The Evil Organization’s Recruitment Ad: Do You Want To Change The World?

TL: The tricky thing about this one is that it switches back and forth between first and third person, which is completely fine in Japanese. To make it more coherent, some of the firsts will be turned to thirds. The MC does get better. It’s quite a… peculiar piece where the developments are purposely as forceful as one would find in a super sentai show. Let me say I… don’t actually expect this one to be popular. I just want to translate it.

TEORA: Do you Want to Change the World

The help wanted ad was quite a strange one.

Company Name: Metallica
Industry: World Domination
Expected Salary: A regular position 700,000¥ per month. A general position 140,000¥ a month. (TL: Around 6250.00 USD and 1250.00 USD)
Qualifications: None (But experience is appreciated)
Numbers recruiting:  A few

We are an evil organization with our sights on world domination! Our bright and lively workplace is awaiting your determination!

Employment: A written exam, and an interview. (We have confirmed your completion of the preliminary examination online)

An examination date and meeting place were kindly laid out.

“… The hell’s this?”

Neito unintentionally opened his mouth.

He thought it was about time for him to get a job or something like that.
With a name like Komori Neito, he thought it would be too much for him to remain a hikkikomori NEET.
So from around two hours ago, Neito had been looking through applications on the internet.
He had found himself on quite a strange site. A questionnaire, and several peculiar quiz questions were put out. And strange as it was, he couldn’t bring himself to close the tab. It had a certain intrigue to it.

What do you think about a protagonist standing against the forces of evil, who’d sacrifice the life of a single woman to save the world?
Are you happy right now?
What do you think about Oda Nobunaga and Cesare Borgia?
What is your opinion on taking hostages to attain victory?
If you had a goal you had to accomplish, would you be able to die for it?
What would you do if the boss you respected was killed?
Do you think an alien race trying to invade the earth deserves to be wiped out?

Looking at the battlefield below, please fill in the appropriate choices.
Of the following list of enemies, please select the correct order in which to defeat them.

It must have been made by someone with a lot of time on their hands. That on his mind, Neito continued filling out one answer after the next. And in the end, a question popped up.

Do you want to change the world?

Hmmm. Let’s see. It doesn’t look too good out there, and there wars and things like that going on in other countries, and I’m a NEET, and unpopular and a virgin, and poor and all. I do get the feeling I’ve lived being looked down on for a long time. When I see a radiant existence, I am sometimes pained by how far my hand falls from reaching. He thought.

And so…


He answered.

The next question popped up immediately.

Are you sure?

Well it looks like they’re intent on it. If you go that far, then let’s give it a bit more serious thought.

Is the world really fine as it is? Everything in it remaining the same?

No, right, it isn’t, right?

I had my inhibitions. The student life I had lived until last year wasn’t anything decent, and it’s doubtful anything good will happen from here on either. It was my own fault, I’m sure. But there are plenty of people like me out there. This world is suffocating for them to live in. Yep. As I thought, at the very least, I want to change the world. So I’ll answer once more.


He was suddenly redirected to a recruitment site. Metallica’s recruitment site. He had too much on his mind for shock. Neito took his eyes off the screen, and tried to calm down.

I think the first time the evil organization came onto the stage was around twenty years ago.
The organization called Metallica was known to implement modified humans, and commit many a misdeed.
Their modified soldiers held monster-like appearances, and they were extremely strong, it seems. Even the police were unable to cope with them. For a period of time, the world had been thrown into disorder. Just what could Metallica’s goal have been. Wasn’t it simple world domination? That was the popular theory, and with the impact behind those words, their exploits took up the news every day.

Right after, the existence known as Dylan became the talk of urban legend. Similarly, Dylan couldn’t be thought of as human, but unlike the modified beings of Metallica, he was a heroic existence, and quite a strong one at that. He prevented all of their evil doings, and was regarded as a hero.

But the populace had grown accustomed to evil organizations, and to Metallica. By the time the news report had grown tired and given up on them, quite a few different organizations had popped up. They eventually started turning to the power of mysterious beings, but instead of containing humans changed through science, they were usually some revived ancient warrior race, or aliens or beings that underwent sudden mutations, or something like that. Anyways, there were many varieties. Sabbath, Megadeth, Crimson and a number more.

Those evil organizations were in essence some suspicious urban legends or credible political organizations, or curious scientific minds. Anyways, there were a lot.

But as of yet, the world has not been dominated. The police and armies have been active, for arguments sake, but it was mostly the doing of mysterious heroes like Dylan. Existences much like his own; The Beatle, Rex, Ramone, and many more have been confirmed as individual cases, and they fought off the evil organizations. Eventually from their peculiar appearances, and their common characteristics, they were often referred to as the Rocks.

And with that trend, the people were completely used to evil organizations. The existence of heroes to fight them was now common sense.

Since such events carried out in reality, the superheroes of the studios stopped airing, but even now, children looked up to real heroes. A certain Neito looked up to them as well.
Sacrificing their own wellbeing, the warriors who fought to protect anyone. How cool must they have been? How wondrous? He respected them. The weaker and more helpless he got, the more imprisoned by society, the more he looked up to them. And on that line, he felt the groups calling themselves evil organizations were far and absurd beings.

So while he was surprised, he laughed the recruitment site off as nothing but a joke

“Or so I thought, but…”

On the interview date, he had ended up coming to the specified location.
Unthinkable for the headquarters of an organization of evil, it was in the middle of an urban business district, in a perfectly normal building. The hell.
If he was to give an excuse, it was half pure curiosity. If someone went through such lengths to give a user a shock, then perhaps some elaborate event was in store, he thought. Yep, that was all.

He hesitated to enter. He ended up loitering in front of the building a while. It was cold. As the site had indicated, he had even worn a black necktie to distinguish himself, yet he couldn’t help wonder why he was even there to begin with.
Am I an idiot? He thought, as he began walking the way home.
As he turned he noticed a girl pass him by. Her silky hair cut neatly at her shoulders swayed. A slightly slim build, and porcelain white skin. Her chest was on the lacking side, but her pink and shapely lips alongside her gentle eyes made her quite a beauty. His sights were caught in the illusion of pure wind blowing past her.

Ah, how cute. Not that she has any relation to my life.
He thought to himself, as he continued walking past; but there Neito noticed a certain characteristic, causing his body to stiffen.

A black… scarf…!?

A black scarf for women, and a black necktie for men. That was what had been written on the site. And that scarf stood out quite a bit from the standard formal wear she clad over her body.

Was this child reeled in by that site? Does that make her an idiot too?
What to do. Should I try calling out? No, that ain’t gonna work. Let’s just stop there.

Neito’s internal conflict ended in futility. Unexpectedly, it was the girl to call out first.

“Ah, good day.”

Unthinkable of one who had come to take an evil organization’s examination, a polite and sweet voice.

“G-good day.”

He replied as such with all his might. But the girl paid no mind to that, and continued.

“… You’ve come to take Metallica’s employment examination, haven’t you?”

Her smaller build leaned in, as if to get closer to the answer. By inevitability, her eyes were upturned.
Dammit that’s cute. Please stop. Ah, she asked something, right? I have to answer.

“… Yes.”

He wrung out that answer.
And receiving those words, her face lit up. A radiant smile. He began to realize why the people of old had decided to describe a smile as such.

“Thank god! Me too!! I didn’t see you at the preliminary examinations in America, so I was a little worried.”

Huh? America? Preliminary exams? What’s this girl saying?

“Yes… well… pleasure to meet you.”

“If it’s okay with you, would you go with me to the meeting room? Being alone is a little… worrisome…”

He had no idea what was going on.
Maybe it was an elaborate fraud. That’s why they hired a girl of her appearance.
He felt compelled to think that.

“Ah, I’m Mayuzumi Maki. Pleasure meeting you.”

The etiquette in her bow were enough to make him think he heard a dramatic sound effect. Along with that, her cuticles rustled. A peach-like smell entered his nose. He didn’t know if it was shampoo, or perfume, or perhaps even her original scent.

Ah, I don’t care anymore. It’s not like I have anything to lose. Yep, let’s try following the cutie. I don’t even have enough money for fraud to be effective.

And since he had first seen that recruitment site, the words had remained on his mind.

Do you want to change the world?

He had answered YES.

Perhaps it had been foolish, but in some part of him, he had always felt that way. That’s why he had answered.

“Yeah. L-let’s go.”

The girl called Maki received those words, and grinned. And she let some outrageous words from her own mouth.

“Yes! I hope we both get a position! Let’s work together to conquer the world!”

Yep. This might be a little bit bad.

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66 Responses to The Evil Organization’s Recruitment Ad: Do You Want To Change The World?

  1. Aoitenshi says:

    Since he said yes… will he become a summoner?


  2. Mufarasu says:

    Interesting. This a teaser?


  3. DarknessWolf says:

    Thanks for the chapter.
    … Evil? Show me the true evil! Not like owww take over the world or destroy the world. It is how you control its not rule over it! >V<


    • Yoraikun says:

      That’s basically the point of this series. Defining Evil.


      • Narf says:

        I’d say half a page full of “SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT” is a pretty good start for defining evil.

        God, I miss reading “Overlord”. *sadface*

        Liked by 2 people

        • Overlord wasn’t even about evil. It was just about one kind yet selfish guy with 0 emphaty and a bunch of hommunculus with no other morals than loyalty to their creator.
          It was so good though. Damn you Yen Press.

          Liked by 2 people

    • Alort says:

      That’s exactly right. It’s incredible as every novel or fantasy you read they point that “a hero is someone who sacrifices himself for the life of others”. Like how a guy is claimed as a hero because he died to save a village from a horde of undeads and so on. Allright, it’s heroic for sure, but had he lived, even if the village does get destroyed, to get stronger wouldn’t he be able to save even more without sacrificing himself? The feeling this novel points is exactly this, at least for me. If an organization strong enough to stop war throughout the entire world got to dominate it, even if endorsing the use of force, but still making the whole world a better and safer place for everyone to live, wouldn’t it be better than let everyone do what they want and kill innocents in the process?


      • Melancholy says:

        Lol. This is obviously a starting point for a huge debate here. Avengers civil war is a good example


        • Alort says:

          Kind of, but I wouldn’t say that the point made in Avengers is the same. Since you did point it, i’ll assume that you read the magazines, if not, do so, you’ll spend a good time reading something really worth it, if you do read it as it was supposed to be. The point made in these magazines was that it wasn’t an organization which held strong members from the get go, no, it was the government trying to rob the heroes of their freedom so that they’d do it’s bidding. This is something entirely different. In Avengers the heroes are accounted as military power, a power which was once free to roam as they wished, saving who they wanted, even if it meant the destruction of a few buildings, being put at work by the government’s will. Here it’s a organization that wishes to bind the government at their will, and not only one government, but the entire world. Back at Avengers, if every hero did do as instructed, we could have a nation full of superbeings using them to slave the others nations, which can also happen here – it’s not stated that everyone under their rule will be treated as equall – but not by their own power or their personnel but because they made the heroes fell guilty from their once free acts and bent their will to work for them.


        • DarknessWolf says:

          And that make war. Just like Justice league with the government and some evil go to the space base and still their dangerous trophies. Thought the pro is they are more legal more information, more helpers, …


        • Alort says:

          And that’s kinda like the point Wolf. Both Justice League and the Avengers are groups that, though they have power in their hands – and spoils from enemies they fought – they won’t ever try to take the world by themselves, no matter the reason. Except if you take alternate dimensions into consideration, which I do think are crappy. However, what happens at Civil War is that the government tries to forcibly make them work by their bidding through a sense of guilty or a “need to fight for their nation”. If they just were groups of heroes doing everything they could to save the most ppl they can, them thumbs up for trying, but in this situation, sooner or later, the government will be the one to point who and if they’ll save someone, and not doing so will warrant penalties. Whereas a organization that does have total control and does try to strive for equality, even if it does have to make use of its force – as in “taking from who has a lot and giving to those who don’t” – differs from a organization that tries to hog in all the powerfull guys and then starts domination.


        • DarknessWolf says:

          Yea that really not good, if they are cooperate with each other about information and helping to minimum the destruction then good but like Lex Luthor or some politics want to get rid or controls heroes for their own or nations that really not gonna well.
          And for the old avengers Red skull and some evil politics, aliens already in the governments! Even SHIELD has traitors in them! So only cooperate not serving is better.
          Domination are already strong in politics and bad guys, they can’t trust much!


      • ArKain says:

        Heroes are by definition short-sighted. They don’t think about long term benefits. Heroic acts are only heroic because of the large risks it entails for the performer, thus you can make an argument that there will always be a situation that has a much better chance of survival that will be equally as important, so you should let this one go. A rational person would never do something like that, they would realize that the cost of it is not worth it, and that surviving would be better. If all heroes were to move under the belief of making sure that the risk to themselves is minimal, they’d be normal people.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Nikolay Babkin says:

          A good rule of thumb is that for every hero and heroic act, there is a chain of idiots and mistakes that caused the need for said heroes. And besides, a hero is just a regular schmuck who did not have the brains to run away.

          Or so it is with war and all those medal-covered corpses.


      • just some guy says:

        hears your death note Mr. Alort ill be here to collect your soul when your done have fun


  4. Villager A says:

    What a new project? there’s a similar manga about becoming grunt in evil organization

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  5. RKain says:

    I mean, if you’re going to join an evil organization hell bent on conquering the world, a girl is as good a reason as any, right?

    My thanks to you, Yoraikun.

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  6. Leigie says:

    Wow, read this as a raw a year ago and found it both great and unique. You are doing the right thing translating this and I am sure people will love it.


  7. Alex says:

    This reminded of the ratman manga

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  8. GM_Rusaku says:

    ☆   ∧_∧
        /つ¶つ¶  Thanks!!
    (( (( / ̄ ̄ ̄\  Nepu!!
       |) ○ ○ ○ (|
     /″   ν.  \
     ̄ \_\__/_/


  9. alundric says:

    Thanks Yorai-sama. The hell really wish such thing like this in the real world.
    Company Metallica, objectives world domination. None requirement. Wohoo… I want it at least I can be the admin. LoL

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  10. Mine. says:

    The names… Oh lord the names…

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    • Yoraikun says:

      Yes, it’s quite a thinly veiled metaphor.

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      • Aravis29 says:

        I’m super sleepy right now, so can someone point out the metaphorical happenings here? So lost…


        • Narf says:

          Bands of the Metal genre (bad side) are being fought by bands of the Rock genre (good side). All the names we’ve seen so far are completely the same (like Metallica) or only very slightly changed (The Beatle(s), Ramone(s), although those latter are Punkrock and really shouldn’t be on the “good and lawful” side).


        • AlbinoBlackSheep says:

          And Black Sabbath is there too. War Pigs started playing in my head as soon as I saw that.


  11. Seems pretty interesting so far. Also, I know I asked this a couple months back but nothings changed so far, so I just wanted to ask again for confirmation….do you still plan on finishing In a World Without Life? It was a nice quick read and I’d like to know how it ends at some point in the future whenever that may be.

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    • Yoraikun says:

      Ah… right… fine. I’ll have it done by the 29th, I guess. I can’t really start a Sevens volume in the time before Tree of Savior launches, lest it be left unfinished.

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      • franckoa says:

        Thanks I was going to ask the same ;o)
        At least this novel has a start quite different then the nowadays usual trio “reincarnation/summoning/female-only magic school or caste with a lone male MC (my least favorite of the three by the way)”…


  12. I liked it!! Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!


  13. Drivas says:

    The names of the organization and the héroes XD.


  14. fatpanda says:

    Thanks. Sounds interesting.
    Is it an old story?

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      • fatpanda says:

        Thank you. Curious… two different people, at the same year, quite similar detail. Though one just remain as an incomplete idea.
        Is it completed yet?
        -/Current personality is under mental restructurisation. We apologise for the inconvenience it might have caused. Management./-


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    Those names…
    Well, it’s not like I’m not guilty of the same thing. Linkin Park, Timber Lake, Tiger Woods are all places in the game I’m making.


  17. Narf says:

    Interesting base concept, I’ve read a few mangas with a similar disposition. I’m looking forward for future releases and the development of the MC, so thank you very much for the release!


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    As a metalhead, I’m both flattered and offended with the stereotype.


  22. laulau20 says:

    when i read this, i totally thought you were recruiting translators or some slaves lol


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    Thanks for the chapter~
    Somehow, reading this reminds me of Gamma, I wonder why…


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  29. A dead guy says:

    I thought that Metallica (and other metal bands) already took over the world in the 80’s before being overrun by the Pop Music Insurrection in the 90’s…

    BTW, I would have assumed that the evil organization would be Electronic Arts or Disney


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