Sevens Questions Corner 1

This is the Q&A section that came up after the first part finished. I just remembered it now.

Sevens Questions Corner 1

Q: About Lyle’s Skill…

A: Lyle( ´・ω・`):  “… While my Skill has manifested, it hasn’t fully established itself. That’s why it remains an unknown. It’s just that the Skill has indeed started to take shape, so I think it should establish itself in the near future.”

Q: You won’t throw the Jewel away?

A: First Generation ( ゜Д゜) : “… What a waste that would be. (Even if we’re separated, we’ll suck his Mana. The extra distance makes just makes it take more Mana to reach us.)”

Q: Are the Jewel’s memories reset? There doesn’t seem to be a mutual understanding among the ancestors.

A: Third Generation (ヾノ・ω・`) : “It was only when Lyle became the owner that we Skills awakened to have wills. Meaning up to then, there was absolutely nothing. If we actually knew, then those precepts that First threw together would never have survived to Lyle’s time. So the preceding owners never heard the past ones’ voices, or had their Mana chipped away like Lyle.”

Lyle ( ・д・) : “… And you’ll still treat me as if I’m frail?”

Q: I can’t imagine that Lyle actually received proper education as a noble.

A Second Generation ( ・∀・) : “Since he was isolated around ten, isn’t that how it goes? And wait… Lyle was also under Celes’ influence, so even when he had no intentions of leaving, he continued to read up on stories of adventurers, and it’s stranger to think he would actually start preparing to live on his own. Novem is the second daughter of a Baron House, so it isn’t strange for her to have picked up some street smarts.”

Q: I can’t understand why Novem fell for Lyle.

A: Fourth Generation (-@∀@) : “Is it because he’s the handsome type? Even if Lyle’s quite oblivious to how the world works, he’s quite a catch, you know.”

Q: Don’t the second and third clauses of the precepts overlap?

A: Sixth Generation (・A ・): “I also thought so. But the one who made them was our founder, so we didn’t really want to lay hands on them. Look, I mean, with the guy who made them… sturdy body probably has something to do with physical ability. Like they don’t get hurt easily? Healthy is resistance to illness, or that’s how I’ve understood it to now.They have some history to them, so making alterations is difficult.”

First Generation (屮゜Д゜)屮 : “Okay, got it! If you’ve got a bone to pick with my preferences, come at me, bro!!”

Q: Does the Harem tag mean the female ancestors are going to come out?

First Generation (;゜Д゜) : “T-that’s look… not happening, I think? It’s not, right?”
Second Generation (; ・`д・´) : “I-I don’t see the necessity!”
Third Generation :(;゛゜’ω゜’) “Stahp! … Stop…”
Fourth Generation AWA((゜゜дд゜゜ ))WAWA!! : “Aha, ahahahah!”
Fifth Generation (;゜д゜) : “Oy, stop it, you fools!”
Sixth Generation (;><) : “I-I’m not scared or anything!”
Seventh Generation (;・∀・) : “They never held the gem, so I don’t think we’ll see them (If she finds out we let Lyle collapse, I’m dead).”

Lyle Σ(・∀・;) : “Why are all of you guys so scared!?”

Q: What about the setting where if your body isn’t fully matured, the amount of Mana in your body increases the more and more you use it?

A: First Generation (;゜Д゜) : “T-that’s right! (God dammit, this isn’t a mood where I can say I didn’t think it through that far.)”
Fifth Generation (´・ω・`) :  “… This man doesn’t seem to understand any of that.”

Q: It’s good if there’s one boyish, or elder sister type, or warrior type heroine, right?

A: Fifth Generation ( ・∀・):  “ In Dragoon, there’s a warrior heroine, so there doesn’t seem to be any plans to put one in Sevens.”

(TL: Dragoon is the author’s other work.)

Q: “If Zelphy-san was connected to the feudal lord, he should have known about Lyle, so why did he have to go as far as to put on that act? The lord should have been able to see through it if he amassed his large numbers, but was there some sort of reason for that?”

A: Seventh Generation ( ー`дー´)*Snap* : “The reason Zelphy approached Lyle was because a duo with some clear circumstances behind them had come to Dalien, and she was just keeping an eye on them. It was the Feudal Lord that learned he was a driven out noble son a few days before the act. Also, if he met the real one after reading Zelphy’s reports, he’d still be bewildered. And wait… personality and such things aside, there’s no changing that Lyle was a ticking timebomb in Dalien. Whether things played out to Lyle’s expectations or not, the feudal lord would still think of him as a dangerous existence, and his countermeasures wouldn’t have changed.”

Q: The Bandit subjugation didn’t have any merit to Lyle.

A: Third Generation (・∀・) : “… The ability to use the First Generation’s Skill was plenty a merit to Lyle. I mean, it let him use the other Skills temporarily.”

Q: After having her stolen heirloom returned, not giving a proper thanks is usually a failure as a noble, pride-wise, isn’t it? With him barely going over the other recovered goods and liquidizing them into funds, the only merit was the lower labor required. Since he just was on the verge of dying, his sense of crisis is too low. The ancestors are always talking too much, and causing such a farce, but is there some hidden setting somewhere where there’s a brain defect in each succeeding generation?

A: Fifth Generation ( ゜Д゜) : “… Right. Even when Lyle returned the gem to Aria for free, he should have used the opportunity to fetch a high price for the other lost valuables. I mean, Aria didn’t even put out a request, and she pretty much participated in the subjugation just by watching, so she was different from the other requesters who paid large sums to put out requests for the return of their priceless treasures to skilled high-price adventurers after already having their wealth taken by said bandits. You just have to take a lot of money from those people, right! Oh, what a sound argument! ”

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30 Responses to Sevens Questions Corner 1

  1. gm_rusaku says:


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  2. Kaiflame says:

    …I really want to meet his female ancestors now.

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  3. Whynn says:

    The part about the female ancestors made me fall off of my bed, landed hard btw because I wasn’t prepared for that. In da wanna see what happens should one of them even show up and of there will actually be more hidden skills in the jewel from them IF they actually show up.


    • xandarth says:

      I’m assuming Celes got her hands on the jewel belonging to female members of the Walt family.

      Maybe her Ghosts were fed up being led by idiot men so told her to start the coup.

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      • Mistersan says:

        The 1st female generation has a gem encrusted panties. It is handed down to the 1st daughter of every generation. So yeah the 7 along with Lyle is fucked…

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      • Doomseye says:

        You being serious? Cos that’s more or less impossible lol. Wonder why all the generations are so scared of their wives. I thought one of the ancestors was a romantic though. Forgot which one.


        • Yoraikun says:

          AWA((゜゜дд゜゜ ))WAWA!!
          This one.

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        • xandarth says:


          They’ve married into other noble families and royalty multiple times now. It’s quite possible that one of the wives brought her own family’s gem with her – especially considering they were very popular in the First and Seconds time period.

          So very plausible and would also explain how Celes’ got so powerful so early.


        • Alort says:

          Or maybe her growth is one of the easist ones out there, were in a short period of time she can experience it quite easily, and even though they don’t have such impact as Lyle’s, since they happen frequently, she got stronger.

          Not to mention that her skill may – or may not – be something around bending other’s people will, or making them believe that she is right, above all else, and coupled with the fact that she wasn’t neither the first son nor a boy, she would be married to another family and wouldn’t be in the spotlight, place which would normally belong to Lyle, so it gave her some kind of jealousy. Then, when she gets her growths easily, unlike her brother, and manifests her skill cos of easy growths, once again unlike her brother, her thinking of [I’ll never be in the spotlight] changed to [I am better than him, so why ain’t I the one to be the head?]

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  4. AsianOtakuGuy says:

    Aye :D


  5. 『NGS.Xaos』 says:



  6. pepperisk says:

    Dragoon? Is it good? Any current translations/possible future translation projects?


  7. Orange Light Saber says:

    That last question made sense…

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  8. k says:

    Thank for the update


  9. mir says:

    [ Q: You won’t throw the Jewel away?
    A: First Generation ( ゜Д゜) : “… What a waste that would be. (Even if we’re separated, we’ll suck his Mana. The extra distance makes just makes it take more Mana to reach us.)” ]
    Scary scary scary
    truly a cursed item

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  10. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  11. NasVersix says:

    So is Lyle’s personality the same throughout the story coz if so, I don’t plan on continuing it.


  12. LogLauncher says:

    Thanks for the translation !!


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