Sevens: Novem Forxuz

Novem Forxuz

… Around morning.

Having finished washing the laundry for the mansion, Novem went out into the yard.

In her basket, clothing had been piled like a mountain.

While it’s true they had been away, the amount of clothing that needed to be washed from the labyrinth was formidable.

“The weather sure is nice today… I wonder if Lyle-sama is alright.”

From what she could recall from the morning, it was likely that he wasn’t.

Novem knew that, but since the individual himself was insistent on wanting to go, that was the end of the matter.

The right to decide lay solely with Lyle, or so Novem thought.

Looking across the yard, weeds had grown out, and the lawn had grown up in the time they were away.

Surveying her surroundings, Novem snapped her right hand’s fingers.

After that, she went into hanging up the clothes to dry, and pulling out the weeds. Getting the grass into order, and gathering the lawn refuse into a single place.

It was a matter of seconds.

“I don’t really like using that one.”

While she didn’t like the restrictions of that magic, there was much too little time for her to take care of the entire mansion alone.

Today, she was going to go on to clean its insides, and she also planned to prepare lunch.

“Miranda-san and Shannon-chan are coming back, and we’ve been under their care, so splurging a bit is… but I wonder just how much of a reward Lyle-sama accepted.”

Her eyes met those of a cat wandering atop the yard’s wall.

As Novem tried approaching it with a smile, the cat hissed with its hair on end, before hurriedly running off.

Seeing her own extended hand, Novem thought to herself for a while.

“As I thought, it’s no good.”

Cheering herself up, she picked up the basket to head in to clean the kitchen.

There, a voice called out to her.

It was Shannon.

“Hmm, so you’re alone today.”

Seeing Shannon smiling, and giving off a different atmosphere than usual, Novem didn’t show any signs of surprise.

“What happened? I don’t see Miranda-san with you.”

Shannon spoke.

“She left me, and headed over to the academy. It seems there was some sort of problem. I wonder just what sort of trouble your comrades caused.”

As Shannon giggled to herself, her eyes were definitely focused on Novem.

Novem noticed she was being watched. But for the sake of the girl who liked pretending to be blind, she helped guide her to her room.

“It’s dangerous, so let me take you to your room. Even so, a problem at the academy?”

She thought that perhaps something had happened to Lyle.

But she could imagine the sorts of things Damien would perpetrate.

Believing that Lyle would be able to persevere through them, Novem extended her hand to Shannon.

Shannon returned a vulgar smile in return.

“… I think it would be best if you stopped making such a face, Shannon-chan.”

Upon being warned, Shannon started talking.

“I’m not exactly sure what happened, but onee-sama’s resistance has become incredible. Even when I try pulling at her heart, there’s nothing for me to grasp at… that’s why I think I’ll try taking you. I mean, you’re already something like Lyle’s doll.”

Lyle’s doll.

Hearing that Novem thought to herself for a moment.

That probably wasn’t a mistake.

She acted for Lyle’s wellbeing, and existed for his sake.

But Novem also knew those weren’t nice words to be directing at a human.

So she cautioned her.

“You shouldn’t be saying such things to people. Now let’s get you to your room.”

Shannon grasped Novem’s right hand.

A clear indication she could see it.

“… Shouldn’t you be more skillful than that? At the very least, you’ve been able to put on that unseeing act all the way to now.”

Up to now, Shannon made sure to play the blind girl.

She had never acted in such a blatantly obvious manner.

(Could she be panicking?)

After hearing of how Miranda was resisting, she began to feel something like impatience from Shannon.

The doll she had finally gotten her hands on was stolen, so actions she would never usually do were coming out.

Shannon’s something touched Novem.

“I’m not revealing anything! With this, you’re my doll! Since you look much weaker than onee-sama… weaker than…”

Shannon was acting strange.

Novem spoke in a kind tone.

“Please unhand me, Shannon-chan. Now let’s be off to your room.”

Shannon opened her eyes wide, and looked at Novem.

She hurriedly dropped the hand, and toppled onto her back.

However, she didn’t seem to be in pain.

Without removing her eyes from Novem, her limbs were shaking.

“Are you alright?”

When Novem took a step towards her, Shannon found a scream forming in her throat, as she retreated in kind.

“Your clothes have been dirtied. I’ll wash them, so let’s get you a change.”

They were natural actions from Novem, but the current Shannon saw them as something much more.

“What… just what are you… you’re not human. There’s no way you can be human…”

The words of the wide-eyed Shannon caused Novem to freeze up for a moment.

She tried putting her hand to her face, which had now become expressionless.

(… Not human. So I’ve been told that once more.)

It was a bother. As she thought that, Novem put on a kind face once more.

She was troubled over just how to call out to the shaking Shannon…

“Shanon-chan’s eyes… there’re really pretty, you know. I was sure they were amber, but now they look golden to me. Just what sort of world do you see with them? I’m quite curious.”

The fact that she saw the world differently, that she had the ability, all of it was known to Novem.

She had known, but had acted oblivious.

It’s just that Shannon had quit acting blind, so her interest had been piqued. She tried turning the conversation’s topic towards that, but…

What did Shannon think upon hearing that?

She hadn’t actually thought it that far through.

“Hiiii! Stay away… don’t come any closer!!”

Shannon screamed, before passing out in front of Novem.

Novem looked upon the scene.

“This, again…”

Letting out a small sigh, she patted Shannon’s head.

And like that, she lifted up the girl’s body.

Into a princess cradle.

But there, she felt a presence closing in on the mansion at an incredible speed.


Novem looked over the fence, and spotted Lyle sprinting towards her…

“Are you alright, Novem!!”

I had coincidentally used a Skill.

Seeing the map spread out in a larger scope than I expected, I sensed a red presence by Novem’s side.

I hurriedly ran out of the academy, and used the Fourth’s Skill to get here as fast as I could.

With that momentum, I jumped over the Circry House’s mansion’s wall, but there was a mountain of pulled weeds where I landed, so fell forward.

As I was heading towards the ground, I made sure my body slid to reach Novem’s side.

I think there’s something wrong with the sliding part of it, but I think I showed up with quite an amazing pose, if I do say so myself.

“… A-are you okay, Lyle-sama?”

I stood and brushed away the dirt before speaking.

“I’m fine. I’m even applauding at myself for thinking of a new innovative landing pose on the fly. More importantly, are you okay, Novem?”

Seeing Shannon in her arms, I figured there was likely no problem.

I did look over her just in case.


“Yes. I was just a little startled… so why do you have that bug with you?”

Novem looked at the bug in my right hand with an expression of wonder.

I had spotted it while I was running here, and captured it.

I couldn’t really go around whacking the girl, so I thought I would punish her with her detested bugs.

“It’s Shannon’s punishment time!”

Saying that, I presented the bug before Novem, but…

“Ow! This one bites!”

The bug bit my finger, so I threw it aside.

With that, it flew off, and seeing that, Novem started laughing.


“I mean Lyle-sama… it’s as if you’re a little boy trying to tease the girl you like.”

I flipped my hair.

“Men are those that constantly live with the hearts of their youth. How about it, have you fallen for me again?”

As I said that, I heard the sound of a table being smacked from within the Jewel.

Everyone was acting together, and I heard laughing voices along with whacking sounds…


(Hmph, to the current me, it doesn’t matter how much the ancestors act up. This Mana overflowing through my body… truly wonderful.)

While I considered how dreadful my own talent was, Novem looked at me, and nodded.

“Yes, I’ve fallen for you many times over, Lyle-sama. Now, let’s carry Shannon-chan to her room. Ah, what happened to the materials and the reward?”

Having been asked, I prepared a response.

“No, you see the maid said that was a nice piece or something, so she ended up keeping it. I mean, they were only offering a slightly higher price than at the guild.”

I think selling it would have been fine, but she went on about it being a perfect thickness or something, we reached some mutual understanding, and talks proceeded in the direction of not selling it.

Damien took a liking to the awakened maid, so if we stopped by at fixed intervals, it became that we wouldn’t have to pay a maintenance fee for her.

He’s thought of plenty of ways to use a maid, it seems.

“A maid, is it? Was it not an automaton? Also, about the magic…”

“Fret not! I was able to learn the magic known as 【Golem】. But I really should be mad at that one. It’s something anyone can use, but the type that requires immense talent to master.”

“Ah, I see.”

Novem seemed satisfied with that.

It’s about the golem magic I was taught, but in essence it was ridiculously simple.

It was simple… but to put it bluntly, applying it was hard.

Even if you’re moving them, it’s not as if you’re seeing things from the dolls’ points of view.

You have to see them with your own eyes, and decide exactly how they’ll move. On top of that, if your own eyes get blocked up, it’s impossible to decide how they should move.

To use them like Damien, it really takes talent.

If I’m going to use multiple at once, two is my limit.

“So you did accept a reward. I heard that Miranda-san hurriedly headed off to the academy, but did something happen?”

“Oh, so you knew… the truth is, the automaton I took as a reward became quite an attraction. Something about it being a crystallization of the technology long lost, or something, and the academy students came to see it. It was amazing, you know. It was as if it were a real human!”

As I happily explained, the Fourth asserted himself.

『Oy, kid. Explanations are fine and all, but how long do you plan on having Novem-chan hold up Shannon-chan like that? Carry her to her room quickly, ya’ fool.』

The Third too.

『Really. Oh, I’d also like to request a line from you while you’re carrying her.』

If it was a single line, then I thought that would be fine.

“Oh, sorry ‘bout that. I’ll carry her.”

“Then I’ll leave it to you.”

As I said that, I took the girl in my arms, and looked into her face.

I’m not sure what happened, but I could see the whites of her eyes, and drool was dripping out from her open mouth.

It’s a waste of her good looks.

“Hmm… today I’ve got some fate with sleeping beauties.”

But the fact that I won’t waste it is one of my good points.

“Sleeping beauty, is it?”

“Yeah, the story where a kiss wakes the princess. That’s how I awakened the automaton.”

“… Kiss, is it? I see…”

As I said that, the Sixth…

『Today’s Lyle sure has a perfect cutting edge to him!!』

The Seventh too.

『This is a once in a lifetime chance Lyle! Someone like you is… fine, keep at it.』

The Second seemed to be in pain.

『Stop it already…! Any more of this, and my abs won’t hold up..!!』

They were quite lively.

Thinking that, I entered the mansion.

Novem walked behind me…

“Lyle-sama, what do you think of Shannon-chan?”

Hearing that, I…

“Hmm? I think she’s cute. Simply cute enough to eat up. But it’s unfortunate… for a girl this small, my kiss can’t be the one to wake her.”

Novem thought for a while.

“… Her body seems sturdy, and she doesn’t get sick, apparently. Her eyes are… well, let’s just give them a passing grade. She has the blood of the Walt House in her, but it’s a distant relation, so that’s not a problem. Okay, understood. I’ll do something about it.”

“Yep, I’ll leave it to you. Oh, whoops, I left Aria behind. I’ll have to go get her later.”


I saw her giggle to herself.

Unlike usual, the impression she gave off was quite soft.

It made me feel good as well.

(For me to be able to get Novem to direct such a smile at me… Aren’t I too amazing!?)

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149 Responses to Sevens: Novem Forxuz

  1. Vivec says:

    Something tells me that Lyle should ask to be FORCIBLY RESTRICTED to his room every time he has a Growth until his idiocy wears off.

    Liked by 21 people

    • Gojin says:

      I second AND third that motion. motion passed. get lyle OUT OF THERE!!! -_-

      Liked by 8 people

    • shadowtrap2010 says:

      here follow the teaching of the expert…
      Lin Feng’s expression was calm, letting out a dry cough: “Did you guys see clearly? Using the baihui point above the head as a marker and moving forwards or backwards one inch, hitting these two spots can make people quickly lose conscious.”
      The bald old man woke up, murmuring: “What happened, I think someone attacked me from behind…” Before he could figure out his surrounding environment, Mr. Vulture’s hairs suddenly stood up, his scalp going numb, that familiar feeling came back again.”


  2. Vilkriss says:

    feels novem was the actual mastermind behind all of lyles suffering as if she prepared to make sure she and lyle would live together like this feels like celes was under novems control with all this theories which it is in actuality such a head ache novem really is the most confusing or mysterious character in this series


    • jedaifou says:

      I don’t feel like Novem is a nefarious mastermind : in this chapter we’re getting a glimpse of how she’s thinking and to me it’s frighteningly “empty”, devoid of personal motivation or real feelings. The only thing that seems to be moving her (even if here it is to amusement) is Lyle a

      Liked by 12 people

      • jedaifou says:

        and she appears to have organized her life around him, maybe just to give herself a goal to her that was devoid of ego.

        I see her as a “minus”, a presumably human being which is lacking something vital. In exchange her power seems to be great and of course, without a heart she can’t be influenced, here by Shannon but apparently already once in the past someone accused her of inhumanity and fainted over it (Celes ? may be an element of her dislike of Lyle if the unattainable Novem has been protecting him).

        Of course there remains a lot of mysteries around her, in particular I’m curious as to how *exactly* Lyle has acquired the loyalty of such a remarkable girl.

        Liked by 12 people

        • Shion Vaynex says:

          1 She could be controled by celes. 2 she could have a personality like Yu no who. 3 She could be the one who Controles the walts family including celes.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Seanna2k says:

          Oh, I agree with that. It’s very plausible. I mean, I’m a living example of a person who has always been called inhuman or demonic simply because I’m different enough to be scary to most people, seeing that my emotions and my judgement, decisions and actions are separate, and I can turn my emotions on and off like a switch to live life normally and to make judgements, decisions and actions respectively.

          Liked by 1 person

    • Pj Lajara says:

      im having this bad feeling that she will turn like Arina from My Childhood Friend is a High School Girl and a Hero of Another World but It Looks Like That’s not All


      • Gojin says:

        in my point of view the little blind girls reaction just SCREAMS that she is actually alot like celes or something (whatever the monster brats name is) My guess is shes the same kinda thing as celes. only her plans arn’t nefarious. they are just about lyle. and she is against celes in every way.


  3. GonZ555 says:

    you know.. if novem somehow is the bad girl that manipulates lyle and celes was the one that was trying to save lyle by kicking him out of the engagement.. meatbun is going to cry T_T
    now meatbun wonders if the Forxuz family was the puppeteer since the first generation of walt..
    *shivers* scary..!!

    Liked by 11 people

    • NoTofu says:

      celes is just like that I think, I mean she killed Rondo-san and the others :<

      Liked by 6 people

    • digimaster6662000 says:

      Can’t be. The engagement with Novem was only accepted in the first place because Lyle’s parents had already stopped caring about him. If Velez didn’t manipulate the household into turning against Lyle, then he never would have been engaged to Novem to begin with.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. mir says:

    [ The Third too.
    『Really. Oh, I’d also like to request a line from you while you’re carrying her.』
    If it was a single line, then I thought that would be fine.

    “Hmm… today I’ve got some fate with sleeping beauties.” ]
    You’re evil, Third!! Evil!
    Youre making it worse
    Maybe this is the true reason for the volume title…

    Liked by 5 people

  5. thediabolicalgenius says:

    Well I have to hand it to the author, he knows how to keep me interested. And Novem’s PoV here has really been one of the most intriguing points so far.

    Until now I was sure that Novem was just acting oblivious to common sense, following Lyle’s harem declaration as part of some scheme to motivate him to improve himself and knew all along he was just saying it to drive her off back then. But now we’re seeing a while different side of her.
    Based on the complex magic she used for something as trivial as house chores, how easily she saw through what was going on with Miranda & Shannon and all that, it’s obvious she has abilities beyond the norm, and with Shannon’s declaration that she can’t be human it puts a while new spin on things.
    My theory now is that Novem is a Monster like Celes in ability, but like the other side of the coin. Celes is like a narcissistic socio-path who only cares about her own needs and warps everyone around her to the same viewpoint. Novem on the other hand seems not to care about her own needs at all and instead focuses completely on Lyle’s needs. Celes flaunts her abilities and stands out wherever she goes, while Novem avoids letting her abilities show at all and avoids being the centre of attention, with Lyle being surprised she could cast a spell as powerful as fire storm. Similar beings but at opposite poles on how they do things.
    Now it seems more like rather than just pretending to take Lyle’s ‘being an adventurer waited on by many women’ ambition seriously for humorous effect and as part of some plan, she might really be taking it serious as part of her devotion to Lyle and due her detachment from how normal people think. Just like she didn’t understand how Shannon would react to having her secrets seen through and pointed out so easily, Novem doesn’t seem to understand why Lyle would have made something like that up. After all, she can’t imagine doing anything else but following him and can’t understand why another person would be repulsed and reject him over him wanting to abandon his responsibilities and play around with girls. Because no matter what he does, Novem will accept his decisions and support it and feels that it’s natural. To the point where normal people would feel it’s strange.
    Just thinking now that all Novem’s comments about Lyle’s harem weren’t just playing around and being said to tale amusement in Lyle’s embarassment, but were all 100% serious with her loyal acting to support Lyle’s wish without being able to understand why a normal girl might have objections to it?
    In any case, her character just got a whole lot more interesting.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Why the heck are people so convinced Novem is on the Light Side? I personally think all of the Monsters are facets of Bitch(the goddess, not the princess)’s sociopathic sister.

      Liked by 2 people

    • diegodeveze says:

      I agree. More than a mastermind that plays life chess, she looks more like the oblivious monster type. She doesn’t seem like she’s moving towards some big scheme, but rather just her whims or immediate plans (Lyle Harem and Master Adventurer Plan). Like the naive genius, or more like, the genius that is so out of the norm that everything besides a certain thing(s) is inconsequential to her, so she devotes herself to her own interest (Lyle) wholeheartedly.

      Well, I could be wrong, but that’s exactly why I think you’re right. She just got more mysterious and interesting.
      She seemed like she used a skill, though. The line “I don’t really like using that one.” makes it sound like it’s not her own magic and that she has many more in store.


  6. Dracaufra says:

    To me, it seems that the “monsters in humans’ flesh” are people with abnormal abilities (and maybe physics) as well as a warped personality, one way or another.
    Maybe we will discover that Lyle is also one form of a “monster in human’s flesh”???


  7. JustChilling says:

    The interesting thing is how Lyle was not affected by Celes’ ability to alter people’s emotions. Maybe there was something in Lyle that drove Celes to despise him that much? Like maybe no matter how much she tried, Lyle would have not not been affected by her powers so she was forced to use force to get rid of him.


  8. hezat says:

    I would say she’s either an automaton herself (one that can actually grow up) or a demon.
    and for that one I’d say her family was summoned and contracted before the first (maybe by some member of his family) to actually help/protect him and it continued over the generation


  9. crashclown says:

    she’s a hommunculus ain’t she


  10. DNAnime says:

    If I was a betting man I’d put my money on her family (Haven’t heard anything from them I assume she did something before leaving..) being the first ones that called Novem a monster.


  11. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  12. Bitch… is that you?


    • Yoraikun says:

      Oh come on, when did you see Novem do anything evil, or even mildly selfish?


      • Sean says:

        I get the feeling if Novem had kill anyone of Lyle current companions to protect his life she would in a heartbeat. I don’t mean they betrayed or tried to hurt him but they get in a situation of simple numbers where only two can make it out but there’s three that needs to get out. That’s a type of evil.


        • diegodeveze says:

          No, it’s not. It’s called priorities. If you had to choose between two family members, one dies and the other is saved or BOTH die, of course you’d hesitate, but you’d still choose one eventually, most probably the one you love more. That’s exactly it. Is that evil? No, it’s only human.


      • tamachii says:

        Well she could be doing everything to make him despair even more in the ending, like a certain bitch goddess, my instincts is going Naofumi for quite a while… no woman is that submissive without a proper reason.


  13. Suzushina says:

    Damn, i was fooled by the title…! Oh well at least it’s set in stone multiple times that Novem is hiding sth… Keep at it Lyle!

    I started to enjoy this novel whenever he’s like this LMAO! aside from the ancestors ofc.


  14. I have to say I love when Lyle gets his growth XD his harem can go up several-fold each time XD and I’m really starting to like Novem more and more at this point, i did suspect early on, even before they met Aria that she was hiding something, but her compliance and feigned clueless antics about Lyle’s real feelings had me 100000% suspicious, though I’m guessing at this point shes like Celes but possibly either more powerful or has a profound background, in which either will play a major role later. Butttt I’m still guessing at this point… Either way she’s defo head honcho in the harem XD

    Liked by 2 people

  15. ilalas says:

    I think Novem is likely “monstrous/ a monster” like Celes but she is aligned to Lyle due to something that occurred in their childhood (at least according to the foreshadowing done regarding the childhood in the earlier chapters) [i.e. the fact that he had helped her out but it doesn’t specify how since his own memory isn’t clear due to trauma from age 10 and up. The scenario could be like this: maybe because she is a “monster” she ended up being able to use her huge mana at an early age (childhood) and caused her isolation when she was mischievously pulling pranks (starting of the twisted mind factor) but something happened between Lyle and her and she resolved herself to use her power for him instead]. Another theory could be this but there also could be the fact that she might also have inherited a gem-turned-jewel from her household via her heirloom that she left behind (or might be carrying with her) and it taught her all the Skills because she was a “monster” but her mind wasn’t twisted due to the ancestors’ influence [young minds be impressionable].


    • diegodeveze says:

      Your theories sound awfully plausible. The whole ”something happened in their childhood and she became devoted” trope is pretty common, so I had overlooked it completely, but with what you say you recall, that might just be it. The gem-jewel thing also sounds plausible, and may even be real including to the first theory.


  16. Silverlotus says:

    Pftt-! Bwahahahaha!!! 😂 He’s acting like a narcissist and an idiot! Omg I’m trying hard to laugh right since I’m supposed to be sleeping but my stomach hurts too much and this is soooo funny! 😂 He’s increasing his dark past more and more!!


  17. krispos says:

    This is the LYle I I have been waiting for!!


  18. LogLauncher says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!


  19. DarkoNeko says:

    …it was hinted a bit before, and more clearly when she used those spells earlier but… Novem could be a monster on Celes’ level after all. Except dedicated to Lyle.


  20. diegodeveze says:

    So synthethizing some of the other commenter’s theories, I think Novem IS a monster, but the type that’s apathetic about everything except a couple of things (Lyle), maybe because he helped her in her childhood and possibly treated her like human when most others wouldn’t; you know, the usual.

    She might also have a jewel in her. What makes me think so is the line “I don’t really like using that one.” that suggests the magic isn’t exactly ”hers” and that she has more up her sleeve.

    What caught me a bit, though, is Shannon’s reaction. She reacted like that to Novem but not to Celes? I mean, it could be just be something that can only be noticed after inserting her mana thingy into someone (which she didn’t do to Celes), but I found it strange.

    I don’t doubt Novem so much anymore, though. I thought she might have been an evil mastermind, but getting a bit close and personal with her was pretty revealing. I liked how her and Lyle finally got a more personal interaction.

    Also, Mr. Lyle is international heritage.


  21. Ryjin says:

    When did Novem know that Shannon have a Blood of Walter? (‘・ω・’)

    Thanks for the chapter BTW!


  22. colorless says:

    I’m just hoping Shannon tells Lyle what she faced.


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