This is Not a Chapter (Delay)

With the completion of Sevens Volume 4, I’m going off on a little journey in narou… With the start of ToS’s 2nd closed beta on the 27th, you may not see me for a week or so. In other news, TlK got a Serge chapter (Fortis).

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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118 Responses to This is Not a Chapter (Delay)

  1. /cry gently into my beer


  2. lazyguy says:

    17 or so days without update D: life is so cruel


  3. Hiane Rawr says:

    I went tank route in ToS it’s actually kinda interesting and fun


    • Alort says:

      I went sword3 >barb2 > fencer and now i’m going wiz1>pyro2>elementalist and u know what, wearing plate armour, taking low damage and being able to ohk almost everything is hella fun ‘-‘

      And, going back on track, I miss Lyle… I’d love to know if Yorai could do something like a Sevens and Lazy King once a week, if possible one of each. Of course, if doing so wouldn’t be overdoing or a burden ‘-‘


  4. anonymus says:

    I miss my regular dose of Sevens. Please Yuraikon, come back to us.


  5. iHateTOSBeta says:

    23 days… tos i hate you :c


  6. RandomDude says:

    hm, did yorai abandon 7? because hes translating LK


  7. Termt says:

    Seems like I’ve caught up. Now, to read the rest of the projects… with the exception of the man story of Shieldbro.


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