(This is not a chapter) Resuming

Okay, so I finally got home from a long vacation that I still translated through regardless, and found the Sevens and Lazy King volume I preordered a while ago on my doorstep. Let me say Sevens Volume 1 Does not go too far into telling you which ancestor is which, and that’s kinda still up to the wind. Image-wise, I can’t say the artist did a bad job, and is it really that hard to tell which of the sampled image characters is which?

The Lazy King Volume 1 does not diverge from the Webnovel, and it ends at Zebul’s death, with some extra stuff at the end. It also has actual Skill descriptions. While it doesn’t say Volume 1 on it, it does end with a ‘to be continued’. This being the case, I will not say much about it. Support the author, get some pretty pictures. The colored pictures from it are already circulating, but I feel those don’t do Zebul or Deije much justice, so I’ll be uploading these two images alone.

Here’s Zebul Glaucus


Deije is not actually the centerpiece or focus of any of the images. Poor Dieje. He’s nicer than he lets on. Anyways, here’s a shot of Medea that gives you a full view of his physique. As it cuts at chapter 5, you do not get to see her Pillow Lord form. This is not the best image they have of Medea.

Deije Breindac


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A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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107 Responses to (This is not a chapter) Resuming

  1. sorenknight says:

    Welcome back form vacation. Thanks for the information, I hope you have a good vacation.


  2. sorenknight says:

    Miss wrote meant have a good day not vacation. Got distracted by my relative when I was typing.


  3. Nameless Reader says:

    deige is a spider, that explain the arm,
    zebul is not the big breasted onee-chan i expect……; but good


    • tyizor says:

      Huh. I always imagined her loli-like. Idk why, but it was amusing imagining her laughing crazily and firing off AOE tentacle spells

      Liked by 2 people

      • Yoraikun says:

        Medea says she’s around her size. That’s looks about right, breasts aside.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Countrymage says:

        It said in the story, when she is fighting Deijie and Medea, that she was a loli, it’s the tentacles that are different than I expected, I expected something like Spawn’s cape, just her cloak blending with the shadows making twisty tentacles with eyes and mouths (mostly mouths). Like a separate living being, just flowing around this little loli.


        • Yoraikun says:

          It’s said that she was small. That’s for Demon standards, and look at Deije. She’s a short-ish adult woman, it seems, and Medea is the same.


  4. Hamad says:

    Do you ever think they will do an official translation?


  5. raeven02 says:

    Is the volume translated into English or is it purely in Japanese? I’ll still buy it in either case but I wanna know what I’m getting ahead of time.


  6. shirayukibns says:

    Welcome back Yorai-kun!~

    I really need to get on learning Japanese…. It’s hard playing PSO2 (I refuse to touch the SEA version) with the limited translation patches. D:

    It’s also a kinda hilarious sight to see me in a multi-party mission where I’m either the only or 1 of 2/12 people who can speak english and flipping back and forth in my copy of Genki I to try and keep up with what everyone’s saying.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. SinBlahBlah says:

    Thanks Yoraikun for actually translating. Don’t think you should stress too much about it, especially if you’re on vacation. Appreciated that you care enough to translate for us, and that (hopefully) you enjoy doing this! :D


  8. Nordlending says:

    Deige was a little less buff than I expected, and Medea didn’t look as purple as I expected.

    Zebul looks fantastic. They even made her look starved and skinny.


  9. Nordlending says:

    Its a pain that I can’t edit one of my replies.

    Was there any current differences in Sevens Volume 1 light novel and the web novel?


    • Yoraikun says:

      Yes, the events have differed, but they’re not at a point where it’s impossible to rejoin the webnovel story, though. The author said he wanted to give a different experience for both.

      On a side note…

      Ore no yandere ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai

      (Image released by official publisher already)


      • Who is this fine lady?


      • That guy says:

        Since that’s Novem, who’s the dark-brown hair girl (could be lighting making her hair darker, I guess) in the other color image? To me, it looked like the author took Novem and made her into two different characters (totally not normal mode/yandere mode, or something like that).
        Since dark-hair has purple eyes like Novem is supposed to (at least in the web version) and has that cold expression I imagined her having, and side-tail Novem has blue eyes with an actual expression.
        Not to mention both girls have their goddamn pinkies out like they’re drinking tea. With their staves.

        Also, the author already posted who the ancestors are on twitter.


        • Yoraikun says:

          Dark haired girl?
          This is Aria Lockwarde:

          This is Sophia Rowly of the Rowly House:


        • That guy says:

          Yeah, the one I didn’t recognize was Sophia. She’s basically how I pictured Novem, minus the no sidetail and having darker hair (I never pictured Novem’s as THAT bright anyway). So she’s a new heroine or something, then.

          But why was Novem’s eyes changed from purple to blue… I mean, I know a lot of the heroines have (different shades of) purple eyes, but that’s no reason.


        • MochiMochi says:

          Who’s Sophia again? A future character or one that’s been introduced but I forgot.


      • SamS347 says:

        What the flying f… ?!
        She doesn’t look as badass nor as composed as I thought her to be, I was imagining her like Ryouko Fueguchi from TG or some kind of last boss.
        Oh well, thanks for releasing the picture sir.


      • Trash says:

        No more info about Novem in LN? Like, why her name coincide with Lyle being 9th generation?


  10. Narf says:

    BLASPHEMY! How dare you portrait Medea as the Pillow Lord when that is clearly her senpai’s title?! She may try to usurp that title all she wants – the rightful holder is still standing strong!

    But anyhows: welcome back, thank you for the nice pictures!


  11. ArKain says:

    I imagined Zebul as someone like Lust from FMA (maybe with a smaller chest). She looks much more like one of those battle junkies in this illustration.


    • monsterbandage says:

      Had a similar metal impression of Zebul’s body type as Lust since they mentioned she was tall, had thought she’d look more like a biker chick with longer limbs and a wild slick back hairstyle closer to Dieje. Kinda disappointing they chose more of a generic template look for her


  12. midoyashii says:

    Zubel Arabian dancer style dress sexy badass <3


  13. midoyashii says:

    Is there any Pics of the Twins Maidu


  14. Mufarasu says:

    The time has come for Erect Touch to break into the LN image scene. Muhahaha.


    • Nikolay Babkin says:

      I am torn between gleefully wondering how everyone looks and being horrified at what he/she/it/they? is likely to do to the characters.


  15. Dumac says:

    Dieje has all the important armor pieces a man needs in his illustration :D

    Liked by 1 person

  16. dbm says:

    Thanks for translating, and hope you enjoyed your vacation.

    The monochrome image of Medea matches what I expected pretty well. At some point she says that she lacked nutrition when she was young, so I imagined a slightly bony, unremarkable look, which I think the illustrator captured.

    As for Vol 1 Zebul, I know she’s described as a smallish woman with green hair – but really her mad voraciousness is so overwhelming that I could never see her as anything other than the pitch blackness filled with red eyes of Alucard from Hellsing — only with mouths instead of eyes. (Google for “hellsing eyes” to see what I mean.)

    And as for Lorna and Hiero, I see them as Horn Skuld and Chess Belle from Owari no Seraph: http://i.imgur.com/RXRDsh3.jpg


  17. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u Yorakun…


  18. goblinrou says:

    Im pretty sure ppl expected Zebul and Medea to look different.

    I rly thought Medea was a loli..

    Then again Erect Sawaru is the artist of Daraku no Ou aka The Lazy King.


  19. Zwuei says:

    Will you be translating the christmas special?

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Malty says:

    Artist name? Nagare Ippon?


  21. GonZ555 says:

    P-pillow Lord Form?!?! Uguu.. such temptations..


  22. bedheadedcat says:

    Medea’s face… she was fated to be the pillow lord.

    Thank you for the images!


  23. RageEnder says:

    Medea looks cute, but deije does not look buff enough in my opinion… Novem tho…. I can’t believe that Novem looks like that, she looks much more innocent and more loli now… Somehow…


  24. Djajapena says:

    In my Imagination, I imagine Zebul as long haired barely-loli type…

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Greenfox says:

    Thanks for the pics ^^.

    And always.

    Good work Yorai-kun.

    Except some easy to make mismatchs of letters in some words, i hardly find a fault in your translations. Atleast they sound natural ^.^~

    ..just saying … TENTACLES! q.q i here tought that … was a lady like monster. Not a sporty cute bonafiddle derpy looking totaly strike zone if a bit older demon …


  26. nzpieface says:

    Ah, I just realized, there’s only 1 place where Dieje wears armor.


  27. xenogear says:

    Actually, I enjoy Seven more than lazy king. Lazy king has too many not interested POV from uninteresting character. Author’ style is extremely difficult to write, author needs to familiar us with new character everytime before giving us his/her POV which is extremely difficult. And if author fails to impress us with new character, the whole chapter from that character will become extremely boring…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dumbao says:

      the lazy king has a very different kind of style.

      this style is not for everyone, it’s not the common style we see in every LN


  28. mony122 says:

    so when are we going to see Mr Lyle again i hope very soon


  29. Witcher22 says:

    So what will the new adventure of Mr. Lyle


  30. Witcher22 says:

    The second will be resumed or the lazy king?


  31. Witcher22 says:

    The seven’s will be resumed or the lazy king?


  32. Hiane Rawr says:

    Konjiki word master’s translator is seemingly struggling based on what their status thing says do you think you could help them out again

    after loli fell off the face of the earth the whole translation team kinda died


  33. helljudge says:

    Do you know what happen to Yorai-sama? Is he in the middle of exam midterm quest or final fantasy period?


  34. RageEnder says:

    Yoraikun, it’s about time you post something, it is almost two weeks since this post, tell us what happened!


  35. ArcGeist says:

    I know it’s too late to say this, but we’re never gonna get the TnY Valentines & White day side-stories translated, are we?


  36. Kazugaya says:

    Finally found the volume 1 on CDJapan thanks to the ISBN!
    Here: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-1903679

    I don’t think I’ll buy it now, since I already commanded something recently. If I had used the ISBN earlier…


  37. KaiseR says:

    yorai-san can i ask when will you update the next chaps of sevens. thanks for the translation


  38. Anon says:

    >some extra stuff
    >actual Skill descriptions
    A few years too late, but is there a chance of you translating that? It sounds pretty interesting, especially the Skill stuff, because anything about them and the game aspects of the world such as stats was kept very low key.


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