Sevens Important Announcement (This is Not a Chapter)

Yoraikun: Note, I am directly translating here, none of the following are my words…

Yoraikun: Che… so it really was 7th

2015 December 14th 00:01

Thank you for all the opinions, identifications, and reports of omitted and misspelled words.

On this occasion, I’ve decided to change my pen name from Wai to Mishima Yomu. On the site, I think I will keep it displayed as Wai / Mishima Yomu, though. Written as giving a dream (与夢), read as Yomu. Not Atomu. Well, I guess that doesn’t really matter.

Now then, that isn’t the only thing I have to announce. No, the next part’s the main one!

Listen and be amazed… Sevens is going to be novelized!

Oh~ It sure has been a long time. Well then, the release information from the publisher…

【Sevens Volume 1】

【Hero Bunko】 (TL: Publisher)

【Release Date: 12/28】

… Is how it is.

With this, I’ve had three published works. But it’s the first time it’ll be a series. Even I’m waiting in excitement to see how it turns out.

Reservations have already opened today, so I’d like to touch up on the cover image.


Oh my, how sudden it feels, on just the first cover, we already have all of the ancestors of history!

Lyle with all seven to his back. Oh my, how wonderful! They’re all lined up!

At a glance, it’s easy to make them out! Seven Ancestors! Seven of them!

Don’t they just look so reliable!

Even so, that release date sure gives one much to think about.

The date I started writing Sevens was December 27th

(TL: 2014)

and it will be released on the 28th.

Quite a nice publication in exactly a year’s time. I ain’t the first, but I do feel some fate here.

Yep, this is totally fate.

The main story is over. It’s my third novelization. I think I’ll be ending the year on a happy note.

After this, I’ll be adding to the setting, making some interludes, and giving a short side story called Sevens After.

Oh, that one won’t be updated daily.

The side story will follow one of Lyle’s decendents, Leo Walt, but to become a new sort of Adventurer… a Hunter… it ends up that he comes under Lyle’s instruction.

Can Leo safely become one? From Lyle’s era, two thousand years have passed, and I think it may end up quite fun to write.

I would be happy if you ended up enjoying it.

It’s because of all of your support that Sevens has finally gotten a novelization. I truly am grateful!

I hope for your support on the New Sevens as well.

TL: Oh, here’s an amazon link

Yoraikun Final Note: Please stop novelizing all my projects. My wallet is only so deep…

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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116 Responses to Sevens Important Announcement (This is Not a Chapter)

  1. lygarx says:

    Can someone list each of the Heads of the family? I understand who is the First Gen, the others are a bit hard.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Potator says:

    Those seven.. which are who?


  3. littledev says:

    Imho, I think the cover will hinder sales. To my understanding, the LN industry in japan is dominated by cute girls, gap moe, loli’s, etc. The standard tropes are in the novel of course; however, between this cover and one like Vanadis (which features a big busted female posing semi-indecently with a sword) which would catch your eye first?
    To me, without knowledge of the story, I see “1 boy surrounded by men, at least 2 of which can be counted as shoujo worthy”.

    P.S. For the record, I dislike excessive fan service in my stories. But lets face the facts, sex sells.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yoraikun says:

      Oh my, so you don’t find those ancestors to be smexy as all get-out?

      Liked by 7 people

    • Chronos5884 says:

      Hey, sexy men sell too. Haven’t you seen rabid fangirls before?

      Honestly, I instinctively dislike book covers with busty, scantily-clad or indecently posed women. Somehow it gives me the impression that the story is going to be a shallow, perverted, under-developed harem story or something like that.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Murali says:

        Yet for a series with really fanservice-y covers, Vanadis does a decent job of pushing the plot along.


      • littledev says:

        I agree with that assessment. I don’t like excessive fan-service as it objectifies women. Also, this isnt really targeting fangirls though, thus while females may be inclined to pick it up, once they page through they will put it down. I am not saying that its right, I am just putting my thoughts on there regarding future sales which ultimately decides US Licencing

        Liked by 1 person

        • Owl says:

          Actually, the difference between the fan-servicy covers and the serious one might actually boost sales! The vast majority of the covers are sexualized, so a non-sexualized cover in the middle of all that actually stands out! It also promises a non-conforming story which is different from all the rest. In a funny way, it’s like the ugly girl in the crowd of beauties. On first glance, it is the beauties that attract, but upon closer look, the “sore thumb” stands out.

          Liked by 1 person

    • Agree that the cover might hinder sales. But it’s volume 1, need to set the theme and all that. To get the girls on cover it have to wait until 2.


  4. Dash323 says:

    Wait the story is already over? did you translate all of it or are we still on route towards the end!?


  5. machinaforce says:

    That final note made me chuckle and also a sequel?? Interesting…


  6. ArKain says:

    Oh my, Lyle looks so shota (well, he is, but generally they look quite a bit older in these types of things)! Also, THAT SPOILER! Leo Walt?! 2000 years?! (I guess that he’s not his son or we’re going to have some time travel stuff here, and the fact that Lyle is teaching him means that the gem has gotten overcrowded to the point that not everyone can pop in at once?).


  7. Berserker says:

    This is such a nice announcement, man, I really need to restart my japanese lessons, I want to read so many things lately.


  8. shirayukibns says:

    Yay, it’s getting a novel huh, can’t wait to see the rendition of Poyopo- I mean Monica. Here’s to hoping it kicks off and gets an anime. Then hopefully Yenpress won’t license it and DMCA Yoraikun if he doesn’t finish translating by then -grumbles- (I really am missing Overlord and Mahouka Koukou…… (isn’t it going to be dropped after vol. 17 once Yenpress starts releasing their TLs?))

    Liked by 2 people

  9. pzzed says:

    So does this mean we won’t get to see the rest of it translated here? I was loving this series to, it takes to long for publishers to get english copies out ;_;


  10. Mufarasu says:

    2000 years will pass eh?
    Hopefully we’ll see some modern civilization develop.

    It’s always a peeve of mine when thousands of years pass in a story and civilization has not improved at all.


    • Yoraikun says:

      That’s just how it is with magical oriented societies. If there’s no need to innovate, then no one’s going to do it.


      • Mufarasu says:

        Not an excuse. A purely magic society should still end up improving the quality of life through magical innovation.

        It only takes a bit to get that stone rolling. Computers have been around for less than a hundred years and look how far we’ve come. While not exactly comparably, the same should result from new magic techniques and inventions which use magic for power.


        • Yoraikun says:

          Yes, but no matter how far magic advances, readers are just going to assume, ‘ah, it’s magic, so of course it could do that.’ It’s rare that viewers are actually to notice any real technological advancement in a magic-based society.


        • Owl says:

          Our time period is an anomaly, technological development is insanely fast in our time, with serious emphasis on “insane”. For example, 1 BC and 1000 AD. Or 500 BC and 500 AD. How big a technological change was there between the 2 timepoints? It is only the period of 1000 AD – 2000 AD where we get an insane amount of change, primarily due to global communication of ideas and the industrial revolution and electronics. In the past, even if you had a world changing idea, the area you affect is limited as it can’t propagate past your communication limits.


        • aristo999999999 says:

          Well It is also based on perspective and area, even in modern age there are areas which simply still using ancient techs. Between 1 BC and 1000 AD. Or 500 BC and 500 AD, the technology change may not be big in western civilization, but at least in ancient China, particularly in Han and Tang Dynasty, the changes are actually pretty big. They have mass papermaking by 2nd CE allowing cheaper writing material, which allow better communication of idea. Even then, in western civilization during that time, Roman is pretty impressive despite the changes were more gradual there.


  11. Nyamsus says:

    That glasses!!!


  12. Tabeleta says:

    I think that the first LM with a harem theme where the first volume only has men on the cover.
    What can I say, this cover would probably be better as the last volume.
    Since they did this cover, I can bet that they’ll put a lot of sexy illustrations of the girls on the inside and as special editions too.

    Who’s the Artist? I want to see how good he is at drawing girls :D


    • Yoraikun says:

      The Artist is Tomozo.

      I don’t think he’s illustrated any really popular works. While his coverarts all do usually involve women, they are all fully clothed, and not put into illogical compromising position.


      • Tabeleta says:

        Only seeing how he draws girls’ face is good to know how good he can be. It seems his style isn’t the round face moe type, but it isn’t so sharp too.

        He isn’t famous but seems quite good. At least he can draw different characters while avoiding in making everyone look the same, that was my only concern so it’s all good now :D


  13. goblinrou says:

    Theyre on to Yoraikun…novelizing all his projects so he stops translating for good!

    All i can say is dat 1st gen is a badass.


  14. stelvis93 says:

    Yoraikun have editor’s eyes xp

    Liked by 1 person

  15. phyrigia says:

    oh… thank you for that cover picture! I didn’t know and I’m gonna start reading because of it.


  16. sliding touch says:

    Am happy for the author but a bit sad by myself


  17. Mach says:

    Well… Its a mixed reaction at most, great for the author, bad for the reader, great for illustrations, bad for the price… Hope you still have interest in translating the novel, altho’ I don’t really even care for it xD.

    Also happy holidays (summer vacation or winter stuff, depending on your hemisphere).


  18. oh may gah!! says:

    yourai-shi why don’t u tl’ing the LN version too? *make ur reader pay for the book**devil whisper*


  19. cocohime1985 says:

    Why they didnt use Perfect Lyle mode as cover!!! Im sad…


  20. rlackbabbit says:

    I imagined Lyle to look more shota-ish


  21. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun is wondering if there is a Mr.Lyle illustration ? XD


  22. nalilygaw says:

    left sword. . . left scabbard? well first really do look like a bandit, and is he wearing the barbarian EX armor?


  23. Reaper Phoenix says:

    I’m guessing the top left one is the 1st generation, or maybe the top center one.


  24. aristo999999999 says:

    Thank you for the translation, I think there is one solution for novelization, post your wishlist somewhere and allow someone else to purchase it for you. >~<


  25. khijon says:

    Usually in these kind of layouts, in the background it should go from 1st to 7th generation from top to bottom.
    Did they switch the order of the ancestors in the novelization?


  26. Djajapena says:

    When the final novel ilustration is way faaaaaar of what you imagining at first…..


  27. Novi says:

    I hope you’ll continue your (sevens) translation soon.
    I like it very much


  28. lenyekpenyek says:

    15 year old, looks mature than shota-ish.
    Exactly what I expected how Lyle looks like.

    So the author finished the novel in less than a year and straight to novelisation? FAST!!


  29. oh may gah!!! says:

    btw which one is lyle grandpa?


  30. crossedunion says:

    so… does the adventure continue or does this mean the dead end of translating it?


  31. Nordlending says:

    The one with a hairy cape and iron headband is the 1st.
    The one with the old styled cape, ponytail, and dark gray hair is the second.
    The blondie is the 3rd.
    The one with glasses is the 4th
    The angry looking fellow is the sixt.
    The one with closed eyes is the 6th
    The last lion/Lord looking guy would be the 7th.


  32. Volksgeist says:

    I have my final exams this week too but I still check on the site as much as I can. I bet yoraikun does too. You can’t resist the temptation! It beckons you! Mwahahahaha!!!


  33. Jaypay says:

    Yorai! I’m putting my offer on the table again!
    I’ll pay for the novels when they come out if you translate them~ I have a wallet that gets refilled like Link when he’s lookin for rupees.
    I made this same offer like, 8 months ago? Can’t remember too well. But in all seriousness I will totally donate/outright buy these when they come out.


      • Jaypay says:

        Still gonna donate. Don’t care if you want it or not!


        • Jaypay says:

          Crap, forgot to add in how I’d find you and donate! Well poo on me.


        • Volksgeist says:

          if i remember correctly, yoraikun gets to post these translations without being sued by licensed novels like baka-tsuki precisely because he doesn’t gain money from it. That’s why he won’t accept donations.
          I think this was discussed when tate no yuusha got its novel and baka-tsuki had to take down the translations and we moved to yorai-sama, our savior, who continued translations with only our cookies and praises.
          Now that i think of it i don’t know what happened to the other translators. I miss bakahou, ohanashimi, hatoken and the contestants of the shieldbro translation competition.


        • Jaypay says:

          You are correct. This is mainly jokes (not about me buying the books) to show him he’s doing something people really enjoy.

          You can never receive enough appreciation.


  34. Lyle’s descendant huh? I wonder with whom :v


  35. Lord_Bukakesarius says:

    Damn! why are the Novels you translate so gud yorai~kyun


  36. UnknownFan says:

    That future story, I wonder if lyle’s father will be in the gem?


  37. nzpieface says:

    First, I laughed my ass off after I understood that second line. Second, I realized that giant spoiler, he lives for more than 2000 years and that he actually might see his 15th generation.

    Please write *SPOILERS* the next time something with a spoiler comes up.


  38. Dain says:

    Oh SNAP~

    Lyle~Kyun is gonna get serialized~! Good on the author~!!

    BETTING 100,000 ePen*s points (read as imaginary points) Sevens will get animated in 2 years, TOPS~!


  39. Yukine says:

    Damn, Lyle is fucking hot


  40. Shadooby says:

    I think they over-stylized the character designs and especially that pose on the front. They gave Lyle a super generic shonen hero look. You can fill a book with examples of characters that look just like him. But I guess they want flashy so it stands out on a shelf.


  41. marc says:

    i think this is how the arrangement
    the illustrator won’t arrange them randomlybecause they are numbered by generations right?
    the most top with red head is the grand dad 7th
    from the left side top to bottom is 1st(red haired founder) 2nd and 3rd (died quite young)
    from the right top to bottom is 4th(glasses) 5th(unexpectedly playboy) 6th (former deliquent)


  42. necrosis says:

    my guess for the order top most guy with the massive sideburns is the first, red head with the headband is the second, the blond with the wavy hair (first time I said this description without it being a woman) is the third, the one with blue hair and glasses is the fourth ( I had a completely different image of him he actually looks much more stiff than I thought), Next the green haired one with perpetually closed eyes is most likely the fifth (my reason being he looks like what the Japanese typically think a player looks like and that is nowhere near the actual image and Shannon has green hair and she’s his descendent), The ponytail with the goatee is most likely the sixth (bad boy image), Finally the bottom right is the seventh ( process of elimination and ironically the oldest looking of the entire bunch despite being the most recent ancestor)


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