Sevens Question Corner 4

Sevens Question Corner 4

Q: Even if all the ancestors disappear, will the Best Lyle awards remain behind in the Jewel?

A: Third Generation (`・ω・´): “Let’s make it happen!”

Lyle (∩゜д゜): “… I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t see anything.”

Q: Did the ancestors have a stream of mistakes through Growth as well?

A: Second Generation Σ(´∀`||;): “No, that part’s a little… I don’t recall.”

Q: Lyle’s no good. I can’t understand Novem’s supremacy in this relationship. He’s not of the right caliber to make a Harem.

A: Lyle ( ゜д゜): “Agreement. But I can’t really hate Novem after she’s done so much, and even if you say I’m no good, I just love Novem. Harem? I have absolutely no intentions of making one. What of it?”

Q: Shouldn’t you start with training personal ability from the start? The ancestors’ actions are all over the place.

A: Fourth Generation (-@∀@): “We thought he was a technique type, but it was only in Part Two did we realize he just took a long time to experience Growth. I agree that area was definitely a strange one, but he was able to master the Skills several times quicker than we imagined, so we kinda just figured, ‘hey, shouldn’t we kinda put a restriction on him’ at some point. There was no helping it.”

Q: Lyle’s reputation among the adventurers and the guild is way too low.

A: Fifth Generation (´・д・`): “In this world, placing a correct evaluation on something is not an easy task. It’s because feelings exist as well. Even if you say there’s no gap between male and female adventurers, try imagining Lyle being carried out by a legion of beauties… don’t you find that irritating? It’s something like that.”

Q: You guys rely too much on those poor Forxuzes. Yet the Fifth suddenly turned them into a vassal house. Is he an idiot?

A: Fifth Generation ( ゜д゜): “Oy, yes, I’m an idiot… there were lots of circumstances going on around the time! There’s also the fact the Fourth Generation had screwed up too much.”

Fourth Generation (-@∀@): “… No, but they did raise me up when I was a child, and I became head around ten, right? What’s more, the Third died, and I had to inherit various things, so… I couldn’t help but rely on them, right?”

Q: I have a premonition a Quilin’s going to come out as a heroine. Could it be Novem’s true form is a…

A: Fifth Generation Σ(゜Д゜;): “You think I wouldn’t have noticed dat fluff!?”

Q: I want to see Poyopoyo’s backstory.

A: MonicaΣb( `・ω・´)GUH: “How splendid. But unfortunately… I was first started up when I met that chicken dickhead. Please think of me as being zero years old.”

Q: You won’t make your swords of the same material as Porter?

A: Monica (´・д・`): “Well, it’s armor scraps, so if we were to put it to full use, I guess it would be as protective equipment… if we’re going that far, then I guess buying a normal high-priced sword may be the safer option. If it’s drills, I can prepare them at a moment’ notice, though.”

Lyle DO NOT (゜⊿゜) WANT

Q: Can the First’s Skill, and the large sword be used freely?

A: Lyle (´・ω・`): “I could have used them if I wanted to, but due to the tasks, I had them sealed off myself. Because the moment I used them, I would have failed the task anyways.”

Q: About Arumsaas’ guild’s treatment, and the punishments. It’s not enough!

A: Sixth Generation (´・∀・` ): “… The guild is currying favor with the Academy, and he’s Damien’s friend. If I say that much, you get it, right? Arumsaas’ guild sees that academy they can’t go against as Lyles ally. So what would happen to a staff member who sold out information knowing it would lead to a raid against him… there’s also the injured adventurers he saved, and others he helped in town, so… oh, that’s enough of that.”

Q: I’m tired of stories about the resolve to kill. Get over it!

A: Seventh Generation (・∀・): “The resolve to kill? Do you understand why so many such scenes exist? Without that, what would you empathize with… wait, you’re’ serious about this? Well, if you want to consider this world’s sense of values… they’re been adventurers for little over half a year…”

Lyle ( ゜Д゜): “Should I bring back the attackers’ ***** with me? It’ll serve as a nice threat. Or perhaps their ***** ****** would be better?”

Novem (´・∀・` ): “That’s heavy, so how about we settle for their ****** or ****? Ah, of course, we’re collecting their guild cards, and valuables.”

Aria (゜д゜): “I’ll definitely never forgive that guild receptionist! Let’s make an example of him. We’re hanging up his *******, alright!”

Miranda (`・ω・´): “If it’s *******, then I happen to be an expert on the subject! I’ll take out his ************* alive, and soak it in his ****!”

Shannon (´ぅω・`): “That’ll be noisy, so make sure you stuff his mouth first. You’ll disturb the neighbors.”

Clara (´-ω-`): “Do you want to sell off the families of the ones that sold information as slaves? The men to the mines, and the women to the streets. For the children, there are some people with… special hobbies out there…”

Monica Σ(゜Д゜;): “Humans are scarrrryy!!”

Heads of History: ”Oh my, you kids are still much too soft…”

Seventh Generation ( ゜Д゜): “… See? Not a millimeter of empathy, right? If they could do it, that would be scary in itself. If you go to too high of an extreme, it becomes like that. At present, Lyle, Novem, and Aria would still kill in revenge if one of their comrades were killed off. Miranda and Shannon would be a little hesitant to do it personally. Clara has a certain extent of experience as an adventurer, so she may be used to it. There was a need to keep it mildly mild, so it ended up like this.”

Fifth Generation (・∀・): “To add onto that, Lyle set it up so they would get annihilated regardless. He was more than resolved.”

Q: Despite being a group with considerable competence in using Skills, they entered the labyrinth without adequate preparations, and they were in a situation where it would’ve been possible for them do die off without Lyle even doing anything. Why not put a little more thought into it?

A: Second Generation (´・д・`): “If the attacking squad was just a little more careful, it would be Lyle’s group that was annihilated. Story ends there. Thanks for reading.”

Third Generation (´・∀・` ): “And so what if they had Skills? There’s no meaning if they don’t master them, and we used our powers to put those conceited SOBs in their places. But is that something strange? They seemed to be reliant on Skills, and Lyle was in a state without them up to recently. In order for him not to become like that, we put the restrictions up, didn’t we?”

Fourth Generation (-@∀@): “The enemy had their preparations in place. It’s just that it was insufficient to aim for the Thirtieth floor. By the way, they were taking measures to annihilate Lyle’s party, and on top of that… we stuck a 「Double Standards」 tag onto the story’s genre, so we should be fine.”

Q: You wrote there were some who could stomach magic water out there, so I can’t imagine all of them being wiped out. The ancestors’ stance that it was absolutely impossible is questionable.

A: Lyle(´・ω・`): “… If their remnants would have been able to safely return in that state, I would never have created Porter in the first place. Would a group that was known to have attacked those of their same trade actually cooperate with one another with their limited supply of consumables to aim for the surface? If all that was possible, we wouldn’t have done that.”

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  1. canaria23 says:

    ***********, ****** and **** also ******

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  2. Pun says:

    Thanks for the **********.

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  3. BakaGrappler says:

    And there you have it with Lyle’s last comment. My essay from two chapters back stands as a testament to Lyle’s resolve to kill. And I really like the “theoretical scene” that was shown. The author is really on the ball for answers.

    Yoraikun, iyo.

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    And at it at that moment that the guro squad was born


  6. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Why? Why were those words censored? We could handle it. Really!


  7. Villager A says:

    Thanks for the chapters Yoraikun,


  8. Orange Light Saber says:

    Well that was nice.. but one question I have is does the author write these questionaires or you Yoraikun?


  9. lies says:

    so yoraisan, when will this series be added to your main project? i ask this out of my insecurity of you that will(?), one day, abandon this project after so far.


  10. GonZ555 says:

    hiii… scary..! Humans are scary!

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  11. Nyoron~ says:

    > “For the children, there are some people with… special hobbies out there…”

    I want to know what kind of hobbies is that :3

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  12. hezat says:

    well Humans are the true monsters out there …
    Thanks kam- errr yorai sama :p


  13. Nukoko says:

    Those ***** in there somehow sounded like the dolphin sound effect in that one spongebob episode were they kept swearing…

    Seeing as the harem will keep increasing, I’m actually getting worried on how the interactions will play out. Having a lot of characters on the scene can be quite chaotic, and having to pay attention to the development of each would certainly take some time to do so. I at least hope that one character isn’t put on a bus or made to fade into the background.

    Well as it is the author is doing a nice job.

    Thanks for the chapter Yor-sama!

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    • dolphin noises… XD


    • Tolack says:

      Pretty sure this group right now will be the core group. They might pick up one, two at the unlikely most next volume. But I reckon one max next volume; it’ll probably be none or save some noble woman (maybe ANOTHER COUSIN!?) and get some connections (and gain a non-party-member harem-member). I’m just speculating.

      You’re worried about too many characters on screen? It’s only natural that as a story progresses, you meet more characters. They needed a full party, and it took 64 chapters to get one. Imo, there’s a pretty good pacing. Not to mention that ancestors start bugging out once they’re completely satisfied with Lyle. RIP once again ancestors.


      • Nukoko says:

        I agree that it does indeed have good pacing, and I’m not worried about the number of character itself but the depth of interaction between characters.

        An example would be… Death March web novel? Interactions between characters become sparse and interactions have become a tad bit shallow. Though that’s just my opinion.

        Someone had mentioned about the fact that in terms of meaningful interaction, the ones that have had them most would be the ancestors (please dear god I hope they don’t disappear any time soon, i still miss the first) and I agree with them. I guess I want more of such kind of interactions between the harem

        Hopefully they’re all just needles worries, the author has done a great job so far after all.


  14. UltimaLuminaire says:

    Haha oh boy. Some of the questions in the FAQ remind me of certain past comments. Thanks for finishing off another fun volume, Yoraikun.


  15. DarknessWolf says:

    What weapon do ancesstors usually use? Maybe all will turn to the weapons they usually use.


  16. Leguron says:

    Yoraikun already mentioned that the serires contains Double Standards. Can someone explain where these double standards appeared?


    • Tolack says:

      The best example of double standards was how Lyle treated Aria in the beginning. It reminded him of how his sister treated him, and he had help to stomp out that line of thought before he ended up that way. Besides, the Double Standards tag seems more like it’s there to placate people who don’t realize that people contradict themselves/have double standards all the time.


  17. Leguron says:

    I would stil root for the main characters if they dealt properly with the adventurers. They perfectly described what I expected.
    I doubt that Lyle Novem and Aria only kill in revenge. Lyle and Novem are capable of murder and Aria would be hesitant.
    It is fine that Miranda and Shannon are not able to do it personally which I question so they can leave this stuff to the rest of the group. Clara is an adventurer that know the normal procedure for it so she should be ok with it.


    • Anon says:

      All this question corner stuff is outside the main story, it’s for calming the unsatisfied readers. I also don’t think Aria can actually do it but I believe Miranda can (she may even laugh maniacally *sweat*), Shanon seems weak but who knows what she thinks? (you know, the coward type often takes extreme actions…)


    • Yoraikun says:

      Rooting for and empathy are different beasts entirely, my man.


    • lazyguy says:

      “Heads of History: ”Oh my, you kids are still much too soft…””
      If he wanted an indirect kill he could have just poisoned them with the arrows the adventurers had no? not to mention its a shame Lyle didn’t take any of the items… Maybe its a bit harsh but I don’t see any need for sympathy when your life is being targeted… I would have thought he would have a little colder decision making considering that he should be quite a bit fucked up in the head from the Celeste situation in his infancy.


      • Yoraikun says:

        The fucking in the head’s the opposite of what you’re thinking about. His own self esteem is ridiculously low, so he doesn’t care that they attacked him all that much.


  18. DrnD'Aanerr says:

    thanks for the *******!


  19. ArKain says:

    Miranda would be unlikely to kill…? But she’s the one that attempted to murder Lyle in his sleep, and was actively attempting to torture those guys while tying them up…


  20. Mario says:

    Hahahahaha, poor author. But he is wrong, he can not do this…it is like saying a joke and explain why is so funny…because no one get the joke. If someone else give a shit and explain the joke is ok thought. But well, that was funny in its own way. I am learning so much.


  21. wizard172 says:

    thx yoraikun


  22. alu says:

    Even after they passed the skills on and vanished like the 1st, they will come to see “Mr. Lyle”


  23. slay_mithos says:

    Many thanks for this fourth arc/book’s translation.

    This novel definitely is nice, good thing that you picked it up, rather than listening to us trying to push you to translate an already started one.


  24. thejum says:

    Thanks for the chapters and series!

    I had saved up a bunch of chapters and just read them all…but there has been no word from you and I worry this has been dropped.

    Hope everything is well, come back soon! :)


  25. vilkriss says:

    question will this be where this translation will pause/end?


  26. crossedunion says:

    with ToS beta already done, will the next “volume” of sevens see the light again?


  27. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  28. HappyHairy says:

    Although I understand Lyle’s reasons for ‘killing’ the adventurers with a delay (doesn’t bring down the morale of his party), he still pretty much subjected the rogue adventurers to a tortuous death from having their stomach destroyed. Hell, even getting killed my monsters would probably be better since they wouldn’t be interested in dragging it out, but Lyle left them the ‘most-excruciating-death’ option disguised as mercy.

    I don’t believe that those adventurers deserved to live, but I hope the author doesn’t mind his hero being thought of a boy that approves of torture-killing his enemies. At least, that’s how he’s made out to be in that last chapter.


    • diegodeveze says:

      From all the years I’ve watched/read anime/manga, I think the term ”destroying the stomach” is figurative of ”stomach ache”, or maybe something a bit more serious, but not like literal stomach destruction.


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