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Sevens: Prologue

TL: I translated some of the gaiden descriptions, so you can look for them on the menu bar. They do not contain spoilers, but do clear up some things. Explanations of mechanics, and non-spoiler character bios. I’m not even thinking … Continue reading

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Sevens Question Corner 6 The author commented that almost all questions brought up in this chapter lead to spoiler answers, so he had to choose questions carefully. Sevens   Question Corner 6 Q: So was what the merchant bought a Hipporgyph, or a … Continue reading

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Sevens: Epilogue

Epilogue In the back seat of a coupled carriage headed away from Centralle, I looked over the rows of empty seats, before turning my eyes to the shrinking city that had yet to lose its enthusiasm. Drinks being tossed around … Continue reading

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Sevens: The Maddening Metropolist

The Maddening Metropolis A large mass of people gathered in Centralle’s plaza, overlooked by the imperial palace. Of the civilians gathered around me, even those that had journeyed far from the furthest reached of Bahnseim had sparkling eyes. And while … Continue reading

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Sevens: Dissolution

Dissolution. When I woke up, Monica’s face was before my eyes “… Oy?” No, she’s way too close. “To wake a sleeping chicken the kiss of one as cute as I is necce- …oh, you actually woke up… how unfortunate” … Continue reading

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Sevens: Let Me Start Your Story

Let Me Start Your Story … The mansion in use by the Faunbeux royal family. In the room they had borrow, Novem nursed Lyle by his side. While he slept, his injuries had been wiped away with healing magic. But … Continue reading

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