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Sevens: The Second Wall

The Second Wall Abandoning the first wall ahead of schedule, I unsteadily hobbled into a room prepared in the second wall, and collapsed. On top of the bed, I cast off my equipment, lay down, and closed my eyes. Soldiers … Continue reading

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Sevens: Retreat

Retreat The third day. On the third day since this defensive war was initiated, the first wall had become quite tattered. Our return fire slackened during the night, but it’s not like they weren’t attacking us. We had prepared three … Continue reading

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Sevens: Valkyrie

Valkyrie The fortress’ wall. The center portion of the first wall was made a little elevated. It was for the sake of showing everyone the form of me taking command, but originally, I wanted to give orders from the rear. … Continue reading

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Sevens: Fortress Redant

Fortress Redant That place was once a fort. But now it had become a triple-walled fortress enclosing an army of ten thousands. Fort Redant, now Fortress Redant had begun to get its shape together. I gripped the Jewel, riding quilin-form … Continue reading

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Sevens: An Army of Monsters

An Army of Monsters When I headed for the mansion’s storehouse to look over Damien’s work, old Letarta’s grandson came up to me. He was carrying a wooden crate, and he had brought over a change of clothes for old … Continue reading

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Sevens: Look Ahead

Look Ahead Inside the Jewel. I sat around the round table with my ancestors, but their unusual attitude caused me to stare in mute amazement. “Eh? So you don’t have any plans like you usually do?” On my words, the … Continue reading

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