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Sevens: Labyrinth Specialist

Labyrinth Specialist Arumsaas’ Labyrinth. Having arrived in a wide room on the fifth level, I gathered everyone to discuss our next plans. Up to now, the adventurers that rushed in from Damien’s request had defeated all the monsters, so we … Continue reading

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Sevens Question Corner 2

Question corner at the end of section two. http://mypage.syosetu.com/mypageblog/view/userid/218376/blogkey/1079736/ Sevens Question Corner 2 Q: So Lyle was at Level 1? A: Lyle (ヽ´ω`) : “… That’s right. For me to have been constantly drained of Mana in that state and … Continue reading

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Sevens Questions Corner 1

This is the Q&A section that came up after the first part finished. I just remembered it now. http://mypage.syosetu.com/mypageblog/view/userid/218376/blogkey/1070755/ Sevens Questions Corner 1 Q: About Lyle’s Skill… A: Lyle( ´・ω・`):  “… While my Skill has manifested, it hasn’t fully established itself. … Continue reading

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