The Evil Organization’s Recruitment Ad: It’s Time for the Hero of Justice

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Teora 8: It’s Time for the Hero of Justice

Neito was unaware of it. That Ikeno who joined alongside him had, as a member of the Planning Department, been left with the drafting of the plan. One week before Neito’s team was to receive the R Classified order, Ikeno was proposing an important proposition to the faces gathered.


“My planning is perfect. By discarding one team of the Miscellaneous Division, the Rocks’ arrival at the scene will be delayed at least an estimated two hours. With that much time, we can…”

What Metallica was planning this time was suppression of a private research institution in the Kantou region.
The institution in question was one that had displayed extraordinary success in the field of genetic engineering, and if they could monopolize on those results, it would be possible to gain a considerable amount of power.

It was one Metallica would want to take over by all means. In order to enhance its military might, and to get control over a technique that may pave the way to world domination.

Ikeno was a new recruit, but his excellent personal record and abilities were recognized, and he was permitted to suggest a plan for the mission.

His plan went as follows.

They knew beforehand that the Rocks’ 『Dylan』 knew of their plans to suppress the facility. It was quite likely that some interference would come on the day in question.
So there, they would leak another piece of information. That a large-scale criminal meeting was to take place in a certain area.

Of course, there were no such plan. The important part of it, was that the existence of such a meeting was to become common sense among the populace. And there in truth, there would be a large number of Miscellaneouses stationed there. Meaninglessly.

While they would know of the high likelihood of the research facility being attacked, the allies of justice, the Rocks, wouldn’t be able to leave the fake information aside without confirming it.

And for that sake, the facility and meeting site were adjacent to one another.

The hero would definitely come. There’s no way they’d let it slide. Ikeno had taken that into consideration. But even if they figured out at once that the information was false, there would be those Miscs there. They should at least be able to stall for time. It was that sort of plan.

The higher-ups were reluctant, but he forcefully pushed it through. It was fine as long as it succeeded.

Ikeno put together the documents, and headed over to the General Affairs Department. One of their duties was copying and relaying decisions throughout the ompany.

“Maki-chan, please file this one.”

He called out to General Affairs’ Mayuzumi Maki, and handed over the papers. She had joined alongside him, of attractive face and figure, and honestly quite cute. It was a good opportunity for him to appeal to her with the hard work he put up on the forefront of the operation.

“Ah, yes…! This is…”

After accepting it with a smile, she looked over the papers, and for some reason made a dubious expression.

“Hmm? What’s wrong? It’s received the proper approval.”

“… By this plan, the people of the Misc. Division will be…”

“Yeah. There’s a chance they’ll receive a little damage. But that’s the Miscellaneous Division’s job in itself, is it not?”

Even after he had explained it like that, Maki’s expression continued to sink. Ikeno was completely unable to comprehend the reason behind that.


The point Neito was stationed at for the R Classified mission was on the coast. But it was just a desolate line of warehouses without any tourist popularity.

“Manaka-san, will Dylan really come here…?”

“… Perhaps.”

The Miscellaneous members were dispersed to an extent, and they dotted the coastal area. The division had a basic premise of working in teams of two, so Neito paired with Manaka, as he waited on standby as the sun began its descent. Manaka was equipped with a rifle, while Neito carried a tranquilizer gun. Hidden in the shadows, the two of them checked over the surveillance footage, and time passed.

“… I’m sorry, man. I was opposed to having you participate in this operation, but you know…”

Manaka abruptly muttered that.

“D-don’t mind it. What are you even talking about? It’s not like death is certain or anything…! Right. When we’re done here, let’s go out drinking again.”

Manaka’s words rung out as if this was the end, so Neito frantically tried to deny them.

“… Right. Okay. Today, we’re not going to the usual oden joint. I’ll treat you to somewhere nicer!”


It was at that moment. The cameras had caught footage of a certain something. The transformation sequence was already complete.
It was the same as what he’d seen on TV.
With nuances somewhere in between mechanical armor and the exoskeleton of a living being, a pure white body. Something like a horn protruded from its forehead, and a dull luminescence surrounded its body as if you let you discern its overwhelming energy at a glance. It was like a knight of light you’d see in a fairy tale.

So there are other things like that one in this world? That was the first generation Rocks, who protected society from the hands of evil. The incarnation of justice…

“Manaka-san! There…!”

He heard the sound of spit gulping down his throat.

“Yeah… looks like it’s time for the Hero of Justice… no helping it. Send out a notification for the other members to gather, and we’ll approach for now.”

Neitno nodded, and started moving in response.
This time’s mission was to, ‘take on Dylan– who’s likely to show up– with all your numbers. But don’t just come down at him at once. Challenge him one at a time,’ was all that came. He didn’t ask the reason.

The enemy was a mighty hero, tried and true. Could Neito and the rest of the Misc Members, who were really no more than small fries, really stand a chance of winning if they all went at it alone? Wouldn’t that just result in them being beat down one after another? In the end, it would just be biding time until their annihilation, wouldn’t it? His doubts towards the reason for the orders continued to grow, but… there was no helping it. That was Miscellaneous. The role of the lowest soldiers of an Evil Organization.

“But you won’t enter his field of vision. I’ll be the only one to directly confront him. You just stand and watch from the shadows.”

“!? That can’t…!”

“You got that!?”

Without waiting for a response, Manaka jumped from the shadows, and danced to Dylan’s front. Naito watched on from a place a little ways away.

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