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Sevens: Singer

Singer … Eva of Nihil. The third daughter of the tribe known as the Nihil, she took flight from her travelling troupe and ended up in Centralle with the intentions of travelling further away. Singing her songs to pay her … Continue reading

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Fraud In a room we borrowed at the inn, I was sipping a cup of tea. Monica had borrowed the dining hall to make preparations for the evening, and I was enjoying the taste of the first tea Novem had … Continue reading

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Sevens: Prologue

TL: For consistency with the original work, I’m changing Mr. Lyle to mr. lyle (no caps). Note, Lyle is ライエル, and mr. lyle is らいえるさん. TL: The new semester started, and I was trying to find time in my new … Continue reading

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(This is not a chapter) Resuming

Okay, so I finally got home from a long vacation that I still translated through regardless, and found the Sevens and Lazy King volume I preordered a while ago on my doorstep. Let me say Sevens Volume 1 Does not … Continue reading

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Sevens Question Corner 5

TL: According to the Author, the Light Novel Lyle will go on a different adventure than the web one. Just to let you know. I’m not home for days, so I can’t pick up my copy yet. Sevens Question … Continue reading

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Sevens: Epilogue

Epilogue … The expeditionary force was seen off by the waving hands of the villagers. Having protected the village from a Gryphon attack, they even went as far as to assist in mending the damages, and the civilian’s impression of … Continue reading

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