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Sevens: Message

Message Five days after the Labyrinth crawling commenced, the fifth floor had been safely cleared. The parties that wouldn’t originally have been permitted to enter were now scrambling about to take out the monsters wandering about. With the boss having … Continue reading

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Sevens: Peridot

Peridot Night. I held the pea-green gemstone between my fingers, and looked at it through the light of the lantern. “It’s quite big. What’s more, it’s been cut quite cleanly.” The precious stone of about ten centimeters across was considerably … Continue reading

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Sevens: Precious Stone

Precious Stone A dark Labyrinth corridor. From that space that resembled the inside of a cave, I could hear the sound of running water somewhere. When Clara turned on the light from her staff to illuminate the area, I could … Continue reading

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Sevens: Alette Baillet

Alette Baillet Invited by Miranda, I went over to the place Alette-san’s party’s tent was stationed. I had been confirming Mini-Porter with Clara, but no matter what we did, there were still things we had to look over, so I … Continue reading

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Sevens: The Departing Subjugatory Force

The Departing Subjugatory Force The preparations to depart over with, we gathered at Beim’s eastern gate. Our scale was that of a few hundreds. It didn’t reach a thousand, but it was still a considerable number. (I heard the difficulty … Continue reading

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Sevens: The Leader’s Job

(TL: As for the name of this site… Godwin: Rebranding is where you take a property the general public are bored to death of seeing, change it slightly, and promote it as something completely different. Jack: That sounds both insulting, … Continue reading

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