Sevens Question Corner 5

TL: According to the Author, the Light Novel Lyle will go on a different adventure than the web one. Just to let you know. I’m not home for days, so I can’t pick up my copy yet.

Sevens Question Corner 5

Q: You won’t use 【Mind】 on the Circry House’s old man?

A: Third Generation Head ヽ(´ー`)ノ: “There’s a restriction placed on its use. Well, this is also an important lesson, and I didn’t think he’d die on something of Hippogryph level, so I decided to wait and watch. Even if he did use it, I doubt it would prove anything, and for the current Lyle, he may make those he uses it on wary of him.”

Q: Is Norma actually skilled? Or hopeless?

A: Fourth Generation Head (-@∀@): “… To put it bluntly, incompetent. If she had tried to make handing over commanding rights any more difficult, I would’ve made her a field casualty.”

Third Generation Head ( ・ω・): “But she did have something going for her. If she had a better environment to grow, I think she’d have become skilled. She’s sharp on how to survive, and she’s willing to change her point of view. Unfortunate, perhaps?”

Lyle (´・ω・`): “By the way, she’s not joining the harem. I think Novem would oppose. And wait, even if it grows any further, I’m still going to be devoted to Novem.”

Aria ( ゜д゜): “…”
Miranda ( ゜д゜): “…”
Clara ( ゜д゜): “…”
Shannon ( ゜д゜): “…”
Monica ( ゜д゜): “…”

Novem (・ω・` ): “Oh my… looks like a little… training is in order.”

Q: About the education of second and third sons. The characters appearing in this work are just plain stupid. It’s simply obvious to educate them properly in the case something happens to the first son.

A: Fifth Generation Head ( ゜д゜)、: “It’s natural for their parents to educate them? There’s quite a bit going on in a fantasy world, you know (Monotone). Huh? Could it be that everyone’s properly educated and you’re the one living in a fantasy?”

Sixth Generation Head Σ(´∀`||;): “U-um… even in reality, those besides the heir are sent off to the church on occasion, and taken back in when the first son passes. Personally handling their education is up to the individual. Yeah!”

Seventh Generation Head (・ω・` ): “It takes alms and contributions and money. Education is the same. And wait, the knights incapable of heredity, and the far end knights are poor. If they were all decent, the expeditionary force would never have been sent out to reduce the mouths to feed. Because if a war is to happen, those sorts are going to find an abundance of work.”

Fourth Generation Head (-@∀@) : “This is probably about Breid and Doris… Breid is basically a third child without heredity. A position where rather than the studies of a knight, he should have been thinking of how to live a civilian’s life. Everything besides reading, writing, and arithmetic were likely unnecessary. No, more so, a family that even taught him that must have treasured him quite a bit? Also, about Doris and sister… There are those that see girls as fine as long as they could birth children.  In the truest sense, she was Miranda’s spare.”

Q: Is Lyle actually talented?

A: Seventh Generation Head ΣΣ(゜Д゜;): “He’s an able child! Lyle is a capable one I tell you! Because he’s competent, he can’t understand the feelings of those who aren’t, and he’s just lacking in socialization dammit! A pitiful boy!”

Lyle (´;ω;`): “Grandfather, please stop… you’re making me sad…”

Q: The ancestors are strange. In the first place, if they made Lyle stand out, he’d be conspicuous to all the wrong eyes. They let him take on a request with little merits, riddled with demerits, and let him make a completely unnecessary expenditure.
The fact that you’re using the ancestors to forcefully move along the story without thinking of means and goals is becoming much too blatant.

A: Third Generation Head ( ゜∀゜): “Ah, yes, it truly is just as you say. He sure does stand out~  (Monotone). He starts standing out even if he doesn’t want to~ (Sparkle Sparkle).”

Fourth Generation Head (-@∀@): “No, I don’t think I really care if Lyle stands out or not. I think the Sixth and Seventh in particular still want him to flashily take back the territory, so perhaps they thought it best if he did? Also, everything’s an experience. Wouldn’t it have been fine if he failed? More so, I think that piling up this sort of experience is a cheap buy.”

Sixth Generation Head (・∀・): “It’s best you don’t think that the best actions will always result in the best result. Failing when you can, and learning from it is just as important.”

Q: Clark is too proficient. Why can’t he get a promotion?

A: Fifth Generation Head (´・∀・` ): “Well, there’s quite a bit, but I think it’s his disadvantageous personality. Individually, I think he’s wonderful, but in the world, assets and connections are a necessity for promotion. Rather than the knights being rotten, there’s too many people that getting a promotion is hell.”

Seventh Generation Head ( ´∀`): “… If a war broke out, he’d get to the top in a flash.”

Q: Marcus and Breid’s punishment.

A: Sixth Generation Head ( `・∀・´): “No change! Just get them promoted already. That way, you’ll raise hell on the damn imperial bastards. Flood them with incompetents!”

Third Generation Head  (´・ω・`): “… Unlike Lyle, they had little opportunity to learn, so I do pity them a little. There’s no need to look after them all the way through, and if they don’t wish for it, there’s no meaning.”

Q: Celes’ stay in the Imperial Capital.

A: Fifth Generation Head (・∀・): “The Walt House occasionally drops by the capital, but Celes is not currently taking an extended stay there. I’m not sure about the future, though.”

Q: About the yellow gem

A: Lyle(゜д゜): “No comment.”

Q: That Growth joke is something of a one-shot gag. I’d like it if you stopped.

A: Third Generation Head (  ゜∀゜): “Well too bad! That’s the setting the world’s built upon, and mr. lyle will continue to appear! No matter who hates it, mr. lyle will come!”

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71 Responses to Sevens Question Corner 5

  1. Max says:

    Thanks for the great work.


  2. Kazekid says:

    “That Growth joke is something of a one-shot gag. I’d like it if you stopped.”

    You shut your whore mouth! Mr. Lyle is best Lyle.

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    • ArKain says:

      Like drunk characters.

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    • Black says:

      You want cool level up moment ? To bad ! How about one of your most embarrassing moment in your life ?

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    • simplybill says:

      That comment was posted by Lyle. I’m sure of it.

      Liked by 13 people

    • masadeer says:

      Someone should collect all the mr lyle chapters together


    • I agree he should f*** off and not read it if he don’t like it
      Seriously, how could he insult The Mr.Lyle


    • Manthin says:

      Personally, I like Mr. Lyle as much as the next guy, but I do agree that Lyle has growths a bit too often I mean even though he has his skill, his growths are supposed to happen rarely.


      • Yoraikun says:

        He’s only had 2 growths in the series so far.


        • Manthin says:

          1st 2 growths of his entire life in a span of, what, 6 months? I mean sure fighting gives more exp than normal life, but that alone should not be enough for him get growths all the time, also pretty sure last chapter indicates that he will get a 3rd one now.


        • Yoraikun says:

          The point is that he wasn’t living a normal life. He was locked up, and almost literally didn’t actually experience anything. The ancestors did say that experiencing something for the first time was much more effective, and everything’s a first for the lad.

          Liked by 1 person

        • LostOx says:

          Good to see you (-r comment) again Yoraikun
          I just start to think that the world stops because it’s so queit here.
          And sorry for the bad Engrish~


        • scowly says:

          Not only is everything a first for him, but he’s constantly killing boss level monsters, of course he keeps experiencing growth


      • crossedunion says:

        plus he defeats monsters/creatures known to be quite formidable in the story. so i think that consists most of the exp.


    • Seanna2k says:

      3 Growths for killing 3 Major class bosses and 3 Middle class bosses starting from Level 0 growth is pretty fair if you ask me. If it were my Dungeons & Dragons Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn with Throne of Bhaal expansion Cleric/Mage, she would have leveled up over 3 or 4 times already in both Cleric and Mage classes, if you count all the killed orcs, goblins, ogres, etc. as well. I should know, since I KOed Dragons, etc. in that game in less than 1 turn. Same goes for Liches other than Kangaxx.

      Finally, pre-Growth sure hurts a lot, but post-Growth hurts way more in a totally different way if you ask me. I mean, Miranda wants to be a bird just like Aria does so that Lyle can be her bird cage? What’s that? Bondage? The author sure managed to sneak in some BDSM innuendo into the Epilogue. lol


  3. sliding touch says:

    Yellow gem ? I possède someone owning one?


  4. Chronos5884 says:

    Thanks for the chapter!


  5. Solpower says:

    Thanks for translating these Yoraikun, it always makes my day to read a chapter of Sevens.

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  6. fumu says:

    Really I think Mr. Lyle is great. I think it would be a great chapter if Lyle for some reason gets high and transforms into Mr. Lyle


    • fumu says:

      While leading a labyrinth expedition.

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    • genleecher says:

      Some sort of monster attack for this to happen to the whole party would be funny, like the inability to lie, or just act out of character. Something like a ‘drinking party’ chapter where you get a bit more insight, but that can be passed off afterwards leading to reveals, but non-developments. Hopefully this author-san uses that trope to keep his harem interesting at least. i think the growth nonsense helps alot with that, its also hilarious.


  7. That guy says:

    Shit, he’s going on a different adventure in the book?
    I guess that explains there being an unrecognizable girl in the color page samples…as well as Aria being in a maid outfit for god knows what reason.

    Now I have to pick up a copy of it too, dammit.
    Sorting out web version canon and book version canon in my head isn’t going to be easy.


  8. Pun says:

    Who the hell said that Mr. Lyle should stop!

    Mr. Lyle is the best part of this novel!

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  9. Sean says:

    Can someone put a link for light novel pictures?


  10. GM_Rusaku says:

    / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ \
    |  Thanks!!!! Nepu!!!! |
    \_____ ___/
    ぶお~ん( ⊃┳⊃
       ( ( ・ω・)


  11. GonZ555 says:

    Lol.. so, Mr.Lyle will be on the prologue of next book??
    Meatbun will believe in Mr.Lyle! Mr.Lyle will come!

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  12. withcer22 says:

    Thanks for the chapters :).

    I am Getting addicted to this novel just like TNY


  13. DarknessWolf says:

    Thanks for the chapters. :)
    Please show the ancestors weapon next times!
    Ps: Mr Lyle will never stop amuse us and the ancestors so its never stop Lyle! :>


  14. necrosis says:

    looks like everyone loves Mr. Lyle I could take or leave it he hurts my sides too much and the pain goes on for hours but honestly the pictures of all the characters are pretty good and finally putting a face to celes makes here even less likable and I really want to end her existence which makes me respect the author he’s good at creating roles for his characters now all I have to do is force him to like monotonous relationships instead of chaotic harems and honestly what is wrong with the Japanese it’s hard enough to keep one woman happy who the hell would want to deal with a harem


    • necrosis says:

      someone else put up a link to sample pictures in this comment section use that
      this was made in case someone was thinking of asking me


  15. bedheadedcat says:

    “Well too bad! That’s the setting the world’s built upon, and Mr. Lyle will continue to appear! No matter who hates it, Mr. Lyle will come!”

    Music to our ears


  16. KozuKy says:

    “No change! Just get them promoted already. That way, you’ll raise hell on the damn imperial bastards. Flood them with incompetents!”
    Which makes conquering easier,Third is really brilliant.


  17. Safhan says:

    Thanks for the chapter.


  18. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  19. RageEnder says:

    Wait… Which Girls is which? Who is who? What? Dammit I don’t know who the illustrations corresponds to!


  20. DarknessWolf says:

    Well is it just me or not to think Lyle had harem in both mean?


  21. shirayukibns says:

    Somehow I kind of want Celes to end up a non-villain at the end, like Lyle correcting her with the final version of the third’s skill or something…. maybe that’s just me though? (´・ω・`)


  22. Karmic says:

    Thanks for your hard work like always Yorai-kun :)


  23. thediabolicalgenius says:

    When the author says the story in the light novel will be different, does it mean really different or just with some extra stuff added to pad it out like you usually get when a web novel is published?
    I hope we can get the illustrations from vol 1 soon, I really want to see how they’ve drawn Novem and Aria.


  24. Aran says:

    what yellow gem?


  25. DarkoNeko says:

    whatdyamean, Shannon ( ゜д゜): “…” <_<


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