Best Lyle Awards

I will be going right into the next volume without working on another project, by the way. I am working on the next chapter, and it will likely be out tomorrow. But for now, why not place your vote for best Lyle?


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A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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56 Responses to Best Lyle Awards

  1. Leigie says:

    Well he finally said “Do you always keep those papers on you?” So my vote goes to that


  2. RKain says:



  3. lenyekpenyek says:

    You know what’s better? the option to cast multiple votes.

    But truth be told, I want to vote for all of em. lol, just can’t get enough of Mr Lyle.


  4. machinaforce says:

    Yes Yes and yes we needed this poll…


    • xgerm says:

      it would be nice to do this every time mr lyle appears.
      but this is a hard choice… it is the best mr lyle until now. every time he appears is better than the last.
      i suppose i’ll choose the graveyard.


  5. Rogath says:

    This is a tough one. A lot of these lines were great. but it just doesn’t feel like a great mr. Lyle moment unless Lyle wants to die upon remembering it. That knocks a couple of these out of the running, including my personal favorite line in the novel “…What nice weather”.


  6. ashevn says:

    “Everyone’s got their share of things to hide. When the time comes, I’ll say what I want on the bed. So resolve yourself, and call out to me.”

    this is best ^

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  7. Dammit too many to choose >.< but well I'll go with this for now…(Amazing… no matter what I say, I can make anyone fall for me. I’m beginning to fear myself.) Hahaha

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  9. ArKain says:

    How is dying graveyard not winning? That one was amazing!


  10. Mr. Lyle says:

    Oh was I wrong? How shocking. But, well… I’m in a mood where I wouldn’t mind signing a marriage form or two. Gather all you want to love the flower that is me!


  11. “Then let’s dye that graveyard in my magnificent colors!” to be able to say that in that situation……that’s the second most bold thing I ever heard/read

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  12. boartank says:

    Reblogged this on Boartank and commented:
    Sevens Best Lyle Poll


  13. Robert says:

    My vote goes to Fall for me this instant. I wonder what the author would say after reading our ents on the Best Lyle Award this time?

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  14. J says:

    “Then let’s dye that graveyard in my magnificent colors!” this line should be winning this award

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  15. borde says:

    It is so hard to choose. they’re all worthy of the award😀


  16. loshi1505 says:

    I’m split vote between fall for me this instant and secrets disclosed in bed…. they are both WAY to mr. lyle to not get put into the number 1 spot.

    wish there was a way to vote for 2-3 of the choices…😦


  17. Trash says:

    This is hard.


  18. Then you can fall for me now. Fall for me this instant. <— This is the best for me!!


  19. burningice53 says:

    This is the hardest decision I have made in my entire life. But… I’ll have to go with “Then you can fall for me now. Fall for me this instant.”

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  20. Thyros says:

    I still cannot laugh remembering that “Then let’s dye that graveyard in my magnificent colors” – this one will have a special place on my heart from now on, and everyone knows it!… Or at least the Sixth.

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  21. zekkendo says:

    “Don’t worry. It is only a matter of falling in love now or later.” That absolute confidence, implying that not only does Mr. Lyle come back, but he will be back stronger than the last time.

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  22. zekkendo says:

    On anther note, what would happen if Mr. Lyle, in an especially long bout, went and conquered a 100-floor dungeon? I guess what I’m asking is, “What happens if Lyle levels up while in the Mr. Lyle state?”


    • xgerm says:

      umm…. eternal mr lyle? and he goes back to normal only after growths? dunno, that’s a good question.
      someone should seriously link this post to the author


    • tyizor says:

      This needs to happen. This definitely needs to happen.
      Or what if there’s a growth past growth? Mr. Lyle 2.0. It can’t get better than mr. lyle now though can it?


  23. Harukaze says:

    Graveyard and Marvelous! are my favorites~

    Too bad you haven’t joined Kookie’s discord yet Yoraikun or else you could have heard me cackling the entire chapter! x’D

    Also, Sunbro fits so well with it now that people mention it


  24. Gloom says:

    Lyle the only one in the head generation that can led his women around the nose lol. At least in his mr.lyle mode.


  25. rennass says:

    This is absurd to allow me to pick only one out of these precious gems.


  26. guidedicicles says:

    Rather than a single line, knowing he made a promise to do an elaborate confession is great, because he’ll be obligated to while sober.


  27. DarknessWolf says:

    Still too soon to tell but if its is until tis volume then it is good.
    I chose Yes, I’ll remember this forever. On top of how you hid your face and stood on your toes with your eyes closed to kiss me.


  28. Uooh! I’m the minority!!!
    But oh well, they all deserve best lyle; after all, Mr.Lyle IS best lyle.


  29. swordbane says:

    ughhhhhhh so many good lines. I can’t seem to choose. I liked the graveyard line a while back, but seeing all the options available at once is making me hesitate


  30. seihaikun says:

    Too hard… And wait. Did I lose?


  31. Lehur says:

    Lyle; I love alllll of youuuuuu


  32. dulguN says:

    I love aaaaaaaaaaallll of them. If i could, i’d choose all of them. Its tough choice.


  33. bedheadedcat says:

    [Then you can fall for me now. Fall for me this instant.]

    This one for me. The level of self confidence that this line exudes is too much.


  34. And the greatest treasure of all, a kiss from all those angels.
    This line makes all male around him cringe of course


  35. Ace Candy says:



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