The Evil Organization’s Recruitment Ad: Well of Course.

TEORA 6: Well of Course.

“Oy, Eda.”

What did that guy say just now? Oy, Eda or somehin’? The weaklin’ who hasn’t offered a word of resistance, this guy did? To me? To a former sumo and a senior in Metallica, no honorifics, huh?

“Are you listening, Eda?”
“… You……!?”

Neito’s expression was cold enough to send shivers down his spine. His eyes looked as if darkness itself had resided in them. Black, and deep. There’s something scary in this man. That’s how he felt. From this guy I’ve been overwhelming for a while? Why?

“… Hey, you know your sister? The one that lives in Setagaya? Yeah, the one that finishes badminton practice at 7:00 p.m., and goes straight home? Truly an exemplary high school girl there. But she walks that path home alone, you know. Now doesn’t that sound dangerous?”

What was he saying? Seriously, what is this guy saying? If I don’t down him soon, he’ll be dangerous.
That’s how Eda felt.

“Her house is on the third block, her room on the second floor, facing due west. It seems you’ve cut ties with your parents, but you treat that sisters of your quite dearly. To even give her Christmas and birthday presents every year, you really are a nice guy, aren’t you?”

His junior coworker indifferently continued on. This is strange. This guy is strange.

“You told me on the first day, but our locker here… it sure has a lot of things in it. It sure is amazing that a form’s all you need to bring out a gun or bomb.”

He was scared. He was scared of such a weak man. Eda had forgotten. That strength wasn’t the only thing to make a person hold fear. There was something far more basic: malice. To something like that, strength was irrelevant. It was scary in itself that such a thing was pointed at him.

Eda was a known delinquent from his school days. From that experience, he could plainly tell. This guy is no delinquent. He’s evil.

“You still don’t get it? In this match, killing was banned, right? That’s why you won’t be able to kill me. And you see, I don’t want to lose.”

“W-what are you saying…!?”

“Now if you end up defeating me, then I can’t say for certain what might happen to that sister of yours.”

A shudder. His response to the cold voice Neito let out could only be described as such.

“…! Wa… it…”

“Don’t want to. Now here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to hit you. You’re going to be hit, and fall.”

“You can dodge it if you want. But if you do, I’m going to peacefully forfeit this match. And after that…”

His mind couldn’t keep up. But at the very least, he could tell it didn’t sound like a bluff. It’s quite probable this man would do it all for real. And if he tried to stop him, he’d just take another measure. So to stop him, there was no other option but to kill this man. But in a workplace practice battle? Surely you’re joking.


The pride of the man called Eda wasn’t something stable enough to stand against ill intent of this level being sent his way.

The gentle punch Neito sent made a dull sound as it stuck into his body. Eda fell down quite unnaturally, and the match ended.

“Winner, Komori!”

The supervisor let out the decisive call. Thank god It looks like it went well.
To be honest, I wasn’t really sure it’d work out. Ah~ thank goodness.

“Fu… thank god… he… hehe…”

Neito took a deep breath in relief at his current victory.

Perhaps because he had quite consciously let out an unfamiliar tone of speech, the fatigue set in on him severely. And in the first place, his entire body was in pain.

But he had won. With a gentle punch.
The winner was much more beaten up than the loser. But even so, Neito felt a sense of fulfillment… however…

“That was dirty! Dammit!!”

After the match had ended, Eda declare what was on his mind.
The life of his sister was taken hostage. This match is null and void. He wanted to assert that.

?? I mean… huh? That’s no good? Why?

“Eh? Eda-san? Why are you so angry? I mean, you let me win after all, so there’s no way I’ll do anything to your sister! What do you have to be angry about?”

Yep. It’s a good thing he was such an understanding person. Is what Neito had thought.

“That’s not what this is about!! You even used such a dirty bluff!! Even I won’t be able to concentrate if you say somethin’ like that in the middle of a match!”

Eda said that in a rage. This is bad, I think he’s coming to hit me. This time, I’m so dead.
What should I do? In the first place, this person is making quite a fundamental misunderstanding.

“Lay off him, Eda!! A bluff that looks cowardly is but a single sort of strategy!! I said to fight like a member of Metallica, didn’t I!!? Vicious means are fair game!!”

The supervisor held back a rampaging Eda. Yep, for now, let’s run away. I did win, for argument’s sake. Yeah, let’s leave it at that.

Neito left the area, and Manaka followed behind to talk to him.

“You did it! I never thought you’d be able to say something like that! Hooray! We’ll have a celebration tonight!”

A bit roughly, Manaka was praising him. A little into his congratulations, Manaka spoke as if he just remembered something.

“… Hey, Neito. If… Eda had chosen to ignore what you were saying, and defeated you… what did you plan on doing?”

Eh? Even Manaka-san’s saying something like that?

“? Then of course I would have inflicted harm unto his dear sister.”

I flat out said that at the very start. Why is everyone acting so strange?
Of course, I wouldn’t want to do such a thing. So I really was glad when Eda folded like that. I mean, if it didn’t go like that, I’d end up doing it for real.

Neito hadn’t noticed. That the special talent he had had begun to sprout. And that normal society would never evaluate a trait as black as his.

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  1. AsianOtakuGuy says:

    Aye :D


  2. tyizor says:

    Threats are always the best strat :3

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  3. Prism says:

    The Rise of the Black King

    I believe that would make a fine title for this series.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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  4. shirayukibns says:

    Hahaha I’m loving this…. thanks for picking up such a fun story yorai-kun~ Thanks for the chapter


  5. Candied Skull says:

    So cool…

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  6. ftaku says:

    Damn, he is scary. I don’t know if evil is the correct word for him. He doesn’t want to do those actions, but if is required of him or he said that he would do some thing. He would do it, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. Shivers

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    • Sage says:

      Thats just True evil. You ain’t a violent prick u just hurt really really much


    • The closest word I can think of that would fit your description is sociopath, and I’m rather certain we’ve just witnessed this one being born/created.

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      • Lel says:

        I would call it ruthless since he is not afraid of using any method to get his way. A sociopath lacks feelings of empathy towards his victims while a ruthless person regrets the choice but will carry it out to achieve his goal


        • I bothered to check it up beforehand, I cite WebMD as my source. Warning incoming wall of text.
          “A key difference between a psychopath and a sociopath is whether he has a conscience, the little voice inside that lets us know when we’re doing something wrong, says L. Michael Tompkins, EdD. He’s a psychologist at the Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center.

          A psychopath doesn’t have a conscience. If he lies to you so he can steal your money, he won’t feel any moral qualms, though he may pretend to. He may observe others and then act the way they do so he’s not “found out,” Tompkins says.

          A sociopath typically has a conscience, but it’s weak. He may know that taking your money is wrong, and he might feel some guilt or remorse, but that won’t stop his behavior.

          Both lack empathy, the ability to stand in someone else’s shoes and understand how they feel. But a psychopath has less regard for others, says Aaron Kipnis, PhD, author of The Midas Complex. Someone with this personality type sees others as objects he can use for his own benefit.”


  7. Termt says:

    Well now, that’s some natural talent for evil he’s got right there.

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  8. helioszx says:

    That’s why the one who always fullfill his /her promise are scary. Imagine a girl asked someone to hit her head using a book everytime she overeating because she want to do a diet. If she got hit 4 times everyday, in 4 months she will succes lost weight and becoming bald too…

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  9. zant says:

    awesomely evil

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  11. goblinrou says:

    I think i remember seeing something similar on D-Frag except it was a lot more hilarious than this.


  12. joakofrias says:

    i thought that it would be a comedy novel but it have some dark stuff eh, very interesting…by the way yoraikun when would you continue with seven? after finish the first arc of the evil organization? (just happens that i read the second chapter of seven gaiden and want to ask)


  13. synthous says:

    Yoraikun, I think you might want to add a disclaimer so that people don’t have their dark flame lit because of the actions of our MC.


  14. Badman13 says:

    It fun, being bad.


  15. Rizzo Daniele says:

    Thank you for this really nice work.

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  16. He who has have had! says:

    I like the fact that its not fully ‘gag-y’ unlike ‘Baito Saki wa Aku no Soshiki’


  17. Monkeyman says:

    Not really impressed…. Weak guy promises to hurt your sister if you don’t forfeit… Just kill him outside of work so you don’t get in trouble. Being evil doesn’t make you strong.


  18. Monkeyman says:

    Well I’m an evil grunt from an evil corporation (supposedly evil but may be the good guys) so I should be willin to kill right? The moment he is fired follow him out of the company and make sure he has an “accident”. Therefore imouto chan is saved. Im not hating on your choice of side project but I did like the story before the author made the mc seem special for being evil with no means to back it up.


    • Yoraikun says:

      Then let me ask why you’d risk imouto-chan in the first place, for an on-the-spot decision with no real benefit to you? I’m not hating on your moral standing, but when you have something precious to you, you treat it as if it’s something precious.

      He’s clearly done his research. How about you?


    • Alort12 says:

      There’s a slight problem there: there’s never been a “if you lose you’re fired”, he only said that upon evaluation, if he is deemed worthless he’ll be fired. He could have lost the match and they would still keep him working there, which would mean that, upon filling those forms, he can take a gun or bomb and harm Eda’s sister. That’s why Eda did as he said, cause it wasn’t a situation where if the newcomer loses to the one who’s employed for more than 2 years would be fired. Even moreso if you take into consideration that he DOES work for Metallica for 2 years, winning against a newbie isn’t a merit nor is a demerit losing to someone higher ranked.

      Thus we can conclude that what Eda did beforehand, warning him that he may have been fired had he lost, was a trick to make him either nervous about the fight or to make him forfeit. Eda’s action does show that he has no interest in those of lower standard than him in the organization and does not pay them any mind, which was exactly the reason for him being so vulnerable. Heck, two years working for a Evil Organization and he never felt like being evil? Never thought about hiding his weakness or not giving others chances to exploit you? I, for one, though I don’t work for a evil organization – not that I know of, but they may be due to this shit payment – can’t lower my guard or they’ll complain and harass me, even my co-workers will do it.

      Also, it’s not that the author “made the MC seem special for being evil with no means to back it up”. Not, surely not, cause take a look at the organization: at the beggining may have really been something evil but now their members think more of it as a working place as any other. They wake up, brush their teeth, have their breakfast and go to work, as if they were working in a office. Which, mind you, is not. It’s a fucking organization that acts against the law, to dominate and change the world, they aren’t Bandai and their digimon, there’s no legality in their work, so they should fix their attitude. And so far, though new to it, Neito is the only one who does show some of this “evil” posture because he does not give a fuck to what happens to the world as it is. Maybe, if it did change, he’d care about his actions, but the way it is? No, he doesn’t care, and that’s what makes him “special”.


      • Yoraikun says:

        As for why an evil grunt may not be used to dealing with evil… He’s an evil grunt. He fights justice, not evil.


        • Monkeyman says:

          Maybe it’s just where I grew up but all the stuff the mc is doing that scares ppl is pretty normal in my eyes. When he was like “maybe poison or a concealed knife” and the manager was creeped out I was thinking hmm isn’t that normal?


        • Yoraikun says:

          It’s less what he did, but more his thought process of doing so without prior experience or hesitation. Sure, if you lived in a place where something like that is normal, you’ll pick it up. He lived a completely normal and peaceful life without a single record of violence. It comes to him naturally.


        • Monkeyman says:

          Yea I get it that makes sense. Relative to his environment it is a scary behavior to display as the ppl there wouldn’t expect it.


      • Monkeyman says:

        No I like the company and I am we’ll aware that they are not truly “evil” based on the managers actions for the homeless guy. I just don’t like neet o right now. For all I know he will go through some great development but right now he is just a neet acting tough but hasn’t gotten any real training.


        • Alort12 says:

          I wouldn’t take that for sure. The manager himself only had this moment so far, and it’s still in the beggining, so in the course of actions his personality may show as something entirely different.

          Anyway, if you take into consideration that the organization has shown, so far, that the general department only has to provide action once in the field, and they are the ones who fight the heroes and usually are the ones being scolded for a loss, they for sure they have some pent up frustration toward any kind of “hero”. Him giving them some food could have been only a way for them to not spread this moment since, after all, they saw his face. Or, as you said, he could really be someone “good”, who was bullied in his youth by those who once in adulthood turned out to be heroes or role models, and he is pretty much pissed with them, thus he favoured the homeless guys.

          Then again, the problem so far for us not being able to understand why this organization which is evil employs those kinds of “good guys” is simply because so far we couldn’t see management of any kind from the higher ups. They’re in a situation where they can do whatever they want, play games, spend the day dozing of or so on, until comes a call for action. So for sure some of them are kind of “I do fight the heroes, that’s my work, but I don’t kill anyone” or “though i’m spreading chaos throughout the world, i’m doing it because it’s the only kind of work I got and I have a family to feed”, so that’s why some of them may, and will, be amazed by the fact that the MC really has what is needed to be truly evil: being able to do what is needed to achieve his evil goals.

          It’s like being in a company where you, a normal sane guy, that pays well and was the only work you got and having to put up to being teamed with some freak cause the company DOES value those kind of guy and you have either to accept it and make a blind eye to his actions or go back to unemployment.


  19. KappaPride says:

    Alright boys, time for the lesson ” How to be a real villain 101″


  20. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Now he just needs an evil laugh.


  21. fatpanda says:

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  22. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! Interesting how nonchalant he is about planning to follow through with the promise, but still think it’s completely normal.


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    / (・ω・)(・ω・) \
    | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
    | THANKS!! NEPU!! |


  24. DarknessWolf says:

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    Yea control its, bent its with your power, you rule but not as ruler but as the controller.


  25. y4kuu says:

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  26. more on says:

    “From the day I was born,
    I was bad to the bone,
    Bad to the bone….”
    Metal all the way!!! XD
    And thanks man!!


  27. thefailman1 says:

    Damn Neito is edgy af


  28. archelepago says:

    Excuse me Yoraikun but do you have any clue as to whether you will TL this to its end, I believe it has about 100 chapters and ended last year so I could imagine that even as a side project to Sevens it could possibly be fully translated by next year?


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    nc thanks for the chapter


  30. Chuuni Bro says:

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  37. Nikolay Babkin says:

    “And that normal society would never evaluate a trait as black as his.”

    I think you might want to use ‘appreciate’ or something similar instead of ‘evaluate’, since the latter is more neutral, while the meaning was clearly ‘evaluate positively’ or something close.


  38. naleastie says:

    Ohohohoh I can tell this MC will be giving trouble to the heroes~ acting nice and then backstabbing them? No problemo~ I wasn’t too enthusiastic about Yorai-kun having a side project but, once again, you’ve showed good taste !! Thank you very much for translating this series~


  39. Chronos5884 says:

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  40. Reader says:

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  42. John Cold says:

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  43. ishouldsleepc104 says:

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    • Eternal perspective says:

      That’s probably it, a normal person will never keep killing in his mind at all as an option , unless backed into a corner with no way out. Mc gave him a way out. And normal ppl will worry about what will the consequences be etc. It’s hard to reach that determination in seconds during a spar


  44. Eternal perspective says:

    Thanks for chap
    loving the mc already, he is broken

    So basically his conscience and guilt iss switched off


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