Sevens Question Corner 3

Sevens Question Corner 3

Q: With thirty kids, the Fifth could control the entire government with political marriages~

A: Fifth Generation ( ゜д゜) “Oh, right! You usually don’t get that many, do you now? But there was a reason I had to do that! How about you think about my feelings when I had a need to get that many children… right?”

Fourth Generation ( ´・ω・`): “Sorry.”

Third Generation ( ´・ω・`): ”I’m sorry.”

Q: Celes is a reincarnator with a cheat~.

A: Second Generation ヽ(・ω・)/ : “Wrong. She isn’t a reincarnated or body swapped or anything.”

Q: The little sisters of this world are dangerous. Do you perhaps hate little sisters, author?

A: Sixth Generation (´∀`) : “They definitely are dangerous, but the author doesn’t hate them, and he has some twisted delusions about them. How foolish~.”

Q: The ancestors interfere too much. Lyle doesn’t need a personality.

A: Lyle (・д・) : “I know, right?”

Q: He noticed Miranda was attacking, but not that Novem was actually awake?

A: Second Generation (/ω・\) : “Look, he was being attacked and all… he thought drugging was in play, so perhaps it was a perceived notion? The skills aren’t omnipotent or anything.”

Q: Novem is the one behind the curtains.

A: Novem|∀・).。oO(… No comment)

Q: Sevens… Lyle is either the Eighth or Ninth Generation, so isn’t the title wrong?

A: Lyle ( ゜д゜) : “… W-what was that?”

Fourth Generation (-@∀@) : “I-it’s fine! It’s strange because you’re thinking of it as implying he’s the ‘Seventh’ of something. How about thinking it as a pluralization of 7? … no good, huh?”

Seventh Generation (・∀・) : “Just say there’s some deeper meaning or some bullshit like that to put them off. They’ll forget it eventually! (The truth is, the deeper meaning in the title is… oh, my, I can’t say any further).”

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A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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76 Responses to Sevens Question Corner 3

  1. nicokudo says:

    wow, thanks yoraikun, by the way, could it be that sevens is the number of harem members?

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  2. RKain says:

    Do you have a lot of stuff to procrastinate today, Yoraikun? You’ve released quite a few chapters (and this thing).

    My thanks to you.

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  3. AsianOtakuGuy says:

    So Yoraikun. Why are your eyes red?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. dogber7 says:

    how many chapters are left?


  5. Thank you very, very, very much for all your hard work!!! I love Sevens with unholy love (*_*)


  6. Tolack says:

    These rapid updates are amazing Yoraikun! Thank you very much!


  7. Made a compilation of volume 2. It’s freaking near 300 pages. Well big font so that’s a reason.


  8. BakaGrappler says:

    Iyo, Yoraikun. Your work makes every day of my life just a bit brighter.

    Bro fist.
    ……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/‘…’)
    ……….’’…\………. _.·´

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  9. Orange Light Saber says:

    You are having a field day aren’t you Yoraikun?


  10. guest says:

    “(The truth is, the deeper meaning in the title is… oh, my, I can’t say any further).”

    1. Novem
    2. Aria
    3. Miranda
    4. Shannon
    5. Maidbot
    6. Clara
    7. ….Celes?

    That seems too obvious, so avoiding such a predictable outcome is actually enough reason for me to hope we pick up a couple others. I suspect it gets tricky keeping characters from running out of screentime at about that number though.


  11. Eiourion says:

    Lot of seven, most used are the cardinal sins

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  12. Mario says:

    Yep…by the way you will need to explain things again and again in other time…I guess that is the normal process. You are the best, give your best. Greetings.


  13. I made it!

    Was enjoyable. Still getting chills against Novem though. ;_;

    She’s been brainwashed! (By Lyle) :P


  14. Dietrich says:

    So about Novem: When (chapter-wise) will we get some real information about her (what/who she is)? All the teasing isn’t really my thing so it would be nice to know how long I have to endure ^^


  15. Malty says:

    This is called Sevens because this will end in chapter 777


  16. slay_mithos says:

    Aren’t there a bit too many “monster” class people appearing?

    I mean, when the First told his story, it was apparently only 1 per era, and just around Lyle, there are already 2 that appeared (sister and fiancée), along with a duo of sister clearly above the norm.

    Well, I guess there is still the possibility that Novem and the sister are just Novem, trying to get Lyle for herself, but on the other hand, why would she help gather other girls if that was the case…


    • xandarth says:

      I’m pretty sure it was Celes who called Novem a monster.

      If she’s immune to mind magic obviously Celes would be afraid of her when he Skill failed to control her like everyone else.

      So she may not actually be a monster – just immune to monster MC powers. ;)


    • Yoraikun says:

      The First never said that there was only a single monster. His entire speech was a spiel on how, at important points in history, the monstrous people come out. There’s no actual definite concept of monster.


  17. Boontjie says:

    Q: Sevens… Lyle is either the Eighth or Ninth Generation, so isn’t the title wrong?
    Also Lyle is the ninth generation, from the titles released thus far
    The Ninth Generation was a Former Child Prodigy – Lyle

    So sevens refers to something else. There is not enough info at the moment, but I am blind guessing it has something to do with Novem and her noble house, given all the secrecy surrounding her. Seems like the author is intentionally hiding her info


  18. misheel1992 says:

    Hmm computer numeral start from 0 so i think it’s right for Lyle to be 7.


    • Boontjie says:

      I agree that the makes you want to fit Lyle into 7, but from the titles the author already gave, sevens definitely does not refer to generations.

      Also the title is “Sevens”, plural not seven. There is less literal interpretations of sevens, the most obvious one, being something related to luck.

      But hell I am also guessing, not like I know any better


  19. alu says:

    Good “bullshit like that to put us off”, author.


  20. Harima says:

    Author is Dragon ball fanatic….. If you know what I mean…..


  21. BalthasarH says:

    So Lyles Groth induced moments of chuunibyou are worse than normal. And the first Groth is supposed to be the worst of all.

    Now what if the reason for Lyles isolation was that he had his first groth at about 10 years old and his behaviour was so digusting that his family and all present servants gave up on him (“We cannot have someone like THIS succeed the house!”). While in that state he did something to celes that made her hate him and was smacked so hard (eighter by her or his father) that he forgot the whole ordeal.
    Later his family made celes work her ass off to have her succeed which made her break under the pressure (we only know the story from Lyles perspective and he hardly ever left his room, so he wouldn’t know if she put proper effort in or not).
    Novem witnessed the ordeal and became empty on the inside (“I have to marry someone like HIM?!”) But by beeing by his side over the following years she realized that he normally isn’t like that and recovered somewhat. So when he asked her about groth she remembered that time and paniced and she can laught his current grothbehaviour off because it is nowhere near as bad as at that time.


  22. Thanks says:

    My Doses keeps increasing!


  23. art says:

    happy birthday & as always thank you !


  24. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  25. ProudNeet says:

    Last A. So with Novem’s hidden personality and title’s hidden meaning it’s look like Novem have another Jewel with seven female-ancestors of Foxiz.


    • diegodeveze says:

      I don’t know, but it’d explain how she knows so many stuff (just like Lyle after being told by his ancestors). Maybe that’s why she so well-timedly said the being jealous stuff when he was feeling down. Perhaps her ancestors egged her on to lift him up.


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