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Me, Her, and the Ballistic Weaponry [Antique] 1

(TL: And now for something completely different.)     “Open all the gunports in the rear!! Set aim… HIGEEEH!!” Surrounded by monitors on all sides, the center of a room about ten meters in all directions. Various gauges and processing … Continue reading

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Sevens: Holy Knight Brigade

(TL: What was previously translated as Holy Knight will now be translated as Divine Knight for accuracy’s sake. I do apologize. It was my intention to do so when I first read through this volume, but I kinda forgot.) Holy … Continue reading

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Sevens: The Fourth Camp

The Fourth Camp I decided to make a large alteration to our objective. (Dammit, if Lorphys’ princess wasn’t so bad, we would’ve just attained victory on Lorphys’ side.) Lorphys, who found mithril in the Labyrinth. Zayin, who claimed it was … Continue reading

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Sevens: Worse than Zayin

Worse than Zayin Having arrived in Beim, I went to the Guild alone to report on our requests. Putting off selling materials and magic stones to tomorrow, I went to the showers within the Guild building, and washed off the … Continue reading

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Sevens: Determination

Determination. There wasn’t much longer to Beim, and we were taking our final break. The reason we rested a little separated from the main road was so travelers and peddlers, and other adventurers wouldn’t be able to recognize that we … Continue reading

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Sevens: The Outsider of the Basement

The Outsider of the Basement We entered a break for lunch, had a light meal, and replenished our fluids. Right around now, if Monica were here, it would be possible to prepare something extravagant, but for now, hard bread and water … Continue reading

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