Sevens: God of the Seas

God of the Seas

… Novem saw Lyle swallowed up by Tressy’s mouth.

She didn’t find it anything to grieve over. He had jumped in of his own accord, with Monica’s cannon in hand, after all. And after Tressy closed its mouth, its large body bent back, and its head pointed up at the heavens.

The area from its neck down to its stomach suddenly expanded, and its mouth reeled open.

From inside, with the cannon in his left hand… and Vera held in his left, Lyle was spit out.


She saw the figure of the boy using a body strengthening Skill… what’s more the long-lost Third Stage of the Walt House Founder’s Skill.

From Lyle’s Connection Skill, the information of what Skills he was using entered her head.

Just how had Lyle revived that lost Skill… Novem did question it, but at the moment, the enemy before her eyes was in the way.

She changed the shape of the staff in her hands, formed a large scythe, and cut apart the Sahuagins around her.

“Step back. I won’t let you do as you like any longer.”

A faint light in her violet eyes, Novem muttered.

“Now burn.”

It wasn’t an incantation of any kind. With the force behind her simple words, Novem controlled her magic, and caused flames to spring forth. The bodies of the Sahuagins around her were lit with that pale-blue blaze, and they began to burn away.

While the rain and sea spray wouldn’t put that fire out, it didn’t even singe the deck.

Once she had secured a safe place for Lyle to land, Novem turned her eyes to Tressy. It had stopped its attacks, slowly falling back into the water, and raising a splash.

But it hadn’t been defeated yet.

“Not enough yet.”

She gripped her staff, and got in a stance to cast magic when Lyle landed on the deck.

He tossed the cannon aside, and the water splashing onto its barrel let off a white steam.

Carefully lowering Vera onto the deck, Lyle put his hands to his ears.

“I had forgot to put them on, but they sure came in handy.”

Blowing away the Sahuagins in her path, Monica approached him.

“My thoughts exactly. How useless a chicken must you be, to forget to wear them. Though that part of you is cute as well.”

As Lyle pulled a sabre…

“Call it cool!”

… He bisected an approaching monster.

At that moment, Shannon’s voice entered their heads. Looking her way, she was being carried under May’s arm. May kicked away the Sahuagins drawing closer, and fired off lightning to char them black.

『How is forgetting to wear earplugs supposed to be cool… just do whatever you want. I don’t care anymore.』

She let her body hang limp, but she was still using her Demon Eyes to take in Tressy, and the flow of Mana around it.

While thinking over how she was a large contribution this time around, Novem turned to the spot where Tressy was surfacing again.

It had somehow survived, but its insides were more damaged than its appearance. Looking at Lyle, it let out a roar, but the intensity of its voice was waning.

From the bridge, the captain worried for Vera’s well-being.


Vera slowly stood, as she spoke.

“Seriously, just steer the ship already! If we sink here, there’s no point at all!”

Seeing a strong will in the girl’s eyes, to show she had yet to give in, Novem nodded in satisfaction.

Lyle pointed his sabre at Tressy.

“Port cannons, all at once!”

Reacting to his voice, the cannons on the ship’s left blew fire. As they hit Tressy’s body head-on, and perhaps its resistance had become weak, as the monster spat up blood as they pounded into its surface.

Seeing that, Lyle…

“It’s still too hard, I see…”

Lyle tossed the sabres in both his hands to take out two Sahuagins, before reaching his hand towards the Jewel.

“You’ve toughed it out splendidly. As a reward… I’ll show you my trump card.”

Saying that, Lyle Clenched the Jewel, and pulled it down as if to snap the chain, causing the giant silver sword Novem had seen before to appear in his hands.

The shape of the sword was truly barbaric. But while it was a crude weapon to cut enemies down, perhaps because it had been formed from the Jewel’s silver craftsmanship, it was adorned with brautiful ornaments of its own.

Novem’s side ponytail swinging in the wind rose to block her vision, so she undid it with one hand.


“Basil-sama’s form… It’s not just a resemblance.”

The father of the Provincial noble Walt House of her memories. Novem could feel the First Generation, 【Basil Walt】’s figure from Lyle.

The shape of his sword was reminiscent, and she felt it wasn’t just a similarity from carrying his ancestor’s blood.

“As I thought…”

Tressy wrung out the last of its power to attack the Ship. Rather than that, it tried to ram its head onto Lyle, who was on the deck of the ship

With its body hit against it, the boat’s movements stopped, and as the boat took a great lurch, it inclined to a level where it was impossible for anyone to remain standing.

Within that, Monica and Novem were the only ones to maintain their postures, and both were watching Lyle.

“This one’s really the most troubling one. Does it take after its wielder? The more you try to do with it, the more magic it sucks up from you. So it’s hard to use for long periods of time. And rejoice… the current me… the me who’s experienced a Growth can use it better now, than ever before!”

Lyle dashed up the tilting deck, running right at Tressy’s head as if to challenge it head-on.

The silver sword let off a pale glow, leaving a faint tail of light behind him.

Tressy opened its large mouth to swallow Lyle up, and Lyle went right ahead, and rushed into that mouth.

And this time, before it could close its mouth, a pale line of light was traced across Tressy’s body. A few more lines emerged, and around the partition of neck and body… There the heads had once branched off, its neck was cleanly severed, and Lyle jumped out.

The blade-like spikes of Tressy’s crown pierced into the deck as it fell off, and the separated body portion slowly drew a line of blood down the ship’s side as it slipped down into the water.

But by the weight of the main head sticking into the deck, even as it corrected itself, the ship began to lurch the other direction.

“At this rate, we’ll capsize. I must freeze the…”

Freeze the water surface.

It was at the moment.

The water froze over before Novem could move, and as if being supported up, the Boat came to a stop. She didn’t think the enemy was still alive, but Novem moved to look at the frozen sea.

Tressy’s severed head on the deck opened its eyes wide as it watched Novem pass by.

Novem muttered a soft, ‘you can rest now,’ as she passed, and Tressy slowly began to close its eyes.

Gather at the side to look at the ice, Vera and the sailors. And everyone who’d come out on deck was sending their eyes that way.

Holding up Shannon, May looked atop the ice.

“Whales… this late in the game.”

Whales of large build, and smaller ones as well were gathering. Around the ice, they were assembling in great numbers.

Novem watched over them. She looked at the largest white whale among them.

“There’s even a white whale.”

The white whale approached the ice, and took on human form. The form of one barely wearing anything, with only the important parts covered.

In one hand, a golden spear, and a tiara on her head. The woman of massive build stood on the ice, and looked up at the boat.

With eyes the same sea-blue as her hair, she looked at Tressy.

“When we finally gathered to take care of you, you’ve already fallen by human hands… no, there’s a quilin there too.”

The womanly divine beast first looked at Tressy’s head stuck in the deck, then at May, and finally at the other heads peeking out of the ship.

And once she looked at Novem, she stopped.

“… I see. So it’s not that you ventured here, but that you were called. No, perhaps they did not have such intentions… hmm…”

Her eyes then went to Vera. There, the girl burst out laughing.

“Ahahaha, that’s just perfect. But it’s all beat up, is it not? I’ll make it so it doesn’t sink for a while. And send down a representative, won’t you?”

On those words, Novem turned around.

Looking over Tressy’s head, Lyle and Monica…

“Representative… that would be me!”

“I do love that overconfidence, but thinking normally, that should be Vera Trēs-sama. Still, just how much do you think this will sell for?”

“… That can’t be! Could it be they mean to take Tressy’s crown from me!? This is mine! I’m not going to let some jane doe come and steal it up! I’m going to go complain.”

Jumping down from that disorderly deck, Lyle landed on the ice.


“Ah, Lyle-sama…”

Novem extended her hand, and Vera held her left hand to her face.

“He slipped.”

As Lyle made a magnificent tumble upon hitting the ground, the divine beast looked over him with a blank expression…

“Hahaha, I never thought you’d come down to meet me, and slip on the way. You’re an interesting human.”

“I know right? I don’t mind if you fall for me.”

“I’ll have to decline. I’m still quite faithful to my late husband. Still, I’m surprised you managed to defeat that one. Let me hear your name.”

Saying that, the woman whose hair extended all the way to the ice put her golden spear over her shoulder, and lent a hand to help me up.

I do think I’ve made falling into an art form.

From within the Jewel, the Fifth was…

『You, why do you have to slip up at a place like… no, it was marvelous, I tell you. It really was the best, considering the time!』

He sounded delighted.

I gripped the woman’s hand, and stood before spreading out both my arms.

“Lyle Walt… the man who took down the one called the God of the Seas. If you had come but a moment sooner, I’m sure you’d have fallen for me.”

There the woman tilted her head.

“What? That’s how it’s gotten to be called? One or two hundred years ago, it was treated as a normal monster… and my husband was a human of three hundred years passed. You had yet to be born, child… but Walt, was it? I had heard there was a hero of the land who went by that name.”

Reacting to those words, the Third in the Jewel.

『Lyle, confirm it… Who that Walt is supposed to be.』

Divine beasts were long lived. And it’s quite often their memories are hazy. From the start, they didn’t live in human society, so they often didn’t have interest in the finer details.

“Someone who bore my surname three hundred years ago? Could I ask their name?”

The woman tapped her spear against her shoulder, as she thought a bit.

“I can’t remember. The name Walt does remain in my memory. I think the other one was Forxuz? There was Bahn… something or another, as well. My husband did live on the land, but it’s the happenings of three hundred years ago. Oh, you’ve retrieved it?”

One of the whales brought a large red stone on top of its head. The woman picked the large item up in one hand, and tossed it over to me.

When I accepted it, I found that even for me, it was heavy enough to need the support of my Skills to lift in one hand.

The woman looked at me.

“… I thought I would put you through a spot of pain for trying to seduce me, but it looks like you do have what it takes in you to defeat that one.”

“What, you were angry? Worry not. I don’t have a hobby of going after someone’s woman.”

The woman looked a little fed up, but she was also smiling.

“You really are an interesting human. You wanted the magic stone, didn’t you? It was sinking to the ocean’s depths, so we went ahead and retrieved it. Its purity is high, so I’m sure it’ll sell for quite an amount. Now then, this ice will hold up a while. It’ll probably melt by the time you do something about that head sticking out of your ship, though.”

I looked at the large Magic Stone in my hand. I hadn’t seen one of this size since the fortieth floor’s boss… since Arumsaas.

The Fourth called out.

『… So in the end, we won’t learn which Walt. It’s bothering me quite a bit.』

And as the woman turned to return to the sea, she gave some parting words.

“Ah, but if you really want to know, just look it up in a book. It was quite a famous tale at the time, so I’m sure you can at least find the name. I mean, they’re the ones who fought and defeated the beautiful vixen… who fought to defeat Agrissa. I’m none too knowledgeable, but it was really famous back then.”

Hearing that name, I held up my left hand.

“Wait a sec…”

But right after, I saw the large white tail of a whale raise up high, as she dived deep into the sea.

The rainclouds parted, and the sea was died a shade of orange.

From the disassembled head of Tressy… I took the crown, and put it away in the Seventh’s box.

“We’re rich! We’re rich!”

When I was shouting out in joy, Shannon looked at me with a worn-out expression.

“Shut it, idiot! How many times do you think I’ve almost died because of you!?”

I looked at Shannon, and took a guess at the reason she was angry at me.

“What, so you wanted me to shower you with love? Come to me, I’ll do it now. You don’t have to be so angry.”

The Seventh held back some laughter, as he spoke.

『W-wro… I don’t think that’s the case, Lyle.』

The happy ancestors were a bit doubtful this time. They were better behaved than usual, and it was extremely boring.

Shannon shouted.

“Don’t screw with me! Sweet-talking each and every one of them, you think everything you’ve done will just be overlooked!? Don’t think everyone is so easy, idiot Lyle!”

I suppressed a laugh.

“It’s best you don’t deny it so strongly. You’re looking unnecessarily easier, Shaneasy.”

There, she snapped, began flailing her arms about, and commenced her attack. I used my left hand to hold her head back.

“Who the hell is Shaneasy, dammit!”

“Oh, my apologies… you were acting so cute, I couldn’t help but tease you. You’re cute, Shannon.”

“Why are you… you bastard!”

As Shannon needlessly flailed around, the ones atop the deck smiled and watched, and there, Vera-san came out.

“We’ve finished dealing with the Sahuagins that infiltrated the ship. We’ve also done the temporary repairs. We’re going to depart, but are there any problems?”

There, Aria responded.

“Ah, no problems on our side, so do whatever you want. And it’s about the reward, but… since you cancelled it…”

Vera-san shook her head.

“You did your job splendidly. To such an extent I’d give a bonus from my own pocket. Well then, we’re off.”

Taking my hand from Shannon, I approached Vera-san with a serious face.

“No, there’s still an important matter to take care of.”

“W-what is it? And wait, why are you so serious…”

I came closer, as she took some distance, took her hand, and pulled her closer.

“That last kiss was a necessity, and didn’t count to anything. Give me your first kiss. Become mine, Vera.”

Vera-san’s face stiffened, and the surroundings Sailors looking on…

“He fearlessly talked with the divine beast, so he’s got some guts.”
“No, but for the Lady, it’ll have to be a man of at least his caliber.”
“But that would make him the heir, wouldn’t it? No, is that really alright?”

They were relatively affirmative. It seems they’ve finally noticed my worth.

“Now, could I hear your answer?”

I could hear some fed-up voices around.

Having changed out of her sweaty clothes, Eva looked at me.

“… He’s boldly doing it in front of all of us…”

I grandly turned to her, and pointed my thumb at myself.

“It’s not my taste to beat around the bush with love!”

When I said that, the Third burst into laughter.

『No, I think you’re mistaking the premise, mr. lyle!! Before the girls, you can’t just confess to other women!』

The Fourth was the same. His voice sounded as if he was holding his stomach, and laughing.

『Even when you can’t even confess in your normal state!』

Making a wry smile, Novem didn’t say anything to my opinion. Meaning even from Novem’s eyes, she was a passing candidate.

(There’s no fault in my eyes. Vera is a woman worthy of me!)

Distancing herself from me, Vera-san crossed her arms, and struck a daunting pose.

“Very well. After you’ve done so much, I won’t mind considering it. But… let’s have a match.”

“Match? Even if I may lose for the sake of victory, I, Lyle am a man who shall always win in the end. Will you still take me on, knowing that?”

When I flipped my hair and said that, Vera laughed, and gave an order to one of the sailors.

“We had that strong ale and those glasses with us, didn’t we? Could you bring them over?”

The sailors…

“Ah~ that one… but I don’t think boss Lyle knows about it.”

“That’s precisely why it’s a match. Hurry up and bring it.”

Before I knew it, the sailors were already calling me their boss.

“Now then, what should I do about the match…”

On top of the deck that had undergone temporary repairs, with an illuminated table between us, I stood across from Vera.

On it was a wine glass that looked like a large, round plate, with a sturdy foundation under it. It was a glass I’d not seen much of in Bahnseim, so it was probably an article from some foreign land.

Vera had prepared that cup, and a cask.

“If you can drink down one hundred full cups, I don’t mind loving you. Well, even even if you fail, I’ll pay the reward, so don’t worry too much.”

The surrounding crew members were looking at me, and Novem and the others seemed worried.

The cask contained some high-proof ale, and each glass contained quite an amount.

There, the Fourth spoke interestedly.

『Yeah, this is that… she’s not a dull one. If you think about it, one hundred of those is impossible. Push yourself, and you’ll ruin your body.』

The Seventh as well.

『… This girl is testing Lyle. Now then, how about we bring an end to it. I don’t want to damage Lyle. Lyle, try flipping over the cup.』

If you flipped the cup over, the small indent in its foundation would only hold a small bit of drink.

Vera’s eyes narrowed, and the surrounding sailors whistled.

“So he knew about them?”
“Well, think over it a bit, and you’ll notice, I guess.”
“Does this mean the lady’s marriage’s been decided?”

Vera let out a light sigh.

“I see it’s my loss.”

But I…

“What are you talking about!? I’ve yet to drink a hundred glasses. Say it as you watch me drink down your drink. I’m sure it’ll be a blast.”

Saying that, I opened the tap, and filled the cup’s small crevice to the top. Bringing the small bit of ale to my mouth, I…



“… Eh?”

Vera was making an expression of shock. Novem rushed over to me.

“Lyle-sama, come to think of it, up to now, have you ever drunken ale before…”

Miranda looked at me.

“… He hasn’t. He always ordered water or tea.”

Aria hit her hand to her forehead.

“There’s really no helping you, is there…”


“… It’s nice that you noticed it and all. But no matter how you look at it, you failed.”

Eva touched her hand to her mouth, and laughed.

“You’re weak to alcohol? That’s kinda cute.”

May looked over me.

“Your face is bright red. After talking so big, for you to lose…”

Monica immediately prepared water, and had me drink it.

“Even if you’re useless against ale, the Chicken Dickwad is my precious master. Now wake up, and shower me with your love. I guarantee I’ll store it in my databanks for all eternity.”

And finally, Shannon pointed at me.

“How uncool!”

She said, as she laughed to herself. The ancestors as well.

『So that’s the end of it? What? His Fever Time ends here?』
『Quite a bit came out this time. Personally, perhaps it’s ‘It’s not my taste to beat around the bush with love!’ for me?』
『Isn’t it, ‘I’m confident I can get even a goddess to fall for me’?』
『His landing malfunction in front of the divine beast wasn’t bad either. Fifth, you didn’t react too much to the divine beasts this time, did you.』

On the Seventh’s question, the Fifth.

『When they’re that big, it’s not even a question of whether they’re cute or not. I can’t dote on them properly when they’re even larger than the ship.』

I heard a voice like that.

(T-this can’t be… this is only a step on the road to victo…)

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