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This is Not a Chapter (Delay)

With the completion of Sevens Volume 4, I’m going off on a little journey in narou… With the start of ToS’s 2nd closed beta on the 27th, you may not see me for a week or so. In other news, … Continue reading

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Sevens Question Corner 4 Sevens Question Corner 4 Q: Even if all the ancestors disappear, will the Best Lyle awards remain behind in the Jewel? A: Third Generation (`・ω・´): “Let’s make it happen!” Lyle (∩゜д゜): “… I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t see … Continue reading

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Sevens: Epilogue

Epilogue Having safely overcome the thirtieth floor, I dropped by Damien’s lab. The time it took to return was but two days. But in essence, it was really only one. By riding atop Porter through the labyrinth, and selecting only … Continue reading

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Sevens: Automaton

Automaton “Lyle, the Burden… I’ll be taking your Porter.” The well-kept adventurer said that, before issuing orders to his comrades. “Prepare yourselves. The moment out of battle where they’re out of breath is our chance. Aim for the automaton first.” … Continue reading

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Sevens: Targeted Comrades

Targeted Comrades The twenty ninth floor.. Miranda confirmed the dagger and knife hanging at her waist. As she had chosen clothing easier to move in than before, her body’s lines were coming out. Even if she were to be called … Continue reading

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Sevens: Pursuer

Pursuer “Are we being followed?” Having entered a space to rest on the sixteenth floor, we decided to bring our third day to a close. Even like this, we were able to reach the eighth floor on our first day, … Continue reading

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