The Lazy King Chapter 16: Luxuria’s Affection

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The Lazy King Part 2 Chapter 8: Luxuria’s Affection

Just Take it as it Comes

… Thus, the Lord was there. Today as well.

The transcendent being. An ancient and great Demon. The master of Depravity and Sloth. The eternal ruler. Slaughter Dolls.
Evil God. Leigie Slaughterdolls. The… master I am to serve.

The Lazy King.
His existence itself evaded all the glimmering lights of creation. A King of darkness.
From the endlessly distant past, a Demon who reigned over this world.

“Good work… my liege.”

“… Yeah.”

Having woken up for the first time in a long while, Leigie-sama’s behavior hadn’t changed in the slightest.
The jet black throne. It was said to have existed long before the Castle of Shadows was completed, It was the only seat that the Lazy King alone was permitted to sit in. I sent it a hollow glance.

What was at the end of my eyes was a single girl.
Vibrant silver hair and eyes. Her somewhat innocent eyes gave off a strong, and dangerous sort of charm, and the pure white wings growing from her back gave off a strong light, even in the darkness, as if to display her will.
But she wasn’t to move again. From her feet to the roots of her hair, she was covered with a highly transparent wall of ice, and now, she looked nothing more than a work of art.

Valkyrie. A mere shadow of what once was Serge Serenade of the Silver Blue.
That beautiful form enough to make my heart skip a beat, regardless of the fact I was a Demon, or that I was of the same gender, caused my feelings to move a little.

“… How was it?”

The words I unintentionally let out had exceeded my authority.
With my only role being to offer assistance to Leigie-sama, I did not have the right to ask of his opinion. Even if… Leigie-sama himself held no strong emotion towards that fact.
It was of the server and the served, the servant and the lord. A clear line.

Without even taking a fleeting glance at me, Leigie-sama spoke, as if giving a soliloquy alone.

“… Alright, I guess… when it’s all over, this is all to remain… That’s how most things go in the world, anyways…”

It’s not… alright.

The figure of him letting out a deep sigh truly gave off the impression that he felt nothing at all.
But I had a slight idea of it.

One governing Sloth, Leigie-sama personally waited on the throne, and he let out his impression in more than three words.

Of course, no matter how long I had been in service to him, my Lord’s Will wasn’t something someone of my lowly status should have been judging, but… I’m sure that an emotion other than Sloth had moved him.
For some reason, it pained me.

Even if understanding that fact was what truly was beyond my authority.

“It seems I’ve… become too strong… I’m not sure if she came too early or too late… No, it’s all just useless supposition.”

The black briefcase propped up against the throne transported itself to his hand.
It was a power to draw in whatever one wanted.
Within my long years of service, that power that even I had never seen before was one that Leigie-sama had obtained quite recently. A power transcending Demon Lord Level.

Perhaps the clasps hadn’t been fastened properly, as the contents were exposed.
Inside, numerous chess pieces had been stuffed. It was one of Leigie-sama’s few personal belongings.
Chess pieces. It’s not definite what era they were manufacuter in, but the pieces were pitch black.

At the start, there were likely six types, sixteen pieces in total, but now, there were numerous empty spaces dotted around it.
the Pawn that had been split cleanly in half teleported, and filled in one of those holes. Though a piece that had once died shouldn’t be able to be used again.

They were weapons. Boasting the epithet Slaughter Dolls, Leigie-sama’s important, and unique weapons.
They had likely been by his side for far longer than I had ever served him…

Originally, I should have been the one to pick it up for him. I knew that. I knew, but I couldn’t get any closer.
Leigie-sama’s expression was just too sad, too depressed… even though it wasn’t through fear, my body wouldn’t move.
His power had been too far above, and he couldn’t stand alongside the one he wanted most.
That body of his was unbelievably greater than that of all the Demon Lords who underestimated, and despised him.

No matter how many years passed, how many tens of hundred of thousands of tens of thousands of years were to pass, he was too far for them to even see his feet.

Leigie-sama slowly moved his right hand back and forth.

“… My liege, what may be the matter?”

“… You’ve been being quite… annoying for a while…”

“!? Annoying… is it?”

The words suddenly directed at me made it feel as if my heart was to stop, but I soon realized that wasn’t the case.
Leigie-sama’s eyes were watching some far off place that wasn’t here.
Somewhere much to distant for my eyes to see. I’m here to look after my lord. For that sake, I underwent training, and a majority of my life had been devoted to that. But how deplorable it was there there were still things I was incapable of.
Even if I knew that was just my ego speaking…

“Ah… hah… even if I have the means, what a pain it is… if I ignored them, I doubt it would become a problem, but no matter what, they catch my attention.”

“… Is there anything that I can do?”

“Ah… no, you may leave. Iyo.”

After letting out a deep sigh, Leigie-sama raised his face, and pointed to the ice sculpture with sluggish movements.

“Please bring that over to my room.”

“Your room… is it?”



Without asking any more, I gave a deep bow. I folded my hips, and put both hands to my apron.

The opponent he went as far as to sit on the throne for. He probably has much to think of.
He drove both me and Medea out, and wished to confront that opponent alone. He must have much to consider.

I approached the ice sculpture, and touched it with the tips of my fingers.
It held no temperature. It was neither cold nor warm. What looked like ice, but couldn’t be, was surely a seal. A fragment of the power that had sealed all the land in ice a year ago.

If by this result, Leigie-sama is saved in the slightest, then that’s fine. I won’t think anything of it.

The brief case in his hands disappeared. To where it originally should have been… likely a corner of Leigie-sama’s room. Up to quite recently, that had been my role, but I had not the right to complain of his selection to use a Skill to transport it in an instant.

I should merely find joy in the grand task of transporting this statue.
I’ll care for Leigie-sama, and at the same time, receive from him. In the distant past, that was the relation my first ancestor that came in service to Leigie devised.

“It’s no good… all of it just seems… tiring.”

His ghastly gallant expression sent a glance towards my feet.

Our eyes met. As he often never looked one in the eye when speaking, it was quite a rare occurrence.
An impact like an electric shock raced from my legs up my spine, and that alone caused my body to stiffen. It was an impulse similar to pleasure, and quite an honor for me. Gaining recognition from one who governs Sloth such as Leigie isn’t something that happens too often.

His lips formed my name. My heart shook and heated up. I caution myself not to let it show on my complexion too much. I am but a loyal servant.


“… Yes…”

But the next words to come out of his mouth had completely exceeded my imagination.
Nonchalantly, truly listlessly, he gave out that declaration.

“I’ll grant you some free time.”

“… Eh…?”

I didn’t know what he was trying to say.
After a few seconds, I finally comprehended, and the truth hit me like a pan to the face.
A vertigo greater than anything I had ever felt before. All before my eyes went pitch black.
The candles were properly lit, yet the entire world seemed heavy and dark.

I naturally put my hands to my ears, and shook my head. My heart stopped for a moment, before starting itself up with a beat that felt it would rupture.
Misheard … no, there’s no way I would ever mishear Leigie-sama’s words.
My lip trembled. I tried to take a deep breath to calm myself, but was pressed for air.
The words that came out after several seconds quite cut up, contrary to my will.

“Ha… have I… made some… sort of err.. hic.. or?”

My words mixed in with my tears were nothing suited of Leigie-sama’s perfect servant.
Before the overwhelming wave of emotion, it felt like all the training I had done to now had been meaningless.

No… just crying would be… more decent.
Without noticing the reverberation of my soul core, that felt like it would shatter itself at any moment, Leigie-sama answered.

“No… wrong. My regrets have… faded. I have yet to see my future prospects. So I’ll just sleep… and wait…”

“… What will you do… about your meals?”

“They’re unnecessary. In the first place, eating is unnecessary to me.”

“… Cleaning the room is…”

“I can sleep anywhere.”

“… Y-your clothing is…”

“… Iyo.”

Perhaps it became a pain, as he only returned one word in the end.
But his face didn’t give off the impression he was speaking a joke. In the first place, Leigie-sama doesn’t do anything as troubling as joke around.

The role I had been given in life was to follow Leigie-sama’s mighty will. My predessor, and the all the predecessors before her had lived their lives just like that. If this truly is what Leigie-sama wishes for, if I truly will be an obstruction to him… I must swallow up my tears, and depart from my master’s presence.
No, while we’re at it… it would be best for me to die. Right. Death would be the better option. I know not any other way to live. I have nothing that I want to do.

I knew. I had realized it long ago. There’s no way I couldn’t have.
To Leigie-sama, my devotion… no, my ancestors devotion included, all of it was something liss than garbage. Leigie-sama was able to live his life alone.
The one relying on his grand power had been me.

I asked for confirmation once more.

“… So you… don’t need me any longer?”


Leigie-sama gave a truly curt response.

My thoughts turned at full throttle. Not needed… no, what should I…

For the first time ever, I tried arbitrarily interpreting his words.

I’m satisfied with your work… no, I’ll leave it to you.

“… My liege… no, Leigie-sama… I want to serve you no matter what… um, well, I’ll do any… thing… just as always… can you not keep me by your side?”


Leigie-sama’s short answer.

I am satisfied with your work… no, I’ll leave it to you.

He’s going to leave it to me…
Then I can do whatever I want…

“T-thank you, Leigie-sama… for your lenient judgement, I hold the greatest of gratitude.”

As I timidly presented my flawed proposition, Leigie-sama stared at me with eyes as if to say, ‘this one sure is a pain,’ but he didn’t say anything.
My field of vision was bluring. I deeply lowered my head.

By the time I raised it, Leigie-sama’s figure had already disappeared. I’ll bet her returned to his bedroom.

I looked towards the carpet that was a mess, and the cracked walls. It’s unthinkable for me to leave such wreckage in the Throne Room. I’ll have to fix it…
And after that I’ll have to make Leigie-sama’s, and Medea’s meals… It may be best to start the preparations for Leigie-sama’s right now.
Of course, it’s not going to pose much of a problem right now, but so as not to abandon it, I should properly carry out my duty…

I started to put together the list of things I had to do, as I cast my eyes onto the ice sculpture of Serge Serenade.
It was a quiet expression, without rage or sadness, or fighting spirit. I have no idea what she had been thinking at that moment.

Even if I had my theories, the nature of Leigie-sama’s regrets remained unknown to me. I can’t really ask him, and even if I do, I doubt I’ll get an answer.

But I’m sure…

“Leigie-sama, your regrets will… fade away someday…”

I was not a unit for war. Just a simple maid, that existed to take care of the matters around Leigie-sama.

But the state of affairs was all within my head.
My clan. The clan of shadows in service to Leigie-sama didn’t just consist of me and Hiero. Back in ancient times, in the Demon World covered in a high casualty rate, with Leigie-sama’s protection as our base, the gradually expanding clan had become the one with the greatest scale in the world. They were scattered all about it.

The information gathered from all over spoke tales of it.
Of the start of Heard Lauder’s rebellion. Of how the state of the Demon World, that had been stagnant for so long, was finally on the move.
And power was naturally drawn towards greater power.
Right. Just like… the moths drawn to the flames of a torch.

Vanity Seidthroan’s movements.
The movements of the Angels and Valkyries descending.
Shifts great enough that the Great Demon King’s army couldn’t turn a blind eye to it.

Of all else, the one that seemed to be the greatest pain was… the 『Church』’s movements.

I’m perhaps the only one to know of it. Only the one who adores you so.
What my power of Luxuria told me about you, your 『Power』, my dear.

Governing over Sloth, the 『Evil God』.

Even when put against to the ruling power of the Demon World, the Demon Lords, it must be something incomparably heavy.
It wasn’t just that his power was strong. The meaning behind the God in his title.

The second greatest power in the Demon World.
The first was the 『Great Demon King’s Army』.
The second, the 『Malign Deity Faction』.

But that power balance is being destroyed by a reduction in the Demon Lords allied to Kanon.
With their creed at the base, the discipline of that Church that suppressed its own desires for a greater cause was abnormal. It’s not like they were strong, simply… abnormal.
For those ones that revere the Evil God, as unworthy as they may be, it’s likely they will target his personage.
All I’m permitted to do is stay by Leigie-sama’s side. But I’d like to think that’s more than enough.

“Please have some rest, Leigie-sama. Just take it as it comes…”

The Lazy King. From near and far, those that knew of him closed their mouths, and those that didn’t waited in fear.
His glory of the past was merely a scratch, a short interval on his eternity. And little by little, it all fades to gray. But his majesty is ceaselessly handed down.

I don’t mean to hold any pride about it, but if it is to sate his boredom, then if he wished for it, I’d always be by his side.

I took the ice sculpture over my shoulder, and departed from the throne room.

Now then, in this room, on that throne, will the chance ever come for him to entrust his body to it again?

As if to extinguish my incoherent thoughts, the door let out a resounding creak, as it shut closed.

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    And he even denies her that at the end ? Isn’t that just too Fucking sad of a fate for a character author ? For fucks sucks that’s depressing as hell.

    Really weird story, didn’t care for half the povs they were boring as Fuck but the other half was pretty good, maid sisters, brocon, and that other wrath girls were the best characters, well that Deiji greed dude was also pretty fun.

    Maeda also a sad existence reduced to envying a pillow …. You could have at least made her a human hug pillow author c’mon lol have leige realize she was there and like her pillow quality or something, go the lazy dungeon master route.


  49. Dirchesdan says:

    Thanks for the chapters~! Well damn. I can only hope a good soul translates the Light Novel of this, I can’t just sit here in this massive cliff, with no damn end in sight.


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