Sevens Question Corner 2

Question corner at the end of section two.

Sevens Question Corner 2

Q: So Lyle was at Level 1?

A: Lyle (ヽ´ω`) : “… That’s right. For me to have been constantly drained of Mana in that state and surviving, I’d like to praise myself. Ah, please make sure to forget my black history.”

Q: What is Novem’s objective?

A: Second Generation ( ゜д゜) : “Novem is a good girl without any ulterior motives, dammit!!”

Fifth Generation( ´・ω・`) : “Calm down. It’s actually scarier if she did all that on love without another motive (I don’t believe she’s a yandere. I pray to god she’s not…)”

Q: Does Growth come when you wake up in the morning?

A: Fourth Generation (-@∀@) : “There are cases like that. Especially at times when you suddenly get a large amount of experience at once, the body cannot process it, and you’re stricken with a severe tired feeling. However, even if you’re going through life as normal, you can undergo the sudden sensation of opening your eyes. It’s something I’ve experienced. So it’s not certain that it’ll always happen like Lyle, where he makes some black history for himself first thing in the morning.”

Q: I’m pretty sure there was something between this ‘sis’ and the Second Generation Head. The Second Generation just didn’t notice it.

A: Second Generation ΣΣ(゜Д゜;) : “No, while I did become acquainted with her through our family’s relations, there was quite an age difference between us! The one with an age close to hers’ was the Third. But I’m the one who prepared a bride for him, so…”

Third Generationヽ(´ー`)ノ : “If the Second didn’t frantically prepare a wife for me, it may have turned out like that. She sure was a pretty person.”

Q: About Novem’s and Celes’ Skills.

A: Sixth Generation (´・∀・` ): “That area is something to wait for expectantly.”

Q: Could it be that Celes actually likes Lyle? Or she’s perhaps a reincarnator or body swapped?

A: Seventh Generation ( ´・ω・`) : “I think I’ve said this before, but she isn’t a reincarnator or body swapper or anything. If you’re asking whether she likes or hates Lyle, I think it’s hate. Or perhaps she’s uninterested? I think she was quite happy when Lyle finally left the mansion she lived in.”

Q: Zelphy-san is too much of a failure as an advisor.

A: Second Generation ( ・∀・): “We received quite a few questions on that one. First, her being connected to the lord, and relaying information to him dropped the credibility of the guild, was it? If I was to give a reason for this, while she was an adventurer, Zelphy is a resident of Dalien, and I think it’s natural to report things to the Lord. I mean, if something happened there’s a chance the residents of her homeland would be put at a disadvantage. And wait, the guild is generally a management institution for hopeless ruffians, and an organization to collect magic stones. It isn’t as noble a place as you may imagine.”

Third Generation (´∀`) : “There were also some questions about the lord’s relation to the guild. To continue explanations, the guild was well aware that Zelphy was related to the lord. In Sevens, the relation of the guild to its feudal lord changes based on the territory. They agree over whatever works best, and lash out at each other over whatever clashed, right? And wait, I think there’s a problem in a feudal lord that isn’t mindful of the massive organization crawling onto their doorstep.”

Fourth Generation (-@∀@): “There were some comments on how she took money, but that was the expenses to teach adventurers the basics. The bandit subjugation and the urgent request participation were separate fees. Lyle’s low evaluation in Dalien was intentional on his side, so I doubt Zelphy knew what he was thinking most of the time.”

Fifth ( ゜Д゜) : “In the end, she’s no good in some areas, but they learned the fundamentals of adventuring, so there isn’t really a problem. Lyle was able to gain knowledge and experience not even we possessed, so I think it’s fine for him to have paid for it. It’s just that I’ll never forgive her for teaching him how to kill and skin a horned rabbit. Never, you hear!?”

Q: About the missing party and the deceased adventurer, how did the guild know about that?

A: Seventh Generation ( ・∀・): “… There was an explanation of this in part one, and at the start of the mess, there was a scene where Hawkins confirmed it, but was it hard to understand? Guild cards are made in pairs, and one is kept by the guild. Using that, if something is carved over the name in the guild card, then that’s an assurance of death. People fill out where they’re headed at the guild receptionist desk, and if you haven’t returned by your appointed time, and a mark appears on the card… you get it, right?”

Q: For it to have eight Skills in it, is it really an heirloom?

A: Sixth Generation ( ゜д゜) : “… Don’t be doubting that part. Even like this, it’s a bonifide heirloom that was handed down through the Walt Family.”

Lyle ( ´・ω・`) : (Even if I tried selling it, I doubt I would get too much. Even the rare metal from the ornaments around it is worth more.)

Q: Quite a few of the ancestors refer to themselves in the same way, so in order to differentiate characters, how about changing that?

A: Lyle (´;ω  ;`) : “Thank you for the useful opinion. If there’s a good place for that, I may end up changing it.”

(TL: They mostly use ‘ore’ but this is lost in translation, nor is it too important if you can already differentiate characters.)

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25 Responses to Sevens Question Corner 2

  1. 『NGS.Xaos』 says:

    Wow! Thanks Yoraikun


  2. Aoitenshi says:

    The different ways to refer to oneself is one of the most confusing things when I translate…. *sob*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Whynn says:

    Kinda hope that later on the personalities of the skills resurface instead if just fading away into oblivion after the skill has been fully received. Wonder if Lyle is able to resummon that sword he used on the boss later on as well. Any idea when his next growth will be? Also how many times will he have to go through in order to surpass Celes. Don’t tell me it’s seven…


  4. bladerain says:

    This is pretty interesting. I managed to gain a clearer understanding of the novel now.


  5. Lone Drifter says:

    Novem is more like a reverse yandere?
    she loves Lyle so much she could kill herself (LOL)


  6. Doomseye says:

    With this, suspicions of Novem having an ulterior motive has increased. Thank god Celes isn’t being tsundere or anything. Kill her off Lyle!!


    • haruhachama says:

      The “dere” never spotted with Celes. There’s no Tsun or Yandere either


    • Orange Light Saber says:

      Yep that thing has to die otherwise those poor adventurers won’t rest in peace.


    • Nukoko says:


      Isn’t it strange? According to Lyle’s recollection, the changes only presented themselves around the time Lyle turned 10 years old. Meaning, Celes, as his younger sister, was definitely alive before all the changes…

      it was also implied that the parents and people of the household were also influenced by ‘Monster’ Celes.

      Now bear with me here….

      The ancestors had already said that it wasn’t strange for Lyle to have died in such a situation, further commenting that it was the love of his parents that might have influenced this.

      …but what about Celes herself? Why didn’t she just kill Lyle outright? Even if the parents were to stop her, she could just as easily sway their judgement…

      So the logical conclusion would be…

      One, the original Celes was possessed by an entity that corrupter her into the monster she is now.

      Two, maybe the same thing with the parents applies. Maybe Celes (The original person, the true imouto that had once existed before the monster) was able to somehow stop the Monster from killing Lyle outright.

      HENCE!! Celes is still actually a viable harem candidate no matter how improbable!!

      ( ゜д゜)
      I’m sorry… I’m just so bored right now and can’t sleep….

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Nukoko says:

    Thank you for the chapters!

    …and now since I have nothing to do, am completely bored and can’t sleep, I’ll just pull random theories off the top of my head because I’m having trouble sleeping.

    Complete and absolute random guesses about Novem and her motives:
    – She knows more about Celes’ situation than she lets on, to a point that she may even be aware of Celes’ true nature.
    – The relation between Lyle and Novem’s families may have been a sort of foreshadowing for what’s to come. Novem’s family is intimately connected to Lyle so she may or may not have a mission of sorts that obligates her to make sure their respective houses live on for generations.
    – Combining both means that Novem knew of the crisis being faced by the Walt household (Celes’ existence is detrimental to its continued welfare as well as her own house), had followed Lyle as could be the only person capable of stopping Celes in the future.
    – Her zeal for building Lyle’s harem stem from the fact that she wants to make sure descendants are assured, so in the event that Lyle fails to stop Celes, there will always be another person to continue the bloodline or something along those lines

    Disclaimer: No, I didn’t recheck any of the information already presented by the story so yeah, this really is just one hell of a random theory

    ( ゜д゜)
    What do I do now….


  8. Harima says:

    The most scary chara is Novem, u cant determine her motive….


  9. k says:

    Thank for the update


  10. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  11. Ryjin says:

    This is just random theory about Novem so dont mind me ( ´∀`)

    Maybe she have some same Jewel as Lyle that have some Skill into it and maybe theres also an Ancestor inside the Jewel and maybe those Ancestor is from Wives of all Walters Generation.


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