Sevens: Everyone’s mr. lyle

Everyone’s mr. lyle

“Perhaps rather than flower, a butterfly or bee would be more appropriate. I want to be the butterfly fluttering about the beautiful flowers around me.”

In the tent, I sat at a long table separating the two glaring parties, Monica stationed to my side, as I offered a revision to my previous statement.

Having been told naked was no good, I reluctantly put on a gown, enduring it by leaving a wide open space at the chest.

Alette-san was right across from me. Embarrassed, she was sitting in a way to make herself seem smaller.

To her side stood her adjutant, with a bit of distance between them. His standing posture was a dignified one, but perhaps he was nervous, as his face was quite pale.

Dear Monica brought out some tea as she…

“Chicken dickwad, you were in the middle of conversation.”

“Oh right. To summarize, you came to congratulate us, is how it is. I was properly listening. I always listen to the words of a lovely woman. For you to personally come to seduce me… you’ve got a good eye for men.”

From the Jewel, the ancestors raised their voices. In order, Third and up.

『Today’s mr. lyle really is mr. lyle!』
『From the first marvelous, we’ve already assembled a line of candidates…』
『… It’s that. His health was shot out for quite a while this time around, so this must be the recoil.』
『I wish to put my ballot into that, ‘let’s dye that graveyard in my magnificent color’ line. The bravado to even attempt to dye that living hell in his colors… that’s got to be the one!』
『Sixth Generation, you act too soon. Let’s take it slow here, wait, and listen to all the lines streaming out his mouth. He’s mr. lyle, after all.』

I smiled as I turned the conversation to Alette-san. She directed a glance at the camps on both sides before she offered a correction.

“N-no… not like that, I’ve truly evaluated your competency, and called out to give you the sincerest of commendations. And we’ll be dealing with one another as fellow adventurers from here on as well.”

The reason her eyes were swimming left and right must be the jealousy of the beautiful flowers around us.

Well well well… How sinful a man am I.

Alette-san worked up a panic as she spoke to me.

“T-the commendation itself wasn’t my main objective! Ah, it’s that! That!”

She directed her eyes at her adjutant. The adjutant averted his eyes in a reluctant fashion.

I thought of what she could mean when she said that…

“I see. Porter, is it? A good pair of eyes you have there. That is mine, and Monica’s greatest masterpiece! The prototype you hear about around Arumsaas is none other than mine own Mini Porter!”

When I told her that, Alette-san’s expression indicated she had found salvation.

“Yeah, that! Your Mini Porter. I’d like you to tell me about Porter! That one could work up a transportation revolution. Yep!”

To Alette-san nodding to herself, I covered my face with my hand, and spoke apologetically

“It’s unfortunate. We have some circumstances on our side, and teaching on the matter will require some time. And if I tell one person, there’ll be people coming to my place one after the next for the same knowledge. I have not the leisure to secure that amount of time, so I must leave it at not spreading the info.”

The Fourth, regretfully.

『… If we only had the time, we could make a fortune selling the information in Beim. Hah, if we had the time, that is.』

The contents were savory enough to put food on the table.

But while earning money, we also held the goal of training ourselves.

“There happens to be an expert on the subject in Arumsaas, so I recommend you take a seminar there. Well, ‘s long as you learn the magic, I’m sure you could move it relatively easily.”

There, Alette-san spoke happily.

“I see! Then there’s no helping it! Well then, we shall be taking our leave here. We have to carry out preparations for the next mission. Yep!”

Why does she look so delighted? I held such an inquiry as I watched her stand to leave the tent.

“Come to think of it, about that document from before… do you still have it on you?”

Turning around, Alette-san yelled with a reddened face.

“Isn’t not like I’m always carrying it around! That time was… that time was…!!”

I saw she was about to burst into tears, so I flipped my hair, and spoke.

“Then bring it here at once. I’ll sign it on the spot. Run and retrieve it!”

Her teary face was dumbfounded. Her adjutant consoling her to her side was looking at me with his eyes wide open.

From the Jewel, the Fifth.

『As expected of mr. lyle. I can’t imagine what Lyle will say on it later.』

The ones to both my sides were Novem and Miranda. Looking at me, Novem smiled and spoke.

“Lyle-sama, no matter how you look at it, that was too sudden. You should confirm it with the other party before you…”

“You shut up! Lyle, don’t say any unnecessary things in your current state! You do understand what’s going on here, right? And our problem over here has yet to be resolved.”

I listened to their opinions, before spreading out my arms. And after crossing them in a position as if to embrace myself.

“Don’t be so jealous. After all, I’m everyone’s Lyle. Don’t worry about it, I’ll bring happiness to all of you!”

Both Novem and Miranda put their hands to their foreheads. Did they have headaches?

And not at me, they sent their eyes towards Alette-san.

Perhaps unable to bear the air of the tent growing even more tense…

“E-even I… Even I can understand that you’re just in an after Growth. I know you don’t really mean it!”

… She left the tent in tears.

Her adjutant hurriedly gave a, ‘beg your pardon,’ before giving chase.

So left in the tent, were we alone.

Taking a sip of Monica’s roasted tea, as I sent a glance to everyone.

“Now then, it’s time for the fun talks to begin.”

With a relaxed smile, I urged the glaring women to talk.

It started off with trivial matters.

Having recovered from their Growth fatigue long before me, Novem, Aria and Miranda led me, and we returned from the Labyrinth.

I lay down for a while at the campsite, and by the time morning came, I had ended up coming with an absurdly good idea.

And when I went outside to announce it to everyone, I found Novem- leading a party of Eva and May- facing Miranda- leading Aria and Shannon.

Clara was sitting a bit away observing the situation, but if I had to say, she was closer to Miranda’s side.

Monica was standing by me, and I ended up jumping in between the two forces.

The problem in question was…

“Novem never gave the details of her staff. And she met and spoke with a man of the Forxuz House in Beim… that isn’t everything, but there are too many suspicious points about Novem.”

Of her actions up to now, and of her keeping silent about her staff. It seems Miranda wasn’t able to forgive that.

Could it be she had a connection to Celes? May have been part of it.

In comparison, Novem gave a level response.

“Yes. I definitely did falsify information. But that was for Lyle-sama’s sake. Of all else, I never intended for this falsehood to put any party at a disadvantage. More importantly… Miranda-san, you put someone on tailing me, didn’t you. And you brought ample gunpowder with you this time. What would you have done if it induced an explosion within the party?”

Novem’s sympathizer was Eva. May was also standing by her side, advocating for her.

“In the first place, just because you don’t trust the girl, what flight of madness would get you to hire one to tail her!?”

“My thoughts exactly. And if you don’t like it, then why get involved?”

The ones to Miranda’s sides were Aria and Sannon. A little distance away, Clara was also her ally.

Aria spoke.

“Doesn’t it stem down to her behavior to which one couldn’t help but be suspicious!? And Novem has done something similar before.”

Shannon was nervously looking around. When she looked at me, she let out a sigh, and hung her head.

“Hah… the current Lyle’s no good, is he.”

I never expected to be called no good. Okay, let’s bring about the greatest of outcomes from this hopeless situation to change your mind.

I thought, as Clara gave her testimony.

“It’s true that Miranda-san has concealed some things herself. The tailing may have been going too far, I’ll admit… but just looking at the result, Novem-san did indeed meet a person of her house. And what she accepted from him was a family heirloom, was it not? An incredible staff at that.”

Both sides had their piece.

Novem spoke.

“I have, now and before, always worked for Lyle-sama’s sake. I did not expect there to be doubt on that matter.”

She gave a quiet protest.

Looking on it expectantly from my side, Monica:

“Hmm, what a scene of carnage. For such a blatantly visible landmine, it would take none other than a useless Chicken to tread on it.”

I didn’t really know what she meant by landmine, but I could understand that she was praising me.

“Oh don’t praise me so. I feel I’ll fly through the sky.”

I sipped my tea, and listened to their parts. Opinions came from the Jewel as well.

The Third and Fourth.

『What are they saying to Novem-chan… if that child wasn’t here, then Neither Lyle nor anyone else would be here! And, I still think Marvelous is Best Lyle material!』

『Exactly my point. Having tagged themselves on later, Miranda and the others aren’t in a position to say anything of the one who served Lyle from the start, and exhausted herself so for his sake! While I’m at it, I’m for, ‘bring that form here at once, I’ll sign it on the spot,’ perhaps.』

The Fifth sounded as if he was a little distance away.

『I don’t have any intentions of meeting her, but Octō, was it? She said to trust Novem. It’s true that they must be some connection between them. It’s a fool’s task to just trust in everything. I’m also for Marvelous. It just had a different impact from the others.』

The Sixth spoke.

『Miranda’s in the wrong? Ignoring all Novem’s secretive behavior and that’s what you get? In truth, Miranda was the one who divulged her own secrets along with Novem’s. By the way, dye the graveyard for me. 』

The Seventh too.

『I understand you feel a debt to the Forxuz House. It’s not just once or twice I’ve found myself saved by them as well. But blind devotion is a dangerous game to play. I still think something interesting will come out, so I’m putting my ballot on hold.』

The opinions on Novem were divided there as well.

(Good grief… each and every one of them. It’s a simple matter, is it not? My comrades that have come so far with me… how could I think of any one of them as anything but wonderful!?)

While looking at the two warring factions, I stood and proclaimed.

“I looove all of yooouu!!”

My sudden shout put an abrupt close to the conversation.  I looked up at the heavens, and covered my face with both hands as I spoke.

“For you all to be thinking of me so, I’m a happy man.”


“Huh? Could he have gone mad from the tension? This is all your fault, you hear. Handle our delicate Chicken Dickwad with a bit more care, won’t you!?”

Novem looked worried.

“L-Lyle-sama, I apologize. But with these suspicions upon me, I’ll have to talk eventually, or else…”

Miranda was also looking at me in worry.

“Maybe I went a little too far. But if I’m leaving my back to her, there are some things I’d want to know…”

I looked straight ahead, and spread my arms.

“Okay, I understand the issue! The problem is that you can’t trust each other, right!”

Everyone looked amongst themselves, and nodded.

“Then that’s an easy one. I’ll show you how quickly we can solve a problem of this level.”

I directed a smile at all of them, but they couldn’t help but direct doubtful looks at me. Sad as it may be, it seems from my usual behavior, they were not about to believe me.

(It’s true I was a bit of a late bloomer. But today’s me is different!)

“Now then, to resolve all of this, you’ll all have to kiss me. Deep ones!”

Aria’s face turned red, and her chair toppled over as she stood. She moved herself all the way to a corner of the tent.

Shannon’s mouth opened and closed in silence, while Clara was red to the ears.

May spoke.

“Come to think of it, I was in quilin form last time. Which one do you want this time around? Quilin again?”

She said that, so I smiled.

“The feel of a quilin tongue isn’t a bad one, but I’d like to request human. I’ll be taking both your first kisses.”

May gave up, and shrugged her shoulders.

“Too bad. My first kiss was Fredricks.”

Within the Jewel, I could hear some voices chastising the man.

『No way~. Her age was in the single digits for Christ’s sake~.』
『To think my own father had such a hobby… how embarrassing.』
『Always so unconcerned… so it’s because you held those sorts of preferences.』

The Fifth acted up.

『I keep telling you, it’s just like a greeting when she’s in quilin form! The tongue may have incidently entered her mouth at one point in time! You all are saying this knowing full well, aren’t you!』

It was little unfortunate, but if it was given to the Fifth, then there was no helping it.

“Well, that’s fine in and of itself. So let’s get right to it…”

There, Shannon gave a violent protest.

“Cut the crap! Putting in the tongue and all… not happening!”

Seeing her object with a reddened face, I put my hand to my chin in thought.

“If a deep kiss is no good, then how about a French one? See, doesn’t it sound a little cuter?”

“Not at all! What’s more, they’re the exact same thing! Definitely not!”

She locked her arms, and turned away. Maybe it really was too soon for us.

“Got it. You can pass if you want. Let’s have some fun next time. Well then, the other members are…”

When I said that, Shannon extended her hand towards me with a bit of a troubled face.

“Eh, no… are you fine with backing down so easily?”

She said that, but we were short on time, so if the other members were ready, I was going to start. It looks like there was still one opposed.

It was Eva.

“Wait a moment… while I may be travelling alongside you, Lyle, it’s not like I’ve fallen for you or anything. Kisses are out of the question.”

She said that quiet calmly.

But I wouldn’t give up from something like that.

“I see.”

“Right. So just kiss the others, alright? And wait, why a kiss? You mean to say this situation will alieve itself if you use a Skill?”

I approached the doubtful girl, put my hand around her back to push her towards me, and used it to support her up as I embraced her.

I grasped her resisting hand with my free right, and brought my face closer.

“Then you can fall for me now. Fall for me this instant.”

“W-what!? You’ve lost more than a screw or two!!”

She continued resisting, turning her face so our eyes couldn’t meet. Her cheeks were just a little bit flushed.


In the Jewel, the Seventh.

『… Then fall for me this instant. Could that be Best Lyle worthy?』

The Third.

『Eh~ it’s still marvelous.』

The Fifth regretfully.

『You all, I’m not going to forget how you all called me a pervert, you hear. Ah, I’m changing mine to, ‘I’m everyone’s Lyle’ okay?』

Everyone around was too confused to move, and I stared into her eyes and spoke.

“Don’t worry. It is only a matter of falling in love now or later!”

Eva resisted.

“And I’m telling you no! Even I have my dreams! When the curtain closes, he’ll come up to the stage with a bouquet of flowers, and confess his love… and yet, there no way I could fall for  a man telling me to in front of so many people!”

Having heard Eva’s explanation, Monica sounded fed-up.

“No, your dream has many times that amount of people around, and it isn’t so different after all…”

I heard her dream and nodded.

“Understood. In that case, the confession can wait ‘til later. I’ll take your lips first. Once the preparations are done, I’ll grant all your wishes. Just imagine it… a large stage to your own, your figure singing the last note, looking out at my form in the applauding crowd. A full house, and everyone clapping to our happiness as I jump on stage! And… you don’t hate being watched, do you?”

Eva’s face turned red as she stared off, and nodded.

“… Alright.”

It seems she was imagining the confession scene, and sufficiently delighted with it.

Shannon pointed at her.

“Hey, the girl just nodded, and even replied! After saying so much before, why is her face so flushed!?”

(An opening!)

Before she came back to her senses, I kissed Eva. Her eyes opened wide in surprise for a moment, but they soon went back to normal.

The Skill 【Connection】’s line now connected she and I. I felt the sensation of its success.

(Good, next is…)

The Fourth quietly spoke.

『If he had this level of motivation on a regular basis… well, perhaps it’s best it’s only kept to occasion.』

Everyone in the tent watched us with reddened faces.

… It was a circular room.

The ceiling was high, and round blue gemstones were embedded into it.

The thought that they resembled Lyle’s own Jewel wasn’t mistaken.

What stood in its center was a certain Lyle Walt. Not in the gown, but his usual clothing.

The vast room had five doors.

And In its air floated the silver greatsword and bow Lyle made use of. The floor rose a step to create a ring-like formation in the center of the circular room.

Looking around, still with a flushed face, Clara was unsteady on her feet.

She nervously took in her surroundings, and noticed that May was quite calm as she looked at one of the doors.

(Because it’s her second time? She did say that she’d kissed him before after all… and wait, kissing her in quilin form… just what was Lyle thinking…?)

Miranda’s head hurt. She never thought her first kiss would be taken in such a fashion.

An overbearing Lyle wasn’t a bad thing to have, but if possible she wanted him to have attempted to create the right mood.

(Well, it’s not like he’ll only prepare a special confession for Eva, so I’ll tell him my demands later, and… anyways, this is where【Connection】has brought me. Is this inside Lyle’s heart?)

Lyle’s Skill 【Connection】.

It was a Skill to create links. It made lines of mana to connect people, and made for thought transmittance to be possible.

It’s just, for it to be able to drag others’ consciousness into one’s own heart was something even Miranda hadn’t anticipated.

On top of the ring.

Within the countless lights illuminating the space from up high, he spread his arms up to the sky.

“If words don’t work, then talk with your fists! Passed down from our founder, such is the sacred tradition of the Walt Household! Well then, come on up, and step in the ring!”

No one understood a thing as they stared at Lyle atop the platform…

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