This is Not a Chapter: Finally Got Around to Touching my Hard Copies

I finally got around to reading my hard copies of Sevens that were littered around my shelves, and while I won’t post all the images, I thought I would share one of characters currently rising in popularity to entice people to purchase the books.



Shannon and Miranda, pre-reformation, from Sevens Volume 3.

Volume 3 was pretty much rewritten from the ground up, though it still contains important plot points.

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A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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57 Responses to This is Not a Chapter: Finally Got Around to Touching my Hard Copies

  1. And here i thought its double post But thanks for ilustration


  2. DrnD'Aanerr says:

    geh, Shannon’s completely different from my mental image of her. Miranda is close though

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  3. zarvii says:

    its really far from what i have in mind
    I thought miranda have more mature physical look
    I mean more of an onee-san look not onee-sama look
    while shannon have similar look to what miranda looks in the image
    every single girls are far from what i have imagine them to look like except for celes

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  4. joakofrias says:

    Thanks for the image, but i think, and speak in the name of all the people who follow this series, you must show the image of the “crazy” moment of Miranda, that image will represent more of the volume 3 than this one :) (sorry I’d my English is no good, it’s no my mother language)


  5. NeoAnkara says:

    Aree? She look way more mature than I though. Now my my mental image of her being useless mascot need to be revised.

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  6. mrandi96 says:

    Everything’s better when you only use your imagination, but now it’s slightly worse since it’s different. Someone can relate?

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  7. acefisher says:

    Yuuka, is that you?



    demon eyes

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  9. Threw me off a bit there since I had this image pretty similar/identical to Camilla from FE:Fates for Miranda so i thought Shannon(I’m assuming that’s Shannon with the purple hair) was Miranda for a bit.


  10. Irush says:

    Weird i pictured shannon as a 8 yr old girl with long curly hair with blank gold eyes(kinda like byakugan from naruto) and a personality of a child that is easily get teased(example: beako from re:zero)

    yeah i know this is shannon from vol.3 but still picturing her appearance in the current chapter makes it feel weird she has a mature appearance when she has a spoiled complaining childish attitude :/


  11. memerou says:

    Shannon looks like Arisa-ish from Death March … as for Miranda, she looks like that someone from Touhou


  12. Atamahead027 says:

    i want to see yandere miranda! meanwhile Shannon look so evil, but now pfft


  13. Faust Voncleave says:

    Is there a picture of clara? She’s my favorite character.


  14. Starltyz says:

    uhh which one is which again?


  15. boartank says:

    Miranda best waifu.


  16. Empty says:

    I expected Shannon to have another haircut. Also she reminds me of Celes.


  17. Ace Candy says:

    This is Unexpected… makes me wonder how Millea looks… @_@


  18. necrosis says:

    Shannon looks really scary cute image destroyed not coming back
    and honestly Miranda sounded so much better looking have to say I’m disappointed and I’m glad I changed my favorite to Gracia


    • Yoraikun says:

      At the time this image was relevant, you wrote and I quote

      “I kind of want to read lyle desperately slashing his sword at Shannon cutting through one eye and missing the other then he goes in for the stab and takes out her other eye and walks away with the other girl cursing him while he leaves and novem just lets it go but aria takes a while to get used to it till she realizes how evil she was”


      “Shannon’s eyes should be stabbed anyone who worships celes needs to be defeated or killed no real preference”

      So it fits the image, right


  19. Aloe Pacci says:

    Completly different from what i had on my mind. Just, I cant see that shannesay when lyle kissed her for first time in that wonderful cap 134. Just, my mind crashes when i try to imagine it


  20. I thought that Shanon is more loli and Miranda is more onee-san type, but well not bad


  21. mcdex says:

    Rewritten? Is it very different?


  22. elberetet says:

    Yoraikun, can you show all illustration of 1-3 vollumes? Because in internet there are no info aboit it. May be just photo…


  23. Mhaj58 says:

    Because you don’t want to, or can’t?


    • Yoraikun says:

      Don’t want to
      Because for someone who doesn’t speak English, regardless of how different the story may be, the only thing they get when they buy the book is the pictures. More so, the differences in story give the images even less meaning as long as there isn’t a proper translation of the Light Novel version. Having the images circulate online will demean the value of the LN to English readers.
      I’m just a translator, and a fan of the author’s works. I don’t want to do anything that would subtract from the value of his work, or what he might make based on it. It isn’t much money to put down for any honest worker. If you want to support the author, buy the book, and get some pretty pictures as an addition. If you want the images, buy the book, and support the author while you’re at it.

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  24. Mhaj58 says:

    Ok I understand and respect your decision


  25. Nanashi says:

    While i find Shanon really great isn’t Miranda supposed to have long hair ? It makes her look not as great as i pictured her with the shorter hair but dayum Shanon is great she look like a devilish temptress in the making might be fun to se her after she lost her self confidece and all.


  26. FrostFlare says:

    Now that’s shocking, Reality is really far from the Imagination………. I can’t imagine Shanneasy anymore in a “Pitiful” state if you draw her Like that in the Illustration and Miranda to Be…. *Cough


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