Yes, This is Actually a Blog(This is Not a Chapter)

Status Update:

I won’t be doing any translations this week. It’s my finals.

F5ing won’t get you anywhere.

I’ll be restarting up Sevens soon, and perhaps I’ll take up ‘Humanity has Declined’ as a side project. It’s one of the few Light Novel series I actually have a Japanese hard copy of (The others being MT, TnY, and EGA). If I do take it up, you won’t be seeing any updates for it in a long time, because the volumes aren’t really divided too much into chapters, and you’ll likely forget about it by the time I do make a release. But yeah, Sevens will come out pretty much daily again soon.

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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60 Responses to Yes, This is Actually a Blog(This is Not a Chapter)

  1. RKain says:

    F5, dammit.

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  2. Kaiflame says:

    Humanity has Declined is the one with the fairies, talking chicken corpses and bleeding bread yeah?


  3. PotatoZero says:

    What’s EGA?


  4. errormsg says:

    all the best for ur finals.
    oh ya. whats MT?


  5. Melancholy says:

    Haha thanks so much for translating. Can’t wait for Sevens, now that my favourite Lazy King has ended


  6. Vivec says:

    This means we should F5 until the website crashing repeatedly causes your studying problems right?

    Though really, good luck with the finals.


  7. goblinrou says:

    I loved the anime of Humanity has declined. I didn’t even know it was a ln adaptation at the time.


  8. Thyros says:

    Good look on your finals; I really can’t understand how you can translate so much, even more if you have finals and all that – I tried translating everyday something but… it gets into a point where I can’t do anything related to translating… besides not really having time.

    Oh, don’t misunderstand, I translate english>portuguese, because I only know these languages… about that, do you mind if I translate in the near future Lazy King? I always put the original translation in all my posts, but I’m just asking to be sure :D

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  9. YongYoKyo says:

    Good luck with your finals. I finished mine last week.

    I’ve never seen/watched Humanity Has Declined. From a quick google search, it seems like some sort of happy-go-lucky post-apocalyptic story… it sure sounds interesting.

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  10. Pyro says:

    Ahh Finals the bane of all bodies enrolled in any form of higher education. Be well & good luck.


  11. 0-8/15 says:

    Yahooooooooo, sevens returns! End of the withdrawal in sight! Also good luck and don’t forget to put your name on top, there are many (fictional) stories about someone forgetting that and failing the exam. :-)


  12. Good luck for your finals.


  13. aristo999999999 says:

    Good luck in your final! Keep healthy!


  14. willtellr says:

    When you say humanity has declined, you mean the one that had an anime run and was awesome with crazy little faeries and bloody bread and other fun? Damn I loved that one and it sadly never got translated, which is odd seeing how there was an anime.


  15. RandomDude says:

    Ahh, so HhD was your secret project. I’m on to you.

    Don’t be surprised if you find your PC camera is connected to NSA’s servers while you study :))))


  16. franckoa says:

    Hello !

    Just to ask : do you think will you finish the translation of “In a World Without Life” one day ?
    It’s kinda sad to see it with just 3 chapter missing to be complete.


  17. stelvis93 says:

    Good lucky for the finals.^^
    PS just to know. Do You buy TnY LN volumes where the story change? If it is so, can you write a little summary or just tell the big changes?


  18. lozlo says:

    Good luck on the finals.
    What subjects? If I may ask.


    • Yoraikun says:

      Physics 140, Math 215, Engineering 101 (lol)


      • lozlo says:

        Ah. The Course numbers are different than what I’m use to.
        I know the physics course can be a pain. Physics II was much easier and more amusing for me.
        Calc III should be more like a nice vacation after Calc II though, lol.
        I don’t know the first thing about the engineering class though….
        Still. Hope you’re well prepared for them all, and good luck, again.


      • Termt says:

        Math… oh lord… I have horrible memories of math. I was never good at it. Part of the blame I’d like to shift to teachers who can only explain in a single way.


  19. Katsurandom says:

    If you have EGA, why not translating the side story ;-; ?


  20. andreliu507 says:

    Good luck.


  21. machinaforce says:

    Get them good grades Yoraikun!


  22. y4kuu says:

    good luck, yorai-kun. may the force be with you XD

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Good luck on your finals! Remember to relax too, unless you’re the type that can concentrate better when under stress.


  24. Goodluck to both of us, although I’m just in highschool lol


  25. Hobbes says:

    Humanity has Declined? Really?

    I love you. Good luck on finals, man.


  26. RennasS says:

    Good luck with your test(typing while crying)


  27. mantrazz says:

    Knock em’ dead on the exams


  28. UltimaLuminaire says:

    Good luck. Stay well.


  29. Manthin says:

    Sevens hype!!!

    P.S. Good luck with your exams Yoraikun!


  30. seihaikun says:

    Yup… daily release .That inhuman speed translation isn’t it?
    Good luck on your extermin… um I mean examination Yoraikun!


  31. Termt says:

    Good luck with your finals! Ignore us leechers! (though don’t do so forever T_T)
    Also, what’s MT and EGA? MAY have heard of them before, but with just a couple of letters… *shrug*


  32. Narf says:

    Good luck on your exams. Also, yay Sevens!
    *F5’s anyway*


  33. RandomDude says:

    Not having an excuse to visit the site multiple times a day just doesn’t feel the same.

    I keep visiting it and only realize after the page loaded >.<


  34. Burban says:

    Good luck on your finals yoraikun-sama! And remember, its not cheating if nobody finds out :D


  35. LeaD36 says:

    Ugh, I suggested Demon Lord and Villager A a long time ago, but you never got back on whether you actually saw that comment. Was the LN version that uninteresting, or did you just gloss over my comment (from around a year ago)? From the limited amount of manga content that’s been thrown out there it seemed pretty good to me.

    The other one I’ve stumbled across lately was Maou no Hajimekata. Although it’s essentially a hentai at this point, it represents a very well established point of view that hasn’t been explored in terms of literature, at least from what I’ve read so far. Going by the comment sections I’ve seen of the manga version, it is one of a kind in terms or realistic story telling.

    I also liked Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri, although I don’t see you picking that up, given how it’s supposedly being translated (not).

    Good job as usual though, even if I don’t frequent the blog all that much since you finished up TnY. I can’t express my gratitude often enough – Thank you very much for all the hard work you put in once more.


    • Yoraikun says:

      I’m not planning on taking up anything new at the moment. Lest I fail to get anything done at all.


    • Narf says:

      “I also liked Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri, although I don’t see you picking that up, given how it’s supposedly being translated (not).”
      Eh? It’s being translated at ridiculous speeds over at Skythewood’s. Nigel has left the editors in the dust and already rushed ahead translating up to vol. 5 and they are releasing one chapter a day. Granted, the chapters aren’t very big, but I don’t see how you can say that it’s not really being translated.


  36. Hydrogen says:

    Take the spear hero :( pretty please.. I miss them huhuhu


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