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Sevens: Holy Knight Lyle

Holy Knight Lyle From atop the ramparts, I looked at the enemies approaching Zayin’s capital. The numbers deployed outside the gate looked to be around twenty thousand. There weren’t any mercenaries participating. More than that, there were few siege weapons … Continue reading

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Sevens: Sacred Knight

Sacred Knight Inside the fort. In a place that looked to be a conference room, I moved pieces on a map in accordance to the recon I had done with May. The important members were gathered, and there were three … Continue reading

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Sevens: Selva’s Assassin

Selva’s Assassin … Inside Lorphys’ royal castle. Its walls contained the room of Selva’s second prince, 【Dario Selva】. In his vast room, his chewed on the nail of his thumb, as he walked in circles. A knight he had brought … Continue reading

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Sevens: Fiennes Walt

Fiennes Walt It was the Sixth’s room of memories. Having come there to study, I received a passing grade, and was shown the Sixth’s memories. A single woman… the Sixth’s younger sister of another mother sobbed as she held onto … Continue reading

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