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The Evil Organization’s Recruitment Ad: Do You Want To Change The World?

TL: The tricky thing about this one is that it switches back and forth between first and third person, which is completely fine in Japanese. To make it more coherent, some of the firsts will be turned to thirds. The … Continue reading

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Sevens: 【Interlude】 Ancestors and Wives

(TL: Yeah, this is technically chapter 119, but it’s an interlude, so it doesn’t really have an order. This is an alternate Chapter 3/4 (Former Fiance Novem, and The Seven Ancestors) This is not an attack on anyone, it’s a depiction … Continue reading

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Sevens Question Corner 7

http://mypage.syosetu.com/mypageblog/view/userid/218376/blogkey/1137425/ Sevens Question Corner 7 Q: The power level of the female members? A: Lyle (´・ω・`): “I think it’s probably something like this? It’s subject to change, and I think it’ll vary based on the conditions, but… Monica > May … Continue reading

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Sevens: Epilogue

Epilogue After finishing up May’s adventurer registration, I sat on a sofa against one of the lobby’s walls waiting for her tired form to come out of the new-comer introductory lecture. I sat in that hard couch by the stairs … Continue reading

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