. Ah, thirty points.』
『I’m sorry, Lyle… twenty points.』

(Don’t be giving me a grade! Even I knew it was dicey the moment after I said it!)

But Novem looked happy at my dicey way of complimenting.

A smile took hold of her face, and she thanked to me.

“Thank you very much. But I think that you’re having a harder time working outside, Lyle-sama.”

“Eh, um… t-that isn’t necessarily the case.”

As I was beginning to feel nervous, the Jewel shouted for me to get myself together.

Together, we headed for the bath house adjacent to the guild, and after washing off our sweat, we headed out for shopping.

… On a later date, when I tried asking Hawkins-san what her earning were for this day, he said it was nine large copper.

Our first rest day in a while.

Since coming to Dalien, my time had mostly been occupied with odd jobs and physical labor, so I didn’t have much time to spare.

But using this break, the two of us have things we have to do.

That was heading to the realtor.

“How about it? This apartment is popular among adventurers. It has three rooms, and more than anything, it even has a toilet and bath installed.”

The young salesperson at the real estate agency referred us to the properties in his possession.

I, myself, wanted to choose one as soon as possible. But Novem proceeded with caution.

“About how high would the price be?”

“Let’s see… there’s a down payment of six silver coins, and after that, there’s a charge of fifty large copper per month. I believe it’s quite a moderate pricing, madam.”

“… Can you show us the next option?”

(Eh? You want to see more?)

That was already the fourth, but Novem continued to look for a different apartment. Our criteria was that it be close to the guild.

Near the guild was a place that ordinary people were reluctant to live, so there was apparently a lot of complexes dedicated to housing for adventurers.

“This one’s a true steal, miss. One silver down, and a monthly of thirty five large copper!”

While the employee was recommending it, I did get the feeling it was relatively cheap and suitable for our purposes. It was just me and Novem, so it would be fine even if it was narrow, I think.

But Novem seemed dissatisfied as she earnestly looked around the room.

I heard a voice from the Jewel as well.

『I think you should give this one up.』

It was the Second’s voice. Recently, it looked like they’ve been breaking the rules. Thinking about my own sake, I think it would be best if they could keep to themselves as best as they can, but even so, all those besides the Fifth seem to speak up quite a bit.

In a small voice, I asked.

“Why is that?”

『Just a feeling, but it’s quite an ominous feeling at that. If it’s here, then even the previous place’s better. And wait, the wallpaper looks like it’s been replaced, right… that part right there, especially, looks suspicious.』

The Third Generation’s opinion was just a feeling.

“Um, well… this place is a little unpleasant, I guess?”

I believed in the Third’s senses, and raised an objection. Novem agreed with me.

“That’s right. Could you let us see the other properties?”

“… Understood. (Hah, as I thought, it’s still noticeable…)”

I heard the sales rep say something in a small voice, and I was a little curious about what exactly was being hidden, but at the same time, I felt I was better off not knowing.

In the end, we didn’t end up moving into an apartment.

With Novem’s decision, and the the regulations of the ancestors, what we ended up in wasn’t an apartment, but a house.

It was a house for rent, but it was also relatively wide.

It required some repairs, but its down payment was eight silver, and its monthly was sixty five large copper. It was large, and if we did some work on it, it looked like it would turn out to be quite a nice place.

There weren’t many houses in the neighborhood, and… there wasn’t an atmosphere that suggested that there would be any more. On the contrary, it looked like the numbers would decrease.

“It was a limited time offer, but with two years, we may very well move in that time period. It’s perfect for our purposes, right, Lyle-sama?”

“Y-yeah… but the apartments were closer to the guild, and I get the feeling that would have worked just as well, though.”

We barely brought any luggage with us, so our move ended in an instant.
We could’ve left the cleaning to a contractor, but as it was our house now, we started cleaning it for ourselves.

This was an area scheduled for redevelopment, and in two years, this house was set to be demolished.

Because of that, there wasn’t much around us.

I won’t say there was nothing, but considering the scope of Dalien’s growth, it was quite a lonely residential area. Once redevelopment ends, I wonder just what will become of this place.

“It looks like the people in our neighborhood are adventurers as well. I believe they were thinking the same thing.”

Right, what was more, this area has a high adventurer ratio.

Because of the limited-time availability, the properties were clearly cheaper than their value.

There was both a bath and toilet, and we had obtained quite a vast house. I’ve no complaints. But the reason the ancestors chose this place was a little…

『If it’s here, then no matter how loud you scream, you guys won’t bother the neighbors!』


Among them, my marriage to Novem was already set in stone. To summarize, they chose this place with the intentions of getting us to act like a married couple already.

(Do you think I could do something like that when you guys are constantly watching me!?)

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